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Subtitles by DramaFever #Sweet Moments # [Skip Beat] [Episode 9] Angel. Remember this. Parents... have the right to hate their own children. He changed the line. What did he do? His brother had to tell his brother that their father really loved him. If he changes this line how Angels realize that his father didn't hate him? According to the script ... Laura must say softly ... "Actually, Dad loves you so much." In fact... Dad hates you so much. Father doesn't like me Why did you say that? Because Daddy never took me out or play with me like you. Mary. You don't see your father a lot, right? So when you see daddy How do you feel? Very happy, but scared at the same time. Then that's why. What do you mean? Think about that. Your father is always busy so he doesn't spend a lot of time with you at all. So, I'm sure he must feel very bad about that. When he finally got to see you He will be so nervous that he doesn't know how to interact with you. Is that so? Your father doesn't know how hang out with you ... because you two really don't can spend a lot of time together. But, I'm sure he loves you so much. Get? Just like all other adults Lian just wants to say something to make me feel better. I will not be fooled. I know since I was young ... Since you were young Dad always hates you. Mary? I cry. Yes, I can see it. I'm not upset I was only touched by his acting. I mean it. I'm not upset I really don't You... Just accept the facts Daddy doesn't love you at all. Daddy doesn't love you at all. You lie! I have been influenced by it and said a line that is not in the script. I lie - Why do you call me a liar? - Because ... Just wait I will show you what I have get it so you can all shut up. Oh no, what should I say now? Oh, yes. Because Dad brought my photo with him every day. The line that says' because Dad bring your photos every day ... ' Isn't that Laura's line? Angels have been forced by Gong Xi to say Laura's line. The next line Angel must ... Daddy also brought you and my photo with him. Not only yours. He switched the line. Gong Xi tells Angel to say Laura's line and change Angel's line to Laura's body. He really made it Angel acts with him and make Angel fall into his trap. No matter how busy Dad is, he will always be attend my piano show. That's because if he doesn't do that person must have talked behind his back. He... He also bought me a birthday present. I chose them for him. Dad doesn't know what you like at all. He doesn't care about you at all. That is not true. Very? Father... He wrote to me from America every day. Morning, Mary. What is the weather in Taipei today? I love you, Mary. That's what he wrote every time. He wrote the same thing every time, right? He didn't really mean what he wrote. He might just copy the old letters. It took less than a minute to write it down. That is not true! However busy Daddy is, he will send I email every morning and every night. Although everything is very similar but at least he still writes to me every day. Continue? Don't you say that he is write the same thing every time? So faster than make instant noodles. How can you compare Daddy email with instant noodles? But that's what you always say. Also, there is a time difference between here and America. But he is still wise enough to send an email to me when I wake up and before going to bed. Isn't that what I often say to you? Maybe your father didn't write it at all. Maybe his assistant did it. He will never let anyone enter his email. I told you that, but you never trust me. You just lie to yourself. How do you know if your father is really writing that email to you? I know, I only know that! What's going on here? Will the drama continue? I am not sure. How do you know? Do you really think you know your father well? He returned to the script. Gong Xi returns to Laura's path. He picked it up again. Yeah, he said Laura's line again. You never talk to Dad at all. All you have to do is complain that Dad never cared about you. You never really understand how do you feel, right? Mary, how does everything work in school today? Do you play with your friend? Why are you asking for something the same every time? Boring! Your father doesn't know how hang out with you. Dad always asks the same thing every time time because I never answered it. That's why he doesn't know nothing about me. Am I wrong, Sis? How do you know how you feel? I ... I did If you can't even talk with Dad, how would you know he felt? I... Mary, how's the weather in Taipei today? How does everything work in school today? Do you play with your friend? Good night, Mary, I love you. Will you not reply to your father? Impossible. How do you know? All you love is yourself Yourself and not your father. How do you know how he feels? I just know Because at the end of each email he always writes 'Mary, I love you!' But, I never reply to Father. I thought it was Grandpa who asked Daddy to write the letters to me. So, Dad won't care if I answer or not. I can't believe he meant it when writing 'I love you, Mary.' Why? Why don't I trust him? So, do you understand now? I see. I have built a wall around me. That's why my father can't approach me. I can't wait to start the course. This will be very fun. Have you filled everything? Why are you looking at me like that? Tell me the truth. Do you have everything works from the beginning? Find out what? Do you plan to change the line between the two sisters? Oh, that. It is true. Because I think the game can still continued even though I switched their lines. In this way, Laura can become a brother a woman full of hatred. Luckily, the girl who plays the role Angel gets a quick reaction. So, he helped me a lot. What if he doesn't fall for that and say Laura's line? It will not happen. I am sure that as long as I follow the script then he will respond to me accordingly. Why? That's what you say to me. You say actors always follow the script. So, even when it's improvisation There is still a script that will comes to mind the actors. How could an ordinary girl like him have the ability to understand difficult principles? Gong Xi! Mary, did you come here by yourself? Gong Xi, have you registered to training school? I have filled out the form. I only need to get the application my agreed installment payment. Installation costs? I thought Grandpa said he would pay a fee for you. I'd better rely on myself. If not, people might talk about me. What do you mean? That means they might badmouth me. You just want to complete the mission for the Love Me Department, right? That's the wrong motive. You suddenly start acting with the CEO's grandson. What's wrong with you? All you have done is suck people. The three people must be jealous of you. That's right, that happened to me quite often. Just kidding. I like to pay in installments. Mary, so have you decided to return to your father? Not yet. I don't know what to write. I know too little about my father. You're a fool! He also doesn't know much about you. That's why you have to try and get to know each other now. But... Do you want to call him instead? No, that's too scary! You are so funny, Mary! What's funny about talking to your father? I'm just not used to that. Why does he sound so far away? Oh, my God! Are you okay, Mary? Sorry, I pushed too hard, are you okay? What he is capable of is far more much of what I expected. I can't underestimate him anymore and let go his appearance is usually fooling me. I don't believe he did it. As the first actress ... he actually managed to use one scene for free Mary's heart and heal the wound. Do you want to have breakfast before our class tomorrow? - I have to go, see you later - wait! But we are partners, let's go together. Who wants to be your partner? You will be my main enemy from now on. Is he angry with me? Gong Xi, lucky you are still here. I just finished tidying up and going to go. Can I chat with you, Gong Xi? Sure. Gong Xi, what is normal are you talking to your father? I guess I can't answer you because I don't have a father. I'm really sorry. Sorry quickly I am very sorry, I am not know that you don't have a father. It is okay. Then what about your mother? What are you talking about with your mother? Don't say you don't have a mother either. I have a mother. You almost scared me Mary. If you don't know what to say to your father ... then just tell him that you miss him and you really want to see it. No, I can't say that to him. - If I say that, the plane will ... - No, no, Mary. Your father will go home safely. Very? Air accident accident at that time ... Nothing to do with reality that you want to meet your mother. The accident happened because of the plane being sick, or because of a pilot or weather. I see. - Go and contact your father - Good! Can I borrow a telephone in your office, Grandpa? Long distance calls are expensive. I will pay you back when I get older. Good. But do not forget what Gong Xi said. Okay, I'm not like you. So, does your mother know about you working on LME? Maybe you should tell him about it. Is that one of the rules? So, if I don't tell him whether does that mean I can't stay on LME? He never cared about my place be or what I have lived. If he's such a person do I still have to go and leave does he know what I'm doing now? Angel. Remember this. Parents... have the right to hate their own children. Then I will let it decide. Do not worry It is okay. I must be strong. I know I can ... thanks. You have wasted my sadness again. Gong Xi. Chief Shen, do you have to be so hard? What are you doing here? There is no. What is wrong? What happened? Corn! Corn! Corn? Corn. Corn! What's wrong with panic Have you ever seen a small stone? A purple crystal stone. What should I do? I have lost Corn. Hi, Lian. I'm sorry, Gong Xi. Did you drop something because you were scared at that time? What did you drop? I heard you kept calling 'Corn'. This is a purple crystal stone. I call it 'Corn' because that is the name of the person who gave it to me. Corn? Like in vegetables? Why does someone have a strange name? I do not know He said that his name was Corn. I used to be whiny before. When Corn gave me the stone he said it can help absorb my suffering. Corn gives me precious stones but me really have lost such important property. That's all my fault, Gong Xi. I will go and search every floor with you. We will definitely find it, okay? Please stop crying I lost it! I really don't mean it. Gong Xi. Is this him It's not broken or cracked at all. Thank goodness, corn is fine I've never seen Gong Xi smile like this before. Thank you, this stone means the world to me. You are welcome. Do you live in Tai Dung? How did he know that? Do I think it's wrong? You're right, but how are you know I used to live in Tai Dung? I remember... This kind of stone comes from Tai Dung. Very? So, the origin is actually from Tai Dung? What is so funny? If it's really from Tai Dung why don't you know? What do you mean? Then have you ever seen a kind of stone is it sold in art shops in Tai Dung? Did you just cheat me? That's not too difficult, right? It's amazing that you really are can survive to this day. You cheeky. Why does he have to embarrass me every time? Simple-minded people like You are usually deceived by bad people. Don't say that you have been fooled. I know. It must be a man who continues You revenge and make you want to enter entertainment industry right? That is none of your business! It seems like my guess is right. What's the problem with this person? Why does he have to keep bothering me? Just ignore him If not, he might say something worse. Too late. I must go home. thanks. Are you trying to escape from this? If you really want to get into entertainment industry then you should be ready. Things like this ... will be revealed sooner or later. The media will only make it sound worse if you keep pretending. You better think about how you will deal with it rather than hide from it. You can't escape from him at any time. Gong Xi, don't you want to ride the elevator? Are you sure you want to climb stairs with injured feet? Gong Xi! I swear if I can approach that person is less than half a meter away ... in five meters then I will become a cucumber. No... I will turn into mayonnaise and get stuck between sandwiches for my whole life. I will never be a famous actress. Gong Xi. Are you sure you don't want to lift the elevator? Your legs are sore. Are you sure you want to climb the stairs? Gong Xi. Let's lift it, okay? What are you sitting there? I think. About what? I suddenly feel ... that people can certainly change a lot. Who do you mean Thank goodness, corn is fine That little girl. But no matter what changes it won't be as big as me. Look in front of you. Okay, now let's install. Face your partner The person on the left will say a lines and other people will repeat it. Listen carefully to your partner's pronunciation. You can fix each other. Okay, let's start. I will start, and you can repeat it after me. I will start, and you can repeat it after me. Yes, that's it Yes, that's it Let's start. Let's start. I think you look very beautiful. I think you look very funny. We are good friends. We are big enemies. We are perfect partners in the Department of Love Me. We are a fierce competitor in the Department of Love Me. We must help each other. We must defeat each other. I will stay with you for the rest of my life! Try it if you dare! What are you doing? How embarrassing. We were punished on our first day. It's a disgusting pose. This is your fault. Why do you force me to say those disgusting things? I am sorry. I just want to hear someone said that 'We are good friends.' Silly. Ever since I was young besides children the man who grew up with me ... I have never had a friend. - You smell eggs! - You're a fool! - You always go to school with Shang. - It sucks! Shang only talked to him and was never with us. None of the girls at school like me. When I was in elementary school, book my training is always lost. When you get to high school, even the table and my chair will disappear. He comes to school with Shang every day. Think back to me now feel my life is very sad. I don't even have one true friend in my life. Then what about the man? Isn't he your friend That person... That's the reason why I have no friends. How strange. Why did I suddenly feel a shiver of the spine? - What are you doing? - There is no. Actually, there is a girl named Wan Zi where I work. Although, he is a little weird but he is very good and very kind to me. Glad to hear. Then, you have good friends. But, I never really did treat him as my best friend. Because I have hidden many things from him. I didn't even tell him where I used to live. Good friends must be honest with each other. So why do I deserve it call him my best friend? Then apologize to him. It's too late. Wan Zi has left college, so he won't go back to work again. College? I don't expect you to have quality friends. But he only got 12 marks for the exam. Is he still considered a quality friend? Twelve signs That is not easy to do. Then, I'm sure he's your friend. What are you doing? I have really changed now. I will not hand over friends me for that jerk again. You are my first female friend. I will definitely appreciate you. In your dream! Our coach ... We are being punished, remember? I always become a loner and not like to hang around people. I am not a member of any group. Group? It is true. An extraordinary actor must ready to bear loneliness and not affected by family, friends or relationships. I know it's been a long time. Okay, that's for today. - See you tomorrow - That's it, we're fired. Let's live alone and stay away from me, okay? He doesn't even have one the slightest human feeling. No. I can't give up. I have to make it my friend. I am from the Department of Love Me. If I can't even conquer it ... how can I conquer people others and make them like me? You must make it your first friend! Jiang Nan Qin. Open your heart. Extend your hand. Who knows... that I will see him again after all these years? Lian. It is time. Let's go to the TV station. - Good. - Let's go. A five meter radius ... Keep going... What is wrong? There is no. Chief Shen, why are you scaring me? You are what scared me. Why are you screaming so loudly? Oh yeah, I just finished class me and will report to you. You come on time. Love Me Department has a new mission. New mission Qin, I've got good news! Are you alright? - What did you call me at that time? - Qin Never call me again. Why not? What's the good news? We will go to TV! Is this the good news that you mean? - Yeah. - Three. Four. What kind of mission is this? Who can they ask just to be an audience. Why did they choose us? This might be an opportunity for us to become famous. If you can become famous like this then everyone will be a superstar. I think so. But the audience looks very real to me. They seemed really hyped until then. I think they are really fans of Bird Rock. Both of you, are you from LME? Yes, we are members of the Love Me Department. Hello. I am a producer of Bird Rock shows. Bird Rock? Don't they host today's program? It is true. Although, they are very popular but because this is the first time they became host ... so they are very nervous. We are also very stressed. But something suddenly happened today. One of our permanent actors cannot do it today. So we lost one actor now. - We really don't know what to do - I see. You understand? You want us to be a replacement, right? Not a problem. Qin, are you serious The Love Me Department principle helps anyone who needs it. So we are happy to face any challenges. It was great! What a passionate department! Let's be ready now. Please pass here. Qin is amazing. Live performances I might urinate in my pants. I was very impressed with his confidence. Oh, yes. If your performance is good enough ... then I will be happy having you as an actress remains our event. Qin, you will be famous! Don't you say that you are will face this challenge? Of course not. I will become an actress number one in Asia. Why do I use something like this? Then why did you promise him? I do it for you. For me? I can't, this is a live performance. Unlike you, I can't memorize the entire script in just ten minutes. You only need to greet VIP guests. You don't have a line Get ready, Chicken! Hurry up, you wake up next No matter what happens, just act cute. No, I can't do it. I'll pee in my pants! A chicken doesn't speak. Crow like chicken. Hurry up, they are all waiting for you. Woman and man. Let's get our hands together for the host. Rock Birds! Good night all! Welcome to the Rock Show! This is actually the first time we became a live host. - It is true. - We are very nervous! So, please listen to us with your applause, okay? thanks. Tonight... Wow, how amazing! They managed to warm the atmosphere with only a few lines. What an amazing atmosphere! Even excited me. I feel like I'm almost one with this chicken. I have to take advantage of this first step. If I can play big chicken ... then the road to fame will be very smooth and successful. I can even get an Oscar. I have to conquer the audience and become the most eye-catching chicken. Then I can beat ... Bu Po Shang! How do you know? Their guest gasped? Hello all! You are my religion You are my sun! Amazing! - I see they are ready. - It is true. Bu Po Shang also brought some of his secrets to share with you all tonight. I heard he will also perform magic especially for fans. This will be done. I guess chickens can't be jailed because of murder right? No. Even if I don't have to be jailed Fans might change I became grilled chicken. Chicken! Remember to give this to Bird Rock when you get on stage. What is that? Each of these eggs has questions in them. They are questions that the audience want to ask our guests. I have a stomach ache. I have to go to the toilet. - Keep an eye on time. - I will, thank you Why did I meet this bastard? at the most stressful time in my life? Gong Xi, you are very sad. How can you become an actress when can you not even play chicken? You must be wondering why I am a person very angry and I am very annoying, right? Subtitles by DramaFever Don't forget to Like, Share and subscribe