Dr Joe Dispenza Awekening Pineal Gland and Kundalini Supernatural Subconscious Programs Part 1

today we're going to dive to the deeper end of the pool and speak about our non-physical nonlinear selves the awakening of the pineal and Kundalini to understand the brain we have to embrace the notion that our mind is not our brain as mainstream science would have us believe so welcome back can't wait the lesson was on fire I love this when we start getting into the non-physical self and nonlinear space-time past lives that aren't past lives which we're going to get into and so forth I start getting super juiced up this is the terrain I love and so first of all let's talk about the human being in our non-linear countenance how what that means what that is where it lives how and then we'll go into how it interfaces with us and so forth so in the last show we were talking about you know and we were watching people's brains try to change their brains this is what most people do we actually try to use our ego to change our ego we try to use the program to change the program and it's like we're fighting against ourselves and if you see a brain scan of somebody do that the brain actually goes more into hyper coherence more into conscious beta high beta thinking in other words they're in key brain there they're actually getting where they're analyzing themselves within their emotions that they've memorized and basically they're analyzing or thinking in the past and it drives their brain further out of balance so when I saw this it was a classic moment for me because I couldn't take my eyes off it I kept thinking about it and how we've all tried to do this and so in our work what we teach people how to do is and when the brain is doing that you get very narrow focused you get very object focused you obsess about something a problem a thing you get you loop and that and it causes our our awareness to really to become very very what's called convergent in what the research has shown both in our work and other work is that when you teach people how to become aware of the space around them in space and all of a sudden the brain starts to get more organized when the brain moves into that hyper coherence state different compartments of the brain that are normally talking to each other no longer communicate with yes funny because when you say hyper coherent most people think of coherence as a good thing apparently right so good coherence means there's a good rhythm there's rhythm there synchrony there's order there's a pulse there's a there's a beat hyper coherence means it's too fast and it's two brains working it's hyper incoherent we should say that's right yeah so so in that state of hyper and coherence when the stress chemicals are running when you're under stress and I'm under stress we become very selfish that's what those hormones do we think that were our bodies we think that were our identity identifying with the environment and we think we're living in linear time that's what those hormones Duke the zebras being chased by the lion she's saying I got to take care of my body I got to put my awareness on it we're in my environment am I going to go and how much time do I have to get there so think majority of people that live their life spend their life in these limited altered states which psychology calls normal states of consciousness they're altered states so then just like you and I were living in that selfish state endorsing the ego to become selfish self-indulgent self-important self-centered self aggrandizing you know self-absorbed the brain does the exact same thing the neurons in the brain that should be communicating in networks across vast landscapes all of a sudden they saying there's an emergency so I'm gonna close down and my neighborhoods not going to talk to this neighborhood this community is not going to talk to this community this whole state or region it's not going to talk to that region the brain starts to become very subdivided right so that's a very incoherent state and it sends a very incoherent signal down the central nervous system which creates a very incoherent message to the immune systems of the digestive system to the cardiovascular system it's a group of people playing drums that have no rhythm and the body really begins to be too to suffer the effects because the central nervous system controls and coordinates all those systems so then as it sends a signal to the immune system the immune system saying I don't know how to make white blood cells with that signal I don't know how to keep the timing between my digestion working I don't know how to keep my heart in balance with the brain and so this the body begins to suffer so when people begin to put their awareness and open or cause a a diversion for focus instead of a convergent focus that that opening of attention what people don't realize is this is who you really are right yeah so this field around your body is who you really are when you're functioning by the hormones of stress you're more particle and less energy you're more matter and less wave that's the function of what those hormones do we become materialist right and we define reality with our senses so energy contracts so then when you begin to put your awareness on the space around your body in space that's that field around your body as consciousness that's who we really are the moment you put your awareness on that consciousness on that space something amazing happens the brain starts getting very orderly and you're no longer using the brain to try to change the brain you're no longer using the ego to try to change the brain or the ego or you're not using the program to try to change the program you're using consciousness to change the program the brain and the ego because this is you and so some people would say well that's not me I can't feel that and I'd say well you don't feel your nose unless you put unless you put your awareness on it you don't feel your little toe unless you'll become aware of it right so if you don't put your awareness on this field wherever you put your attention or wherever you put your awareness is where energy follows energy follows awareness so the moment you start putting your awareness and your attention on this sphere around you now you're beginning to introduce yourself to who you are you're starting to get acquainted with the true self and when we study that on the scans we saw the brain while of a sudden having dominion over the program having ability to change the brain because consciousness is the only thing let's talk about that for a moment because you're referring to the tests that we're done I assume with Jeffery Fannin and Konstantin caca one is doing neurofeedback and the other is measuring the field at larger than physical of the body and of the surrounding sure we're not doing neurofeedback we're using quantitative EEG yeah really see where people are at yeah so those are the just for clarification those are the tests you're talking about so when people start connecting with their nonlinear selves by intention what does that look like on the EEG for example well the first thing that happens is that you start seeing the analytical thinking neocortex starting to settle down so now you're no longer analyzing and so the moment you're no longer analyzing your brain waves move from of course beta to alpha now when you're functioning by the hormones of stress you believe that the outer world is more real than the inner world that's the seduction in other words when the brain is in a high arousal state we're functioning and determining reality with our senses so because we're functioning by our senses we're focusing on the particle of the atom instead of the wave of possibility right so that everything collapses into it to the known so when you shift your awareness go to the space around you in space means you can't think and when you sense the space around you you're not thinking you're sensing and what happens is the thinking neocortex tends to slow down and the brain waves tend to get slower you start producing what's called alpha brainwaves and in alpha alpha is the imaginary world it's where the inner world starts becoming more real than the outer world and the way we learn is we learn information and then we're in beta or in low levels of beta we're in beta right now we're relaxed if I if I said to you hey listen you can eat lunch unless you take a test that I have it's 75 questions and then we can eat lunch X you into high beta we go in the middle you know what he says but if you're freaked out neurotic emotional and secure frustrated guilty judgmental you're going into high range data and now no new information can enter into the nervous system that isn't equal to the emotion in other words the brain never has a chance to consolidate knowledge because it's not a time to learn it's the time the runs that there's a tiger around the corner it's time for emergency right we talked about this last time just that we touched on a little bit and that's why most people can't break that program use that suit as you say trauma something even louder than what's already there right so so then when we begin to teach people how to break that addiction and slow the body back down again and their their brain is moving from beta down the steps and they're a little they're going in we're dead Alfa pattern then is when you consolidate new circuits in your brain so like I know when I'm lecturing that people are getting information because I'll develop a concept or an idea and as I develop the concept or an idea they'll go from the outer world listening to me to the inner world of actually consolidating the knowledge they'll pause and the brain will move into alpha when that happens the brain stores the circuit stars in its circuitry so when we learn we move into alpha so if you're in high beta you never ever get any new information in there so in alpha the imaginary world the inner world becomes more real and what we noticed on our scans is that the beta patterns tend to slow down and we start to get these really broad healthy alpha patterns and the person now is creating coherent orderly rhythmic patterns and different compartments of the brain are shaking hands different areas of the brain the left sides talking to the right side the front is talking to the back all of a sudden we're getting this psychic Union going on and different neighborhoods are saying she's out of the way thank every time I leave my body the first thing my body always says is thank god he's out of the way and I see my body laughing while I'm standing here because it's relieved but the operators got a chance to heal you know so that's exactly what happens is that the moment that we're out of the way the moment we're not our body then longer or not our identity there's no longer we're not our the environment for putting our awareness on the external world the brain tends to get more orderly and coherent and different compartments of the brain begin to say I weaken his selfless he's not a self any longer and so the there's a coherence and orderliness and we start getting this synchronization that takes place in the brain and what syncs together links together and when you're stressed and insecure and emotional that fragmented personality keeps a person powerless because it's like having a multiple personality disorder but experiencing all the personalities at the same time we've all been there meditation allows that kind of orderliness and when the front starts talking to the back and the sides start talking to the side you start feeling more like yourself than felt in a long time and all of a sudden all the things that you were stressing about no longer have any value any longer because you've taken your attention off them and the body settles down know that coherent and orderly signal from the brain sends a very coherent and orderly message down the central nervous system which controls and coordinates all other systems and also the immune system says wow that's how great rhythm all of a sudden there's a group of guys playing really great drums and ever the orchestra the symphony now is playing in unison and the cells are getting a very organized symphonic message and so the immune system starts making some really healthy white blood cells the the digestive system starts working its timing better than that and all of a sudden the hardest starting in harmonics with the brain and you start experiencing well-being and so the moment you start experiencing well-being you go from tissue breakdown catabolism degeneration into a state of regeneration and abolition tissue repair even the brain cells start growing everything starts going cortical thickness starts to happen cortisol levels drop stress genes are dysregulated and downing the shut off their damper down and all of a sudden the body starts expressing a greater level of health and now all of a sudden you go from particle to wave and the energy starts to move into the heart and all of a sudden we start seeing the chakra centers lining up and the person all of a sudden now starts having energy from the body as the mind because that's where all of its thought the body's freed from the chains of the past and the moment that happens the side effect is called joy and that energy starts moving from the hormonal centers in other words if you're no longer a sexual identity you're no longer digesting food and you're no longer stressing and feeling out of balance all those energy centers all of a sudden dose after that energy has to go somewhere so starts to move into the heart you start to fall in love in the moment you want the moment to last your body is feeling enriched and all of a sudden the heart starts to open and the energy starts moving back to the brain and it's moving out of the body and you're generating a bigger field and all of us you'll be able to focus on possibility because you're taking your attention off the particle and now you're focusing on the 99% of possibility that the atom is made of and you're beginning to select new ideas new paradigms new um new and creative states and so before brain starts to work in constructing new archetypes in your patterns and you see the person moving into a creative state and all of a sudden they're they're a different neuro different state of a expression in their brain the key part is you just touched on it a bit ago is how we intend with intention how we begin linking up and accessing that part of self because that part of self also is connected to the field that all the information is there anything you need can be brought through from this self through to this self so let's talk about the link-up process the conscious link-up process well this is a great conversation so I'm speaking from my present state of ignorance of course but we have that we have two aspects of our consciousness you know we have our subjective consciousness that's the freewheel willed entity called you and me that has a soul that's on a journey back to source that gets to liken this like gets to be happy gets to be sad gets to choose or not choose it's a free will mean that is our subjective consciousness that's this field around us that exists beyond space and time it can be measured but it's an electromagnetic field then there is that objective consciousness that exists beyond space and time that is observing all of this into reality and that objective consciousness is very sensitive to how we think and feel thoughts are electric and feelings are magnetic and how you think and how you feel called a state of being broadcasts an electromagnetic signature that influences every single atom in your life so if you're walking around every day frustrated and suffering thinking and feeling that way what you're saying to that objective consciousness as a subjective curator ok defined intelligence giver of life who endorses who I'm being I'm expressing a certain level of suffering today so now I'm creating suffering in my life but bring it in a way that I least expect that surprises me and leaves no doubt that it's come from you so I can suffer more so there that's karma well Carmen happens every day and because we're thinking and feeling in the same way we keep creating the same external environment we create that same external environment we react in the same way of thinking and feeling that same thinking and feeling then reinforces that same environment and there's a tango between the outer world and the inner world and that's called Karma break the addiction to the emotion change your habituation zuv thought and actions change your feelings that you've memorized and all the sudden areas know karma see we're not punished for our sins were punished by our sins so then the subjective consciousness when it marries with our unifies with that objective consciousness the only way it responds is through how we're being so you don't you don't pray for your prayers to be answered you get up as if your prayers are already answered that state of pain is a level of energy that transforms every single atom in your life the thoughts sends the signal out and the feeling draws the event to you so if you're living in a state of gratitude what you're saying is the event has already happened and now if I start thinking about when it's gonna happen or how it's gonna happen I just returned back to the old self the new self would never think that way so then the marriage of subjective consciousness free-willed you and I with that objective consciousness who endorses how who we are basically how we think and feel is a loving intelligence and intelligent love so then it has an electromagnetic frequency and when you emulate it as a creator in other words you can't create from a guilty lacking selfish person that's not the qualities of the divine if you are going to create you better emulate the divine and what are the qualities of the divine a loving intelligence and intelligent love it's got a will that's so much greater than our will it has a mind that's so much greater it's got a love for life that's so much greater than our love for life it is a consciousness it's an awareness it's observant of who we are so then it has it has one rule I honor free will and I will endorse who you're being so then when you and I connect to that intelligence by changing how we think and feel what is the greatest ideal of ourselves when you move into that elegant state of being and you're in the present moment and you're feeling empowered and divine and enriched and enthusiastic and now it's time to create when you create from that state of being you're emulating the observer and what you're saying is an observer take a look at what I'm observing I'm being like mmm you're emulating you so now I'm looking you're looking down the telescope I'm the yet the lens of the telescope and let's magnify that into our life when that alignment takes place then and you feel connected to something greater you would never try to force the outcome you would never try to control