Dragon Ball Deliverance Episode 2 FAN MADE SERIES Scattered

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what must be done before any of her mission will be leaked if you fail I'll make sure you waste you've never been born just what the hell do you think you did they cooperate just what he's coming what the hell are you talking about who's coming hogs room just what the hell is going on you all right Bigelow remember your 24-hour bars are started I'll take you to the living world now no not yet but there's still something I have to take care of [Music] so you've noticed they're on the move - yeah looks like your Intel was correct after all even so I still can't trust you completely not until you tell me more about these cloaked beings we can save that for me now do not try to take me for a fool my friends are out there putting their lives on the line because of Intel that you gave me I don't care who or what you are you're going to tell me what's going on right now very well I'll tell you everything but first allow me to introduce myself you the I really don't want to do this I'll tell you what you stay put and I'll let you live I'm feeling that generous today do you honestly believe we'll let you do as you please pan we really need to think about this you can feel his energy - right we can't beat him he's not gonna stay put brah he'll interfere with the others your brother madjoe had an uncle go ten they're all fighting right now we can't be the only ones doing nothing that does not mean we have to put ourselves into a situation that gets us killed seems we don't have a choice we have to do something [Music] fine but just so you know I didn't ask for this go ahead but don't say I didn't warn you if I see the slightest opportunity I won't hesitate I'll kill you this isn't really what I had in mind but it's definitely an opportunity to show what were made of here ready go ten home ready trunks [Music] mighty kill tanks has just arrived what's the matter cat got your tongue [Music] [Applause] yeah their fuses cooler than mine [Music] [Music] before won't do it I need more power [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] kamikaze attack [Music] damn our fusion to barely hold [Music] [Music] magnificent I must say braiding your soul it makes me sad everyone must be so disappointed they were supposed to be your father successor and yet here you are on your knees you believed you're a pacifist a man of peace while your purpose in life is a Saiyan wasn't destroyed for greater things all that power all that intelligence you don't deserve it but now that it's in my hands I'll make great use of it through my understanding and my vision the ancient world will be resurrected will become a part of it now go and fulfill your mission and go you [Music] hi everyone it's Luke Anton motion thanks for watching the second episode of Dragon Ball deliverance after almost a year from the release of x1 we are finally back this one was special not only we've been working on this episode for over a half year but it shows the result of the hard work done by a group of people that share the same passion the quality of this episode would never have been this high if it wasn't for Marimo and loki who made their scenes and also helped a lot throughout the entire production a big thanks also goes out to all of the voice actors and actresses they David that all a big shout out to Friedrich Albert music who composed all the soundtracks for this episode a huge shout out to Chris in siddhart who took care of all of the backgrounds and a big shout out to ask on who took care of all the sound editing getting this episode ah was a lot of work and it's being one hell of a journey but we managed some site notes there are two Easter eggs hidden in this video a dragon radar and a broken Iron Man helmet were you able to find them let us know in the comments below but don't tell us where you found them another note did you like the intermission art in-between the video installed by a background artist Chris MC art we need an intermission work for our next episode as well if you want your art to be featured follow the notorious loop on instagram for more details and your arts might be featured in the next episode now I'm sure most of you have noticed the incredible music in this episode and guess what you can listen to it on Spotify if you follow Friedrich Albert music on Spotify you can listen to it whenever you want wherever you want the link is in the description below as our team grows bigger and bigger we the next episode sooner as now with in Episode three will be released at the end of December but it will be way faster if you will follow us on patreon once again thanks for watching [Music]