Dovey Magnum Naomi Cowan Shine Light On Reggae And Dancehall Sex And Spirituality

what's up is the breakfast club I'm Angela Yee - Charlamagne yo over there and we have two special guests and they're very special to me Naomi Cowan and W Magnum are here with us this morning Warren you know what and you guys both performing it Angela you day today and I'm so excited about it because the women are represented yes yes yes can't wait can't we Alan thank you for having us and I think there's this big movement in reggae dancehall where the females just coming out super strong so happy to represent and you guys your styles are both so different so I love that because it is like and that's how it should be though like you guys are super different and we're gonna get more incidents so different about them well probably the content of the married man but yeah we need you know of course we need no man feel good though Tim Simha and I was like that's weird but he also caused some where I'm trying to do the things them where you know what they be what why use why are you so nasty no because them some it was a rumor at me huh some are all that means she's raw like me all raw like me got you got you okay now you should use condoms though she some time but beer buck on a condom and is something that's why I got married to have a guilt-free unprotected sex because I Georgia pussy no no baby judges that go me that Jana Stan in order juicer it was Romanian Chuy Gomez yeah but I sort of Georgia pussy is like inside pinkeye you know you have some pussy inside black ham [Music] girl's cheer you know what I mean they get up off the chair you wonder what's that on the chair discharge charge what is not Angela you pussy Angela you pussies do you want that juju your money when you walk up on a girl to say a vegetable some women have the black vagina lips instead of the paint no you die right don't get it twisted I don't mean the black vagina lips inserted a pink eye of black girls of course I expect them for blood inside a pussy yeah you know inside that booty must be something biologically right with a black eye right when inside of them steal by the real pussy I talked to the juju nice this your your you got a dick on the head jump sometime right yeah yeah yeah right that's that juju decayed me when I talk on when I sing I please this when you hear my voice on a truck oh yeah you know so you turn your cell phone yeah that's why sometime I had to shift right now [Music] you know I mean it's just me and then my whole song like I said the voice so you push to just jump what I know we are your dicks that jump no we're you know me I wonder what's going on it's me so what you do when pussy jump what do you do know what time it is I assume you know me just look me find a girl be a fighter because you know I mean you say you just find a girl is somebody baby father yeah like people mind my love people mother yeah yeah people might do something to me now you can't make people man taking that's a movement you do that to your friends just no mind we're not take what I need girl code we're not take my friend minor no we're not did I'm something there but what I mean by check out y'all man meaning most of Monday more they were like me they got out they got a child you know a child's father like kids let me ask you like system when you take somebody man is it cuz you have less responsibility what are the investment of the relationship and developing that's what I I really I don't I don't want that that's what I don't want but I always wonder and I'm so happy everybody different position is foreign to me no Angela people mine turned me on what turns you on people might turn me may because she doesn't want to be in a serious relationship right another militiamen up another relationship like right open dear me up in the air up there me serious right there with her I'm here okay so you want to be part of it we're hearing him yeah no not part of it another we added awesome chef an awesome me over here so you don't mind me another woman is what you think isn't that about in mine but as I try to tell people my generation man fuckig almani understand oh my god no symmetry just a general in Iran all right you know you as a married man respect for that sir yes happily marry right Georgia pussy wife warm car so bigger bigger part but what I'm saying it's a for instance you have some mundum of the Moomin are warm what if they're married are not right me no me rocks are first moksori like me of a girl if the malai manure them like what me like a thermos a of amana you have your woman i abhi every mother because guess what it's up to me to make it right for like that's on there with me no me get turn on easily by people - I want to leave her for you no me no but I would not serve a fix your life right yes not is McHale understand it for me and I didn't do one in chiffon or tan I do they do i oh I'll come cross depends in oh yeah now Naomi what do you think about this yeah absolutely I'm completely different in terms of my mindset I'm just intrigued by what it is cuz okay I kind of think deeper cuz she just said she gets an adrenaline rush yes when you would somebody's man so in my head I'm like yo what was she like as a child was she that kid who wanted a pencil from that person's pencil case you could it was it was it was somebody else I'm saying so no no no cousins like that they want your toy what is going on but so I'm just curious as to cuz for me I know I'm not interested in that because maybe I just like I want long-term really raised so in my head I'm like I don't want somebody who's gonna openly cheat cuz he's gonna do the same exact thing to me my never say my cheat oh man MKR fuck Palmilla she may be the next gal what you mean what do you excuse cheating if he's if you if you were no girl let me tell you what guano listen she Tina's I knew definitely let me try it talk to everybody can understand he has this girl right yeah he's a woman check then boom you like me and I decide to give you my Georgia position it becomes me and you together no listen I mean yeah my cheats are admitting Panchita me you're clear for connect scalp on me you know how much you say that if I got a girl and I fuck you Hangul fuck nobody else if you cannot expect otherwise we surely would repeat the same understand with me at a gallop I'm gonna put them on Dominus this Joe Joe Joe so she's gonna discipline you're gonna discipline your mind person discipline boy you take that Posey good I need somebody to tweet me right now tell me if she really got no I feel as though Joe Saturday night maybe I don't know I think patterns are patterns and so when I'm man is like when he does that he cheats cheats on him girl with you he's gonna do the same like if my decides before no more than account wanna cheat has a man cheated on you I will put that no mark I fucked by me really but that wax come here man I got it huh I got a mission I'm hearing a lot of bitch don't you fuck me my fuckin I fuck off your brother than the fuck where you put by me mmm they say the ener-d reached our planes we air but all snow self keep opposed to CLE and keep it nice and Jojo wax I need you to take one for the team because we got somebody in here bragging about what you mean what does it mean like him crime quiet you got a girl uh-huh and you fuck her you can't fuck nobody else you little girl in her I'm just watching it you got your girl right you see me you like me and I decide to give you some of this juice to the pussy right here right here right here right just on here right on dummy yes listen all this pussy different una beer because remember you like me a soui oh you see we're like no Miggy a good fuck the good juju on everything you're Naga I've no spear son time to fuck on me because guess why yeah of course I get to got pretty toes yeah around Iran I'm a Twitter but my bigger wouldn't be got enough by me and I and I don't be asking nobody by these sex life but I just want him to tell me how I look all right and I'm at all you gotta do is look at her Instagram and you go crazy the fact that you have a woman in a euro Saar whatever the case is I you see me I say you like me whatever I'm doing to you or whatever suppose the country is you not to go like an ex gardener but then what then is the reason why my man is a man cheating only because of what you can do in the bed no because my oh dear son I do other things bow yeah oh no no what I'm saying is that I think I mean you can probably comment but I would just think that it is more than what happens in the bedroom that would either keep him or causing - I'm a street girl at the end of the day I have enough man of the woman in the house and them don't have no acknowledgement in a distrito for even getting asked him if he got a girl yes let me have a girl like right oh yeah unless should marry you single guys the funniest thing somebody said to me yesterday it was like this was like yo let me tell you even though I'm married every side chick I choose he's a quality girl he's like my side chicks our wife material [Applause] you would have to so when I just did it feels like you are the six and a good ed Howard miss awkward easy no and why would a woman that's not on this like you would do with something oh oh no talk about it when a top two liars why do they act like that's so bad and so Romano why music so you know 90s early 90s late 80s dancing yeah holy people what happened is like people just get condition based on the song yeah the same thing with homosexuality yes so if he's gay I'm not gay time together macadam chat which boy one blow me some money man yamanami you know much like e to queer like every way like MC me wha gwaan yeah you know me like you more company tell me like me the money money I mean you know them quick for now too quick to know so I'm gonna play a game they would really like what my pussy so because guess I'm Akira last too long laugh like you know never liked it so let me do a bit of salt why make them designed in her bunny pipe all right so Jamaican let me know lucky Niazi individuals yeah I'm supposed to kiss you after you ate mine yeah I'm very germaphobic supposed to have sex like from the anus to the vagina yeah that's a perfect racino for my noted about - something I'm about to try while ago I like Mia Fred Miller did I something right there's some afraid McHale is shit good mccandies no party you know what's gonna make Irish shit God meaning managed its regular so that's imagine me have to cut up be good and I'm about to one minute right right yeah this gonna happen no judo you can't handle it I got you back let's see what's up this is what's so funny about the room right now my older brother is right here who's my manager the great yeah Richard is like you know he knows my dad very well is just oh my god I'm so sorry I'm in my car I tried to separate the interview you think oh gee a nubbly ran across women like her before no I know hoji knows all things yes you know i'ma stay by myself cuz them tie fits like single miasha's on a server somewhere reggae music and with dancehall in particular you supposed to be exactly sex on slacker reggae is that D printing on people tend to mix it all yeah no no no I never said hey AMI ching-ching I don't know if you guys have ever had any money show Ching big dancehall artist he brings me on stage and he goes yo this is a new reggae artist and some girl in the audience was like yes good um bodycon dress and I was like yeah just cuz I see my ghetto mean I don't look good so just had to correct what we know yes I them what was Patrick what was Patrick I was ready a dancer she was that song yeah yeah yeah yeah Lu decide on Sal yeah so when you talk about putting messages in your music how do you put that message you conveying in your music me and I'm a music like I said alright you see with my music you do have the rancher possibility to have the sex about it but in between you have the good part about what I'm saying so it's like um like for instance I'm saying um me agha be a sex slave fear fill up my pussy I'll deal with you know pussy pitches on your beer video Renaissance's like it's not my thing what I even if it's sex or whatever you're gonna send it you love to see when your girls on your little picture here in this real life you're gonna start it's like realize yeah so that me singing although it's me although it's on raw it's still a meaning cuz I'm singing fuck me made me feel good are you alone get more real later see anything in it from a man where even if a female don't want to say the fuck I say love me right it's that same feeling so you have to get it and also I I don't stick into one error music I have like independently it is music I have like you know God music where we mix it you know give tungsten prints to the Farah prior me I use a knowing so it's like I have different levels youngistan we have little girl independent ladies all my independent ladies so you know I'm all over the place so you can't just say alright mundo feliz navidad people that say that no writing here and that's how that's how we are as individuals we have sex we go to church there you go me we could do both how do you relate to each other as woman's in this business well today was the first day we met because we're both promoted to VP records you know and somebody had to leave work early tomorrow so we had to split up originally the anybody would split up but never ended up having to yeah timing wise condense it yeah I was in the studio last night and I got a car like laughs the one from Steven from VP he was like boom you got an interview yeah it's changed I was packed up from the psuedo drove back get some rest nobody knows the answer question in terms of how we connect us females I think just at the end of the day when you see another woman choosing to do this music thing especially from a Caribbean cultural standpoint from where we are fried work that you do anywhere you know dovie's is is very independent asian you know my other half is really bizarre in Jamaica that's Athena okay basically how's that my I got my break from being in Atlanta cuz I live in Atlanta been here from where as a child I used to meet your song both you in other words okay sometimes in the music you know somebody might carry you through like oh this is Carly's new artist or she came up like just as her and he same for me you know nobody presented me to the world yo honey it was no morning behind a no thanks no nothing from that organic standpoint like what was that grind like for you BB being in Atlanta oh Jesus Atlanta alone the grind like or you mean like in life before him yeah before I get into his songs before I get into all the awards all the recognition they lose Ebert posting you and all yes well manali life was very hard me used to eviction me used to sleep and groan yeah good you know you have to understand in a listener when you come here as a child when you come to America as a child is like you're away from your mother and like certain you know father you know certain things so you come here maybe amongst aunts and stuff and they don't treat you well sometime if you're only certain things all right away come on time iost and when they throw you out where you go you started catching with friends here you start trying to survive so in my life is never easy understand me then boom being in Atlanta going around the reggae scene do they do my just can't in a go and do the do and then I tell myself say listen this is more more for me out here than just already so everybody want for make it seems that means the worst cause my mama five girls and I used to say I'm the ugliest they used to say yes they used to say I'm the ugly so time my mom five girls me no commode should be known at all miss my dad so with me it was never easy and then when I got the break with the UM borrow it song never big up Jamaica yes big about nation country to me economy annuity the people I'm Ronnie return on top of that my first break oats for IVA jump for starter maneuver things was last year when I started touring with Balaton is that let me tell you because I have a son he's sixteen no last year he had a surgery on his birthday I almost lost him from an autoimmune disease so being on the road last year I'm doing the whole music canal adduct reggae so ketchup last year Ora I was on all of that he was in a hospital fighting for his life and to show people like I said to them I didn't talk much about it because I didn't tell him what was going on how people thought it was because of football but it was a lotta immune disease where there's no cure right now so every month after doing you know infusion with him it's a lot and very expensive burger and I stopped because that would mean a year from a got away oh that's right no no no immune disease he has a thing called on pemphigus okay for those little guys and you have another type so it's cop and for guys that sounds like one of those rare ones yes is a rare disease they said I just acknowledge its in 1998 and they don't have any cure for it or anything so he's basically taking a lot of medications to hold on you see how he just turned 16 two weeks ago prayers up for him yeah primary use and win so last year like I said when I got the big jump out I had that dealing with plus other little things everything so just for all made together McArthur god is good um you know it's just crazy but for now say with all aDOT's me still never stop my still push my still try for vice my still try for do a method or last year my song was one of the leading top said on the Reg a goal from VP records last year and to know that they reached out back to me this year shout-out to Neil and Stephen like I said they reached out back to me this year and you know in terms of here in the record a track star nice Alyssa boom on baman baman finish theorem step to me it was a blessing to me still can't believe like ever me to find Stephen you keep your head up having a son that had that how do you just stay positive jeezum you know say man tell her the truth i prayer me you was on when i'm a pre a lot because never sung when I had gotten a car accident and I almost died right before the song boss I released that song and that song kept me to heal and also kept me the son my son thing also Monday I was shooting a video here in my hand and my son was going through surgery while I was shooting cuz you know you have to do little procedures now and then like I said shut out the VP record again they was there and I'm just the support but my pre a lot and may have a lotta funds them and people that they don't comment under the things them you know they would dear me with the prayers I suggest that call your surprise up me know the prior is real just can't you know me tell myself if my son can go true that I still survive on festy Macomb a night nothing why mean of a continued push to do because if me don't push on get this music out here homie I got it take care imma make him survive in of Nevada mm-hmm where the father in the somewhere Baraka yoga teeth are something mano-a-mano only sperm doing abou I snuck somewhere that juju and bounced one look one foot Magee boy a member you know a girl I didn't know and I'm tired I'm an activity normally I did shake my dad sleep on me game some minute I sleep on McGee miss Alma you will sleep my eyes shut will you drunk with your damn time it was still F fuck did you give them consent yummy game pussy mama put the condom on also piss ass means that she beats him oh I'm fine we translate today by the way hello with a condom I didn't take your fucking or something you know Naomi you left him went to Canada right so you grew up in Canada explain that you taught her how to speak patois absolutely not no yes I went to actually went to university in Canada mm-hmm so you know I was kind of on a different path actually probably hoping to have maybe been like you guys in radio and television and whatever and you know my stories I look a bit different from from dovie's in that I grew up in music but I run away from music my whole life because I was just so focused on trying to carve my own path but through basically hitting like massive walls were you know in a way I was going through that depression and I went through like eating disorders just things that were constantly causing me to have to look within myself the one thing that brought me to my true self was doing music and then a couple years ago actually my dad he probably doesn't well he had prostate cancer right so that experience was really like I opening for my entire family because I'm the youngest of seven and he's like of course like the head of our tribe we call it a little bit of a tribe because it's seven kids between four moms but we all have the same last name so we feel very much connected as brothers and sisters you don't feel like your baby father baby mother Romani so you know when Daddy had like when you went down to Miami undid his surgery and I was like crap you know just thinking about his life I know how he's impacted the world through music I just got some pointers I have to leave this admin job you know what I'm saying cuz I was you know doing the same old millennial struggle I was living in you know one of the world's best cities everybody I knew I couldn't get a job that they were qualified to do which was blowing my mind cuz I'm like Ross you know I left Jamaica I have a freaking degree all of my friends are you know they're working at Starbucks and then they're doing this or like you know they're doing our YouTube channels and I saw that something was getting my brain was like wait this this whole package that we're soul is kind of garbage you know why yeah why are we you know cuz you know sometimes you go to the best school says I have 760 subject for really yeah yeah yeah there's no use right yeah I bet you go to the best schools any this university thing I know my mind I was like there's something awfully wrong and by the same time one of the few things that really as I said brought me into feeling comfortable in my own skin unlike just I mean I'm own so joy I feel when I actually sing when I perform you know I experience that actually through church cuz you know most singers there to the church yes and every Sunday I was like we I need to find a way to do this regularly a and B get paid for it and see traveller we're losing me so I had to just you know I had I was working at the startup like insurance I was like whoo going to dentists getting much like crap but hi Steve yeah there we go and Dana just said you know what I'm gonna go back to Jamaica and and just give the music 100% because I was a Jamaican artist that's that's your home base tie Jamaica such a cultural home even though I could have done music from Toronto that's no problem but my heart was just feeling that call you know follow your spirit yeah yeah I say when you said you wanted to take you seriously well so because like I'm he was like at first you know I've done so many different things like they've seen me do everything gymnastics like yeah like I'm that kid who's done every extra extracurricular activity like I'm just multifaceted so I think when I first said it he was like alright then just start writing you know just teach us then just start writing and so I actually taught myself how to play the guitar and every morning like five I was just playing just getting into that practice and one of the things that he did say to me actually which blew my mind is because I was really feeling insecure I was you know I feel like do I deserve this I should have been hustling since I was like 10 and you know and I was just feeling like I'm not worthy of the career because maybe I push it aside for too long and I said you know I said look at I remember I said I said let's say look I like the answer she's been doing it since she was five under done he said but you've been listening since you were five mmm and I was like holy jesus you know I was like and so it just here's the name with some of the best people in this industry other people that have been listening studying they've been studying they were engineers they were writers at first they were lease on that and then they became great it's just it's a do not don't you dare discredit he's like you you know your mom was on tour with you in the belly don't think that you have not been part of this your whole life and not really I mean I kind of brings tears to my eyes because I was you know you know you feel insecure about this ticket things and it just shut shut that down right so he said I look at it the other way I look at it like you was running from your destiny absolutely a person oh like a frickin tracks embraced it everything oh I've never trust me I've never felt more your psycho don't know we can say hey she said she she was running from whatever and then all right boom when I did the whole song I would even borrow whatever is that when the song like my song boss before me like the song run away leave me so it's like although she run a run run from her career whatever is like when the song bus snow and I run I come after me me everyone left my song if you understand what I mean right not understanding the whole big ball out is how much people differently not from the ones that know me if I used to never have no shoes I did not go through all of this stuff is like even coming around even being in my Manhattan at the shoe would be Monday and to hear the dance says them like other songs was playing you know I didn't boo my son come on and I hear all of the had a white girl in better sing the song and there was like we know you we know your song I'm like Jesus I'm like like all know I still can't grasp it be like no you have yes this is what it is your life change different paths that you have to get to where you are right here yeah and I think we have to learn how to respect that yeah you know what I mean I think um like for me as I said what I love about you is that you do see self and that is what my life message is to using me like when I go to high schools and talk to young women in Jamaica and stuff like that I'm just like listen like the world is going to tell you how to be how to act just listen to that inner child you know sometimes I literally sit down and I'm like six-year-old used to puts on five different types of clothes and just run around the house crazy because that is where your true self is using me and so I respect you and then with me to in my breakthrough and just with me being dovey I didn't start old like oh you know them girls were there sucking the belly I'm pause the picture and then they I feel like get up and say for instance well before if you trouble me and me get up on something like Mayo wake up on took off I married I say I'm just don't so it's like at the end of the day to me they used to me even if the week fall off they used to me when I'm like oh maybe I don't know you understand so I don't know yeah it's basically like a casserole or beater so you know with the whole I I come on to the to the world until everybody mekomo it mean myself so I mean I have a pretty of nothing or me have to be like oh no I can't post that because I have to post the shine shoes no matching different MIT doesn't need me I don't and some of the girls I'm right now Jesus got go with them because they're my fear I do everything for be perfect because they come on wanting to be this perfect person social media does that the people's not social media they do it to social media because they're the one that posts what they want on social media don't blame the people you got the filters and all that that that gives these everybody's chasing this unattainable picture of perfection it doesn't even make sense because honestly I mean I Rory I worry for you guys like for men because the things we can do to ourselves first of all with the makeup thing that a guy can't do with changes penis eyes though that's the worst thing I mean for tell about it we got we got the board and what of the nice mushroom mushroom much mushroom where I put some turkey neck Akeno yeah - magma oh you like when I am soul no he's saying like like Dickie almost like my love mushroom at Body Magic when you would them ship good mushroom aid want me to keep on eating them like turtleneck shirts I don't I don't do well with them Oh have you seen have you seen another nose I've only seen him once a couple idea where coming from in front of me I have some whatever gwaan good I think you just talking a good game ezel we do have you today now Yummie we know what you're doing how you might handle dis Angelides there's gonna be kids I got it locked cuz I'm gonna come I'm the number one I'm dressing nice I'm just a nice lady you look very nice [Music] listen I know from people see me I hear about WI what she had upon the shore i'ma show y'all I trust you and I want you to be you so give me everything you like right man yeah maybe have a look with something we'd won yeah a little song we won Yemenite yeah one white boy waning oil okay to wine in my jewel okay this is this is like not that's not a raunchy but the first boy I ever kissed I mean I'm 99 first of all was a white boy as well as a our resort in Jamaica we need to go to resorts on the weekends that we always made friends with the Tories wait why - no name was Brian I don't know he is typical Brian where are you secrets is that the saw my single paradise plum was inspired by Canadian guy he knows his name is Jared Jared like you know like really nice intern I just want to think back no yeah he is there is a white kid in the video but he was just interning with us but um yes this is this dude inspired the co he he inspired the hook and then I wrote a story around it say you like white guys I actually am NOT into them but at that time when I met this guy cuz he was kind of like okay I used to be upset Justin Timberlake because Justin Timberlake had a look like a real soul - yeah exactly yeah so jared was kind of more off-white meaning like you know he was singing Kanye and playing piano and I was like oh he got soul uh-huh and you wrote a whole song about him no just that was a hook yeah yeah you you never put up a fight no paradise bloom okay yeah you know we like a new we never had to say a word not as shown violence yeah yeah oh that's all for a bit further inspire me oh my gosh because I won mono experience and I my fuck life you gotta stop fucking people husbands and boyfriends we go work on it let me get more on yeah but this is what I think I think I think you were a trouble so I was like trouble some kids deal I'm not going so troublesome you give trouble no dope you still run midnight oil trouble that I miss no I think you get turned on by the idea of it not being yours you like these meteorites exactly that's my stop that the bigger your Stargate though you can't be a star out here fucking other people no no no they say I'm not I'm not saying it's something that I do walk up and down and do do you understand Kuzma have a local one girl be a father well my Colleen mines on fee are like I truly know one big fucking mother we're gonna share them together your monday on me i can't leave me alone every night see Micah Georgia pussy fun Ken doll oh right then no I've never actually dates it oh right guys right everybody guys like I got a chance anything I was just saying when I was a kid for some strange reason I only had one Ken doll so all my Barbies we like the stories I used to play were exactly what she's singing just one was like a white guy yeah well no no it was it was a brownish one you know the Hispanic Liz used to always fight over the one man yes can dowse ain't got no penis is Jamaica losing his culture another way in a lot of ways you know in in certain aspect I can say is like we're really you know I mean why did you ask that dilutes cuz it seems like a Chinese taking over everything I know that's why you know one thing is once what is kind of a struggle being in Jamaica is that we're on the west right we're literally an hour from Miami so what happens is that you know of course most of our culture is rooted in in Nigeria and Ghana and culture cause of slaves but we are seeing Western culture every day like we turn on the TV we're seeing like yo BT bah bah bah so we attain and aspire to that but like that is not our truth you know we so I think there's always this constant struggle of owning who we are as a people and then wanting to mimic what we see mm-hmm right it was like people in other places they don't even know like what a skyscraper is or what you know they don't they're not exposed to in Jamaica we're not even making enough money to attain a certain lifestyle so sometimes our culture gets diluted exactly we need to represent what is in rap music we need to represent what we see you know what I'm saying and so people are constantly chasing what is not always instead of just owning what is always had to move and come back in order to be successful in music because you were in Atlanta do you feel like you could have popped off in oh my god at one point when I was at one point with me doing music and the fact that I was in Atlanta because like I tell you know I'm gonna be straight up with you a lot of people may don't want to speak the truth about the whole in a downside McCauley everything you don't want Jamaican music again you see if you don't have money to show up on the turntable alright like for instance me here get my break here you have the selectors them in Jamaica be like Oh me not playing a song for she because she offer pneumonia she need to start oh so I'm gonna come get mine and really accommodating streets I don't have it mmm who I'm supposed to get the money from as I upcoming artists mama upcoming artists trying to make it oh yeah where I'm supposed to get money from to be paid not just one DJ oh I hope bunch of DJs and then once you pay everybody and then what's going on now you have a lot of them is like a team thing they team up over here so with this one maybe because okay so for instance I'm pirate Angela I'm gonna run behind me no started of course so you will hear all my songs you I hope that happened now you see you know she's doing what she do whatever they don't care for that because you're not waiting the crew way of the cars under yeah let me get touchy I'm an IVP them their own money I'm a for support I'm correct no they don't do that they stifle us they hold us down so even when when you go through the door they still have a way where they try to block you because there's a whole circular unit with them so it's very hard very hard I'm gonna talk for myself right because I see what they're doing to me my fancy it because let me show you something Barlow's is one of them is a major hit song write that song been a hit song since two years ago and I just start turning on the song last year but that's how music going along is even bigger now to the point where okay she's an artist she already come out with a with a hit song I have I have like maybe three four songs I'm the ball out you're not gonna really hear them as much as that yeah watch this but what you may not hear them authorities know Bono was saying to young people and planing your fans listening to it and how evening my fans listen to it because thank God for a social media outlet and I'm on the social media and they love my songs call what I'm saying boom you only hear Barlow like that when I get booked on a stage bro when I get booked on a stage I don't go under stage with one song The Ballad song I performed like sometimes four or five songs before that song on with those songs they are like the material Doyle please before the ballot hit song officially dropped but it would not show you nobody here's the thing the thing Dovie the thing is that that means these songs are being listened to so really and truly you can't pay attention to what the DJ them doing on the MENA if your fans like for me my people is like what does he goes I want to find my tribe I just want to find people are meant to right right so you reaching them but caught him no you say exactly what I'm saying in writer would what I start doing now I don't pay them no attention to what they want I'm afraid and just start doing music putting them out music putting them up because guess what I learned being on the stage before that hit song come on they know all my other songs so it shows me that it's not me it's not my song is them trying to make it look like my songs are not worthy or I only have one song I care what she just can't watch that I don't watch me don't mean it okay you have to pay attention because at the end of the day there are also a part of the industry and what's going but I don't think there's no such thing as gatekeepers no more because I don't think it's no gates like nobody try to keep getting in Jamaica but nobody can stop you understand that they try to keep the gate in Jamaica don't we not going pretty that up I'm glad it's all going on indeed not just the DJs you have people in certain areas certain levels in the music that day sit down even on you Yemen I'm gonna lose it but we'll fly home babe say what you say there's no gatekeeper no more it's so good to hear him say that but I'm telling you it's not I'm still all to get them with a pistol I go screaming sorry that's why I put the PIPA them I measure the people I'm not care for me that love me love the way I am being me singing what I'm singing but I tell you it could be bigger with the support it would have been so so - please stay like utilize certain people like for instance I Lee I'm in New York and I'm based here and the biggest show that keep in New York say under set boom mi use the regular soccer tip for example cuz I've been on that show say say I'm a parent of Lily say I'm a part after I get super so cut it put the pardoning in an pushing of a line of Buddhist and that a lot to them getting that opportunity where they know for instance that girl Duffy Magnum I run the place but like Helen right here in Atlanta and they will never call and give her the book for that platform at that stage you know why because she got that stage so they rather bring on somebody else that it cool it over there to get like something to put on the show so you see them stopping your boggling stop in your food no but I got agreed I don't know here's if you did not know about me in terms I hear in my music and all that this coordinating and they did not bring me to you that's what I'm talking about the person who coordinates yeah I don't agree baby records no no but I think there are so many ways to create avenues for yourself in other words I Reagan soca tip is a thing rate whatever that's fine however if you have a tribe you have your followers you have your support as how many thousands of people so if you are so strongly like you strongly believe in what you're doing and you know you want to be on stage you want to have a live show create you only curve I go out that's what I do cuz I'm saying no so it don't matter if you get booked on Reagan so cut it because they're bars all across no I explain you go to bar you set to the bar you keep the bar split the door give me a stage example what I'm seeing is the gatekeeper thing I guess I just can't I just can't fall into that mentality that's why I do fear Magnum is different you know Angela back I assume me me in on one meet me different mmm-hmm yeah like I said imma talk about what's going on but that mean say it Mariners going on if I don't make that I've been moving you understand but I still have to let y'all know because a lot of people who sit down and cover it up like okay it's cool and it's the Sun at night no cold so artists other artists in Jamaica don't help y'all don't like they don't like alright this is the thing that I notice with them if they're bigger than you they feel like if they give you the support or give you a color bar whatever oh that's not gonna make you a car that's not gonna make you boss they're like yeah I mean okay I just even take a picture with you you know a picture you will take with them at the show I know would not even talk you're for the world I for their fans even know that that's definitely not right here that's sing Bharat Agra I'm just put out a picture some of them do ever post a picture yeah so me when I go nowhere I'd ever care to take a picture with them no more who wants to take picture with me that love me and support me I do know I just says do not I love to them do not support each other or one another because then Fred don't forget big all right so for instance you have Naomi over near in your camp right I drove you over here some of them don't want don't mix with my own because they know the strength I don't feel fire so I know if you come out shine Naomi / yes I do do do-do-do said I'm just critical one miss right here so so in an assignment it's just what you think Naomi well I know I think what well for me my experience what I sense because I'm very intuitive so when I'm when I'm out there and whatever one thing that is kind of unfortunate for me is that people think that people think that I am doing what I'm doing based on nepotism and so sometimes in the business yeah because they're like we all do you know what I'm saying so let's start there it's not like my daddy's not shaggy right know what happens people don't not saying that people don't support me but I think it's natural that people like a Cinderella story they want that like we picked up this girl out at this interview mean London he's like so who discovered Naomi Cowan like you know which producer Brice I was like um I was like sir I discovered myself and nobody brought me to the studio is like I just put myself in the studio so now surely we want that's cuz that's what we you know you read storybooks but I reason so sometimes I think sometimes people think oh she's good but the thing is that I really have been doing this just on my own just like me and my brother yeah my parents are there but a like they're there knowing gospel music so they're not hitting the streets you know what I'm saying my dad's not like oh here's a Naomi CD is at least open a door but when I when doors are open to me I still have to prove myself like very sometimes more Oh ten times more like when I gets on a stage in Jamaica especially and MCS like we're gonna bring up a reggae royalty I'm like Jesus you're like daughter of Tommy Cohen Carlene Davies Naomi Cohen so for the first verse of whatever I'm saying they're just ladies mmm when I get to the chorus and then like on the end when I started living there like oh she's oh she much but you can go on so it's actually tougher for me I feel because of that because no is not that overnight success story it's just not oh she she have everything she needs they probably all think I have a ton of money behind me which I don't cuz my parents they're still under your hustle they have their own thing and they're chasing your own dreams you know they can just literally give me the intangible support which is more valuable than money anyway she disagrees as I got to know other artists no and you see they just get to understand my spirits and get to see my energy and just feel me for who I am then they're like Nene this is my girl but that took some time and not me forcing myself on people which we said they're from a bullshit was like oh you got my girl Naomi coming on the show yeah yeah so so you remember names that's good you won't go far name lady but I wanna make sure when y'all are here you guys are welcome to come back to the breakfast club don't you know I'm fabric my wife get some of that juju that you guys have us here they even speak on certain live now like I said you know um she's different from me mm-hmm and as she was saying um yes she she brought into the arm the music industry yeah her mom and her daddy semi no none of my family none of nothing if you understand what I'm saying where my situation is different as she's saying a lot of people like the story to run with the people I'm not coming from this coming from that hello what about where may I come from why I'm scared for run with me because why happen I'm gonna be like too big or or what like I want to know it probably but I don't have no money behind me mm-hmm I don't I don't have I'm not signed right I just even changed management oh you did yes two months ago I was like I'm all over the place no you know I'm saying shout out to Carew I'm Karina she's on helping with bookings and all of that you know so it's like it's so crazy but then people see her I see sheep or something I guess you got it all in nomina I've no no no but y'all both are reggae goes you understand hello yes my record would I mean I stopped me a push me a push I have some new songs coming out you know I mean it just creates a shop done records the interior music track star my have I'm Triton music coming out is like Minar stop I'm not gonna stop we need a song about other guys who lie about you and pussy in German yes some also do a song together I have a nice reading money so Crazy's a nice Rigas rush cuz y'all got good chemistry with two people who never met each other all right so we're gonna calm you know what with us what y'all saying well I can understand me how for you to come to the performance to see us in action just a vibe just immediate well I'm gonna be here in the second also I have a show here in the second in September 2nd yes alright good but I'm gonna be supporting both of y'all and everybody and I just want to thank you both I really do appreciate both of you for agreeing to perform I was really really excited about it so it means a lot to me it's my first Angela Yee day and to have you out there representing I'll be there to represent for y'all however I can and imma be done exit okay what's our instagrams like a follow y'all love you man know what ope why bear you go let me go follow you video v ey ey with some water more kinda heavy Magnum dancehall sweet horny voice and that's that you gotta have a magnum so it's Naomi Cohen and a omic Co WN c ta ta paradise plum here we go we go breakfast luck got y'all locked in good to meet y'all man thank you for having us thank you crazy [Music]