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Subtitles by DramaFever #sweet moments # [Skip Beat] [Episode 8] So, do you like the magic hairstyle? Shit! I will let you escape. But, you only have to pick it up, right? I like it One day, I was also happy to see You with a magic hairstyle. Gong Xi, is your foot okay? Are you sure you can walk now? Much better now. Thank you for your attention, Mr. Du. But it felt very serious when we were took you back to your room last night. You can barely walk. Not because of pain. That's because of the tea ceremony remind me of a jerk. So that's why I like that. Is that the same jerk ... who made you decide to enter the entertainment industry? So, the reason why you work so hard is it because you want revenge? Is that also why you challenge Liu Li Er? Just admit it, then. Yes, that's my target. Continue? I must take this revenge. Give me your booklet Why? Because you work very hard and change the attitude of Liu Li Er I want to thank you on behalf of LME. It is okay. I insist, give it to me. Why did you do that? I think you really appreciate his talent. This is the determination that I appreciate. But I don't agree with it at all the fact that his motive is revenge. Maybe you should try and find out why did he hate Bu Po Shang so much. Why should it be me? This has nothing to do with me. I am not interested in knowing. I am not interested in knowing. How stubborn people are. Then why do you carry a stamp with You when you go jogging? [Reduce 10 points] I thought he said he wanted to thank me. Shit! He fooled me again. Why doesn't he stop making me troubled? Dun Dia Lian. Sooner or later, I will defeat you with my acting. Just wait Very? Liu Li Er changed his attitude? Are you saying that Gong Xi did it? That's right, the director told me that everyone is very happy with the results. Sure, it's good to hear. CEO, do you mind coming down now? My neck starts to hurt a little. Sick? Is that a big problem? No, not at all. First... I thought Lian and Director Xin Yuan were certain can control Liu Li Er's temperament. I really didn't think Gong Xi had done it. Maybe, I also have to leave a little Other issues that Gong Xi must deal with. Who is that? Mary. He has caused problems in training schools lately and annoying everyone. Yes, I heard Miss Mary really hated the game so he often went there and caused problems. Actually, Mary is not a bad child. He is usually as sweet as an angel. But, once someone reminded him of the incident then he will turn into a little demon. CEO, shouldn't you ask Lian to help entertain Miss Mary's feelings? I thought he was always his idol. No... I guess Lian can't handle it this time. Why? CEO. Is there something wrong with your camel? Why keep shaking her ass? This is my phone. I've got it in vibrate mode. Give me my phone Okay, I understand. That little devil again. So, LME actually runs training courses. Why doesn't anyone tell me about that? There are so many professional classes. They are what I need. It is said if you achieve good grades, you maybe even become one of the LME actors. I definitely have to register in it. How much does it cost? NT $ 150,000? This can't be true. How to do a three course month worth NT $ 150,000? I can never afford it. - They discriminate against the poor! - They discriminate against the poor! What are you doing here? I have to ask that question to you. I think you have been eliminated. I'm here because ... If I tell him that I am now the staff of the Love Me Department, he will definitely mock me. How about you I thought you passed the exam. Shouldn't you be an artist now? Why did you see this training course? I want to know more about the company. As an LME staff, of course, I have to know about its internal operations. I see. Here it is, Miss Jiang. Nice to meet you. After you leave after the meeting yesterday, I thought you would not return. Chief Shen can we talk about this in your office? I am very happy because you are here. Become as talented as you ... I'm sure you will become an artist if you can get past this ... Okay, that's enough. This is not something to be proud of. No, this is fantastic. Congratulations. From now on, you will become part of the Department of Love Me. What? Is he also part of the Love Me Department? Chief, are you ... Do you think we can change the name? I'm sorry, I'm not in position to do that. Why am I assigned to a stupid department? What mistakes have I made? Oh, my God! Why did you do this to me? That's right, Chief Shen. I thought he had pass the second stage. Why is he assigned to the Love Me Department? It's true that you can become an artist. But when you feed behind you at the end of the exam ... You made a very serious mistake. A very serious mistake? Actually, it should be be the easiest test. This aims to test you about your understanding of the script. Now, that you have read the script please give your feedback in sequence Tell us what you think of your character and how you will interpret it. That is a drama about family ties. The main character sacrifices happiness alone for the sake of his family. All candidates are so touched by giving unconditional characters that they can't hold back their tears Miss Jiang, you suddenly give very surprising comment. I think this character ... very sad His whole life is bound by his family. Because he thinks his happiness is built above the happiness of his family That is why he sacrificed himself. But by doing that, he only give up on his own life. He doesn't respect what he wants and not live for himself. I think people like him only betray his own life. He is not deserve to exist in this world. Amazing, right? He really said that in front of our CEO. Isn't that the same as when I dropped out the last time? This is far worse than what you do. He already knew the CEO put emphasis strong on love and loved. But, he still can't say what he thinks. He didn't even try to pretend. Why did you say so? I mean, why are you interpreting it characters like that? Why should I explain it to you? I have also been eliminated. I don't care if you want to laugh at me. Why do I laugh at you? Just like you, I also lack love. I am also someone who has lost the most important feeling for humans. Welcome to the Love Me Department. Is he also part of the Love Me Department? Yes, I am the first staff in the Love Me! This is certainly a stupid department. Before you say that you are even thinking about my feelings? If I care about other people's feelings then I will not join Love Me Department. I think you are right. Hey, don't be disappointed. Even though his name might be rather funny ... But if you keep saying it many times it will be much better. Do you want to try it? Love Me Department ... That's not what I mean when I say it's funny! I mean it's embarrassing, understand? Embarrassing? Is that serious? Yes. For me, that. My ambition is to become a famous actress. Unlike you, I'm not here to get around. Instead of joining the Love Me Department I'd better start from the beginning again and enroll in training schools. Training school Gong Xi, I almost forgot about it. The CEO needs your help. The CEO? - Need my help? - Yeah. His granddaughter has caused many problems. This makes him crazy. He doesn't know what to do so he wants you to help him. This, look. This is a photo of his grandson. This is the girl we saw in the talent contest. Yes, that's it. I will never forget his annoying face. You know him It was great! Then I'm sure everything must run very smoothly. So, what should I do? Go and ask the CEO. - He is waiting for you at training school. - training school Let's go. What does it have to do with me? From now on, we will become partners. Shit! Who wants to be your partner? do not go Say it again if you are brave. Why not? Shit! Who wants to be your partner? Once again! Shit! Who wants to be your partner! This is weird Why can't I move at all? What is going on? Try saying it again. - Damn ... - You can't say it, right? I want you to wear Love Me Department uniform and be the couple 'Love Me'. Finally, there are others understand how I feel. - I think you look much better ... - Shut up. I don't want to use this at all. I only use it because I was forced by strange powers. I heard Love Me Department have new staff. He must be. Hey. That is not how you say it. This is the Department of Love Me, understand? Both make good matches. What a dream team! So, do you think we also made a great match? Stop there, you two bitches! What did you say? I want you to return your words again. What dream team I will become a shining star ... Stop denying it, Jiang Nan Qin. Once you wear this cursed uniform No one will care not matter how hard you scream. Don't you think we are destined to be together? It feels like our future tied by invisible strings. What do you know? Actually, sometimes I will feel really ... okay, i mean ... lonely. Just say it. That's right, I mean lonely. I also want a friend. Wouldn't it be great if can we both work together? I will tell you a secret. There is a big advantage to joining with the Department of Love Me. If we slowly gather our points, then we might get a chance to go to TV. Also, if we get good grades, LME will customize-make a complete package for us. How do we collect points? By fulfilling the mission. Fulfill mission? What game do you train? This looks really crazy here. - Mary does it - Mary? Is he an artist scene? No, Mary is the CEO's grandson. Right, she's Mary. How can he do it this at a young age? He is of course very damaging. Is there something wrong with him? The reason why he was so angry was because of it the game we have been training lately. CEO. CEO, do you want to see me? The CEO? This is a script that makes Mary so angry. That's all because of this script? Yes. Mary's heart is a deep wound. Games trained by the training school happened to have reminded him of his wound. That is why he uses extreme actions like it is to express his deep anger. A wound? Can you tell me what this is This has to do with the death of his mother. The death of his mother Two years ago... his mother died in a plane crash. The reason why he took the flight because he wants to hurry up back for Mary's birthday. Why the Department of Love Do you have a stupid name? That is not how you say it. Love Me Department. Why did LME establish embarrassing department? Actually I think that is quite reasonable. Because stupid names like that really are according to those who have been eliminated. Those who have been eliminated? How dare you insult number one actress in Asia. You really don't know what am i capable of, right? Bring it on if you are brave. I will show you what his acting is. His mother's death was a big blow to Maria. This is also a barrier strong between Mary and her father. CEO. I don't think I will be able to help with this. Because I don't really know how to deal with children. Especially complicated children like him. But you succeeded in changing Liu Li before. Liu Li Er is a complicated child. Change Liu Li Er? Am I Gong Xi. I really don't know what else I can do with it. So, I ask for your help Try. Maybe it will work. Mary actually really likes you. He likes me? It is true. After the talent contest ends he seemed very disappointed when I said to him that you have been eliminated. He keeps asking why I have to eliminate you. But we only meet each other once. Also, at that time I didn't think I leave a good impression on him. I might not fully understand Maria but I know he likes you very much. Actually, I really think about this other person Who can comfort Mary? Who can do that? This is Lian. But even if Lian can temporarily provide comfort for Mary's emotions I don't think he really is can heal his inner anger. So, I want to ask you to try. See if you can really free his heart and heal his wounds. If I can do it ... then that means I can do something which Dun He Lian can't do. Isn't that great? Are you willing to help me? I don't understand why I have to say no. I might even be able to win over Lian. Okay, I'll try it. CEO. Are you hiding in darkness because Are you too shy to ask for my help? I am right. You are very smart indeed. One more thing. If I can help Mary heal the wound I mean if I can ... I hope you can promise one thing, CEO. C ... CEO? As long as you are willing to help me I can even let you join a training school for free. You won't even pay in installments. thanks. But, Dad, it's not Sis's fault. He did not immediately get rid of Mother's life. You know he's innocent, right? Of course, I know that. But every time I see the boy's face ... then I will think about your mother's death I can't forgive him I can't be nice to him. He is enough. He only read the script once. He really plays both characters very well. How can we lose someone from the Department of Love Me? Hey, what do you mean? Do you think everyone is from The Love Me department is stupid and not talented? Like I said, I'm not like ... you. I really believe in the purpose of Love Me Department. CEO. Please leave the grandchild problem You are with the Department of Love Me. When did you become so proactive? I think you hate Love Me ... What are you talking about? I really believe in Love Me Department. CEO, where's Mary? We want to chat with him. He must be somewhere here. I want to know where he is hiding. Let's continue. The show is only a few days away. You might also give up. Who wants to see stupid games like that? Mary? Mary, how can you say something like that? It is true. I mean it. The game is very stupid. Angel killed her own mother but no someone is angry with him at all. Instead, everyone loves him and even his father forgave him in the end. How is that possible? Even a child will consider it stupid. Forget it. That's enough, Mary. Stop being rude. You can't criticize stories like that. Sorry for everyone, continue. But what I really think what Mary said made sense. Gong Xi, I know you will understand. Yes, I also don't think his appearance makes sense. If his mother suddenly dies how can he be so calm and soft to his sister, right? What do you mean by that? Did you say the script was wrong? Yes, we have practiced for three months. How can you say is something wrong with that? But I really thought he should blame the Angel for that. Although, he knew it wasn't Angel's fault But he still can't forgive him. Good, why don't you try it? Show how you will play Laura who blamed her sister. I? Yes, show us. Convince us with your actions But what it's like to play Laura when the script is different from my story? Then stop criticizing him. People from Love Me Department of course very arrogant. Yes, first he said he would became the number one actress in Asia. Now, you are criticizing manuscript without reading it. Are you afraid that you will fail or something? What they say is true. How can I express an opinion me without reading the script first? Why do I want to join the school training if I know how to act. What should I do? I have promised the CEO that I will accept this mission. Now I have to face this challenge. Thinking out loud! How do I play Laura who hates her sister? while wanting to help his sister to forgiven by his father at the same time? My mind is totally empty! How did Dun He Lian play this character? But this is a female character. What's the point of asking for it? I have to rely on myself. How do I feel if I lose my mother because of the birth of my sister? Gong Xi must have already think hard now. Why don't you defend him, Grandpa? You are the one who says there is one wrong with this game. Now Gong Xi will prove it to everyone. Isn't that what you want? - But ... - nothing but Gong Xi always wants to join with training schools. This will be a good opportunity for him show everyone his abilities. But he was knocked out. If he doesn't do well now ... Mary. You really like Gong Xi, right? Is there a specific reason for that? He is different from other adults. How is he different? Everyone treats me like a child but not. Do you think that no matter what happens As long as you cry then people will come and help you and entertain you? He really said that to a child? Yes, he is very cool. Unlike others, Gong Xi is not only say things I want to hear. I think what he said is true. Crying doesn't help. If you don't have to go back for his birthday ... then this will not happen. Lily. You shouldn't say that. What if Mary hears you? He is just a child. Continue? That is the fact! Lily won't come back because of his work. If Mary doesn't keep asking her to come back ... then he won't die. Dad will never forgive me Mary. Your mama's death is an accident. As I said many times, it's not your fault. If you keep saying that at that time I would be very angry. Your mother is always far from Taiwan on your birthday. This is your first time ask him to come back for that and he answered yes. So, it's not anyone's fault. What are you doing? You have to go onstage in half an hour. How can I appear with good script when I'm not a playwright? That's why I want to do something others to gather my thoughts. I made this revenge doll myself. This is good for relieving stress. - Do you want me to show you how to do it? - Put it now! Will you give up on those people? No. But I really don't know how to do the action. Then, you shouldn't take Mary's side and aggravate the girls. I do not From what Mary said, me too thought it was very absurd. Listen to this His brother always becomes the center of his mother's attention. But since his sister was born ... His happiness is taken from him overnight. In my imagination ... This sister must hate his sister to death. But if he really hates his sister Why does he want to cheer him up and say to him that their father did not hate him? That means real sister don't want his brother to get hurt. So actually, he must really love his sister, right? What a complicated character! Honestly, I don't care what the opinion is You are about this character at all. I just don't want you to damage Love Me Department's reputation. Wait a minute. Whose reputation I didn't hear what you said right away. Can you say it again Say again? No, I will not repeat myself. Then will you help me? For the sake of Love's reputation Our Department. I don't know what I can help you. However, you bring this to yourself. But... For an actor, the text is your Bible. You must believe that. So, all you have to do is follow it. You mean, you've never been question the script before? What's the point? That won't change anything. All other actors will still follow it. That is the only way the story can continue. All other actors still follow the script? Why didn't I think about it before? What do you mean? I know what to do! Sorry, I kept all of you waiting. It's okay, I'm ready set aside my time. Let's see what you have. I really wonder how can he enter LME. He must have continued to suck the CEO. Love Me Department is definitely home to all types of parasites. Good luck, Gong Xi. Prove them wrong. Mary. Listen. If you screw up and let the department we were humiliated by those bitches ... then I will never forgive you I will do the best. Take place. Good luck. Just wait I will show you everything that has been I got it so you can all shut up! Angel. You have blamed yourself alone for that, right? Nobody in this world who will blame you. You all say that you don't blame me. But actually, you all say that Mother died because of me! I told him not to take care her baby because she was at the peak of her career. It's really gold for his modeling career. Who would have thought Lily was willing to sacrifice everything for his child? Because of his daughter ask him to come back he just left his job and flew back to celebrate his birthday with him. That's it, Mary. Let me hug you Father, mother died of me. Not? Of course not. Why did you say that, Mary? Come on, let's go and eat. I will never believe what adults say again. That is not true. Don't think too much. It's true, that's what you all think about! Daddy still hates me because of that! According to the script ... Laura entered, unconsciously shedding tears but still forced himself to smile. A mocking smile? What is he trying to do? Why are you smiling, Laura? According to the script, Laura must say it 'There is no.' 'I suddenly think of what adults always say' 'and can't help smiling.' 'I am sorry.' There is no. Suddenly I think of what adults always say and can't resist my smile They are the same line as in the script ... But it is said in a completely different tone. This sister at all different from the one in the script. He is far from soft. I am sorry. What a fierce tone. The same line ... But his emotions are completely different. He really overturned his personality character. Gong Xi is amazing. According to Laura's script say softly "Angel, you're a smart kid." 'Before you listen to what people say ...' Angel. You are a smart kid. Before you listen to what people say ... You must know the answer. Then Laura gently said ... "Daddy is just an ordinary human." "So it's natural for him unreasonable ... " Daddy is only human. So, it's natural that he is unwarranted and say things that will hurt. Angel. You must know that parents don't will hate their own child. Angel. Remember this. Parents... have the right to hate their own children. He changed the line. What did he do? His brother had to tell his brother that their father really loved him. If he changes this line ... how Angels realize that his father didn't hate him? According to the script Laura must say softly ... "Actually, Dad loves you so much." In fact... Dad hates you so much. Do you see purple crystal stones? Is this him I do not expect to meet with him again after years. An extraordinary actor must can survive in loneliness. You cannot be affected by your friends, family, or relationships. I know it's been a long time. Today is a career day Your entertainment will end. Sorry, but I can't reveal my real name. That's weird. I don't remember the question this is during training. What's the problem with this chicken? Oh no! Does he recognize me or something? Subtitles by DramaFever