Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 2003

[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] think before you read four you must decide whether to be wise and leave well alone or surrender to the greed of curiosity and discover a new world of knowledge that would stagger Satan himself welcome my friend my name is dr. Henry Jekyll and this is my story or should I say confession I was born in the year 1846 into a wealthy family and after a privileged education I followed my father into the antiquated world of medicine I am one of the most respected and eminent of doctors a gentleman but like many a gentleman I have suppressed my true feelings in order that I might take my rightful place in society [Music] nobody but me knows my true nature the public have only seen a veneer of my true self like everybody in society I have learned to play my part to perfection morning ladies and gentlemen I'm glad to see that so many of you should think me interesting enough to attend one of st. Mary's hospitals public lectures today's subject being human brain and emotions of man however if I may I should like to divert your attentions away from the advertised program and present to you a few new theories of my own [Music] let us slice away at the truth [Music] dr. Jekyll it has come to the board's attention that you've been lecturing on some medical theories that are your own and not the generally accepted or medical opinions of this hospital is this true true perhaps you would like to explain to us the reason why there's nothing to explain gentlemen I am merely stating a different point of view and you don't think that dangerous dangerous why should I you are the son of the founder of this hospital a man of influence the general public might be unduly impressed by such personal opinions or should we say flights of fancy there is nothing fanciful about my work gentlemen maybe so nevertheless you cannot be serious in your latest application I cannot continue with my research without the board's consent you wish to apply for the use of a hospital patient it's monstrous a human guinea pig I wouldn't call it that and what would you call it I've call it progress I'm sorry dr. Jekyll from today all funding of your research is terminated [Music] [Applause] vanilla memory afternoon come back and see me in a week's time well what's the matter with you I'm angry yes I can see that it's about the hospital just turned down my research application oh well you surely didn't think they would agree I wanted to be given a chance that's all the chance to play God no the chance to change people's lives perhaps forever and for that you'd be willing to inject some poor soul with one of your chemical concoctions we had doctors James scientists and there's a fine line to be drawn Henry between sanity and madness we make ourselves look different James to help us feel we are different God has made us different Henry we are not base instinctive creatures we are noble beings morality is sent from a higher power I have nothing in common with a man who beats his wife the streets in this sad side of our city are a disgrace every which way we turn I'm appalled by the degradation the absolute poverty one thing I want to make clear I'm elected is the parliamentary member during the forthcoming general election I vow to rid us all of this sin or star mentality look around you gentlemen what do we see women selling their bodies to eat children steeped in squalor can we continue to allow this in a civilized society I think not what is your name my child Mabel sir maybe just where you live yes hear that gentlemen the place she calls home Ned Champlin what you think you're doing what's he look like I'm working well not in my clean table you're not do it somewhere else good evening mrs. Bradley good evening sir come inside Mabel dr. Jekyll is not at home I believe no sir he's out tonight where's mr. Poole is reading this sporting officer sat on the to Ned what's the matter with him he's always playing daft sub danfous Oh can I be of assistance I was hoping I could be of assistance to you Paul your master tells me that you're in need of a new housemate oh yes good well here she is her hands are dirty so would you ask me if you'd been sleeping on the streets young man the seat this girl needs to find employment mrs. Bradley if she's to better herself we've had a long talk and I believe she's trustworthy and capable of hard work have you ever worked and serviced before a girdle no sir who you'd be doing me a personal favor should you take her in I've stated publicly to the press that I intend to work with the homeless I see well it's up down the spine so suitable how can we refuse thank you Paul I'm most grateful do you think Lord he'd Lee will marry this person mr. Utterson I'm afraid so I dropped their marriage contract this morning vulgar foolish something should be done about it but a very lucrative market for my uncle lady cruel don't you think a lawyer makes his living where he can James morals don't come into it to marry an American debt but money I believe is very fashionable at the moment my dear they have money we have titles you seem rather solemn tonight Henry do i I don't mean to be Henry is still smarting over the hospital Board's decision well I think it quite Sydney why should they stop you what harm is he doing dear well personally I find your lecture absolutely fascinating didn't we Sarah oh we did mother I didn't really understand a word of it well I'm glad to hear it what precisely doing they've stopped Henry from playing God God oh is that all well they should have a word with my husband he plays God morning noon and night I don't believe I'm playing God I believe please go on do continue please tell us farewell I believe that inside each and every one of us there lie two beings a higher self and a lower sulfur the dark and light constantly struggling to take control good and leave it no Basic Instinct Julie Henry a dual personality go too far sometimes are you trying to tell us that we're all the same what I'm saying is the devil lurks inside every one of us life makes us what we are everything we experience we become but underneath this fashionable refined existence deep down inside we remain what we once were we suppress our desires we fear our natural natures and what are we naturally henyk animals are you sorry mom just give him up sir no leave them alone girl go and how is this knowledge to help us if I can separate our two natures the dark from the light and contain them and man would be free to live from all that is corrupting in this world and how do you propose to do that with a chemical compound that once injected into the body would I hope control the darker side of our personalities the desire to lie cheat kill and murder would cease to exist forever so that's why you requested to experiment on a willing patient it's barbaric God has given man free will to choose between good and evil if science takes away that choice and it takes God out of math and what if God doesn't exist blasphemy I can't agree with any of it it's just Achilles to say that we're all the same we don't all have criminal tendencies and we're not all animals oh you must agree Henry there is a world of difference between my daughter and and your serving girl a world of breedings I'm very interested in everything you've been saying Henry I may be able to help you yes I have an acquaintance who happens to be on the board of the hospital asylum he might be able to provide you with the patient that you need if your experiments prove successful I would of course expect to be publicly mail it as one of your sponsor of course let's keep this between ourselves so Danvers faith spurred me off although I knew my discoveries were incomplete every day I was drawing nearer to a greater understanding of the chemical elements needed to begin a new phase of my research a human subject the chance to gain a more profound insight into the duality I was attempting to control [Music] water what's he doing that now is allowed in masters work it's private [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] wait [Music] my heart sank as I surveyed the pitiful outcome of my latest experiment I had to go back and begin again I determined to find the answer your hand is trembling you're not going to dismiss me sir of course not may have been angry with you but I don't mean to terrify you I live in curious myself I suppose but don't let me find you in there again no sir how much did you see they look like distortions distortions like when you peer through a hole of distorted mirrors sir at the fair they change your shape into fat tall people it's a laughs usually comic effect yes but what's in that room sir this morning it well it seemed what evil you believe him good and evil Mabel of course doesn't everybody sir no evils not a science I've never heard anyone talk like you like it dinner the other night you're listening to our conversation of course I'm not deaf but it's what the done thing Mabel my servant is there to serve you don't exist then how did the peas get to roll out of the bowl sir that'll be all Mabel very good sir [Music] I continued with my experiments locked away for days I walked into the dead of night while my household slept soundly I was determined to perfect the correct compound a precise chemical structure the exact formula for a drug that could separate the darker elements of consciousness I would enter the very Fortress of identity I shall never forget that fateful morning it was raining the day that changed my life the creatures lay dead at least that is what I thought but as I looked more closely I saw they were sleeping perhaps even dreaming at last the time had come to take up Savannah's offer I now felt justified but experiment on a human being we were to have a guest to stay cool patient from the asylum more wine sir don't worry it's not a madman it'd be quite safe this is Bradley will be relieved to hear that I'm sure the man's agreed to help me with my experiment and what is the patient's name sir hide mr. Edward Hyde [Music] I asked the servants to make up a comfortable room in the Attic away from prying eyes where mr. hyde could find rest and we could work undisturbed [Music] [Music] it's for dr. Jacob [Music] from the asylum Hospital master Thank You Ned there would be no mr. Hyde staying in the house no madness not yet the note had stated mr. Hyde was dead he'd killed himself frightened to death by his own Devils delusions of the mind suicide [Music] I had no choice when a moth sees a ray of light it floats towards it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] where did I go if anywhere what did I do if anything oh it's no good I can't adjust a thing mr. Pooh the master assures me mr. Hyde is quite safe did you see the set of his room this morning of a bed clothes strewn everywhere well I won't be able to flayed not with a lunatic in the ass he might do all sorts when's he arrived mrs. Bradley yesterday who says the master says what does he look like I tried to think nobody's seen him only the master I fought mr. high we saw what Ned nothing [Music] the most truthful I hope you're not avoiding me dr. Jekyll and why would I do that Sarah perhaps I'm not interesting enough for you well I think somebody here finds you a very interesting [Music] you're a terrible flood Sarah yes I was shocking [Music] [Music] [Music] it's disgraceful way he leads her no I don't see that myself really what do you see uncle I see a young man who's very jealous what's it could it be dr. Jekyll [Music] [Applause] [Music] Husted you so she goes off into the night again [Music] [Music] [Music] my daughter's very taken with you Henry don't Rebecca she's a lovely girl if a little bit flighty still you have my blessings so you can remain a bachelor forever and we love to wear new laboratory you need to get out more enjoy a society the family life the established order a man climbs a social ladder when he chooses his wife wisely understand I will bear that in mind should I ever decided to marry sir good how's your work coming along any news from the hospital asylum I'm afraid they couldn't help me why not I don't know a medical ethics I presume oh that's a pity the elections eminent medical progress good publicity you understand what I mean yes I'm afraid my experiments on some days ago sir Danvers oh that's a sure no excuse me Henry Lord Carrington a word if I may peace and tranquility at last didn't you like the pie sir personally I like a good knees up I think you call upon mr. Danvers House a knees up Ned no snob is it I can't be doing with anything lady duh but we're all the same underneath aren't we master any rude good night night good night sir it doesn't wear much does it sorry mr. eyed doesn't eat much either what do you mean you know I mean sir [Music] [Music] if only I had left well alone that night but I couldn't I needed to repeat the experience I had to know what happened to me the first time I took the drug a scientific calling [Music] [Music] [Applause] Henry Jekyll dr. Henry Jekyll [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] when a moth sees a ray of light and dark that floats towards it and sometimes [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] where did I go if anywhere what did I do of anything drugged dreams visions of lust what is the rational explanation shadows of darkness I awoke from my disturbing sleep feeling dazed on the surface numb but underneath deep down inside I felt strangely magnificently elated newborn well well well be now Genesee miss stride yes may we both please have a word with you sir it concerns the new housemate Mabel she's been seen leaving the house at night on numerous occasions see gentleman friend perhaps if so I'm afraid she's been giving him stolen gifts a case of cigars and a bottle of whiskey they've been taken from the pantry you sure positive she looks so honest will you speak to her sir or should I you don't pour very good sir nothing else mattered to me not even the truth a man obsessed I was determined to find out the cause of my strange behavior perhaps some impurity in the drugs chemical compound I thought if I could find out what was really happening to me while taking the drug I might be able to control my dark feelings and therefore contain them my behavior was justified [Music] entertaining myself no Charlie have you gone mad not me it may be murdered if anyone finds out no no I won't give it back from now on I can do what I like around it huh who says the master and why should you say that never you mind that's my secret but then you know all about them wouldn't ya secrets [Music] [Music] [Music] I haven't taken anything a buckle abadeer the sharing up and let's count my girl I went to thief mrs. Bradley we've seen use cutting into the night yes where have you been going no way net tell them don't what the truth no I don't know anything but enough with you what confessed you they seat you'll leave this house tonight for good he wants curtailing mr. ride [Music] [Music] [Music] every shall we I received your merit nobody knows which is so I told nobody evaluating how romantic do you one I need to see you I'm told you now let's time we came here to understand now gone it's not safe you see what I mean you better get going he comes in here and finds you he might get younger IDs as a crowd looks to go play I can't help you not anymore just forget about me I'm not worth it are you cold come a little close feeling better I'm grateful to have this time alone with you Sara I hope you don't mind me talking so freely I desire it your hand is trembling are you frightened [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] don't remember anything sir I presume I was returning for my surgery someone attacked me did steal anything my wallet Spencer what's wrong sir of course okay what time is ending how past two are you doing out there on the streets I was visiting someone sir yeah my mother thought you were an orphan my mother gave me away a long time ago been searching for her it sounded working from a room hey your father I have no father my mother has no idea he was thank you you may go to her I've got no room sir mr. Paul's throw me out for thieving behalf and tiny thing I'm innocent I know gosh you're a pisser well I think it's a disgrace what's it thinking the master of spoken WHMIS doers were told second chance indeed here you take this up to the mic matter which man man mister I do you think that's my job you know you do Master says I'm the only one to do it please shit what's all the mystery nobody allowed to see him is it deformed or summat it's an abomination I can't believe it silly girl let herself out of the house but secret rendezvous did she say who but she can't say anything a mother whole households hysterical of course nobody must know I don't understand but parliamentary campaign I can't afford the scam the newspapers must never hear of this you don't mean to say you'd put yourself before reporting you there was another choice I'm a public man and public men and their families must live by impeccable standards why are you telling me this I have to talk to somebody Henry someone I can trust you're a family friend of doctor even a man in my position has to confide in someone she was found crawling the mind gone she was brutalized [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I had stepped over the boundary and once you step over the boundaries of human existence anything can happen yet I continued and taking the drug I was still convinced I would succeed in my experiments if I could only find the drugs chemical compound and control its effects or at least that is what I told myself you forgot something sir it's a long walk to collect those drugs that's a long walk up to his room and every time he doesn't need anything I have to throw it away what would mrs. Bradley think if I should tell her tell her what Ned mr. I what about him beast bed dead dead difficult sir to look after army and people should be paid a lot more money to part with him don't you think especially as the others downstairs are talking we wouldn't want them to know the truth would we sir mr. eyed strange mood of course not I quite agree you're protecting it and you are mine I like to think so sir come on dad take this [Music] [Applause] what Isis you want that nothing that you saw that you did show get your honest [Music] good boy I'm glad we understand each other run along how am I supposed to clean this a black you know banda you told the master Ned's the state mr. Hyde's room he's not interested he always defends mr. IDEs behavior well it ain't natural well the board do we're not there together are you insinuating mrs. Bradley I'm insinuating nothing mr. Poole I'm staring at the facts pleasure had become a beloved friend no more the sense of shame exalting in the freshness of new sensation temptation delight like new why [Music] silence [Music] what is shitty here she's a child she's worthless what is the point of our life again [Music] [Music] [Music] you know [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] there should be flogged all of them that the chance had do it myself I escaped relatively unharmed to Danvers at least I think so that peasant actually was fascinating watching them the way human beings change a crowd becomes a mob in the blink of an eye how is she she's sleeping I was hoping she'd be well enough to see you Henry but she's frightened of everyone and everything has she told you anymore no no not a word perhaps it's for the best we don't want to prolong her dreadful ordeal dilip no dear or sabotage your carefully constructed public image exactly I'd be grateful if you'd agree to medically examine her Henry my husband will allow no other doctor to see her and I know Sara would like to see you when she awakes yes of course good [Music] [Music] [Music] Sara can you hear me visitors wake up [Music] [Music] [Music] my dreams became nightmares my nightmares my reality [Music] [Music] I live in Seoul like a change Bart there soon [Music] he disappears like breath upon a mirror hallucinations if that's all sir I'll be off stay where you are I need your assistance sir dad why you have to watch me Ned tell me what happens but I know what happened sir it's a question of balance if I can refine the impurity in this compound I'll control my behavior I know it don't convince me sir convince yourself tonight will be different this formula must work you'll help me dad won't you stay with me write everything down I'm tired sir I'm fed up of this running about night after night I want to leave sir I want to leave for good tomorrow morning I want to find work somewhere else I've had enough you may leave if you wish really I thank you sir but promise me one thing that I won't tell anyone sir I promise your secret's safe with me I won't tell anyone who you are at times and Who am I Ned at times yeah you mr. Hyde [Music] mr. Hyde [Music] [Music] [Music] I have lost control of my experiments I had lost control of my life my sword with tears to smother my caused herebut I'd committed crimes against humanity could not live in denial any longer when my drugged nightmares became a reality I knew I was eternally damned who could help me now [Music] - oh god I pray hadn't you mercy defend me from all that is evil you sir how do you think it I don't know sir nowadays a face looks the same but the person is different he's wrong sir I have said I'm evil you're not evil sir yes please forgive me I don't have the power to forgive evil sir only God can do that how are you so sure God exists I feel it sir inside and I have truly don't know sir everything can be forgiven not everything yes everything tell me with love [Music] [Music] I feel [Music] nothing [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you Mary while he never said a word nothing and all his clothes at God according to the master cleared out his room and disappeared looks like we owe you an apology my girl what about no thief [Music] you may well hide your face I have no recollection you may conveniently choose not to remember but my daughter remembers everything it's not true there's a proof a letter in your own hand asking Sarah to meet you and my daughter is a respectable young woman why would you lie to her own father she is ill of course she's ill who caused her illness Newgate I would never consciously harm Sarah you must believe that I don't know what to believe anymore look at you Jo you look like a laudanum addict yes yes I'm sorry I need to bathe is that all it will take to restore your reputation I think not sir people are talking jack off influential people you've been seen around town indulging the disgusting behavior he's influential people they friends of yours you insinuating that I entertain people of low moral standard I came here today because my daughter's I never believed that I am an honorable man sir you'll swear upon that if needs be well these friends of yours do the same what are you suggesting I'm merely stating should anyone have anything to say about my so-called behavior you should name them what are these influential friends of yours doing in such way they never said any of them whatever you say sir Danvers think wisely before you speak we don't want a scandal do we scandal scandal naming names no we don't want to scare at least I hear I understand what you're saying and I understand so that your daughter is ill she's ill confused goodbye Jekyll from today we will never see each other again the man I knew and respected no longer exists men are a mirror tell me am i strange or vain or am i downright evil and evil to remain leave me I cannot leave you you love me I am your own creation what if the madmen take control what if the sane man lose their minds where would we go where would we hide i pacified myself I had done no wrong it was hide mr. Edward Hyde that was guilt these terrible crimes not I not I convincing myself I have begun my experiments with good intent the need to separate dark from light I continued my work different chemicals different formulas I try to achieve my goal I tried to bring myself back to our rightful path this was my salvation my work was for the good of all mankind and one day I would undo the evil I had done I was innocent and so was she my helper my angel in the night [Music] Mabel [Music] who did this a gentleman caller [Laughter] [Music] wait I had to see someone sir did you kid God some money why don't any payment sir it's enough to know I'm helping you I thought you might want this returned sir what are you doing with that mr. Hyde left it at my mother's your mother's he visits her regular she told me so tonight what else did your mother tell you about mr. Hyde he's violent sarin and pays it for the privilege are you sure will you stop him sir please I beg you I will do everything I can Mable thank you sir what's he like sir mr. Hyde like like no one you've ever known I am in awe of him when he's here inside me I feel euphoric I stand tall and magnificent afraid of nothing I need no one just myself my hope your evening has been a pleasant one sativus what remain sir I saw you leaving the house of the corner fun and games with the ladies I presume okay you I was there on charitable business fallen women oh yes I'm sure Charlotte about business what the hell do you think I'm doing Neal have you lost your mind obey I think not I think you well sir there dear master bed for your life what are you doing Jake oh I'm not Jekyll I'm Hyde mr. Edward Hyde doctor nonsense you're insane what'd he say the game of hide-and-seek I'd seek life in your life helping someone help me please crawl crawl son Thomas draw oh so that's it are you ready mr. Hyde is coming coming sir Danvers the game is over before it's begun you've lost sir Danvers and mr. Hyde has won [Applause] [Music] I'm sorry sir you can't come in I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist sir sir it won't see anyone let me pass Poole what's up he won't see anyone sample I intend to see him mr. Utterson it comes as a great shock indeed yes to everyone I'm sure society is outraged they any idea who committed such a callous crime I was hoping you might tell me I don't understand don't you should I I've spoken to the police so Danvers was bludgeoned to death a gentleman's walking cane and what is that to do with me it was your father's cane my father's yes you surely don't think I had anything to do with it of course not but I think you know who did he's betrayed your trust jacker abused your generosity of spirit shamefully you must say that then where is he should not foolish enough to keep him hidden was I I helped hide escape you returned to the house and begged me for money when I asked him for what reason he confessed to everything murder I'm still you helped him I gave him what money I had you left for the boat and what am I to do Addison do you promise me he's gone forever yes I want nothing more to do with him and I promise you a certain height has left my life forever then your secret is safe Jekyll I'll tell no one we are friends will speak no more of your mr. Hyde I'm eternally grateful how could you he tortured my mother and murdered your friend how could you help him sir no choice you'll have a choice in life sir choice of right and wrong good and evil [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] jackhole dr. Jekyll sir [Music] [Music] what is Tanana go to Lourdes [Music] he won't be coming to hurt you anymore who mr. Hyde we've paid me handsomely for his pleasure you were lucky mother lucky what do you mean [Music] what's the matter thank you yes he's visited me there without fail they talked to me brought me present when you saw you in the street it was not coincidence that you found you work who your father is so Danvers Carew people have system 8 but I've never met her but he's told me all about it beautiful lady of breeding [Music] why they I want one bag you brought me here by your own actions remember to leave me alone I told you that cannot leave you you are me I am you two separate identities struggling to take control of the mind body my good man there's man who's he talking to myself yourself away upstairs go ahead go touch me help me god help me dr. Jack Oh baby tickle go away please please do you hear me leave me alone very well controls the body button controls the mind give yourself to me gently surrender your soul sir he's devouring me at first I was the stronger but now bit my plane he grows inside me exist my medicine why sell poison poison aged like a meeting him after yourself I looked upon that abomination in the glass the lethal side of man and I felt mesmerised let me help you sir why do you want to help me I'm beyond help I'm beyond forgiveness nobody's beyond forgiveness I told you that once remember I've evil Christ not a monster sir you're a man who's lost his way Oh God I've lost my way [Music] when I wore the same ones have mr. Hyde nobody dare to touch me except Co sir let me help you Tea Room [Music] what I've done without you let us be there's nobody here except me but you helped me to sir you should be back into your home help me or nobody else would lives a world of evil you treat me with kindness and for that time welcome well [Music] [Applause] evil had finally destroyed the balance of my soul the child of Hell is nothing human nothing lives in him but fear and hatred [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] raging with the passion of hide my soul was boiling caged in my flesh he fights back he fears my power to cut him apart suicide [Music] this is the last time I cannot find it in my heart to pity [Music] the doom that is closing in on us both has already changed and crushed him as I write the fights but I will destroy forever the evil that sticks with it be [Music] Oh God let me wake in a different world welcome I'd hide to find the courage to release himself a path [Applause] [Music] [Music] this is a true hour of my death I pray for serenity and peace everlasting bliss everlasting life I repent [Music] release me from that nation I have released my soul is released [Music] may God have mercy on him [Music] [Music]