Donald Trump Calls Out John Legend and His Filthy Mouthed Wife Chrissy Teigen Claps Back


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every other night another movie give me man Solomon is an ass I will tell you that oh god one day I'm gonna write a book when his Breakfast Club thing is over I write a book on everything that happened behind the scenes well not everything but a majority of it all right well let's get to the room with a soul chance to wrap well congratulations to chance the rapper and a Kirsten Bennett they have welcomed their second child a girl over the weekend she wrote on her Instagram page and shared the news and congratulations she said our sweet baby girl Marlee is here all right in addition to that Kanye West was in Chicago over the weekend and he did Sunday service there I know you guys I'm sure saw all of the social media hoopla around it and it was actually free ticket so all you had to do was go online and try to get a ticket I'm sure they went in like five minutes and then you were able to go to Sunday service so shoutout to Kanye who was in his hometown doing a Sunday service okay and he was telling security not to you know help him out he just wanted to be amongst the people I saw him said it's my City he said is his city all right he also bought a 14 million dollar ranch in Wyoming apparently it's a nine thousand acre lot it also has a restaurant two lakes meeting area Event Center horses stables and eight lodging units and there you go so that's another purchase he's made I guess he really loves Wyoming after having done his album there and remember that listening session that he had out there Wyoming is very peaceful it will East that part was the Jackson Hole whatever was called in Cody Wyoming it's called the monster Lake ranch I got a friend that just with the Wyoming he said he wanted to go watch the Bisons oh yeah and you can eat bison out there too all right now Donald Trump is going at John Legend and Chrissy Teigen he went on social media and said when all of the people pushing so hard for criminal justice reform were unable to come even close to getting it done they came to me as a group and asked for my help I got it done with a group of senators and others who would have never gone for it Obama couldn't come close a man named Van Jones and many others were profusely grateful at that time I signed it into law no one else did I consider much credit but now that it's passed people that had virtually nothing to do with it are taking the praise guys like boring musician John Legend and his filthy mouth the wife are talking about how great it is but I didn't see them around but needed help getting it passed so he goes on to talk about that now Chrissy responded and said lol what a I can't even say what she said because it's very foul-mouthed mm-hmm but she called him a something-something bitch and she said he tagged everyone but me and honor mr. president and then she said Luna that's her daughter remember the night before your first day of school when mommy was making your sign and the bleep bleep bitch President had his ninth meltdown of the day she said the absolute best part of his tweet is I literally didn't speak in the special nor was I mentioned I'm cackling at the pointless edition of me because he cannot not be a bitch and John Legend went on Twitter and said imagine being president of a whole country and spending your Sunday night hate watching MSNBC hoping somebody anybody will praise you Melania please praise this man he needs you all right true now so Whaley his ex-girlfriend ended up in handcuffs and that's because she allegedly head-butted him Marlee Jie or T she had an argument with him outside of his house in early August and started throwing objects and then struck him and head-butted him before security kicked her out she then called 9-1-1 and said that he sexually assaulted her but when cops arrived he changed her story and admitted that she started everything and said that he did strangle her so neither of them had any visible marks but they did arrest her now right now let's discuss this whole College scandal if you guys recall with Felicity Huffman she's at the center of all of this as well the feds want her to do one month for the College Admission scandal which is really good for her because originally they were trying to get her to do more time now prosecutors are saying one month well they're also doing a lifetime special about it and they put out the first trailer of this movie that's inspired by Felicity Huffman and Lauri Lachlan check it out we did this because we thought we were helping you from the headlines feature I know what schools are looking for and how to get you to check those blocks inspired by true events you studied Darwin last year didn't you yes some species survived and some doubt - desperate mothers I will teach you how to make an impression will do anything he's loosing his way involved in a nationwide scandal million dollars alright if you guys remember Felicity Huffman reportedly paid fifteen thousand dollars to a fake charity and that was to help her door to get a higher SAT throw didn't that just happen last week they wanted her to originally do four to ten months now they're saying she's gonna do one month in prison she hasn't even gone to jail here alright and Takashi six 9s former manager shoddy he has been sentenced to 15 years in prison all right now he had originally was when he was arrested was charged with six counts including racketeering conspiracy Violent Crimes and aid of racketeering and Firearms use he did a plea agreement back in March he pleaded guilty to the firearm possession and firearm discharge counts and so there you have it he's going to get 15 years in prison and he also has spoken out before his sentencing if you had the opportunity today to just see to Carson what would you have to say to all right so there's a sha Dee's words before he got sentenced to 15 years so is he basically saying he got all that time because it six nine pretty much I guess what I got from him all right well there you have it he didn't tell us 692 do any of those things that he did I'm Angela Yee and that is you're at rumor report [Music]