Dont Have the Giant Balloon When it POPS Balloon Hot Potato

oh hey welcome to Team Ed's guys my name is Bobby I'm gonna be the host for today we are playing a game of explosive hot potato with this potato explodes in our faces with powdered sugar oh my just nailed this intro the first time you smacked it best found my hand was right there whoa goal before we start you guys make sure you guys go check out our team edge merch store and check out all the latest and greatest inventions that we have posted on there for your disposal to buy it's a shirt link download and tag us when you get it and how you style it yeah we just got started here don't we haha hey DK while I'm doing that merch plug can you do a screen recording of the merch store as like you know idk huh no I don't like John John doesn't color my skin tone correctly alright practice round so we can you guys can get the idea [Applause] you know you dropped it okay so whoever has the most amount of losses does not win that makes sense and whoever has the [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right [Music] [Music] [Music] so we have two offices and one else has one now moving on to the second events of today's video this round we're going to be doing trivia with this ginormous balloon right here given the trivia question you have to hold it down the entire time you're answering yet once you answer it correctly and you pass it on sense mix if you cannot answer the question you have to hold on to the wound for a full 60 seconds here we go in three two one go what is the name of a very small Japanese tree that is grown in a pot bonsai tree Marvin what is the most common eye color from what is famous National Park yes all the faithful guys are located yo-yo perform at Wendy's timing it who is called the King of Pop Jayla yeah more gas JLo oh Michael Jackson which Disney film features the song when you wish upon a star I know what it is Land Before Time JLo enoki oh I've never seen that movie what band sang Hotel California the Eagles pass on a traffic light what position is the green light located bottom correct I wouldn't know that what does Doc Brown's license plate read Doc Brown incorrect what goes back to the future I could do was the creator of the Muppets know when he came up with this no one knows this information master muffin lot there's still so much room no there isn't what unit of measurement is used to identify the height of a horse oh that's a wrap better make a guest boobs incorrect minute I have no good oh it's like a bacon to me under scruffy in the letters s ta RT us to reveal a table cloud Stratus quick pass o trades what type of tree do any cords come from oak tree what's the first team that jumps on a number worked on located between X and B on the standard keyboard X and B W no brains either apparently hey joy Ben 2:30 how many legs does the flavor have how many ways is the name of the fairy and Peter Pan think about Gregg faster if you freeze water what do you get I want color all the stars on the American flag white breakfast in the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill what do Jack and Jill go off the hill to fetch a pail of water how many pairs of wings do bees have one incorrect well that's rock-solid y'all Hey aye sir proxy yeah it's God it's God it's gone brought every I wish I had a camera look at you guys [Applause] [Music] [Music] he still had it the planet that is true well it looks like Marvin took home the win Marvin gets an edge point to use later on guys make sure you go click this video right here this is don't pop the balloon over your head challenge it's kind of like this except it's a lot more gross and nasty click this video right here this is a video YouTube knows you're going to enjoy click right here to subscribe click right here to get some merch and click that joint button and become a member with us you get to see exclusive content no one else gets to see other than other members so go check it out see you later