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you know the jungle it's a part of you but exploring is not a game and you don't look before you leap okay we're onto something big Dora an ancient city made of gold but about that and your mother and I are gonna prove it Amy I'm sorry sweetie you're not going look being in the city around kids your own age like Diego might help so you're gonna get invited to some of these parties called rains the music sounds like this got it be careful that's what we want to say cousin take oh you're so skinny and tough you are way more energetic than I remember Dora this isn't the jungle it's high school it's life or death keep a low profile yes and just be cool door okay what is this [Music] where did you transfer from the jungle here's the scavenger hunt list team out in groups of four hola Dora you'll help us find your parents and the lost city of gold where are we all I see is jungle see three mercenaries armed oh look Dora brought a knife on the field trip everybody whom with maybe you want to leave I were with your parents you're all in danger we're gonna die out here there's no need to overreact of course she knows this monkey [Applause] [Music] I have to keep going no matter what she's freaking awesome they were safe [Music] this film is not yet rated you