Dr Oz Talks Impossible Meat Alzheimer’s Taking Care Of Your Number One

Breakfast Club morning everybody is de j MV Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast club we got a special guest in the building yes indeed Doctor Who he came that's right thank you dr. oz dr. eyes actually kidding my car show and he walked around took a zillion one pictures I tell dr. eyes you know get there early because people would just want pictures like crazy but you came and you spoke to so many different people so many people grateful to talk to you and thank you for had a blast I love the energy that cars were spectacular music wasn't of course wonderful I came for the gumballs put a gumball gumballs wix2 the Englewood contraband wedding rate speech you're gonna bring out the TV man seven fruitful tips for healthy marriages seven hacks I'll tell you what I did I I went around and asked all people that I respected who had long relationships among what made it work mhm and I got some great feedback well there a couple that I really stuck my mind one was one plus one equals everything okay when it's really in the right space and the regular rules of math and physics don't work but the most powerful one I think was I was a line from scripture says you know it's a golden rule right let you treat your neighbors as they as you as you want to be treated but the what the word nice is not in there mmm-hmm and my plea to Elvis was don't be too nice be honest absolutely that's what keeps us going astronomy is a walking talking example of that but but people who nice are great to have around but they don't tell you what you have to hear correct and in relationships you can't afford that that's a critical error you got to be told exactly what needs to be said that needs to be a show man the seven I think my wife told me to post it which I did finally mainly because so many folks at the wedding we had appreciated I thought you know these aren't my ideas they're just the best ideas that I was able to collect from folks actually there's another idea like not which was letting you know marriage is really messy bring a plunger just a metaphor here we go Charlamagne I went to the doctor for procedure we had tubes up his butt mm-hmm it's called a colonic yes and when he had his colonic we spoke to you and you said it's not necessary you know you don't need a colonic and then I've seen something recently that you just got a colonic no he didn't know colonic ho Mike I didn't get a colonic I had a colonoscopy Oh a colonic is colonic is for pleasure no just like the feeling no colonoscopy they give you Pro Booth all which is what killed Michael Jackson but they give you two under set up with a monitored setting and then they turn knock you down they put a tube up your bottom and look inside your colon to see if you've got pumps which you should do gotcha roughly every 10 years starting at age 50 african-americans have sir earlier because it's more common to get colon polyps if you're african-american so by 45 you need they're thinking about it but colonics which you my wife lots of other folks get I'm not against colonics I just don't help you that much about a your bi if you're healthy when you go to the bathroom you ever notice the shape of the poop I don't like look at the moment you look there's no way you don't look never everyone looks it's s-shaped because that's right that's the cast of your intestine your rectum mm-hmm and so if you're when you go to the bathroom you're emptying everything out of your rectum correct and so if your loans it looks like that you're already empty you don't need to go up there wash it out what's the point and they try to tell you that colonics help with your colon like I just don't know I just no evidence against the colon and and they're you know there's some trivial but risk there's a risk you put something up there and something bad could happen right I just don't think it's necessary so what's a colon cleanse a colon cleanse is different you take that from your mouth and you're taking the products that are gonna help empty out what's in your intestinal tract and that's to help reset the bacterial flora remember you have more bacteria in your gut than their cells in your body and so you want those bacteria to be working for you not against you so periodically cleanses in client and calling Clinton clone cleanses and particularly help empty it all out you sort of reboot the system that's the thought the fact that shot me went twice in a week is is more than he likes than anything else go twice in a week but they tell you to go oh you gotta go a few times right yeah it's all made up it's all made up so there's no health benefits to it I don't really feel anything there are not any health benefits they've been proven is there sometimes going on that we have mailed to show medicine maybe but most people aren't gonna willingly run off to get colonics the way you did so it's not really germane what about are you good after you had your colonoscopy I'm good I found that they had two pops but they're both benign types good so now I have a ten year that's the thing of all the tests we do in medicine my favorite is a colonoscopies because not only does it diagnose the problem it cures it you snip out the polyps while you're there right it's not like a mammogram where they tell you have breast cancer now you got to deal with the problem correct this actually treats the problems you wake up from that nice sleep and by the way it's pretty cool to do it but my projection used to do mm-hmm because it's very relaxing most people they just you down and when you wake up you're you're cured it's fantastic you say you go for ten years ten years it's like a warranty on your butt basically basically it's all going to but it can't beat the price Charlamagne you also basically revealed it your mom hello all times she has Alzheimer's yeah I think you said you felt guilty for not seeing the sighs you know the Alzheimer's and I've talked about the signs of forgetfulness and how to diagnose relatives countless times am i showing you you know you've been on the show Charlene plenty you see this big monitor we call it the BAM the big-ass monitor no and did we put these big words up there like look for this this this but when it's your own family it's a very different equation yeah you don't actually pay attention like you should I messed up I mean she had my mom I was becoming really argumentative about simple things like tests my dad needed to have and I thought she just getting ornery cuz she's getting older and you know that happens or your parents are stubborn but this wasn't about stubbornness she didn't understand what I was getting at and that was a problem and if I diagnosed earlier I could have started to intervene earlier and here's the big reason it matters you can do a lot to prevent and slow down Alzheimer's yeah you can't reverse it there's no cure for Alzheimer's but what you eat how you exercise the supplements you take we believe can impact on your written your the progression of Alzheimer's so why wouldn't you take advantage of it like what like what are some of the things that you can do so leanings really narrow yeah I I am I'm doing them all with my mom now so leaning green they're mostly vegetables cutting back meat when my mom eats meat she really just gets a little bit out of it so it helps her not to eat meat physical activities is vital so you keep giving for my mom's walking because she's not gonna run but if I can get her to walk you don't half an hour days it'd be there you stimulate growth factors in the brain so you create your brain cells hold on longer it turns out that for my family omega-3 fats and B vitamins especially be folic acid in and b12 are pretty critical and they get met you can get genetic testing if you guys had your genes tested for Alzheimer's I have it oh please do this this is the first of all people don't do it cuz they're scared they think they're gonna get Alzheimer's if they have the bad genes the truth is if you know what you've got you can deal with it accordingly you can predict what's gonna be beneficial so let's say you have an Alzheimer's gene risk then you start to do the things I'm talking about much earlier which you should probably do anyway this keeps you sharper but it's especially important if you got the bad genes my mom has two sets of bad genes so what are the beginning signs of all time that we can look for and when does it start anyway I can start in your 60s if it earlier but certainly by 60 it'll start and so it's not just forgetfulness it's not realizing that you're forgetful so if you lose your keys and you put them in the wrong place and you're mad at yourself for losing them that's oh that's normal forgetting the keys and then forgetting that you forgot the keys that's the problem that's really forgetting though yeah really that's the whole point of forgetting yeah but that's forgetting that you forgot is the problem not being aware see my mom sue does know she has Alzheimer's if I you know if I talk to her now she'll know that she's not quite with it 100% but she doesn't realize that she forgot my daughter Daphne had a fourth granddaughter that's the kind of thing shoulder my mother-in-law is the same and what I realized is when we go places like when we go on vacation and it's sad because she won't she doesn't remember the vacation but when we go up in the air on a plane it gets worse like she doesn't remember a lot more on that plane I don't know if it's it's the air if it's I don't know what it is but it gets worse and she only remembers things that affected her it's like a baby being born if she wasn't around she won't remember it but it's the weirdest thing cuz you can't have conversations so the plane is interesting observation you take people with Alzheimer's out of their element they completely decompensate that's one of the other clues Charlamagne because if if you're your own home with your normal setting and the normal relatives everyone's same routine every day you can sort of get into you can fake your way through it for my mom losing my dad threw her off completely my dad passed this year completely threw her off her game and going into an airplane going traveling to foreign destination it's very hard for people with Alzheimer's to keep up they'll also do things like they won't wear the clothes to write the way they back with clothes back with a lot yeah yeah makeups not applied the right way these are and they don't realize that it's not right those are some of the signs you'll identify I mentioned them to you and we're sitting there in you know the in the radio studio it all makes sense but it actually happens in your family it's hard to pick up I can see what you're saying because you probably don't want to accept it you know me denial is a big part of it but we lost our truth to my family that's the bigger issue many families have there's 16 million people have this problem that I'm dealing with and my hope MIT then djm he's dealing with and almost and I got tons of letters notes posts after I made the an spent about my mom from people said we went through the same thing we missed it completely and we blame ourselves and a lot of it is because you lose you know you don't speak your truth in your family I didn't want to mess up the day by saying something's wrong with mom and my sister she realized she wasn't dressing right wasn't putting her makeup on right you know everyone saw part of the puzzle but no one was willing to put their hand up and say I'm gonna be the brave person who raises the issue then you could all add on what you're noticing and that's the problem because then you waste a year of precious time their medications that can slow down the Alzheimer's all that's delay because you didn't jump on it you know what you know it's something that I realized too what I thought was bad we moved it in with us and it became worse because it was a different environment and although we were trying to show love and trying to do everything for it made her worse because I think she was more confused then when we moved to recently back to her home with with her brother McGee his brother it it's a lot easier for now cuz she's used to that environment she's been living there 20 years she's she's more okay which is the craziest thing absolutely right you just said it perfectly and you want to treat them no I would normally bring my mom to live with me but she they live in Turkey and she is much more comfortable with that routine gets up in the morning sees the same Bosphorus that's that's like the Hudson River of Istanbul she sees that water she sees the same people around her her relatives visit her she's just that's normal for her so even though I'd be more comfortable with her with me I realized it would put in a very bad spot are you ever scared that that she would leave the house that's that was my fear that she would walk out and just walk and not know how to get back or be confused that was my biggest fear of why we wanted to move her in with us Etra fight of that fear and she never yes yeah now she might get my mom can I call her on the phone right now I call her it in every morning she's just you wouldn't even be able to tell until you really started the procurve after about you know three four minutes after you get past the pleasantries you could tell right but I won't that I have some with her all the time she's not allowed to leave the house without someone next to her for that very reason I know she wanted Rob you know what the other thing she did she would take off her jewelry and give it to strangers really and people would say well you know you given us you know your wedding ring what are you doing and she was unaware she couldn't tell who friend and foe was and you know and so that there are many reasons but the magic she does that shows her walk over get lost and never find her way back right Wow well you got a season eleven about the story who would have thought just start season and they said it wouldn't work actually that was Charlemagne said that anything over touches work but I take it's such a blast I've had such a good time doing and this year I'm making the theme you know this is 11 the number one I make it the power one I want people to stop complaining about other people and other issues and the government or whatever I want them focusing on what they can do to fix the problem I think we and we don't realize how powerful we are but when you actually give you give people the credit that they deserve and what I'm actually deputizing them I'm saying listen you guys go out and find evil and tell me about food fraud people doing bad things there's a big article the time New York time to a weekend on pedophilia I mean pedophilia is gargantuan I mean sex trafficking sex trafficking and abuse of children it's all the same and because of the ability to hide stuff online this this this grown tremendously and these companies can't stop it it's up to us when you see something strange and bizarre say something about all these serial killer stories that I have on the show we know we do true crimes on Tuesdays and Thursdays so always the same thing we've 15 people saw it happen no one said anything about it I've got our Kelly to big show tomorrow on you know Kate getting everyone up to date on what's going on with in his case people saw stuff the iconic he's famous he's beloved but if you see stuff you gotta say stuff otherwise that's what evil really is right it's not good people doing bad things that doesn't happen that often it's bad people doing bad things and good people see it don't say anything anything about it I saw my homegirl has actually found this young lady who got caught up a sex trafficking ring and she found her because people were posting about the young lady and so it was like these sex traffickers you know what it's like hot goods people looking for this one let me is that how it worked that's grabbin in this case see I think it's a great idea social media is the way the sex trafficking grows because you can you can encrypt the pictures now and people don't can't throw you are I think we do social media to put light on women who everything in manager and save them and I think who else to do this but us the average person watching listening right now and I had a librarian on she actually chose this week a librarian who was passionate about this this case of these of this family that was murdered she found she found out what happened she solved the case a librarian the clues are all out there and especially in food fraud when you know who else to figure this out I mean I I got a letter from a fan of the show I was the face of a Kido of died a fake keto diet right they'd actually taken a picture of me talking about a treatment for a narcotic addiction and they've hacked the picture changed it and made it look like I was selling Aikido aid product I mean it's real people who found that and got online about it and started saying this is all fake we know Oz doesn't sell any stuff this is obviously a fake ad take it down that's how we're gonna fix America now what about um these these weed pins and jewel pins that people are using some people to say and it's helping people stop smoking cigarettes and some people are using it to smoke weed what do you feel about those pins it's a great tragedy of this past year that the vaping industry did not clean up their act two things happened first off there were probably fake versions of products coming out in the market many of them with marijuana but some of them with cigarettes and they have things like vitamin E acetate which is a grease basically but he good he gets heated up to 500° and you inhale it it forms a grease in your lungs and destroys your lungs so if you have 403 people get hospitalized for that more than half a dozen people have died from it so there's a fear there but the bigger issue the reasoning government's cracking down on them is these companies knowingly sold the children hmm and so you make you're you're in hailer device look like a thumb drive so the parents can tell what it is that you're trying to sell the kids you know flavors that only children like then you're not selling to adults anymore so the US government wanted to go after these guys anyway this other contaminant issues an excuse but they're gonna ban vaping now it's unfortunate because I do think beeping works again the vaping helps people get off cigarettes vaping is a very efficient efficient way of delivering medical marijuana and a dose that you want without all the other stuff around it so I think it was a great invention but because it wasn't policed well in the industry itself is has to own some of this responsibility people got it's all about are you a force for good or your force for evil that's the basic issue if you're a force for good they'll give you some slack they'll say some force you got taken advantage of we got to help clean this up we'll give you another chance if the government thinks you're a force for evil they gonna take you out and that's what's basically happening government say you know what we don't like you anyway and because we don't like you we're gonna use this as an excuse to take you down and we're seeing that happen in San Francisco ban vaping Michigan ban vaping your federal government you know Trump said he's going to take this thing out so you know these they're messaging that they're gonna be regulatory solutions we don't want the regulatory solutions for stuff like this we want industries policing themselves I'll give you another example CBD hmm CBD I love it yes but if you have the real stuff you love it half the products in our experience have been fake half of it so if you have an illness and you're taking what you think is CBD and it's not working you don't know the company I mentioned last time Green Road they saw you on here last time and they are one of the people that passed whatever test you were doing yeah there are some great companies out there and if you're making the good stuff god bless you I think CBD is effective but because much of it's fake it it's a problem and the other thing is it's being sold in doses often times they can't work tiny little bit of doses putting in a soft drink it's not gonna work for you a good company making good product and I spoken to them they are petrified by how dirty the industry has gotten and I don't want good companies being taken down because bad guys are getting away with it again the power of one if you see something you got to say something you if they're selling you a therapeutic dose of CBD for a dollar I can tell you it's fake right because the doses that are required are going to be much more expensive than that somebody make noise now what about HGH I'm seeing a lot of commercials now that before HGH was a shot now they have some type of liquid that people can use HGH beneficial to the system HGH injections can be effective I'm unaware of a pill or a sublingual solution that works and I've seen these things for a lot a long time again I just don't think medically that it could work the way they say it works it might have a benefit is just not the way they're claiming it they're all through Hollywood though that's what Tom Cruise looks still twenty something years olds not two pills yeah if the shot yeah the shot if the shot has effect I mean it's also its effect for a lot of reasons there are a lot of there are a lot of solutions like that that if you but but listen you play with fire you got to be really careful how you dose it these are hugely powerful hormones you'd that you naturally make so when you administer them with a with an injection you're gonna turn down your body's ability to make them you're just gonna make sure that it's the right thing for you to do and I always tell people - my biggest fear with a lot of these hormone replacements is you burn brightly but briefly hmm so I love hormone replacement for women going through menopause hugely beneficial because you know menopause is not just estrogen it's about Spurs estarán women become progesterone is like valium for the female brain it comes you it lets you get through that process like holding a baby in your stomach for nine months you couldn't normally cope with so that all makes sense and I think for women going through menopause they can't sleep they can't think right it's it's a my wife takes some she loves it and she thinks everyone ought to be on a plan and then a lot of doctors know how to prescribe it the right way that all makes sense to me but testosterone be careful about so Dog the Bounty Hunter is on the show this week okay and dog is this you know great personality he just lost his wife recently just lost his wife and been very sad about it become you know I got called by his team actually about two weeks ago saying listen he just went to the hospital with terrible chest pain and he's not letting the doctors treat him he signed out of the hospital against medical advice which is basically now he's on the run from the law of medicine right so now I'm the bounty hunter forget about it he got him I gotta find him so I find him like he's he won't go back without me getting them you know to go so I go out there I get Colorado I found him and I said I said listen it's a basic simple equation if you want to live if Beth would have wanted you to live then you got to go back because I gotta figure out what's killing you cuz you're a ticking time bomb right now and to his credit he did so people that they lacked in their best benefit to give them a chance he was taking testosterone the testosterone he was taking was elevating his levels too much it also made his blood too sticky and the problem that almost killed him was related to that Wow so you gotta be careful with these hormone shots now I love to show you're doing today duped are you being tricked by veggie substitutions is your cauliflower crust pizza really cauliflower I've been saying this shit they put in veggie and vegan on everything yep your vegan oxtails please I got a my yesterday but yeah yeah but here's the thing cauliflower if it's truly cauliflower pizza crust it's fantastic for you but if you look at the label you'll see it's bread more bread some chemicals other chemicals and then cauliflower well if it's the fifth or sixth ingredient it's not cauliflower crust anymore it's got to have a little cauliflower in there and you're right companies say it's the cot tomb put vegan on there put vegetarian put cauliflower on there that will take advantage of Americans the biggest fraud we have in America's food fraud yes people tricking you saying that he got foods that are special but they're really not and that's why I want to get I want to deputize the audience if you see this stuff call us or tell the company yourself say guys you're calling it cauliflower pizza crust or bread or whatever but it's really not and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves companies listen to that stuff I've been saying is even with the Kentucky Fried Chicken having the plant-based chicken chickens don't grow on trees well yeah it still GMO yeah well the other thing as you know when they put the fast food well first of all crispy chicken is what it's fried chicken fried chicken of course right so I mean everyone so knows it but just feels like it's better and there were they love it they were buying it all up you're buying Fried Chicken guys oh did you change it okay branding desperation and then there if you have the charcoal marks on the chicken is there not grilled they paint those on you know you know what you buy that's not they're not grilling that on a grill I mean they're cooking it on a grill but they're not cooking at what you think they're cooking it those are lines you see are painted on I never knew that yeah so again I don't mind it it's not bad for you they paint the lines on it's not dangerous but tell us it was paint I mean paint can't be healthy I stock whatever they putting on it paint what's an organic stuff is that's not dangerous okay but you but recognize that that cooking it the way your day you think they're cooking it it's not quite what it seems and as long as you know what it is people still eat it by the way they like the taste I would you still eat the fried chicken God they built that businesses are built on that I'm not against fried chicken I wouldn't eat fried chicken personally I like the taste of it though so I understand why people do like it but but don't tell them it's crispy chicken without without being honest about the fact it's basically fried chicken what about beyond meat beyond me possible yeah so I like them but then what is it though so beyond so in part they're different one of them is made basically from beans PB p.m. you know pea proteins and the other one is from like a compilation of vegetarian alternatives and then they add a little one of them adds a little heme molecule which is the it's the I it's it's iron but it's what gives meat it's it's its flavor and that's why it's so popular and fast-food restaurants are not getting these things I don't think they're a problem in terms of the fact that it's but it is processed so be honest about the fact that it's not the same as meat meat comes from one source and processed is gonna be different but they're not aiming vegetarians so seven percent of the population 10% of prostrations vegan vegetarian etc but there are a lot of people who eat meat who would eat less meat if they had sent me it tasted good enough to be an alternative to meat and that's what they're going after and then the rest of people just gonna keep eating meat and I don't think meats the most harmful thing in the world I just think it's a problem for the environment and it's definitely a problem if you got health problems like heart disease etc that you should be careful of Alzheimer's I'd be careful about it but for most Americans they can get away with a little bit of meat I just don't think meat should be the main thing you eat every single day it should be a special thing Alex Jones said that beyond burgers the beyond meat is human flesh no Alex Jones body sitting is incorrect in that accusation you probably knew that now what's this yeah you did I heard him on it he was going Tia's podcast this weekend he said that what's this a heart radio lifestyle what are you doing what I already I love this oh so every fall I get to have all New York come out to an I heart festival we just celebrate health we have great music uplifting conversation there the talks I get to talk to the audience about their own health the Health Fair is on November the 9th he's at the Sheraton Midtown it's just a fantastic event it's bigger and bigger every year and it's free you can't beat the price just walk in there have a blast I heart puts it on god bless you guys a lot of DJ's show up and it's a party I get it celebrates the power of one the power of you to make a difference start with your own life because if you can figure out your own health you can change the world outside of it that's you and then once you figure that part out move on and change the world around you okay and that is November 9th at the Sheraton Times Square 12:00 to 4:00 and you will be speaking where can people get information and follow you and all that other good stuff about your shows and everything that's happening with that satirize comm dr. oz if you search dr. Isles you'll find all my social media we get ya twelve million people who follow on one way or the other join their cut the the battle fight for what's right for you and let's make America a better place all right well doctor as we appreciate you for joining us today for having me on it's dr. oz is the Breakfast Club good morning [Music]