Dont Pop the Gross Balloon Last to Survive Tournament

I'm ready for space this one's really full Bobby right there I feel very vulnerable right hello and welcome to team edge my name is Joey this is Brian's Bobby this is Marvin and we are doing the last to leave challenge where we have a bunch of challenges an amalgamation of all those popular YouTube videos out there in one I showed up to the studio today thinking I was going to be a contestant in this video turns out I'm not cuz I'm hosting it which I'm pretty excited about because I don't have to get messy stuff dumped on my head I don't have to be exhausted it's a good day how did that work out how did Joey get the role of host wait a second why does Brian where you go Froyo I don't know when he just gave it to me [Music] [Applause] [Music] I'm feeling like I'm gonna go on a trip soon I'm the host of this video and I think my trip is gonna be a power trip here you go Brian that's for the sass okay here you go Bobby thank you here you go Marvin today humming sprayed by the holy water there's three cones here and that's call number one number two this phone number three I'm gonna send them to these cones whoever drops first is out whoever lasts the longest wins is that too complicated for your kids to understand all right go to number one set it up failure right I'm good I'm giving everybody Oh Bobby sometimes has a hard time winning teammates challenges on his own so I gotta help Joey you're right I'm out of the shop did you see that Joey what what see what what go to that cone three three I was like how does another it's like a trick or not all right folks what movie did I watch last night fun stop now it has the word blood in the title there bloody will what he made these rules oh no ya go to number two more questions do you have more questions all right you keep trippin Bobby I'm gonna keep the jacket this challenge is so far who was the eighth President of the United States Bhama Billy who is it then you're Martin Van Buren most active shakes y'all stink of the my goodness this all your stacking your comforts right here who's gonna catch this oh no that's another copy grab another hand oh man my shoulder is burning what did you just bump in the corner Brian your little tattoo table Bobby Joe they just drop this who was Brian's high school celebrity crush Taylor Swift Taylor Swift her initials are MC Miley Cyrus she's saying Bobby get the point for that round so for this round you guys are gonna be lifting up your legs and I'm gonna be spanking your little tissues lift your legs and then you can put this on there and I'm gonna load it full of cups a Latin person or survive without dropping any of them twins three points for this challenge Hey look that is Oh mess with people grind Oh what is this oh it looks like urine but it's actually pickle dude who was the eighth president and Bobby got it good job Bobby yeah stupid hey Brian don't look at me loving this hosting gig I feel very vulnerable right now I know all right so wait Jenny I said don't look at me Marvin there's some grape juice for ya who was the 8th president of the first [Music] was wants a mixture of grape juice Oh [Laughter] Ryan you're so close to being over this job a bride Oh mom give me the points I'm sorry adding some to I should have given up first Oh Oh Wyatt the edge [Music] [Laughter] on to the next round I'm okay with losing to Marvin because like he's way more ripped than I am some like that makes sense yeah me too what if I if I lose to you that's like wow that's pathetic alright folks into anyone's game these guys have razor blades on top of their helmets don't recreate this at home Bobby you look like a little shark nerd I'm ready to go to space look Joe the balloon is gonna go on top of the contraptions and they're gonna be holding them up I'm not gonna tell you guys who's getting what there's super-spicy hot Valentina makes the pork guts and I got curry powder Oh what is that good one get under the mechanisms boys just remember you have a razor blood on your head and you might pop it before you even pick it up I like where this is headed Bobby well with the wide grip is that smarter no he's can we walk when we roam around kind of yes didn't waste all the energy you are she need to do this to get their head out of break it down to caloric energy expenditure stay still does anybody know how I can hold this up without using my shoulders is there a trick where I can like activate my quads and tired no are ya bro yeah bro we're not gonna think we should do it well Bryan doesn't want it do it I'm just saying they can literally just a little squirt bro my shoulders already burning I don't mean to spit my bad I really just try to blow the air on you dang it mom is just like napping investigating areas I can't see how these goggles a mother so fogged up oh man Oh Bobby's getting low you got to rant forward Bobby all right bring it forward it has to be forward give up Bobby it's done Bobby give up be strong Bobby to be honest I don't know where I'm looking right now it's literally right there Bobby don't get my bow I might drop it first Bobby I'm dropping it just go first I can't see that's hot sauce crap the poor guts are big chunky things but they're not gonna fall through the net but there's a lot of water in it so it's pork gut water Marvin if I beat you Braddock Haven steel to all your Fitness friends that you're a phony this is the real challenge the test to see who the stronger brother is that the older more prideful brother or that the younger brother who wants to prove his siblings wrong and be the best in the family I can't see where you are - never got enough food at the dinner table until he turned 18 oh oh just kidding are your pants falling down oh that's spicy yeah I can't do it why are they shaking are you doing with your fingers yeah it's going down let's go down hey Brian you gotta bring it forward brother eobard give up Martin I'll buy you in and out no forget it oh jeez God yeah God for guts Oh what is that it's like the intestine or something oh my god what is it poor guy [Music] earlier hey you gotta have some spice on the porridge do that but what is that that's curry watch out for the razor blade Brian you're my shoulders were on fire I'm feeling spicy alright congratulations to Marvin he's the winner of our check they tied for second place which means they're losers make sure you go check out our old Disneyland video that we did a month ago so it's not that old we did a scavenger hunt there also go check out this video that YouTube knows are gonna enjoy and subscribe to this channel check out our merchandise because you got that dub stuff y'all we bringin you that new fresh merchandise why