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[Music] what's up you guys welcome to team edge today we are doing another smash expensive items video so now we're gonna head over to hi-5 studios to pick five lucky contestants have a chance at winning a $500 prize oh yeah we have gunner here from ranked your no rekt is here's a little clip I need you to give me three different options of prizes that you could potentially win that are worth $500 yeah $500 first one is a googled home Mac speakest Epiphone sunburst guitar alright guys this is woods from the channel what we do to give us three options potential prizes that you can win ever worth five letters you have them prepared I always keep a list that looks like more than three men yeah well I was kind of making also my Christmas wish list so a Canon EOS Rebel T six digital SLR camera with 18 to 55 yeah all right next item carry travel why not DG I because I have one of those I definitely hope we smash that alright next item that is there's like a hundred things looking good man no just stop washing it alright okay at all I hope we destroyed your item no actually no yeah what I have to come up with three options then Kevin I need you to give me three or items potentially win hey guys this is Kevin or otherwise known as POV otherwise I have another one and they are /vr pack Apple I am number three a nintendo switcheroonie our next contestant is the world-famous Rose check out her YouTube channel she does music and stuff like that it's pretty cool nominated producer a Korg mini log synthesizers boring fashion not boring it'll look good on camera a Korg MicroKorg XL we're with micro aim mogh Minotaur bass synthesizer no idea right thank you - high-five Studios for letting us film their staff their spot woods is getting the Canon t6 bundle are we gonna smash all these things oh yeah okay every single my caboodle is getting me MicroKorg XL keyboard thing Rose is getting the GoPro Hero seventh Gunnar is getting the Google home max and way for a drumroll please Devon is giving the Nintendo sweats we needed the six so we chose Whitney who is our producer oh we can't move her head we can't move her sticker okay the bike helmet you get the bike coming we picked one of their three items that are worth five hundred dollars and we're gonna place them either here or here and we have to guess to see which one it is or which one it isn't because we might want them to go home with it I don't I just want them to go on what's gonna happen is if I pull this one the hammer on the opposite side is gonna fall just like last night alright so we have all six contestants here Whitney being the sixth and we're gonna try and figure out who goes first [Applause] one first up is wood yeah our friend we have woods from the channel so 22 hands right here it's a very creative channel name just as well it's creative name you think my parents what's the item that you're hoping that you're getting I'm actually hoping on the the camera to be honest it's been days bring it out Bobby well we got you the Canon Rebel teasing you guys are messed up this is oh no it's real now it is between me and woods I want you to walk over that camera and I don't want to be dirty today all right so I need you to telepathically tell me where it is oh really it's right there okay great great dude that's a nice camera that's about to get destroyed I am going to go with my flats all right here we go in three two one hey the camera might be good though man rules hey woods look at the bright side you got to take home a brand new camera it might not be working away it's not done yet it's the rule that we have it has to be completely destroyed that's that's very true if odds mean anything in this world four out of six people their items are gonna be smashed today do you want to smash to do something would you like the red of course I want to smash it I won't let anybody see okay [Music] what actually said but a brand-new camera see if it turns on it doesn't but I can look through the eye hole and you know that's all I need but I can pretend wait hey this didn't get smashed aside woods pick a side all right give it a countdown 300 yeah 3 2 1 no it's fine oh it's good all right Bobby's clean didn't realize the front of it looked totally fine well let's pick that person who yeah [Music] all right our next contestant is Whitney she is the team edge producer what prize are you hoping to win today I really really hope I get not only a helmet but goggles with it oh is that so it could total up to $500 all right well we got you a helmet some goggles all right I guess Bobby's going now if you guys didn't know Bobby and Whitney are we hate each other yeah all right Whitney choose a side now okay so yeah my mom is windy I really don't want a Smasher item okay but there's a part of me today that I just really do okay that didn't make any sense you're a jerk I actually really want you to smash it whoa you don't want to go home with a brand-new helmet and goggles I mean I do but are you gonna draw it happen wait am I supposed to close my eyes for schools right okay okay what I do with don't say what side cuz then I'm gonna know that what's the point of you see closing your eyes like that side all right here we go in three two [Applause] can I kick it in with my shoe well I don't think hop up on this table many of you don't know this but I actually some people wear steel-toed boots I just have steel toes yeah nice this Whitney to the man that smashed your head give it a countdown with me three two one sorry just a heads up to you guys this was done by my foot so don't cross me are you ready to get your item rekt we got you the Google haul max huge sure that that's gonna be easily smashed yeah that's why I picked it ten seconds ten nine eight seven six all right gonna turn around put it on the side I'm gonna hit yeah yeah it's good idea alright both sides ready half of me wants to smashes the other half does it but do I believe that no making noises so it doesn't you can't tell where it is I feel like my instincts gonna be able to save it if your finger gets smashed we have to fully smash it just to make sure those guys ready three two one you don't know how happy I am right now dude here we go go to make a pic I don't know all right I got my pic 3 2 1 Brian that was this cat that was not retaliation whatsoever don't like that you look like a stone-cold killer right now dude I stress from that I feel so bad for you guys you haven't gone yet Michael but no how do your 3 items that you chose which item did you want the most and to be honest with you they all look at the same time they were all keyboards Oh weird thing with the butcher knob yeah that one that was that was the one I saw them well conveniently we got your screw thing with a couple knobs on it the car this is the Korg gorgeous ah keys keys keys keys alright Joey's gonna go first literally everybody's first instinct I'm pretty sure today was right there right hand side okay I don't want to smash your item so I'm gonna go my right which is your left 300 [Applause] what are you doing please do it yeah gimme honestly this is gonna actually feel pretty good just stand back oh one more I'm never gonna get sponsorship from Korg Korg sponsor him for sponsor us we didn't destroy it that was oddly satisfying I still gotta get you oh I'm gonna take my chances with my attire right now brand-new March guys hit him back bro he just destroyed your dreams of making logic he went for my left so I'm gonna go for his right I mean all that for you I want you to drop it yeah go for it yeah three two one we got number 35 contestant number 35 from Chile records make sure you check out our song what was it called closure closure which my last girlfriend this was the happy video until that far what do you think you got well we got you this brand new GoPro Hero 7 black oh why did you want to go for a 7 um because I like filming and I like travel that's a boring answer do you know what maybe we should turn the GoPro on and put that GoPro in slow-mo and then watch it until it's no mo I have to make my decision close your eyes oh this is the worst you don't have Islands I don't know [Applause] [Music] Kevin's our last contestant oh yeah bro he's got syrup all over you all right Kevin out of the three items he gave us which one did you want the Porsche 911 that unfortunately was not under $500 no you're the type of the guy that says Porsche are you also the type of guy that when you floss your teeth you don't eat what you've lost out of your teeth what oh no I spit it out every time oh you're one of those you eat it sustenance bro Briana's out of mommy' all right haven't read it we got you a Nintendo switch in the Super Smash Bros version three all right Joey I owe ya he's really counting down you have to count down to three bro three two one go Wow that is durable man hey bro let's see if it works he's gonna take an hour yeah he's gonna do this done that's not working it's called super smash bros for a reason all right I'm gonna pick joys right give the countdown and three two one yeah where's your towel you only new pants where was your towel was your toe they got me guys they got me big thanks to our friends from hi-5 Studios for helping us out with this video make sure you check out their channels down below and show them some support and go watch a video that YouTube recommends for you just right over here and watch the last time we did don't smash your items right over here