Dont Drop the ANVIL on Your Familys Expensive Items Challenge

I can't believe you're doing this what's up you guys welcome to team edge this is the don't anvil my family challenge yeah absolutely handling them we're just dropping these on super expensive items of theirs of there's no we've ever that prizes a potential prize so don't get your hopes up guys they're back there there are gonna they're gonna be our live studio help set about 50/50 do you want to say something about some shirts oh you guys guess what should go check out our merch stars you get dope stuff like this like this like that and even for you ladies we have my beautiful I'm modeling the mamacita shirt let's do this first pro get on with the video who's our first person it's gonna be Sarah Sarah come on again Sarah has an item that we bought for her that she suggested that she wanted that totaled up to $500 she has the option of placing it in one of two spaces underneath these anvils I have to randomly choose or not so randomly based on what I want which rope I want to cut happy day for you Sarah already syrup so you picked three was a three different options yeah three items so what were your three items okay so a Dyson vacuum a Dyson humidifier a diamond bracelet a Dyson diamond bracelet so which one do you think we chose for I'm hoping the diamond bracelet okay cuz diamonds don't break Brian what did we get her [Music] have a chance to win a diamond bracelet 28k white gold okay guys the smallest thing goodbye do I get to look at it before I break it you want to kiss it it's not yours it's a prize that you can win I can't stress that enough there's a prize that she can win who's gonna cut Brian's gonna cut Brian's good you're making me cut this may not be good for their marriage folks alright Brian keep your eyes closed Sarah which side would you like what tends to happen in these videos is people give away where it is so make sure you're not looking down there you're not pointing DK did that alright Brian you can turn around so after I choose the rope to cut my wife has a chance to get me messy the balloons are gonna be filled with a bunch of mayonnaise and they're gonna fall on top of us they have a 50/50 chance of getting us dirty or not having it touch us at all oh hey I'm gonna go over here with Sarah I'm not don't look at it okay it may not even smash the diamonds we may not be able to smash the demo today so she gets to go home with diamonds regardless if it's in a bracelet or not no I'm gonna keep smashing it that is the rule everybody if your item gets chosen to be smashed and the amp our dish is we have to finish it off I love you don't get mad if I smash it oh she got those eyes they're just like mine ready [Music] it really hit right on it it missed but you know what has to happen now though I'm not gonna do it you finish it off Bobby I'm not gonna have any part of it well I will put the diamond on top of that anvil my idea there's little diamonds around the guy they just got blown off blown off now it is time for Sarah to get back at her husband still standing for the daily dirty just go go sick all right Brian so which side do you want to sit on the far side okay not so fast why he make me walk so fast oh man I don't want to drop an anvil on his head just by the excitement of the crowd I know that this thing is above my head so now I get to smash on this head right wait a sec all right guys this is Joey's dad and also my uncle Ted he is what about him Brian's father-in-law Oh Brian's father-in-law where were all your items watches watches watches three different watches oh you really wanted to wash the system up well he said you know pick what I want guess what we got you a watch yes yeah we got you the protrek castle sweet it's a watch it looks like a digital watch from Walmart this thing feels like plastic really it's just five Hyundai taenia everybody keeps getting me smash bran titanium I'm gonna turn around who's cuttin your cover there yeah I'm gonna cut it's my dad bro uncle Ted you want it right here all right here is it yet it is yet so I can turn around you can turn around just don't look down hi dad it's so good to see you after all these years just kidding I'd seem like once a week I'm gonna destroy everything you love I'm gonna win this competition you're such a good father to me still it I'm damn dead now 3 2 1 oh wait that's what I'm talking about oh that was a great watch give me the hammer that's a nice watch you knew the stakes come into this game dad you knew the stakes I'm sorry dad I love you but not enough to buy you a nice watch ah don't you get wait here's the bed I think it's the wall I think the one this game stinks hey take your prize I don't want that thing don't be a poor slob you parse perfect that was the protract titania you don't know what it was maybe I'll come back together Ryan is gonna hop up there and he's gonna drop the balloon either on the left or the right whichever one my uncle chooses which one do you think is gonna cylinder I'm going with the right okay all right Joey so which side do you want to sit on the outside okay great I'll take that answer left three two one you don't get it I got lucky dude all that would have landed on you that's true on to our next contestant or next person hey can someone give me a ladder all right so ladies and gentlemen our next contestant is the marvelous magnificent Moe daesh's Marvin maaaa what were you throughout that you chose stop flexing massage therapy gun a GoPro and a 360-degree camera Oh camera and a weird stick right Bobby what is the potential prize that Marvin could win today hey got you Dee somebody with this thing it's for head massages oh my gosh no you're gonna be cutting the road Bobby step away Marvin which side would you want Marvin can you just tell us a little bit about the fair gun why and why you wanted it so good no really what does it do so it's a therapeutic massage gun used for muscle relief to help circulation and recovery okay Marvin how bad do you want this thing as bad as you like want to go fishing this weekend Oh I am gonna go with this one I don't know which one that is me neither in three two one oh no you get to go home with a brand new massage they look like they're begun nice so chatty to use this bad boy Marvin yes left or right near farm how about that far right right [Music] all right all righty guys our next contestant is gonna be Joey's Nana Nonie notorious all right yeah so Nana you didn't have any particular choice so I picked one for you but I think I got you something awesome okay I'm excited do you watch TV occasionally do you like to look really nice and clear TV yes okay oh no I got you an awesome TV joy bring it on out we got you Oh 43 inch 4k TV and I accidentally got a little mayonnaise on the screen so you have two options you have either right here right here how about in between right there just put a corner of it there Brian nice of you to get me the TV sure sure surprise joy do you realize you would be the worst grandson if you smash this TV my record right now is five for five I really don't want to smash this though because it's my Nana it's your Nana she can watch like tons of shows on that thing dude yeah Nana's been watching a little too much TV lately I can't believe you're doing this Nana was such a good grandmother to me so I want to still ahead why don't I keep saying that about everybody it's the TV that's going not me three two one manners get you down all right now give me kiss wait wait I got mayonnaise on me ma hasn't Joey just been a really bad grandson you just want to get him super dirty now maybe Tanana close your eyes and before you open them you have to tell me near or far five no mommy little bit Megan you can open up Nana's you pick the right one oh I'm sorry you should be now I just gave you a new TV all right guys our next contestant you know him he knows him I know him his name is Keo be Kevin from high fives come on out here look there's really not that much on you Kevin you gave us like five items oh yeah what are the five items from your memory puppy I don't think goldfish it's battery power - they've been putting it here this whole time right hmm has anybody put it on that side yet Oh slow okay so I want to put it on the side that nobody nobody's barely putting it over there okay I know and you just ruined my reverse psychology trick wait me because Brian knows where it was and or it's going to be he's think I'm gonna reverse the reverse psychology so I'm gonna reverse the reverse of the rear a so much Wow I'm gonna put it right it's like here Kevin enjoy your brothers all right if you guys don't remember last time kid we was in one of these videos his Nintendo switch got smashed don't give it away gentlemen it's like yeah I'm just curious what is this thing oh no oh yes that destroyed it I'm sorry Kevin or something that needs any more smash and that's done no I need more smash oh hey good thing we put that thing there that would help you guys know that that's heavy huh to make the nd a little more sweeter the last two cutters are gonna be sitting down in the messy zone and we're actually gonna use the Advil all right for the next contestant we have the speedy the needy the diabetes hi YouTube alright Billy what are the three items that you chose a high-powered PC also chose a guitar and two symbols for my drum set actually I want to see a guitar smash oh well you're in luck Billy Oh Taylor GS mini guitar let's open her up hey and there's the guy who's wasted not a guitar case [Music] yeah hey oh okay Brian I don't speak sign language oh man are you nervous yes Billy yes Billy so you don't know how to play the guitar right that is correct but I want to play and the best weights have learned how to play is to get access to a guitar fun fact kids you can't play a guitar if you don't have one yeah hi I'm gonna go with this one three two one what are you doing what are you thinking don't even oh wait no no he's in a rage smashing oh yeah it's day I live by the rules and the rules say he wins it all right thank you see we made people's days and we take people's days that's all I gotta say there's mine so now it's our turn to get inside and let Kevin and Billy pick which one it's the blue which side do you guys want to collectively come to an agreement on cuz we got to get this shoot all right collectively agree that you should decide Billy because you won the guitar I'll choose the one nearest to us bring them in folks so how about I sit here and you sit here no what what hey okay hey if that pops it's over ha ha ha throw it Joey we're holding this we don't make a mess over there all right here you go Bobby once there was the bloody joke I'm holding it yep I don't trust what you guys are doing here hey let him do the honors give him the tack of zel just give me the tack yes I stay clean it's been nice knowing you Bob I could join the winners here like a giant seagull Dookie you guys make sure you go to our merch store to pick up some of our sweet sweet sweet stuff and if you don't want to do that go watch a video that you reckon for you right over here and go watch our sumo parkour challenge video right over here go kiss your mother and my mother that's not her mother at all peace