Dont disparage the name of a dead woman


Chael Sonnen


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I've been watching this but it's called dark side of the Ring and I like it it's done in like a thirty four thirty type style you've probably seen pop out on on ESPN I'm quite sure this is who inspired them if not even the same guys they took this over to a network called vice land or vice some network I didn't even know existed until I found this and I'm very glad that I did but each week they just look into a story about professional wrestling the history of it and they dig in and they pull out the weeds and they let you behind the curtain this week's bothered me in one way it was about the Fabulous Moolah now I followed the FAL be a fabulous moolah quite frankly I never really enjoyed her work I really never did I really never understood how she was as / as she was that has nothing to do I'm just saying as a fan I know I would never stop what I was doing to go watch her but she lasted in the business I think she was still doing camera time at like 78 years old and it started when she was 19 I mean she I'm very good at whatever she did very good at the politics very good at learning the nuances very good with adapting and evolving I'll give her full credit for that where the story bothered me is this was a real berry her session they were bringing people out with no validity proof or evidence telling horrific stories that behind-the-scenes moolah as a trainer was turning girls out pimping them out for money that she was supplying them with drugs that make it like she was this very evil and dark person I just thought cuz don't forget she's passed away this is post mortem to get a 30 for 30 or a dark side of the rig and many ways is a celebrations of one's life and career and yes there's going to be some very interesting things and there's going to be some nuggets in their view absolutely there is but you're really memorializing somebody and I felt that they they really disrespected a woman who is gone who had no ability to defend herself in any way and then brought her daughter on who was a very sweet gal to come out of just got none of these things are true when the other side of it how would you know right and that's the speculation that we're then left with well how would the daughter know of course the daughter's gonna say yep there was no evidence on either side of it they just came out and buried her they made a repent they made her a drug dealer and they did it all with their words I thought that was very unkind I did enjoy the story I had a lot of fun watching it but stories like that are also a lot more fun when the person is still around to come out and attempt to defend themselves all the way down to if that means legal action for slander to do that and put that out on somebody that has no ability to speak up bothered me