Dora Steals from GameStopGrounded Request

in hey mom can we go to gamestop I guess so but if you mess up behave you will be grounded understand yes let's go so this is the game I want Dora you seriously want Grand Theft Auto five that game is way too violent and inappropriate for your age just look at the cover for the game but Dora look on the bright side we can look around the store for games that are just as fun but more appropriate for your age how about we try and find Super Mario maker no Super Mario maker is boring I want GTA 5 and that's final I had a feeling this was going to happen Dora you can either get a more appropriate game or we can go straight home with nothing it's your choice I pick whether I want GTA 5 our GTA 5 I want GTA 5 our GTA 5 GTA 5 our GTA 5 our GTA 5 our GTA 5 and that is final that's it you're grounded for two weeks we are going home now I do not getting anything from games tip and stay in your room for those two weeks it seems that whenever we go to a store this happens mmmm I refuse to stay here you're not the boss of me actually I am and you'd better listen to what I just said / grounded for life sometimes I just hate my mom so much she always gets in the way of my fun I want GTA 5 so bad but guess what she won't get it for me I wish my life didn't suck I wish I was able to go to gamestop myself and just take the game oh wait hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah time to jump in 3 2 1 ouch that really hurt but now I'm out of the house and I can sneak to gamestop yay it's still here and I don't think anyone's looking so I'm going to steal it and bring it back home this is so fun I love throwing people out of their cars and running them over ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what was that Dora um um um um um um um um um let me see what you're playing they did you freaking still GTA 5 from games tip died me right now as a matter of fact I did dionyza you just committed a crime stealing is a serious crime you're grounded for life but mom do I get to keep the game mmmm mmmmmm oh heck no but when I return it to the store Alyssa probably going to be arrested