Dont Let Your GIANT Water Balloon Explode on You

goodgoodgood getting real heavy what's up you guys welcome a team edge this is the balloon drop challenge this is how the game will work ladies and gentlemen if they answer a question incorrectly Richy builds up there will be filling up their balloon with more what they're the heavier it gets the harder it will be to hold and once we get tired we're gonna let go and these little nails right here we're gonna push her a whole exploiting the water on top of us and stay tuned for round 2 because in round 2 things are gonna get a little slippery you guys are more than welcome to try and cheat but if I catch you there will be consequences wait no rap ease here are the rules no rap ease it's got to be straight up like Eric perfect example firm so I can't rap no rapping like yo what's up my name is Logan joys with a little water please I didn't rap I'm rapping you Lovejoy's with the little water please you got to teach him a lesson early there we go that's good it's getting heavy yes yes the more you guys talk the longer it takes for you talking ready jeopardy ground excuse me go if anybody tells me to do anything what if anybody tells you to do anything it's water in your balloon is that clear can we add water to all three of them they didn't respond to my instructor we're never gonna get through these questions i'ma drop it before we even get to round 2 are we complaining I didn't think so all right here we go first question which video game studio created the game for tonight if you don't answer in five seconds all of you will get water four three two one I don't know gain epic games yeah I almost like guests like sky soft or something that would snow it have been a better guess but okay next question where does Spongebob Squarepants work Joey wait what no the the krabby patty Oh Bobby rusty crab it's getting real heavy moving on if you guys don't know this is Eric from the vlog channel he produces that channel so make sure you guys go subscribe right over here after this video oh they're starting to struggle look at Joey's muscles black weight zoom in real close to see that flex that's it round one jeopardy wait we can get rid of this one alright that's some for Bobby police he continued to talk I didn't have time for Bobby doing his job just now well that's good thank you no rap see I see this is the punishment round if you get the question wrong you get Vaseline on your hands ah Bobby your first ready for your question uh-huh who wrote the novel Moby Dick a Herman Melville B John Steinbeck C Rudyard Kipling's - - that's not even an option the suckit - you're good Bobby wrong I knew it Philemon right no never mind might stop my bad he gets Vaseline my hand oh ho you get a little rest but now now do a little rub you rub me between your two hands there we go that works for me Joey you're next able to be seen from outer space what is it's earth's largest living structure Hey the Great Wall of China be the pyramids of Gizeh and see the Great Barrier Reef you say the largest living structure I may have the Great Barrier Reef yeah Eric what is a fortnight it's the guineas a fortnight a 12 days B 14 days see the video game dumb-dumb the video game dumb-dumb that's wrong it's 14 days and it's spelled fort fo RT ni ght waves this 14 days total now very good good luck that's all right family feud round we surveyed the team edge stuff and they gave us their top answers for the next three questions I remember you guys each one of your answers has a point value so you want to answer what you think the staff answered Joey if the zombie apocalypse happened which team member would you want on your team top six answers are on the board Bobby survey says number two answered 25 points you again what's number one is not looking Bobby your answer rich ding-ding-ding rich I forgot rich existed hey rich I got you brother okay okay I'm number three what what's top three baby all right Joey Gibson no Gibson Gibson didn't make it on there watch her Bobby Bowie and what Joey Joey didn't have any votes that's messed up people I'll remember that I'm tougher than all you combined that's not what the people think Joey I mean I've never seen Brian rolling around the mousetrap challenge all right Joey yeah one more strike three two whether you're up Bobby Daniel do whatever you want joy you're out so you can't vote anymore Bobby steal some more points okay you know I'm gonna go with Cory the fifth place vote getter was Whitney hey you guys comment down below if you agree with that list all right point totals for round one Eric you collected 23 points Joey you collected 25 points Bobby amass 40 big go on to question number two eric is out so just between Bobby and Joey all right next question you forgot your lunch today where are you going out in exchange comments are insidious starting off with the heavy okay okay Joey fishing steak yeah Bobby sushi burrito point around Chipotle okay good safe yeah whoo you got interesting you guys all the points are doubled on this round Thanks so this could be an easy way for Joey to get ahead someone deflated your tires in the parking lot which team member did that's it what do you think the staff banks would do something like that Bobby or that's what I gotcha okay I want to go Bobby Gibson they think bad of YouTube Joey oh you can answer Brian and what really I don't joke around when he comes to this kind of stuff I'm gonna go with rich Cory and I don't joke around when it comes to this kind of stuff DK o''h the final two answers that's two wrong for each one right coming at number three Oh myself Joey forgot I see number four Natalie there was a five point total difference Joey you collected 147 points Bobby a hundred and fifty all right true or false if you get it wrong get water in your balloon what is this speed it up ready Bobby what are you doing okay that's not twisties we're good hi Bobby that profile of General George Washington appears in the Medal of Honor true or false true that is false get him all right we'll change you can't it can't touch your body other than your hands and the rope it's got to be in a straight line rope has to be in a straight line the hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards that's your question true or false true that's true really I didn't know that nice job Bobby the Patriots have won the most Super Bowls of all time true Betty's Falls Joey Joey Pennsylvania is the only u.s. state you guys for the month of November we are bringing back all our limited-edition shirts so go buy them right now the link is right here and go watch this video that YouTube recommends just for you and go watch the painful blindfolded dodgeball challenge right over here most hilarious piece