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Chris Stuckmann


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[Music] [Applause] welcome to my extremely late review of Dragon Ball super the sequel show to Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z I wanted to do this review for a while but I was waiting for some free time honestly December was impossible there was like a new movie like every 10 minutes there was no way January I was kind of relaxing from December while also reviewing a bunch of really shitty movies and a couple okay movies February this is perfect this is the perfect time for me to finally sit back and talk about Dragon Ball super this show has impacted fans in many ways I watched the first so 20 to 30 episodes on Toonami when it was airing Saturday nights once a week and to be completely honest I became very disinterested mostly because the first couple arcs of this show are just retellings of the battle of gods and resurrection F movies which disappointed me I was like really a we're gonna waste all this time on the same story and while they do change a handful of things for the most part it's the same as the movies which was a very disappointing way for the show to open for me because it felt like I've been here before why are we doing this again I understand they wanted to set up the characters of beerus and Wiese and especially Frieza too in this show and and make it feel like it counts but if you're a Dragon Ball fan you probably saw the movies and it felt unnecessary so I actually lost interest and I stopped watching for a while the other problem with those first 20 to 30 episodes has been talked about to death on this website called youtube.com and that's the animation quality which was very very bad in the original Japanese but has since been improved ever so slightly for the blu-ray release as a lot of you might know the makers of the show came out and said this is because of a very rushed production schedule and some new animators and we just didn't have the time and they apologized and yeah I guess you could say that but as a longtime Dragon Ball fan this didn't surprise me and this was nothing new we tend to look at things in the past that were fond of with very warm thoughts and it's easy to forget that Dragon Ball Z actually had a lot of really terrible animation sometimes that could be because nostalgia or because we were watching it on CRT TVs with scanlines so that hid a lot of the imperfections the animation quality changed dramatically from episode to episode I remember one of the prime examples being during the cell saga when super Vegeta powers up and starts to fight imperfect self and it looks so fucking awesome in the very next episode Vegeta looked like this it was a little harder to tell when you would watch one episode of day on Toonami but when you binge them now it's like he just went from looking like fucking Broly to looking like Yamcha with a lot less quality all of a sudden so the fact that super looked the way it did at first didn't surprise me it did disappoint me though and I started to feel bad like I was like I don't want to watch this if it's gonna tarnish these characters I love and I gave up actually I watched those first 30 episodes and then I was like yeah but as the blue race came out I slowly bought them every once in a while when I watched a few more episodes and I started to find myself getting oddly invested as soon as the two movie arcs complete not only does the story pick up considerably the animation does too as soon as the Frieza stuff is done and the Champa stuff is introduced with this new tournament super gets a lot better the animation improves and remains steady throughout the rest of the show and into the tournament of power it's some of the best animation I've seen in Dragon Ball actually so they definitely listen to the fans and improve the animation significantly and it never was a problem again as soon as they were freed from the confines of those first two movies and having to retell them it's like they could just do whatever they wanted and the show really picked up one of the things that I honestly loved about Super is that it maintains Akira Toriyama's very off-kilter brand of humor Dragon Ball is a very funny show the first one it's not as action heavy as Dragon Ball Z was and so there's a lot of different types of Dragon Ball fans there are people who appreciate the humor the more story and character based stuff and there are people who just want to see a lot of fights I like both which is one of the reasons why as soon as the those first two arcs got out of the way I had a blast with super because it has a lot of all of it the fights are some of the best in the entire show at least visually and the humor is good too I actually do like what they do with Vegeta I like the idea of seeing this royalty kind of lowered to having to care for beerus and bow to beerus and Wiese and make sure that Bulma doesn't freak out and say anything dumb and get surprised whenever Goku says something stupid or disrespectful but I can understand why some didn't love that at first especially if you weren't binging the show as I eventually did which I think improved it significantly because eventually Vegeta does get a lot of really great moments in particular as soon as the Champa arc is introduced and he meets that younger Saiyan from another universe he gets a mentor like relationship with this kid and that's when he really gets to shine because he beats the shit out of this kid in the ring and teaches him how to go super saiyan just by getting him really angry that kind of stuff is what I love Dragonball for I also really enjoyed the Future Trunks stuff I didn't expect him to come back into this show and he's always one of my favorite characters I never really liked young trunks all that much Future Trunks was always so much cooler because he had this history he had been through so much and it made him much more interesting so I was happy that he was brought back even though it felt a little fanservice II at first like drunks having to come back because the futures in trouble again and we need your help and there's this new thing with Goku black and za Mizzou and then who are they and you know what are they doing and they're they're gonna fight and it's I liked the stuff with Goku black and zama soo because it felt very original it didn't feel like it was borrowing from anything else just as I liked the stuff with beerus and Wiese but again that was from a movie and so it didn't feel like this show really earned that the Frieza stuff felt like a retread but this was new this was a new storyline even though it was sort of brought in in a fanservice II way I liked just about everything with it especially the sequences where Vegeta and Goku were just being pummeled the shit being kicked out of them and then having to dig deep to find the recesses of power within them because up until then it didn't feel like they were challenged all that much even in Chiapas tournament which was cool especially in producing hit this arc really felt like it took a toll on those characters and it has two of my favorite scenes in the show that of Vegeta telling Goku black that he's an imposter an interloper that he doesn't have true saying blood in him like Vegeta does and Goku and I love that trunks defeated him it felt right it was like he can save his time but then something else happened since Goku blackens a Mizzou had made various wishes with super Dragon Balls he comes back as like fucking clouds or something so Zen ou has to come in like the leader of all things and just wipe him out it it was like okay that's just let him die like just the sledded he's dead trunks won it's over it was fine that way like all Dragon Boulder's filler every single Dragon Ball series has some some of the worst ever is in Dragon Ball Z actually the stuff where go qu at Vegeta gets shrunk down inside majin buu and they're fighting apparitions of their friends just pathetic honestly one of the worst episodes there were a lot of filler episodes in Dragon Ball Z I remember one where boma is just wandering around Namek trying to find a Dragon Ball they're fighting over there right like why are we watching this shit so again it was no surprise to me that super had some as well and some of it kinda is like yeah whatever you know like Vegeta is a pink blob I guess and Goku has to fight him and there's like a magical water the worst offender of this being the dr. slump crossover episode which is a nothing episode you could honestly just skip it it has like two funny jokes from Vegeta that are very meta about 80s manga that's about it it's terrible and I guess if you were a huge fan of dr. slump you might have been like wow they gave me validation but everyone else was like this is fucking stupid but where I think most fans can agree is that the tournament of power was awesome like I want to sit here and be very professional and you know give like a serious analysis about Dragon Ball super but in reality I just want to say that was fucking cool that was epic that was just it was fucking awesome like the tournament of power really made me happy as a Dragon Ball fan I got to watch a lot of things that I wanted to see I was really shocked that the androids were in it as much as they were especially Android 17 that was awesome I've always really loved the androids and this show actually did a pretty good job of taking some of the characters that I loved the most and giving them a lot of screen time save for one character Gohan Vegeta is probably my favorite character but Gohan was some competition especially towards the cell saga he was so awesome in the cell saga and it hurt to see him wearing green track pants and doing nothing for a long time and it bothered me it really did I was like us fuck okay like I love Goku I do but god damn it Gohan is such an awesome character and I hated seeing him so neutered like that which is why I was so relieved when he decides to take part in the tournament of power and get trained by piccolo and he has that epic fight with his dad after that I was very pleased the tournament of power was really exciting ziran is incredible foe although not very interesting until the end when you realized that he's dealing with a lot of trust issues and even with his members of his own team he can't really become friends with him he has like a past that makes him afraid to trust anybody then he became a little more interesting up until then he was just like big strong guy but even then I like the tension of the tournament I liked how long they were able to drag it out like every episode was a minute I guess which is you know that's classy Dragon Ball Z you have five minutes before Namek explodes translation you have 50 episodes or dinamic explodes the tournament of power was oddly satisfying for another reason that I truly did not expect and that was the inclusion of Frieza him being my favourite villain of the entire show I never thought that they would pull off me getting excited about Frieza and Goku teaming up but they fucking did the finale fight where Frieza and Android 17 and Goku have to team up to take down jiren I got chills I was really surprised that they were able to take such a terrible character and make me go okay I kind of like what Freese is doing here all of a sudden this is a very weird feeling the other thing about Dragon Balls that the Saiyans are always trying to ascend to another level Vegeta is always trying to catch up with Goku and Goku is trying to dig deep to find that next thing and I was like if they're gonna do another Super Saiyan 4 5 7 whatever the fuck it would be done so the fact that they went with ultra instinct which is something that even the gods in this show are trying to achieve and many of them can't I thought that was clever because it allows Goku to tap into this insane power but then they were smart he couldn't maintain it and the music too is just really great throughout this show especially the ultra instinct theme I've heard a lot of complaints about this show over the past year and I agree with many of them particularly the animation quality of the first few arcs some of the stuff they've done with Gohan the power level inconsistencies just the idea of Master Roshi being in this tournament is kind of hilarious because I feel like in Dragon Ball Z they established that he couldn't he wasn't even good enough to fight Raddatz and and all of a sudden he's like in the tournament of power it doesn't really make sense it's more of like a fan thing you know like oh Roshi has to be here because he's such an important character to this series so I I do agree with a lot of the complaints and I see those complaints and I am putting them in my file but like I said as soon as the Champa tournament starts this show gets a lot better it's nowhere near as emotionally resonant as the stuff that's going on in Dragon Ball Z a lot of these characters arcs have already happened and at this point it's about being entertaining and and being funny and super is very good at that it's nowhere near as good as Z but honestly I like it about the same as Dragon Ball and one of the things that helped me like the show more than I think some fans is that I binge watched it with the blu-rays as soon as I decided I was gonna watch the show after those first few episodes that I watched on Toonami I got the blu-rays and I I binge watch the show the most recent blu-ray came out I think last month and I was finally able to finish it and since I did that whenever there was a shitty episode like that dr. slump one I never had to sit there and stew about it I never had to sit there going man that was shitty for like days and days I just moved on to the next one and usually the next one was better there was a lot in this show that I loved as a longtime Dragon Ball fan there were many episodes that I had a great time watching there were a couple shitty arcs just like in Dragon Ball Z but for the most part I had a really good time with Dragon Ball super and I'm surprised to say that because I was worried to finish this show as I said I got disinterested pretty quick and I stopped for a while but it gets a lot better after that I'm gonna give Dragon Ball super a B+ guys thank you so much as always for watching look forward to more reviews very soon the Sonic the Hedgehog movies this weekend I'm excited to see that I honestly am actually excited to see that so guys thank you so much as always if you liked this you can click right here and get stuck mine eyes [Music] you