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[Applause] hey guys today we're drawing the life of one of the most mysterious monsters of all time the cartoon dog yes cartoon dog is the creation of Trevor Henderson all of you know about the infamous monster cartoon cat but there's a lot less information available about this formidable monster cartoon dog he's so much more than what we can think of cartoon dog is huge he's a gigantic dog he looks like a cartoon character from the old cartoons the cartoon dog has its whole body black in color remember the old goofy dog we all know our cartoon dog looks like someone who was like goofy in his good old days now he has a wide big mouth with sharp teeth his muzzle is so big and long cartoon dog's eyes are large black ones he's always seen with wide-open eyes he has floppy ears like a dog cartoon dog has this white gloves in his hand as a reminiscence of his old self as per his size he has four extra lengthy legs the dog always looks hungry for his victims he has a cruel grin on his face overall he's able to scare you just by his looks in today's episode we're uncovering the mystery of cartoon dog I wonder if cartoon dog and cartoon cat fights who would win the match let me know if you want to see a cartoon dog vs. cartoon cat video cartoon dog came into the picture after the image of cartoon cat was released in the Internet everyone knows about cartoon cat and his powers and abilities but there was absolutely no information about this dog not even his origin story then how did he actually come into the picture the first image of cartoon dog emerged in the internet back in 2019 the image was bone-chilling he was looking like the way we described him before people started getting frantic they wanted to know who he is the cartoon dog was standing inside an abandoned building he was hiding half behind a door or he was just emerging out of a door so half of his body was not visible in the picture maybe the cartoon dog was just coming at the victim and the victim clicked this last picture of his life it was all dark in the picture cartoon dog is usually seen at nights he will not hunt during daytime it didn't seem like he is walking like a dog he is the body posture of a human being so it was sure that he can walk like humans when the first picture got released people got confused initially they thought it was cartoon cat but there were so many visible differences that you can't overlook after some careful inspections the truth came out in the caption it was written they are just like your favorite cartoon suggesting that this entity is not cartoon cat but something else similar to that later it was revealed to be cartoon Don thus it became clear that cartoon cat is not the single cartoon like monster there are more like this fact was simply disturbing a group of cartoon monsters with powerful abilities after the first incident a second picture got released in this picture the cartoon dog was almost looking like a cartoon cat he's standing straight behind the doors the body looked exactly like the cartoon cat but his ears were drooping like a dog this proves that the picture is of cartoon dogs also it became clear that in many levels the cartoon cat and the cartoon dog have similarities many people misunderstood that the second picture was actually the cartoon cat so where did he come from what's his relation with the cartoon cat why do they have similarities there came a lot of doubts about his appearances the most acceptable theory about cartoon dog is that he was a famous cartoon in the cartoon era just like the cartoon camp a doggie cartoon who was full of life and happiness as the cartoon era faded away new cartoons like Mickey Mouse took the spotlight and in no time Disney took over everything in the whole cartoon industry like many other cartoons this doggy character was also forgotten by his viewers he could not accept this he didn't want to live without his audience the doggy waited four years for his glory to come back but gone were the days when people watched him and got excited they moved on to new forms of cartoons and entertainments they didn't need him anymore as more he thought about it the dog got angrier he was transforming into a monster cartoon dog wanted to kill humans he wants to take away the life of those who took his life away maybe the cartoon dog knew about the transformation of cartoon cat so he followed the same path they came from the same world so they were capable of creating same abilities for their evil self one last picture of the cartoon dog came up in the Internet soon the picture showed only a wide-open mouth with razor-sharp teeth there were multiple rows of teeth in the mouth and it was damn scary it looked like a wolf's mouth so cartoon dog can attack you like a wolf he can tear and eat you up with his monstrous teeth the picture didn't show his body it was under a bridge that means he can elongate his neck to go anywhere without moving his body the cartoon dog has the ability to elongate his body like the cartoon cat while cartoon cat could only do it with its arms cartoon dog can do it with his arms legs and neck that's absolutely dangerous he can get you by not even moving an inch thus one thing became clear not only cartoon dog is same abilities of cartoon cat but also is more abilities than the cat I have this crazy theory the cartoon cat is changing a shape and form and turning into the cartoon dog but it's just a bit being more powerful than cartoon cat means the cartoon dog is invincible he cannot be defeated by any other monster that we've ever come across then there's no question for human winning that battle he'd change his appearance he can lure his victims the cartoon dog can make his body big or small as per the victory he could become fast and slow you can move in water and jump across mountains where you'll find cartoon dog and walk through walls he has so many powers that we don't know that makes it easier for him to get anyone English because we don't know what he's going to come up with the next moment we don't know how to resist even the modern war equipment will not suffice for an escape from cartoon dog he's like a devil God as of now we don't know any cases of death the pictures which are put out are definitely taken by his victims and we haven't got any clue about what happened to them that's another terrifying factor about cartoon dog nobody knows what he's doing with his victims does he torture them and keep them alive or does he kill them and throw them away does he eat them cartoon dog is by and large the most dangerous monsters we've ever talked about there is no way you can escape and get caught by the cartoon dog so that was the story of the cartoon dog if you liked this video leave a like share with your friends for creepier stories like this subscribe to my channel guys özil leave your thoughts in the comment section I'll meet you in the next episode with another scary video till then stay safe [Music]