Dos and Donts of Interacting with the Deaf Community CC

Hi everyone! Welcome back to The Essential Sign, I'm Chrissy! Today what we are going to do is discuss the Dos and Don'ts of socializing with the Deaf community. *Hearing aid ringing* This video is mostly for new signers and ASL students. I have a lot to say and I have a list, so I will go ahead and start. First, we are a community and culture, we don't want your pity. So don't say, "I'm sorry you are Deaf, that sucks" I hate that. Do: Show your motivation to become involved and share your reasons why. Don't isolate yourself because your intimidated or whatever, really the best way to get involved and pick up signs is to fully imerge yourself in the community. But I encourage you to learn basic conversation and some signs before you try that. Do: Be honest about your situation, your background, and experience with ASL. Hi! I'm new, I'm learning ASL and taking ASL 1. I'm learning ASL online. Hi! I'm ------, I'm taking ASL 3 in college, studying to become an ASL interpreter. Do: Try and stay voice off and try not to simcom. Simcom is speaking and signing at the same time. It doesn't work. Don't: Try and teach ASL if you are only a student. You aren't qualified and you will lose respect from the community, Especially online. Do: Respect eachother and listen to the Deaf communities opinions on rights and advocacy, that kind of thing. Just listen. Don't: Show up and try and impede on our conversations. It's rude. And don't try to translate or interpret, unless if we ask for help. Only if asked. If you impede on our conversations you are limiting our abilities. It's rude and- It's a thing I hate. If you are an ASL student, know your teachers name! Simple right. There are two reasons why. 1) It's ridiculous not to know. 2) Some people in the community know the teachers, so they will probably ask you who your teacher is. You probably want to know it. Don't: Beg for a sign name. If we think of some thing that fits we will let you know, But we won't if we don't know you, who you are good enough. Do: If you want to learn and improve your signing, ask simple little questions. Thats fine. So I was walking around with a friend and looking around we saw a umm- Hey whats the sign for b-i-r-d? So I was walking with my friend and we saw a bird. It was cool. Are you Deaf, Hard of hearing, or hearing? Don't: Use socializing with Deaf friends like a second class. It's not our job to teach you and sometimes we will help you, but theres a line. Do: Be flexible and patient. There needs to be good lighting and eye contact is important. Don't: Pretend to understand if you don't understand. I will notice if you are clueless. I see you. Do: Understand the community is diverse. Some people sign ASL, some PSE, some SEE. It varies, every individual is different. Just depends on the person. Don't: Assume we can lip read and never force or pressure a Deaf person to voice or speak. Thats terrible. Just don't. Don't do it. Do: Understand the Deaf community has face years and years of oppression. Going back the community has so much culture. And you need to recognize you have hearing privilege. Recognize and accept your hearing privilege. Don't: Be upset or angry if someone doesn't like you. There is some bias in the community and it happens. Thats reality. It happens. Sometimes people just don't like you. It doesn't matter. Move on! I think thats it for today! Hope you learned something and enjoyed the video! Comment if you want to share anything about the topic. Thanks for watching! Bye!