Drake UNFOLLOWS The Weeknd As FEUD Heats Up

Drake and the weekend are officially in a feud as Drake just did what all celebs do when they have a problem with someone unfollow them on Instagram Plus and other music news ariana grande blessed Ari inators with the tracklist for her new album that has now confirmed to come out on February 8th and let's just say all of her fans about lost it with the drama going down with the weekend and Drake and Ariana dropping her tracklist we have a lot to discuss right now stay tuned how's it going guys I'm Madison Hill the weekend and Drake are officially in the midst of a feud while ariana is over here just giving her fans everything they could ever want with her new tracklist I wasn't lying when I said we have a lot to talk about so let's get to the details because I know you all live for feuds and drama let's discuss the weekend and Drake just a few weeks ago the weekend released his new collab called lost and the fire in this new song he takes a major hit at Drake with the line that starts off saying quote I want a baby with the right one and then the weekend went on to say this [Music] obviously he was referring to the fact that Drake hid his son from the public something that only came to light after push a tease diss track which by the way he approved of the weekend's little diss now while for some people the weekend said a Drake seemed completely random we didn't think it was that crazy considering Drake was one of the few guys to date Bella Hadid while her and The Weeknd were split if you remember Drake and Bella by all appearances had a little fling going on he even threw her a massive 21st birthday party however their fling eventually ended because the source told Us Weekly that Drake cut things off over text and essentially ghosted Bella so now you can see why her man would want to come for Drake with a vengeance up until this point Drake has not responded to the weekend shade in his new collab and while most of us expected him to hit back with a diss track of his own instead he pulled the petty move that most celebs do when they're feuding with one another unfollowed the weekend on Instagram normally I wouldn't expect this from someone like Drake who has the ability to craft a musical clap back but hey even guys can clearly get petty with one another it's worth noting that Drake did start following Soulja Boy though after he went on record saying that Drake quote knows everything and we know Soulja Boy has been running his mouth and throwing a lot of shade lately so maybe this is also a sign that something is coming this is totally Mia just sharing my sauce and possibly what I hope happens moving on let's talk about ariana grande because she is making music waves herself and it's not for being petty it's for making her fans lose it over her new tracklist yesterday I filled you guys in on how ariana was very open on Twitter about the release of her new album coming at the beginning of next month while we all assumed she wouldn't give any more details away for at least a few days she went and dropped the tracklist out of nowhere and confirmed that the album comes out February 8 re posted this on her Instagram you can see imagine is on there thank you next in seven rings other songs that stick out are NASA as this one has peak potential since you wore a NASA shirt during their carpet couple debut the song titled in my head because it's in place of a song called remember that fans believed to be about Mac Miller and of course bloodline is one that is speculated to be about her fam personally I'm just ready to hear them all and now that she dropped this so are her fans they were completely Lou on twitter and i totally understand why well ariana might have just gone through one of the worst personal years of her life she is killing it in her career and thankfully us fans are reaping the benefits of that all right you guys I'm ready to hear all your thoughts on Drake unfollowing the weekend on Instagram are you disappointed drinking that petty also thoughts on Ariana's tracklist what song are you most excited to hear let me know in the comments below for more on Ariana check out our story on all the details she dropped about her new album and for more entertainment news subscribe now