Dont Be a Menace 412 Movie CLIP Do We Have a Problem 1996 HD




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Oh, that's my favorite store. Hey. I'm gonna go in here and get me a malt liquor slurpee. Run across the street and get me some barbecue potato chips. Ooh. Can I keep the change ? Hell, no, fool. That's a ten-dollar food stamp. Better bring me back my change. Cheapskate. Stupid. What's up now, you pretty punk trick ? [ laughing ] Hey ! What's up ? We got a problem, toothpick ? I said, do we have a problem ? [ chuckling ] we got a problem for ya. Right here. This a problem. Right there. Right there. - [ all laughing ] - all right. We'll play a little game. Right here. I said do... We... Have... A... Problem, huh ? Oh. "u.S.S.R." You better get your stinky asses outta here before I cause a nuclear holocaust, fool. Well, let's go ! Fool, come on ! It'll be hiroshima and nigger-saki. Fool, let's go ! Let's go ! That's right, boy ! You better get on outta here ! And don't come back ! Punk ! Tray, bring your simple behind on ! [ electronic beeping ]