Dream Intensive 1 Day 5

i hope that you guys did well on the homework or at least you struggled and it was painful to do um you wanted to give a shout out before we started yeah so there's this person on the banana youtube channel if you're not subscribed go subscribe uh uh their name was zaharia malik shout out to hero mother comes shout out to you you helped us out a lot with the definitions from 7 to does she put the definitions of these like she wrote the arabic one and the english version holy allah like and she wrote like each night oh my gosh i probably should be like a long time shout out to you well i didn't want you to look up the meanings but okay zahira all right okay i see how it is all right very good thank you that that actually means you guys are collaborating and that's kind of what i wanted that people help each other online and you know you guys are now engaged in that too alhamdulillah um so let's look at a few of them what i'm going gonna do uh jawad instead of going through all of them why don't you take uh requests from the uh you know from our uh student base and see which numbers they would like me to go over so well let's let's take the request first and we'll i'll take like 10 requests all right um just give me a second for them to start rolling inshaallah sure yeah in the meantime did you guys have any that were confusing to you uh 13 was confusing to you okay what else uh number 27 okay so let's do 13 and 27 first okay everybody so let's go to 13. well that's a tough one uh so let's start at the top well i'm trying to find out the status number gender and type type is actually the easiest one right now if it's got al on it it's proper if it doesn't have on it it's common so we didn't cover well we did kind of a little bit at the end but that's okay if you didn't do it okay because we're going to do that officially today anyway so let's do the status number and gender where do you start what's the first thing combinations um where do you see a match uh nj yeah so what's the answer for status nj yeah and the number is already automatically given to you because you figured out it's a combination what's the number three no it's not three wait the number yeah where's amy where's annie amy amy how many though on the third on the third row what is it plural think again don't jump the answer no no no don't don't open page six okay um that's one right yeah that's two two two this is amy right oh so yeah so it would be two right it would be two yeah that's why i say when you see a combination you don't just get the status you get the number two yeah and the ta you could use the thought to guess that it's feminine yeah okay like muslim attaining yeah like muslim attaining yeah that won't always work but this time it worked okay so muslim athena would be feminine oh you destroyed your pencil yeah i'm rolling off okay does that does that help yeah yeah make sense okay uh you also had trouble with number 27 yeah okay so let's do that enough enough so okay uh sound or combination maria what do you think okay sound rougher you got that right um how many um one yeah that's right it's one uh and gender gender this is tricky a little bit i'll give you a hint page 12. you can go to page 12. if you forget what word you're dealing with it's on the screen okay that's definitely not page 12. page 12 is the one that is page 12 yeah okay you can look at the word here you have to flip the page it's right there so it means person so what's the title of that page oh it's feminine yeah and that's why it's feminine yeah got it yeah okay a request joad let's start with number 14. okay number 14. i'll take the audiences you guys watching online i'll take your suggestions poland where should we start what should be our first step i want to see the steps from you guys what are they saying because they are upset so good yes status status is the first step very good okay now uh is this ending sound or ending combination uh sound yep this is an ending sound uh the alif what's it doing there the alif she says with an alif at the end yeah why is that because it has the double trouble that's right double trouble the fat and the unsound gives you an alif as a writing standard so it's there we don't have to worry about it too much okay is therefore what status uh it says nestle is correct nelson is correct and even if you didn't know the meaning you can guess it could either be singular or it could be a broken plural i'm letting you know that it's singular yeah so that's one right and and then um zahira helps you with the meaning so that also helped yeah right uh tawlan is singular and then there is there any sign that it's feminine no it doesn't have any of those endings yeah the round it's got none of those it's not a word on page 12 it's not a broken plural those are the things that make a word feminine yeah it's got none of those things so automatically automatically masculine there you go okay does that help with number fourteen let's move on to another one you said what 16. let's do 16. tsuna na this is a tough one uh sunana is well let's just say we don't know the meaning first okay uh sound or combination this is sound good sound and what does the sound tell you it's very good so now it's nasib and it doesn't look i i can't tell if it's singular or plural because i don't know what it means so if you guessed it singular let's just say that some of you students saw this word and you guessed that this word is singular right then your answer would have been one masculine the reason it would have been one because you thought it's singular the reason you said would have said masculine is because you don't see any sign that it's feminine right you don't see any sign of feminine but that guess is incorrect uh and it's okay i want you to make this mistake right now this is actually a broken plural this actually means legacies legacies plural yeah when you when you know from the meaning that a word is plural and it still has an ending sound yes then it has to be number six meaning a broken plural yeah and legacies is not people it's an idea it's a plural of an idea right so therefore this is a non-human broken plural and whenever you get to non-human broken plural your answer for number and gender is going to be one half singular feminine okay right so this is one feminine and why one feminine the quick answer because it's a broken plural okay okay because it's more specifically because it's a non-human broken plural yeah okay other i'll take three more number 19. singular feminine yeah number 19. alma alrighty so i can already by the sound of it it's it's not some good and uh i think it would be singular i agree it's singular nestle been singular ending sound right yes you must have been singular and gender masculine it is masculine even though i told you that when a word ends like this it can be feminine yeah but i said for many words but not for all words this is one of those words where that's not the case which words is it the case which words is it not the case that's a little bit later maybe uh yeah in the second round i'll teach you that but not in the first round in the first round you just need to know this word is masculine singular and nusselt confusion about that one yes uh on that exact concept you just went over a lot of questions on why it's masculine okay so i need you to i need you guys to know that this ending and this ending and this ending is not a hundred percent for many words if you see this ending it's feminine okay so generally yes but there are exceptions to each of them yeah okay so it's not always going to work these three endings are not always going to work you could say they work 90 of the time ma is one of those words where it doesn't work okay okay how are we supposed to do don't worry about it i will tell you yeah this that's a matter of vocabulary isn't it yeah and the way i'm gonna teach you vocabulary is different my goal i have a goal in mind for you my goal is not to finish this course or finish this week or finish two months my goal is what do i need you to know at the end you know by next ramadan right by next ramadan i want you to be able to read the quran and translate it to me okay right and that means i need you to understand this stuff the way i want you to step by step i also need you to build vocabulary i also need you to build some other skills now all of those skills i have to build them together for you little by little yeah right but everything every step i take is gonna be with that goal in mind but before next ramadan this is what i want you to be okay this is where i need you to be why because in next ramadan when you hear the quran being recited i don't want you to wonder what it means what is allah saying here i want you to just oh oh that's what you say like in a full like death like church not in depth but at least at the basic level okay you hear what allah is saying right and then one or two words here there you don't understand and you can look those up but for the most part you get what you hear right because of that goal in the beginning yeah i'm going to say this one is generally a sign of feminine this is a sign of feminine this is a sign of feminine if they come at the end but there will be exceptions and how will you learn the exceptions my plan for you to learn vocabulary which seems to be the hardest thing right it won't be vocabulary of the quran it'll be vocabulary of a surah so i'll say hey guys i need you to memorize this surah and then we're going to study the meanings of that surah the the understanding the lessons of that surah and then you're going to understand each word of that surah and then everything we learned about rapha and nasa and masculine and feminine will apply all of that on that surah so even if it's one page long or half a page long however long it is you don't know everything about the whole quran but at least for that half a page everything you learned you can see how it works you see what i'm saying and then the next time you do half a page it gets 10 times easier because you you're good at this half page so the way you make progress in the quran is you take a small chunk of the quran and you work on it and you really apply what you learned on it and that's what we're going to do first this theory then application then a little bit more theory then more application then theory then application that's how we're going to keep moving forward okay so it will come just you have to be patient with the plan and we'll we'll get ourselves somewhere all right so uh i'll take two more alma ah what else number 29. well lydia what's the confusion on it what did you guys get from it i got it for this uh i already knew because i heard n so i knew it was good uh and then it would be singular yes good and then it would be masculine yep one singular masculine is correct well i keep forgetting to put the number so for the number i got a bit confused so for if it's sound you're gonna put one if it's sound you're pretty much gonna put one but you have to decide whether it's one because it's singular or are you putting one because it's a broken plural oh okay because it's a broken plural you still put one yeah but the reason for which you put it is different okay right so i want you to know the reason okay that's a good one last one the last one is number 32. i knew i caught it in my head i was like somebody can say 32. okay medium what do you think about 32 um i think it's nessa because of the sound because it has an and then singular and then masculine it's nasa and singular and masculine brilliant and singular singular because the meaning means the one who asks the question the person or even if you didn't know you can also say there's no sign of plural yeah i don't know if it's plural but i'm going to guess that it is he went with the guest that's okay and that's singular so it's it's singular and uh nasib how did you know that it's masculine because there was no sign for it to be feminine wonderful that's the answer i need it was masculine because there's no sign for it to be feminine okay so we're going to take these first 30 or so minutes and we're going to talk about type and then we're going to get into er we're going to start learning arabic today yeah hey my brain's going to get deep so what are we doing all this time what do you mean start learning yes we're going to start learning arabic today yeah my my brain yesterday i couldn't just stop thinking about this lesson like my brain is going back and forth like like just like processing i love it i love it you're turning into a processor it hurts so bad i couldn't concentrate we're gonna do a before after video before ramadan you know that we are yeah we're gonna do it day one uh uh rough what and then after nine months later what um okay so today we're going to talk about type common versus proper you know how how uh in gender we talked about um masculine versus feminine yeah right in type we talk about common versus proper so if you don't write this down just listen to it first okay so in in any language we say words that could refer to anything you're not being specific enough so if i say a car a car you don't know which car i'm talking about you generally know it's a car but you don't know if i'm talking about my car or your car or somebody else's car because i just said what a car but if i said the car then i'm being more particular or if i said that car now i'm being very specific or if i say this car or if i say my car or if i say corolla license plate wp now i'm being very very specific right so you can have something say you said generally that chair i don't know which chair you're talking about but if i said this chair or the chair or your chair then i'm being specific right so when you're speaking in general and you're not like with an a like h here right that is called comet that's called comet and when you're being specific that's called proper everything okay huh oh the keys oh yeah don't let don't let the internet see my keys okay all right so what was i saying common versus proper so proper is when you're being specific yeah okay and common is when you are speaking in general in english we do that with the word a yeah we don't use that for plurals for example if i said books is that common or proper that's common right but if i said ahmed that's proper what if i said young man that's common that's common if i said hey you that's proper because i'm specific i'm specific so it's proper isn't it if i said us that's because we're being specific yeah if i just said people yes what about your people that's proper that's proper you understand the difference you can tell when you're meeting somebody in particular then you're saying proper and when you're speaking in general that is common right we actually don't study common in arabic because it's just too common it's too common yeah it's easier to understand yeah so because we're trying to study proper arabic yeah so we're going to study proper yeah what why are we only going to study proper whatever isn't proper it's common it's automatically common okay yeah now there's a list of seven things here that are proper okay seven things um we don't have to go into too much detail about them some of them will become clearer as time goes on but we should at least have the list okay so what i want you to do is on let's see you've got number you've got gender um common versus proper and there's seven kinds so it's already written out in your notes i want to read through it and explain it to you okay so we're gonna all turn to page i don't even know facebook uh yeah me neither because the way you guys printed it didn't come out with the numbers is it yeah i put a number on the page before it nice smart see mine has numbers on it common versus problems okay so it says common seven kinds of proper you see that yeah you know what default means is if it's not proper automatically it's common okay now number one words with al that's number one so if you see a word that has al on it actually al in arabic means the okay and obviously in english when you say the book or the car or the mic or the computer you're being specific so you're being proper right so the moment i'll comes on a word then it becomes proper now there's a couple of things you need to know about so that if l comes uh afterwards proper it never comes after a word it always comes before like al quran or al-islam oh yeah things like that right yeah so now the thing that i need you to know is go to page six you memorized it yeah but i want you to go back to it okay al i told you when we studied light and heavy that when you put it on a word you don't care to ask the question yeah but i'll still has some effect on these words okay so you're reading there muslim one muslim and muslim right i'm gonna write it without so you can see what it looks like [Music] these are all light words right these are all well we don't say light or heavy anymore because as soon as you say al you can't even discuss light and heavy okay what i will say is before the al was there what used to be on there muslim that was the original and this one was mostly man and this last one was what that's the one you see on the page right you see these three but once you put on them then the the tanween the double sound became a single sound yeah you're right it looks like it became light but we're not going to use that word okay what i will say is this in arabic meaning the double accent ending yeah that actually means a most of the time that means a like a book yeah so if i say muslim the meaning isn't muslim a muslim a muslim now what did i say al means can in english can you say a and the at the same time on a word a the muslim or the muslim you got to pick one or the other right because if you put the in it's going to mean a and if you put al it's going to mean the you can't have both at the same time you have to have one of them that's why as soon as al came then said i'm out of here i like you fine be proper let me know if you ever want to be common i'll be back and what does it want to be common if you take the i love it we'll go back to common and then we'll come back right so i i used to explain it like you know i hope that's not the case in your family but sometimes you know there's a husband and wife and the husband has his family his parents his uncles and the mom has her family whatever you can't invite both of them over at the same time that's chaos okay okay so if if this family's over this guy alain come in and if i was here then he's like ah nah i will come next week deceit for your family next seat for my family okay so that's the kind of idea between al and uh tanween okay so al does not like okay so you're never gonna find in the in in arabic that's just crazy that's like inviting both sides of the family over at the same time that doesn't make no sense yeah so al-kitabu no what will you find and if you take the al off you go back to regular because normally a word should be heavy i told you that a long time ago normally a word should be what heavy so since i have no reason to take the domain off so i made it heavy again yeah okay now the second column you wrote there or you see there is and you memorize it muslimani and then mostly mani and then again muslimeni twice i'll just write it twice because it's twice right mostly whenever now here's the thing if i add alter this it has no problem yeah it didn't take the noon off no it's not an issue it doesn't have an issue with the noon it only has a fight with who right which is why it's wrong to say that al makes a word light because right now al-muslimani is not light remember the extra noon is still there yeah when the loon is still there the word is considered heavy right so when it comes to the pair it didn't make it light yeah actually that means it didn't even make it light in the first case it just means that it doesn't like then lean okay [Music] doesn't change anything in the second chart the the feminine chart it was muslima can you guess what's going to happen if i put on it good because it has a problem with what okay so you get the idea that the second one is going to be al-muslima yeah and the third one is going to be al-muslima what about muslima [Music] let me make it a little bigger so you guys can see better um and what's the l version going to be why didn't you take the noon off because it doesn't have a problem it doesn't have a problem with it it only has a problem with what okay what about muslima why did you take the tanween off because it does have a problem with so the the tanween comes off in the first column and it also comes off in the feminine plural column okay okay now here's the thing you have in the in just like this word you have sama in the quran yeah when you put allah with a scene you don't say al-samawati you say what yeah so you see in the quran all the time now you know why it doesn't have to wean on it yeah because says i'm here you can't do that to me okay so the l doesn't allow for that and mean to happen yeah okay all right very good so come back to this page 15. the muslim women do you have questions about al uh i think we're good to go for right now okay proper names is the second one okay proper names are um people's names or names of cities or names of very particular things people nowadays name robots or they can name you know cars yeah you know i used to name my cars i haven't named this one yet you got two nature cars all of them yeah it was the first one like i don't want to talk about it was it like the first one was bison really yeah my sense because i used to play a lot of street fighter yeah that was a good boss it was a 1978 cutlass sierra it was built like a tank it looked like one of those serial killer cars yeah and um because it was it couldn't be defeated it's called bison yeah um yeah i had a black car i mean or do i i used to call it which means black hat you know so there were a few anyway i haven't named this one yet i'm working on it um but anyway proper names you can give proper names to a cat you can give proper names to a turtle you can give you know like my kids used to have a turtle and they called it squirt squirt yep they had two one was rock and one was squirt rock sounds better yeah and then i i got husna a hamster and she called it gandorf gander oh i think that's from like star wars no it's like lord of the rings or something harry potter i don't know where it's from lord of the rings i think but yeah gandorf yeah so yeah um so like origins and like like well no they're not proper names but jibril is a name right yeah yeah so jabria would be named iblis would be a proper name yeah right um or you know those are those are proper names names of prophets or proper names your name is a proper name your name is a proper name my name's a proper name and they're so names are proper all the names of prophets all the names of good people or bad people but if you say kafir disbeliever specifically that's not specific the only way to make that specific is number one al-kafir al-kafir al-kafira okay number three number two makes sense it's proper names right and you know you have to worry about whether they're proper or common it just makes sense that way and all the proper names in the quran are famous yeah like there's nobody in the quran you're like who's that yeah but you're not going to hear new hale that's not a kid from my second grade class no you're not going to think that right so now number three is the one being called so for this i shall tell you the story of you have like the most interesting life honestly so many stories okay i'll tell you a story from the you know what we're working on the plate yeah right uh remember maz shout out to mars crazy kid so mars um a little bit crazy you know so we're all practicing for the play and he's jumping around over here trying to jump over the chairs right yeah and i'm trying to not pay attention and focus on the lines and you guys doing your part and all of that right yeah and he's just not mars could you calm down not listening jumping over chairs jumping over chairs and eventually i said boy i didn't say mars he said boy i said boy now when i said boy in the dictionary boy could be any boy yeah yeah it's common but in that moment when everybody froze and their life started flashing before their eyes and when maz in the middle of the air just paused and turned back he knew that when i said boy you're talking to him i'm talking to him in other words when you call somebody then the word you use for them becomes proper even if in the dictionary that word is not proper yeah so maryam if you were all the way over there and i said uh child come over here and i just said child yeah right yeah child is any child yeah but because i'm using it to call you that time that word became proper and you know we we use in english we use crazy words like hey yo yo that yo becomes proper yeah dude becomes proper man becomes proper my dog becomes proper why because you're using it to call somebody yeah okay hey holmes becomes proper okay so every doesn't matter what word you use you don't have to put allah on it you don't put allah on it it doesn't have to be a proper name it's only proper because you're using it to call someone now look in the quran or in even the way we we make dua to allah right let's see okay that's better if i say the creator yeah why is this word proper because i have the uh on it right yeah okay now if i said in arabic is a word to call somebody yeah okay i say yeah but it's still proper because i'm using it to say creator okay now we you probably heard the word ya before like ya allah all right like yeah now they sometimes translate yeah as oh okay like ya allah oh allah i don't like to translate it as oh because that's old english nobody uses o anymore if i was calling you ahmad over there i wouldn't say oh ahmed it is time for class you must take your seat no ah i would just say ahmed i wouldn't say oh yeah but in arabic i would say ya ahmed in other words the ya doesn't have to get translated yeah okay ya does not get translated you just say it and then that's it then the next word doesn't have to have al on it yeah okay now so it's it's the next word is proper not because of any other reason it's proper because it's the word you're using to call someone okay now here's the thing when you call someone then whoever whatever word you use let's say well it means boy that word has to be light way back i said words could be light or heavy yeah remember that and i said there have to be four good reasons to make a word heavy light for good reasons one of them is if you're calling them oh okay if you're calling them they better be light so the word is muslim but if i say hey muslim i would say yeah i'd make it light yes yeah it becomes light it becomes light because you're using a tool okay all right so that's calling someone the one being called okay that becomes proper then there's pronouns pronouns are words like he or you just put those two words there in english just write the word he and you here and then etc and we will learn these soon because i'm going to make sure you learn all of them okay okay uh and of course when you say he you're not talking about just anyone you're talking about a particular person when i say i i'm talking about myself so that's pretty particular so pronouns are always proper islam ishara is pointer words that just means this that these and those those are the english ugly there's that these and those okay okay so when you're pointing like this book or that sign or whatever right so those are all going to be proper because when you point at something you made it very specific yeah okay this chair now this became specific so the word itself this becomes specific is something i will teach you much later on so we don't have to worry about it right now but i do should i should tell you at least a levy a levy is something you receive in the quran all the time or you see some version of it like in the fate how you right i'll explain what these words are and how they work later on but at least you can see in the beginning so you already would know that they're proper yeah but they're not a concern for us yet and then number seven it just says the word before of if the word after of is proper and we don't know what that means yet so it's okay there are some things in this list we understand other things we don't understand but for now which ones do i need from you i need the words with alan proper names definitely okay those two i need you to know immediately because when i'm trying to figure out four properties of dsm those two are going to be very important for me okay okay so at this point you guys are able to tell four properties of a word over and over again i i put a word you say here are the four properties right so let's experiment and put our skills to the test before we graduate on to the next subject because we've done a major thing we've done the four properties of the ism status number gender and type right that's a pretty big deal so i'm going to open up the fatiha i have a question like for the quran i know like it was the first ever like revealed so why isn't that like the first shooter that's a really good question allah decided that he will give certain ayahs to the prophet saws at a certain time right and he won't even give the whole surah sometimes actually the first surah that was given to the prophet like a whole surah as a surah was fatiha right and then the rest of that surah came later on right so what then so so the quran would come at different situations like if the prophet saws being told to do something that's when this came that's when that came that's when that came but then angel jibril taught the prophet saws that those ayahs from that day and these ayahs from that week and those ayahs from that month go together and make one surah okay right and then this these these ayaat go together and make this surah and those those those go together and make this surah so jibril islam was organizing the quran in the prophet's heart and his mind which is pretty amazing because the prophet saw islam did not know how to read or write so this was all happening inside the heart and the mind of the prophet sallam with the help of jibril and eventually when the when the 23 years of revelation were done then the prophet saws recited the entire quran to jibril alayhim okay like like a hiv's graduation right and he graduated and when he recited it he recited fatiha first second ali imran third fourth fifth sixth seventh and file eight tabla nine eunice ten who'd eleven yusuf twelve you know and so on and so forth thirteen ibrahim fourteen hedges fifteen nineteen sixteen etcetera yeah okay i can go all the way yeah okay so i'm really like humble and cool so anyway the point is yes the quran was not organized in the order that allah gave it the quran was organ when it was given it was given by situation okay but eventually when it was all put together allah wanted it in this order oh okay actually this was a this question alone why is the quran in this order was a whole course i taught oh you did yep just on this question why is the quran in this order it was like a whole 10 hour course that's a long time yeah it's a long time right now you've got a long time to do this so we'll do that course later on okay so now what i want from you is let's just say the word allah okay i want the status the number the gender and the type okay all four for the word allah i'll give you a minute okay so think it through talk to each other okay allah so the word allah status well the status it can't be a combination okay so it'd be a sound to allah look at the word that word no because allah because read it out loud now you're reading oh okay so this [Music] no this is alhamdulillah okay that's the status number don't get this wrong you go to hell okay the number is that would be one that's right that's like the most one ever okay okay the gender allah is not male or female but in grammar we still have to give a gender so because in arabic you give a gender to a book you give a gender to the sky yeah that doesn't mean that they're male or female right the word allah is what this would be is there any sign of feminine no so it's automatically masculine that's right it's masculine so it's one one one masculine that is pretty epic alhamdu is like oh so status that's what status folks that would be and then the number it's one good so and then al-hamdu i don't know the meaning so that's okay it's one it's it's rafa does there any sign of feminine no no so it's masculine okay is it common or proper this is why because the eyeliner yeah that's uh sweet oh my gosh sweet okay wait wait a matter of five days we're able to sorta kinda translate or figure out four properties not translate yeah yeah but figure out four properties a ballina that's a combo okay what do you know about that combination good that's what we're done and it comes from the second row wait it comes from the second row let's see man you will see my name comes from the third third column third column thank you yeah so it comes from the third column number would be three yes so and then so it's plural yeah now we're done is this the masculine chart of the feminine chart this is masculine so you know the gender too because it came from the masculine chart so uh masculine yeah proper or common uh proper because of the because of the sweet now you can tell four properties that's crazy okay this is gonna be the hardest one if you do this one i'll give you my protein bar that's an accomplishment right there four properties okay so i already hear an ass i already know it's automatically nasa okay so from nessa we go to number that's already we already know that's from it's one because it's sound and now uh how many come on no sub isn't correct nothing is incorrect yes that's what i said that's what i said last thursday nobody listened to me it has the they start dropping farsi on each other like is that daddy or farsi that's farsi no it's uh she's been doing that for like since i met her and every time she does it what do i say that's what i that's what i said so how would it not be nessa i don't know figure it out okay what do you know about ibrahim ibrahim is a person it's a prophet so i'll give you a hint is it arab non-arab oh my gosh so it can't be nasa what do you know about non-arabs a long time ago when you were much younger we talked about this crazy thing the arabs don't like the non-era yes and they did something oh yeah they changed it so they called it oh my gosh that that would only stay ibrahim right ibrahim it was called partly flexible oh yeah and then the rafa version would be wait wait so that was fully flexible and the example of that was muhammad and it was partly flexible and the example of that was yusuf and then it was non-flexible and the example of that was musa and the difference was muhammad muhammad muhammad that's fully flexible and for all the non-arab names there was going to be yusufu yusuf yes that's what this is remember right now okay yeah so if you saw mariyama mariama the answer for status would be what [Music] is okay remember that for non-arab names and places yeah right so let's go back to ibrahim the the status answer is great okay so what number so i think it would still be one right yeah that's one person yeah one person so ibra so you answered the number you answered the status yeah what's left status number gender and time okay you want to figure out the gender uh yeah yeah so the gender it doesn't require a lot of thought who are we talking about ibrahimovic masculine oh yeah so it's masculine and then it's probably when you overthink something something basic like hey what's ibrahim's gender you're like oh let me think about this no it's masculine right because you you're overthinking and when someone overthinks they're like this this is a piece of paper i can read this right now try to read it oh it's impossible because you're overthinking like i'm focusing so much i still can't figure it out and you put it here like oh masculine okay right so the point is if rahim is masculine that's common sense all right how many brains you're talking about one so nusselberg one masculine proper or common it's poppers because it's the name wow it took some time but it took some time that's why it was worth the you know protein bar you're not gonna get the protein bar because i have to help okay if you get one of these protein bar questions without my help i will ship it to you students i will ship it to you i'll get jawad to take your mailing address and send brothers send you a protein bar even if they're on the other side of the world it doesn't matter it doesn't matter we'll spray it with disinfectant you know so yeah anyway so four properties we can now figure them out yes yes students question none right now very good now it's time to move on when you do construction then the first thing you need is a brick yeah and you need to make sure the brick is well designed yes solid solid break all four sides clean cut yeah right now when we figured out an ism we figured out the four sides of it yeah status number gender type that's our brick yeah but a brick is not enough you got to put the brick next to another another brick and then you got to put some cement in between if you're going to do construction you can't just sit with one brick and say i have conquered construction no you just did the first step which is you figured out the brick now it's time to put the bricks together the first part of our study was this properties of the ism yes right the next part of and how many properties of dsm are there four four status numbers good the next part of our study is what's called fragments fragments means when you put two words together okay when you put two words together it's still not a sentence what the definition of a fragment that i teach is it's more than just one word but it's still less than a sentence what's a fragment more than a word less than a sentence okay and i'm going to teach you five kinds of fragments five different kinds five ways in which you can put two words together okay okay and today we're going to start our first fragment before you get your break okay i think that should take the next 30 minutes to get you introduced and then you'll take a mental break and we'll come back and really hit it hard okay so i'm hoping before today's over we can actually be done with two fragments but let's see how the day progresses okay it's crazy we just found out what four types how to find out a word i'm very proud that's a big accomplishment i can never do that for like you better believe you can mash allah yeah it's crazy it's only been five days too four point two days oh yeah yeah we're not a five year five will be at 12 30. okay okay if i say the house of allah yeah oh okay make a little smaller house of allah the religion of islam if i say my car your or allah's [Music] book let's take these phrases okay in each of them there are two items yeah so in the first one there's house and the word allah and the second one there's religion and then islam and the second the third one there's my and then there's car and the fourth one there's allah and then there's the book yeah the thing is in all four of them there's an of yeah in all four of them there's enough and two of them the other's obvious yeah yeah house of allah religion of islam but in the in my car i need you to bring the of out how do i restate this with an up car of mine so you know how if even if you see these two you can recreate the word of yeah right let's try a few more if i say his uh his pen is there another way to say that pen of his if i say mediums glasses glasses of miriam glasses of mario fix the spelling okay glasses of money yeah okay now listen carefully there's the word before the of i'll make it red so what should i make red what book is red pen is red glasses are red good and now you know that in my car car is red book is red between his and pen which should be read his pen pen because you already figured it out yeah yeah right pen is red mariam's glasses glasses are red doesn't matter how you say it it's the same word that's going to be read yeah yeah okay the word before the of is always called off the word in red is always a so in the house of allah what's the muldav good in the religion of islam what's the moldova good in my car what's the mudaf good in car of mine what's the madhav khar glasses glasses of maryam okay let's test this some more um master of all people what's the moldova master good um [Music] so therefore what's the mullah prayer prayer prayer because if you reverse it it ends up that prayer is before the of yeah okay okay you guys get the idea yeah okay in english it's kind of tricky because you got to flip them sometimes yeah in arabic you never have to flip them wow okay so let's go back what is the word before the of called the word after of is always called mubaf so there's two parts there's the guy before the of and there's the guy after the up the guy before the of is called what off no before the up and the guy after the of course okay so i'm gonna color these i'm gonna remove the colors do the first one in the house of allah what's the mullah and what's the mullah happen the house is good and then uh allah is the word allah uh book is the mudaf and then the word allah would be the day right again book of allah um book is the mudaf and then allah the word allah is the mudafuday his pen his pen uh would be the mudaf is the pen good and then the mudaf is good yeah sorry okay your turn pen is the mudaf and then his is the magazine good buddy glasses oh my glasses the glasses is the mulaf and then miriam is good the glasses is this is the hardest one [Music] okay so i think owner is definitely madoff would you agree yeah because the rule is it's before the up yeah so okay judgment is definitely mudafile because it's definitely after my problem is with day because it's before of and after and also after after of so can it be like both so it's okay and it's also a mudaf he's got two jobs okay owner has one job yeah which one um they has how many jobs why because because if it's after of it's a fill in the blanks if it's after of it say if it's after of it's a i mean if it's before uh [Laughter] let's go slowly after is yeah and before is okay so if it's after of it's and if it's before this happens to be both yeah okay and judgment judgment that's [Music] we're not going to do this in arabic nothing comes between mulaf and mullah in arabic okay not even the word of they actually don't have the word of it doesn't exist you can figure out that there's an of their when you translate just because you figured out that they are mullah and because their definitions for us are modaf is the guy before the of and mudaful is the guy after the okay now how do you know if two words together are mudafuday or not because if you do find that they are madoff when you figure out their meaning you're going to put oven between the two that's that's what you're going to do yeah so here's the thing moldova is going to do two things you're not writing this down it's always going to be light okay do you know what light means yeah yeah i don't trust you i don't believe you will see my i'm so happy right now i'm gonna lie down oh are you okay yes it's okay i'm so happy you may be so happy right now [Music] yes that is what it means to make a word light and normally a word should not be light normally a word should be heavy but if it's a mudaf the arab says hey there's a reason to make it light that's why that's how we'll let the world know it's modafing right now we'll make it what light and we will make sure there is no ail on it okay they'll do two things at the same time okay has to have two conditions what are the two conditions light no light no well it's in your head as always two things well what if it is light but no it hasn't then it's not ruled off okay you want to be able to off you better do you better put both shoes on okay you want to go out in the world and with modaff you better put the light chew on and you better put the no el chu on if once you just go back home okay you're not off enough yeah okay so now we know what we have to do for a muddaf to figure out what about mudafili what's the definition of a mudafile it has to be heavy and after of have you in whatever i've taught you for these thousands of years have you ever come across something that comes after of yeah no wait no we have it is there any definition where you said after of no no i think we did rafa is the doer no sub is the detail that is the so d we have doer detail and then we have i forgot this one hold on this one was so easy why did i forget it internet tell me what's job judd is not a doer [Music] has has to be and they have to be next to each other okay okay well if you if you see two words together they're like are you guys like twins they're not twins like uh are you related are you guys related you're like well prove it well you look like you're light and no alif and you're clearly what you're definitely madoff doctor right yeah [Music] have you heard this before yes okay let me ask you could the word rasulu be a mudaf no well what's the what do you ask if you want to accuse a word of being a mudaf you have to say it meets two conditions what are the two conditions uh no n you know and then don't forget the order light no light noelle yeah okay like yeah israel yes no yes it is well if you if you say no then you better give me the light version if you say yes then you better give me the heavy version oh yeah i know it rosu so rosu would be heavy yeah okay and the light version would be like muslim was the heavy version and muslim is the light version so rasulullah is definitely light yeah does it have allah on it no i'm like hey i think you might be madoff because you can't prove anything until you find a muddafile you can't pin that on me because it's not enough to find a mulaf you have to also find a madoff and it better be right after it better be when where right right after and what's the thing that proves that something is a muddafi so you go to the word allah and you respectfully ask is this word and then here is it yes because if it was rafa it would be right which it's not yeah this word fits the description of this word fits the description of yeah this word fits the description of therefore this is mudaf and this is and there is an invisible oven between them the messenger of allah you found the suspect yep once you find it then what do you put in translation in between if it doesn't fit the english translation it won't be it no don't worry about the english this is just about recognizing the arabic look at this [Music] two questions you when you want to accuse a word of being a madoff you got to find out if it meets two conditions what are those two conditions uh if it's light light and no good is it light yes yes prove it if by opposites things are known if it's light what's the heavy version what's the heavy version of rabbi good so it's definitely light yeah yeah does it have on it no so it's possibly a but i will know for sure it's if i find a filet is the next word yes that's right of the throne yep now you have now you know how to find it invisible is in arabic find [Music] learn about later [Music] this is light yes if it was heavy it would have been is it good so it's light does it have it no no okay so it's possibly is the word yes right so if issa means name what is this um that means name of allah name of allah and we part of the translation of israel as what in [Music] possibly yeah the only way you can prove is what if you're trying to move your day after so i come to me and say and i don't care if singular or pear or plural or masculine or feminine or proper or common i don't care about any of that just needs to give me one thing can you give me john well to figure out the status of a word you got to go through the chart you got to go through sound first or combination and you've got yourself a nice juicy mudaf than it is okay if you got a mudaf and this one i don't know if it could be it could be though if it could be it is we just need to find more evidence nope that's enough evidence if they look married they are married that's the rule okay benefit of the doubt if they look like if it looks like it's john and it fits the mud off like that then it is if an alamina is worlds of people mass the master of the worlds of people okay master of the worlds of people pretty amazing last one before your break it's in the quran one you don't got none that's not a mallah it's good arabic because just because i taught you a little bit about it doesn't mean the entire quran is modafin yeah if it doesn't meet the conditions it's something else that i don't know yet but it's not hold off nasi [Music] let's look at this okay and nasi is jar yeah and nasi is jar yeah and nasi is jar alwa yes the second words all look like yeah so let's see if the first word looks like madoff in each case yeah what do you ask the first word are you light are you light is he yeah is light so don't would you see a hamza like that that can't be alif lam okay okay yeah that's a guy doesn't god which means master of the people king of the people god of the people evil of the whisperer the chest of the people yes a lot of questions on how these words can be muddled off when they are jump oh great questions um what did i say about mudaf let's go back what are the two conditions it has to be light and it hasn't can't have an end has to be light and no okay what did i say about mudafide for any number of reasons we'll see them i don't care sometimes you'll find [Music] sometimes you'll find and sometimes you'll find it didn't change because i didn't put a condition on the mudaf that you better be rougher yeah or you better be nasa or you better not be jar all i said to the mudaf was can you give me light and no al and rasulu in this case meets my conditions even if it's different from rasulullah in this case even if it's different from rasuli in this case yeah why does it change that's coming but what i need you to know right now is it doesn't matter if it changes so long as it meets the two things i asked it that's good enough for me that's 100 good enough for me so like what what's the condition i put on it has to be has to be which means if it's singular or pear or plural i don't care if it's masculine or feminine i don't care if it's partly flexible fully flexible i don't care none of that matters you can change anything else just give me one thing which is that one thing just give me a job and i'll be happy give me john i'll be happy so in that case we're gonna say um [Music] let's look at this word this phrase what means brothers okay brother is abusive let's see let's see if the of is there or not okay needs to be a madoff yeah can it be can you prove that it's yeah because so it's nasa okay is it light or heavy the two questions don't forget the questions what are the questions does is it light yeah yes does it have on it no no so it's possibly a mood off okay now come to you sir what's the difference between muhammadan muhammadan muhammad and if it can be and it has a mold off then then it can be incriminated therefore you're going to put an oven say what the brothers of yusuf now since i said that you can say yusuf it's still good arabic yeah and yusuf it's still good arabic i changed the status of the first word didn't matter yeah it didn't matter because it still works because the conditions i placed on it are still met why would i change it those are other reasons in arabic what's later on but for now if those two conditions are met you've got yourself for good will take a good long break so while you answer some questions so it's like no tomatoes no onions we good you give me tomatoes and onions i don't like you basically i don't know what you just said but i like it okay i don't know why i'm drawn to what you just said okay i think i want a burger yeah yeah i'm not supposed to eat one though yeah i had in and out for two days okay get out this way go this way don't run over my cables i'm going to mute myself so these these kids can make noise and you take over yeah sure all right um fosia and i saw a bunch of other people asking as well the mullah does not have to be proper so sometimes you can have it with al-islam sometimes you can have it without a lift that either way the only condition on muldac is that it has to be joe right we only talked about two conditions from allah and one condition for mullah so make sure you only stick to those two conditions from woodlock and one from a don't add any other conditions to it so again mullah has to be light and it has to uh have no alif lam so light and no alif lam and then mullah has to be jo these are the only conditions we need to meet i said yusuf remember when we talked about partly flexible we said that non-arab names they are partly flexible and that means that their nusselt form and their gel form looks the same so for yusuf you'll never see yusuf it'll never take with a kasura it's going to copy the nasal form so it's always going to be yusufa and that could mean it's either nasa or so in this case when we look at ichaweti we see it's light and it has no aleph then we look at yuu sufa and we see it could be either nasa or then that fits our our condition because it could possibly be joe then it fits our condition for muldac being joe on page 14. okay so on page 14 there were some questions um for those of you who had questions about number four on page 14 what exactly was their confusion over for number 21 the reason it can be both nasa or jab is because this word is partly flexible um and the reason for it being partly flexible is something we haven't exactly covered yet um just know that this word is partly flexible and again if it's part if a word is partly flexible then the nusselt and the jar look the same so it would be hada and for it would be both the same that's why we have n and g on the answer key and then for number 22 i know there was some confusion on this one as well the reason why the answer key says only is it's taking into account something we haven't learned yet but based on what we've learned so far it should be nasa or instead of just gel so for those of you on number 22 who got enough of angio then you're correct and for those of you who know why it's only joe you're also correct so but for right now inshallah you can say it's both nasa origin number four um the reason it's a singular feminine i know that one is confusing as well um because it has the plural feminine ending for those of you who got plural feminine uh you're correct again this is something that we haven't exactly covered yet um but there is something we'll cover in a little bit inshaallah so if you know why it's singular feminine then you're correct and if you got plural feminine then you are correct as well i'm not sure i understand your question merciful soldier 22 is not jailed because of mubaf it's because of that lamb at the beginning li the word is originally and then when we add the li to it that tells us it has to be um i see a lot of you asking why i don't take your questions i don't have anything against you in particular if i'm not taking your questions it's just that there are thousands of you literally in the chat so it's impossible for me to get to get everybody's questions that's mia there are there are a lot of different definitions for nelson but we don't want to get too detailed right now we just want to understand the general concept and then slowly we'll add to them so zahra if you have two answers for a word like if you're just looking at the word by itself you can't tell there's no way to tell which one is correct but once you start looking at the word in a sentence which we're not doing yet then because of the context you'll be able to tell how it's used for those of you looking for the answer key make sure you're on the correct website so go to dreamworldwide.net and then at the bottom of that page you'll see a button that will take you to the study resources page and then on the study resources page if you scroll all the way to the bottom you'll see the workbook and the workbook answer key and you can download it from there so maham we are a little bit behind i believe uh in the course so up till now you should only have read through day three of the transcript and after today um day four even though this is day five uh we've only covered up till day four on the transcript i already explained number two one it was necessary or gel because it's partly flexible and the nusselt and the gel look the same when a word is partly flexible uh also there were a lot of questions about how to tell the difference between a singular word and a broken plural word the only way you can tell the difference is if you know the meaning the only way to tell the difference is if you know the meaning ayan that would be correct you can call it that mullah could be something that's possessed and the mullah is what is possessing it signia the website is dreamworldwide.net i'll paste it in the chat inshaallah in both chats and travel why is number 27 feminine 27 is feminine because that's one of the words we learned are feminine because the arabs said so make sure you study that page carefully memorize those words uh all of those words are feminine just because they're feminine there's no other reason to it so there's a difference between the transcripts the transcripts are the ones that are labeled day 1 day 2 up through day 10. if you want to look at the notes and the questions that ustad is looking at that's not in the transcripts that's in the workbook so you have to keep going down on that same page the resource page scroll a little bit further down and you'll see the workbook and that's where to look for those inshallah the timings for the class are 9 30 to 12 30 central standard time the audio clips are not on the website yet there's still a little bit of technical issue with that inshallah we'll try to get those up as soon as possible how was your break great eye bitter and pink one okay very good we're going to do a little bit of exercise to see if you can recognize the mudafada filet your job isn't to make them your job is to recognize them yeah oh yeah yeah okay what page let's see let's see let's read through this together let's read through page number 21 together first it says the primary rules for the ibafa you see it yeah okay word before of should be light you guys already know that yes sir okay word after of should be injured status there's only one thing i need no long-distance relationship what does that mean it can be like you know they have to be one right after each other they can't be like two words after each other right the fourth and the fifth uh oh the fourth one will come back to but the fifth the mudaf and the muddafilay should be isms there can't be a heart for a feeling they have to be essential yeah that's right um so now there are three kinds of vidhafa we'll do that a little bit but let's do recognition first okay so we're gonna go to page 22 i believe it is 23. no 23. okay yeah are you dark practice so when you have a madoff and a modafile together they call so the first word is called the second one is called uh the whole thing is called yeah okay that's the word number one i'm assuming you don't have any vocabulary when you look at this yeah seems like it's light and it doesn't have al yeah so maybe it's a madoff yeah but al-jannata is definitely nasub yeah right which means it's definitely not uh yeah which means that would be an x okay that would not be a case of moldov and okay we're going to skip borhanakum because we don't know enough yet number 13 number 13. you guys discuss it and tell me i'll give you 30 seconds is this a yes or a no is this or no um yes okay so no uh oh no process what's the process so this is light it's light and it has no so this could be a mudaf good and then we gotta go and then the other one is the end [Music] okay so this is light and it doesn't have an l so partly you know we're not possibly possibly yeah yeah and then g is like e so it is so this is yep very good number 21. automatically uh we're skipping 25 because you don't know enough yet number 29 okay yeah the leads um this is so we can cross this off automatically why the bin because if it's right it's heavy yeah because if it was right skip 33 go to 37. does it meet the conditions is the first word meeting with conditions yes it is yeah because it's like okay so good possibly then it doesn't matter excellent answer light and heavy only matters for muda i didn't say anything about the mud filet being lighter heavy who cares yeah so long is this jar we good yeah yeah okay 37 is a yes number 41 it's in the quran don't get it wrong [Music] so this is alright automatically yes it's my process i know this can't be normaled off because it's a package deal it don't got the package it's heavy no way that is and it has no so it's meeting or conditions kind of possibly and then d i can already tell that is yet because of the e in it so it is correct yes and we're skipping 49 we're going to have 53. okay okay okay i can tell this is light yes okay it's like you're right it has no l right it's partly it's on it's on our condition it has one of the things we need um it's not so it it missed one part it's not in our package what did it miss yeah it's not joe yeah it's not no it's good arabic but it's not moldova [Music] this yes yes why because the first one is the sound it doesn't have and then the second one is so it goes yeah that's why this isn't without a but not yeah good what about this thing we say so this is it's um it's like noel so it me it has one of our things that we need and then allah he it does meet it because it has an e so it has a jet so it is a package you do that's right but what about the noon isn't that heavy because there's a noon on it no because we didn't if it was heavy what would it be excellent excellent answer that is correct okay oh yeah so we can automatically cross this out good job it came with onions correct medium the first part could possibly be a madonna but it has a line and then the other part is it's a combination right the second part rhymes with so it's not so we it came with it didn't come with too many onions yeah okay let's go to the second column i'm going to go all the way up let's make them a dizzy oh this way but this is number two number two okay that's um oh it's not like this because it came with a tomato that would be a no yeah that came with tomatoes that looks good no it's not it because because it has ants didn't meet my conditions [Music] that's yeah it is like so and then the other one has a fee it's c this one is they got the order right this is one of those protein bar questions [Music] is a sound or combination no this is always asked that first right it could be a combination right because 10 at uh 10 that could be a why would the tin be turned into e because it became light because why no didn't become light i forgot the thing because you shouldn't help us but i want to this time oh because of that yeah so it is a combination yeah now what do you know about that combination before you write the answer oh because if the combination i know if it doesn't come what status is feminine no what status is it um it's three three three three three one three there you go but i want what um i want jud so can i go with that yes yes so yes it is if it can be jad then it is jail this is not jada because of ending sound this is and this is because of ending combination yes master of the skies yes it has a it's heavy that's right it has it's heavy yeah no no yeah it does no it doesn't have an it's you believe in the unseen yeah oh yes it doesn't have it or no no it doesn't no it doesn't so it meets our expectations for the first time what about the word yes so it does yeah the miraculous signs of allah what about yeah no because i can already tell why god we're going to skip 38 we're going to go to 42 42 [Music] so this is the promise of allah that's right when you find a mud of malafi the meaning will have an of in it promise of allah yes right that's what this one means what that means promise yeah okay uh see let's see what do i want to do i think you got it you got the idea so i don't want to beat it over the head because you got a chance like that no okay i'm gonna say it to myself okay give a smart person instructions but not too much oh okay because if they get it they get it you have to beat it over the head yeah okay all right so you figured out the mudafandi uh now the hard ones the hard multiphobias are as follows um let's do two hard ones [Music] how many words three three we're going to go one word at a time we're dealing with maliki right now yeah okay we ask ourselves could maliki be a muddaf yes because yeah like i'm gonna say that it could be a modak yeah yeah for sure it will be a madoff if i can prove that the next word is yeah so what do i say uh yeah you can prove that one because it is just because me rhymes with e and e comes from the jedi section right so that's this is a mudaf yes and this is a muddafi okay i'm gonna ask you another weird question could you me which is already a modafi yeah could it also be emailed off yeah it could it could play two rules yeah let's prove it okay so what do you have to do it's light it has no s so does it meet those conditions too yeah yes so it's like it's doing the job of mudafile but it's also doing the job of buddha yeah okay and at the and to prove that it's the next word would have to be job yes is it yes yes but it's only judd because of the l because of the only it's only because it has al right wait no it has nothing to do with malafi there's only one thing for ramadan oh okay well there's no word after it mariam look there's no word after it anyway right so we don't even care about mudaf but can we prove that it's a modafi yes yes because of the enoch so it's necessary it's not enough it's not and the e is the ending sound now what goes between abu dhabi and and maliki means master yeah wow right because you could keep going on and on so long as the conditions are met yeah now last grammar thing about the subject who was the son of maryam oh jesus christ is that light and iflam yeah that's right yes does it meet mumbled off conditions yeah yes okay does could mariam bijar no no that's what i want you to get used to the answer is yes it is how yep medium is not an arab name oh it becomes anja right and if it could be it is yeah so this is the tricky one right whenever you come across a non-arab name that's when this weird stuff happens right so so this if it could be it is which means this is a muddafin which means the answer is what it is the translation is what if ibn means sun oh son of miriam son of money okay all right how many properties does an sm have four status or status number gender and type and if we didn't know these properties and if we didn't know light and heavy if we didn't know those things we could never figure out madoff yeah because i said light no ali you wouldn't know what that is i said the next word has to be you wouldn't know what that is right so we had to study those four properties so we can start making sense of phrases in arabic wow okay that's why the your and your first fragment in arabic is the lava it's the mudaf and the together uh and on that note of the mudafi mudafi now what you have to do is the following don't write anything just listen okay [Music] i want you to give me the four properties of rambi status number one status okay what's that uh good job yeah good and the number would be one good uh and then the gender gender uh whatever stands for that's masculine there's no sign of feminine so it's masculine now the thing is i taught you that if there's it's got an eyelash on it then it's proper yeah right and if it doesn't have on it it should be heavy like on an n is a remember yeah so it's it doesn't have the signs of properness and it also doesn't have the signs of commonness yeah because to be common generally what do you need on it but it doesn't have that so i'm not going to answer that one yet okay but wouldn't it be though uh because isn't that a name of allah no that's okay because you can say for example the master of the house and it's not referring to allah right so the word is not a name it's a description of allah okay so i already know meena is a combination good so the status status would be i think nj right but since but since this looks like a mulaf i'm not going to go with nasa borja this time i'm just going to go with job okay okay and where did you find it uh i think was it in the singular column the pear column or the plural column the plural so i'm going to put three there yeah so now and right there's no which heart is it uh this is masculine so i'm gonna put masculine is it common or proper why because of that yes oh i raised it because of that you found all four properties yeah yeah now let me tell you something rabbi has its own properties has its own properties but there is one property of rabbi missing yeah common or proper we always borrow that property from the mudaf so if the mudafi lays proper then the mubaf is proper if the mudafi is common then the mudaf is also common common okay so when you when i ask you to figure out the four properties of rubby you're going to give me the status the number the gender but you will not give me the type until you look at the type of yeah then that's how you'll give me the type okay so like the second one and the first one if it doesn't give you it you have to go to the second one the second the first one will never give you it the mudaf will never give you type it'll give you three it will not give you four okay so you find the fourth one fourth one will be borrowed from whatever it is you you match it okay but the other stuff it's got to do its own thing okay okay let's try another one like that i honestly like this it's it's like figuring out math problems yeah yeah jose can you explain that concept one more time yeah with this practice it'll become clearer let's go through it again so um let's not use sudulu because then the other complication comes in let's say uh the third one is number gender so this is masculine because there's no sign of fem good and then uh we can't find it here because you did see that this is a mudaf and this is a mullah yeah right so we can't answer that fourth question all right calming this status number i'm gonna help you plural because the arab said so oh yeah because remember generation nation nation yeah nation yeah so and that's masculine yeah i'll help you with that and then um common or proper that's proper no this is common well to be common or proper if you see al on it go with proper if it's a name go with proper otherwise go with so what do you want to go with if you if it's going to be common then dino will also have to be common okay so you figure out the four properties of the mudaf you look at the four properties of the mudak but the one property that does have to absolutely match between them is common common or proper proper and who decides it decides now the other thing i want you to know is we look at these things as one like the whole idla if somebody said what are the four properties of dinu right what are the four properties of the mudaf you would answer this right if somebody said what are the four properties of the mudafile you would answer this yeah and somebody said what are the four properties of the whole thing as one right if if if somebody asked that then the answer would be this also meaning the mudaf represents the whole thing okay so once you figure out the four properties of the madhav that represents if you put parentheses around it that would be the four properties of the whole thing yeah okay but if you if you go inside the parentheses komin has its own four properties deen has its own four properties but the idla fall together dinu is in the driver's seat okay and it's kind of cool because he got his four properties by sharing a little bit from the previous one too so it does represent both in some way right so that's why you know both of those go hand in hand so what questions about that so they're like distant relatives yeah non-distant attached relatives oh yeah attached like cousins they're closer up very close relatives aren't they yeah okay uh johan yeah um for some reason there's a lot of misunderstanding on um a lot of people think it's feminine for some reason uh comb is not feminine there's no reason to consider it feminine almost plural because the arabs so it's not a broken plural so undo that confusion but they're not wrong entirely sometimes allah does use it for with feminine too so that does happen without saying like the nation but we'll deal with that when the time comes what and what that implies did you say like the nation of news wow understanding everything okay all right other questions they're still rolling in okay i think we're good to go okay repeat after me everybody watching this around the world repeat out loud out loud i don't care if you're on a bus i don't care if you're around people that think you're weird they already judged you so it's okay it's too late for you [Laughter] five look at it five times out loud some of you online this is what you're doing oh wow take go good good good good excellent job okay everybody out loud together [Music] okay [Music] stop calling this lao i don't know why you think mortal kombat for let me just make a quick [Music] wow [Laughter] this is a very sensitive mic it hurt your wrist well i forgot the third min okay okay i'm going to give you three minutes review this and know it like your own name to be as good at this as you were at that so okay i'm gonna put on the screen repeat it to yourselves three minutes is all i'm giving you three minutes let's go i will circle you for pressure wow [Music] okay both of you will practice this at home open up page 27 in your workout on your in your work work book book 27. it's a special modal practice maybe i got the number wrong it should be 27 27 is the primary rules for half and dead oh okay tiny and it's must be 26 then that's the primary rule and you see this is 27. i was right yeah it is 27. yes primary rules for heart failure yeah you see the ba wow allah this is the first time you're learning about a half a half is a word that makes no sense unless a word comes after good another another word comes after it there are different kinds of different groups of health yeah yeah the first group of health you should know about is called the half of it what are they called there are 17 of them but i made you memorize 11 of them okay okay i really at least got you started on memorizing 11 of them you're going to go home and practice that and get it right just these 11. when you come back for round 2 you're going to do the 17. that's going to be it's a longer list so the shortlist bata list okay so this this list is first of all remind yourself what a harf is a word that doesn't make sense good these guys don't make sense on their own yeah something has to come after them and what comes after them is an islam and that ism becomes jar because of them okay in arabic listen to this carefully in arabic there are two reasons in the universe of arabic there are only two reasons why something should be java the number one reason is it's a mudafi because the mudafi comes after of therefore it should be yeah right the only other reason you can make something jar is it got beat up by one of these guys one of these words came and made it what are the words that can make a word job wow these are the guys that make the next word after them you ever heard your your friends say wallahi yeah is wow part of this list which is why they have to say that's why it became jar because wow is part of this list okay now is bob part of this list yes the letter it's the first one right so when you say [Music] the word now yeah what's the reason bar made that's because that's why it's miss me because bae is a half of java so it became this me is that okay it's contagious it's yeah it's contagious and it makes sure that the next word is jav okay so uh al-hamdu you read um no what is it um [Music] should i say asha or billfield list guys part of this list yeah kaf made the next word so every one of these guys has one job just make sure the next word is so there are two kinds of jar jar because of a mudaf that made it a mudafide there are two separate ones yeah this is never going to be called mudaf and mudafi never why because a mudaf has to be an islam this is not an ism this is a half right so there are two reasons in arabic why a word can be i'll say it over and over again two reasons for a word to be job the second reason is the half of job and then it has to be helpful and then the next system has to be job okay you guys know yes how do you reach for the last service what do you think because of but that's why when i said i brought the talween back yeah because there's no el to get rid of it right how can we tell when it's a part of the word and when it's not uh you can't that's just not something that will ever happen for you ever not in a thousand no it will happen relax you'll tell right now i'm not teaching you this so you open up the quran and figure it out right now the only thing you need to worry about is what i'm teaching you we'll open quran together and then when we do this the right way then you will every time figure it out i will i will murder you if you don't figure it out right i will get you so right now don't worry about that don't get ahead of yourself right now i'll help you figure it out that's my job right now your job is not to conquer chapters of the quran that you haven't even we haven't even touched here yet don't get ahead of yourself remember i told you before i'm teaching you how to swim inside a bathtub yeah now we're in the kiddie pool yep so don't don't jump in the ocean yet i'm gonna find the rocks yeah you will more than the water not yet be patient with yourself and be patient with me we'll get there and we'll get there together inshallah okay right now what do i need from you not to find these in the quran right now i need you to say them off the top of your head like like there's nothing like you should now become officially socially awkward when what's wrong with you and you say hold on a second and they'll then they'll just say and they'll hang up but the point is you need to repeat this repeat this repeat this until it's drilled in your head page 6 page 27 don't need to be in your notes these are your notes now the things that i need you to memorize need to be in your head once they are in your head then this will start becoming second nature did you notice these words come in the beginning of the word or the end of the word beginning they're always in the beginning their meanings not that important right now that'll come over time because i'm looking at the long-term game plan yeah i don't have to crowd your brain with the meanings right now that'll come easily when the time is right right now you just need to know their job what's their job their job is to next make the next word job what are the half of jar wow since you're on a memorization trip okay this is gonna be hard to say what do you try first no no no it's not doesn't say say this [Music] [Music] [Music] in it's like one line and two line the second line has three words that start with the letter l try to say that five times those of you that want to see this in your notes this is on page 28. you want us to remember my sister why do you think i'm making you memorize it because i want you to memorize it okay now do this together again i'm starting you off in class your homework today is nothing but vata what do they do they make the next word they are the half of yes they're all over the quran virtually on every page yeah okay oh yeah they are absolutely they are and you're going to see a lot of it you're going to see a lot of any page of the quran you're going to see a whole bunch of them so you have to know these words even if you don't know what they mean i'll repeat myself even if you don't know what they mean i don't care about the meaning right now but i do need you to memorize them i am my teaching method is a mix of the eastern way of teaching and the western way of teaching the eastern way of teaching is the teacher just makes you memorize a bunch of things whether you understand them or not in the western way of teaching you have to explain everything and people don't memorize as much you know what the eastern way people don't understand very well but even 20 years later they remember what they memorized and in the western way people understand really well but after taking the exam they forget everything yes right so you want to take the best of both right now in the beginning i just need you to memorize some things these are small things i don't know if we can upload the audios on the resource page jawad if we're not able to do that let's just make a url or something and get those audios out to them so they can practice that today because i really want the students to be able to um i could make a one minute youtube video sure why not but i but this is something i absolutely need you to memorize page 26 page twenties oh it was page six page twenty seven and page twenty eight right the muslim chart the half of you have to know it there's no choice there's no choice in this matter and you have to know it really really well so they just roll off your tongue allah this is what your energy must be exhausted on okay there are other things we have to learn we're but i i don't want to crowd too many lessons in one place i just want you to just grasp this right now look at how this happens in the quran for short surahs you already memorized and you didn't even realize what's happening [Music] oh why isn't it coloring it what happened to my color what happened to my marker color okay okay i'll make green this is the second reason something should be nothing i told you something should be nestled because it's a detail remember yeah now there's another reason another reason is it got beat up by a half of nasa in which somebody says what's the heart of nasa what are they you say oh yeah okay and inner-lin-san allah fee goes back to half of jar and what does it do to hose okay somebody asked me a long time ago if ina could be nasa or jar how am i supposed to know which one it is somebody asked me many months ago i think it was i say if you see inna in the beginning which is a half of what then you learned that ina could be nus of orja but right now it's one million percent guaranteed what nasa there's on it and bob makes it yeah so it's not nestle borja no more it's definitely jobs problem solved you say be you sofa but which one is it right now it's just yeah it's absolutely because of what but if i said you suffer which one is it for sure no because what came before it is telling you what the status is yeah why is the status business so important because when we open up one of those books they're going to say this word is rafa and you know what we learned from this rafah and they're going to write a page about that they're going to write what you learn from that rafa what you learn from that muslim what you learn from that job what is allah telling us through this status right and then there will be sometimes there'll be a debate among scholars we think this is nasa others will say no we think this is jav and those who say it's nasa will give their explanation and those who think it's jal will give their explanation none of this is something you have any understanding of right now unless you do this when you do this then those discussions open up and you see quran in a different depth you see what the people you know these people think about it i want you to think about this each of these people these books you know how like let me show you i don't know you can see on the camera let me zoom in a little bit i'm not going to move the camera because i don't have a camera man right now but you see how these books are kind of matchy yeah right and then these books are kind of similar yeah and these books are kind of similar and these books are similar like that right these are volumes of books right each one of these are people that spend 20 30 years thinking about every ayah of the quran spent their life thinking about it and writing about it so each one of these volumes you know in a sense is like a lifetime of a person that's spent a lifetime of work that they spent on the quran wow right so many lives and so many and these are different centuries 40 scholars came together and wrote this commentary there's so many different commentaries each one of them from a different time like different century different place right like books like day back to like 19 some of them are very old some of them are like you know and some of them are from 100 years ago some of them are from 400 years ago some of them were 30 years ago you know some of them are just like you know some of these are like 700 800 years ago right and but all of those people did this they did this and they some of them were from andalusia they were in spain some of these people were in africa some of these people were in you know in buhari and in you know the the place of your ancestry and mine actually also some of these people were in india some of these people were in the heart of the arab land some of these people were in madina some of these people were in morocco and all of these people in different times and different places were pondering the words of allah right so when one of the most amazing things about studying tafsir is that you are opening up a page that was somebody else's life and that that those hours of their life were dedicated to writing that page and it's like you get a glimpse into their life right it's so beautiful it's such a powerful thing so this stuff yeah this stuff is hard it's work it's work that's why i'm taking hours doesn't take me five minutes to teach you it takes me three hours to teach you yeah right but the reason we're going to go through this is it's going to connect us not just to the quran but it's going to connect us to the people of the quran these people that just they're such amazing human beings that came before us some of them recently died like that we back do you see those yellow ones back there yeah a really big one he didn't even write it he just gave lectures and those lectures were turned into a book and he didn't even get to finish the whole quran he just did that just right and then he passed away but we're going to read his work we're going to read the work of you know well that's that one's in urdu so we maybe not read that one but his teacher hamilton wrote in arabic and wrote beautifully we're going to read this and they all had different things to think about when they came to the quran right how we're going to connect to that that's such a such a motivation right that we are we're going to meet these people one day on judgement day and there's going to be a section for the quran people right the people who dedicated themselves to the quran we're going to hang out with them too hey i read your book you did what yeah i love volume five there were volumes they were just piles of paper when i was there yeah i read it you know we're gonna geek out on jannah one day by allah's mercy you know i mean for jannah we don't say inshallah we just say by allah's mercy okay right so the this is you know something i wish for you and what i wish for you guys is you know i'm hoping you get a taste of this intensive and i know less and lesser people will be able to keep up and that's okay but i want to leave this archive behind so that anybody who decides to spend it says man i have the time i make i have the commitment i have the intention but i just don't have the resources i don't know where to go to learn right i want to be able to leave something behind that someone who says that says no i have a place i can learn i have if i have the time even if i'm sitting at home in quarantine i can do this i can spend the hours i can struggle through it and allah will open those doors right so who knows maybe 40 years from now somebody's watching this and learning it long after i'm gone long after you and i are gone and they're benefiting from what we're doing and we're working we're helping connect them a little bit to allah's book right so this is why i keep calling it a labor of love a labor of love a labor of love because man you doesn't it feel good to say oh man we just figured out that's john we did four properties of the word allah and we just figured out that's a mudhaf i remember the first time i figured out a muddafin we did this class i was at your level and our teacher taught mudaf mudafile and is this one yes is this one no is that exact exercise right and then we had maghrib salah right and i'm standing in m but i was so happy that i was thinking about the status and the number and the connection because before then all i used to do and stand there is what i should think about is how come this part of the carpet is going this way and that kind of one is going that way does that look like a face is that a spacecraft is that what's staring that ever happened to you yes because that's all i'm thinking about right but then all of a sudden i'm thinking about allah's words and i remember when the first time that happened in the prayer i just sat there and i cried and then before class started i just went into doctor and i gave him a hug and i just said thank you because i didn't even know what it meant but i knew that was and i checked later and it was i was like ask allah to make this easy for you and he will our job is my job is to try to help you with as many questions as i can any review issues jawad actually one of the things i want you to do uh starting tomorrow is i'm going to try to get here a little bit early and open it up at 9 00 a.m the the the cast and you'll be here with me anybody who wants to come in earlier and ask questions jawad or i will be here to just answer your questions as many as we can you know in a live setting um because i just i just really want you to just spend this time and just get it and get as much from it as you possibly can now some people have the mentality oh is this going to be recorded is this going to be saved because i'll come back to it later listen you don't come back to brushing your teeth later you don't come back to eating lunch later you don't come back to going to sleep later you don't come back to watching a movie later don't come back to watching your netflix series later everything else can be later quran don't make it later i don't care if it's this class or somebody else's those recordings you're never going to come back to them you're not going to focus the i could i could sit in a studio and record this and not have you live i could do that just fine actually in fact i've already done that i've already done it why am i doing it live because this is me trying to tell you get to put other things aside and do it you know i have a trainer right i i work out an exercise and i you know sometimes i get lazy and he says fine if you don't want to invest in yourself that's your issue i mean i'm not asking you to make time for me or for something else you're making time for your own health you're making time to to better yourself to fix your own back issues to fix your own neck issues fix your own posture you know to to stand upright to be healthier to be stronger whatever it is right so it's an investment in myself into when somebody exercises and eats right they're investing into their body right when somebody gets enough rest and engages in positive activities they're investing into their mind maybe when you're spending time with arabic and quran when you're doing this what are you investing into you're investing into your heart you're investing into your iman you're investing into your connection with allah that's an investment and every investment takes time effort and pain let me tell you no investment that is worth it comes without time effort and pain so we got to do it yes i can do yes you can't do it do it again do it again do it again do it again beg allah and do it again and you will do it and you will own it does it bring the head should help too it absolutely helps yeah that's what i did this morning you did yeah thanks i was like hey give me a hug oh you make me love you so much masha'allah yeah motivation wake up for fajr man if you if you just do this there were people that would when when i was learning arabic you know what i was would cry about i would cry about the fact that i can't leave i don't have the money to go to egypt or go to syria or go to iraq or go to you know some place in the muslim medina go and learn arabic i'm stuck here in queens i got to work full time i got a job i gotta barely have enough money to pay for the bus that's that's what i got to do but i want to learn this thing now you don't have to get up you don't have to get on a train to go ask a sheikh what this word in arabic means you don't have i have to do that you don't have to do that you have to log in online you don't have to go to it it's coming to you it's coming to you the question is are you there it's there it used to be that the thirsty used to go to the well now the well is coming to the thirsty and then the thirsty one says i'll do it later there's too many wells here i don't know which one to drink from it's choice that is killing us it's choice the choice to take we do with our time as we please that's what keeps us from making an investment invest into yourself invest into your learning invest into your quran this quran the prophet salam called it our companion how is it going to be your companion if you don't build that relationship every relationship you know if you want to make a relationship work you got to work on communication right here you are working on communication here i am working on communication and you think i'm done learning no i'm not i'm actually pretty mad at myself i'm behind on the class my homework so i got to get my energy levels back up because between this and the prep for the seed pursuit for yusuf i'm you know getting a little bit lazy so i gotta pick myself up and i i'm doing my own learning my learning of arabic isn't done my learning of quran isn't done i'm very much a student so i have to i have to beat myself up just like you do and we have to ask ourselves is this worth it or not is this worth our time or not so put that time and put that energy in do memorize do the homework if you need the extra help do the reviews come and ask the questions bombard us it's okay we'll do what we can there's a few of us but we're going to do everything we can and those of you that are watching this that have graduated from access that are teaching your own courses that have graduated from the dream program in the past or you know people that have get them to get on here get them to get on here and help volunteer just answer people's questions don't give them the wrong answer though just make sure you know your stuff before you answer questions but help out engage in qur'an the best of you are the ones who learn quran and teach quran so before i let you guys go today i'm going to give you and myself a reminder from the the quran and inshallah we'll call it a day okay so let's pick an ayah to talk about actually let me open up a book says i want you to wet your appetite for learning these things so i'm just going to take one of my favorite books and open up randomly okay so let's do okay let's do it with dr simon right these books are so small but like when you realize like this takes like years of work it's like crazy no yeah that's right okay which one can we do that would be oh you know what okay something else there's so much holiness guys in this area it takes like a minute to like find like you know the best holy book for us right now there you go okay so if somebody says what's the big deal i can just read a translation right nope it's here you can't handle that yet yes here we are hmm sorry i'm geeking out a little bit hold on i wonder i don't know okay let's try this okay muhammad gave khalid the book okay [Music] muhammad a [Music] m and so on there's more muhammad gave khalid the book yeah these are all the different ways and there are more of saying muhammad gave the book in arabic okay the word muhammad you know what it means you know what khalid means we know what kitab means and the word gave right so this one muhammad gave khalid the book and this one gave muhammad khalid the book this one gave book muhammad khalid and then this one gave khalid muhammad book and this one last one gave khalid book muhammad yeah right so you can order it in any which way now what the the the concept here is each one of them is actually basic basically saying that muhammad gave khalid a book but each one of them is telling you something else in the first case the person would put muhammad in the beginning to say for example no you're wrong it wasn't it wasn't it wasn't kareem who gave the book it was muhammad in fact he was the one who gave khalid the book so you're correcting somebody in the second one you're simply asking who gave muhammad the book or who who did muhammad give the book to he gave it to khalid and the third one you're shocked that muhammad of all things he wanted to give khalid i expected him to give him a bike i expected him to give him some legos i expected to give him a video game he gave him a book and so you put so muhammad had a book and he wanted to give to somebody but he didn't he couldn't figure out if he should give it to zainab or maryam or whoever else but one person who was definitely not on his list was khalid and of all the people he thought of giving the book to he gave it to khalid and said and then muhammadan actually suggests that muhammad i can't believe he gave it to khalid he gave khalid a present and of all things he could have given him he gave him a book can you believe muhammad did that like each one of them is implying a different mood oh okay a different sense and none of this is inside muhammad gave khaled the book but this different arrangements of words in a sentence if you don't understand that then one of the great powerful sciences of the arabic language the way that words are ordered and what does it communicate what psychology does it communicate in in geeky terms you can call this communication psychology you know it's it's uh the the mindset of the person speaking this is what we have to get to when you study grammar you get to that point and then there are books like you know what they do they take a sentence in the quran allah said it this way and there's another place in the quran allah said it a little bit differently he ordered it a little bit differently and then we say why did allah say it this way here why did he say it this way there and there's an exploration now it's different from when i'm talking why did you say it like this here why do you say it like that there but when allah talks and he rearranges things then and you discover a little bit of why maybe he did that this cannot be human this cannot be human like i'll give you an easy example before i let you guys go aman [Music] okay this is not part of arabic class now this is quran example okay so just don't ask me quite don't know don't answer arabic questions about this officially we're not doing that we're just just example for appreciation learning will happen later this is just appreciation right now okay look at the english we believe in him and upon him or or him we trust [Music] okay let's just do it like that so it's okay yeah or him we rely on we'll just say we'll rely on that's better we believe in him and him we rely on now the normal way to say this in english would be we believe in him and rely on him right so what's unusually ordered let me change the coloring here first you say what you do then you mention him yeah right we believe and then you say in him right and if you keep the same order you would say and we rely on him but we say and him actually literally says and on him we rely or upon him we rely so when the arabic does that see the arabic of the ayah and sultan bulk is yeah if it was normally ordered it would be amenable allah didn't say it like that allah moved this over and said i'm messing it up okay there we go right now why do that you see if you move something before you were expecting it in arabic it can give the meaning of only only but if you don't move it it doesn't give you only so here means only upon him we rely okay now look but then why not say we only believe in him because you see in the first part if you put this earlier and you say in him we believe that would mean only in him do we but that's not true we believe in him we believe in the prophet we believe in the book we believe in the angels we believe in the afterlife we believe in heaven we believe in hell we believe in risk we believe in you know qatar we believe in so many things right but if we said we only believe in him that would be wrong but when it comes to relying on allah we don't rely on the prophet we don't rely on the angels we don't rely on the afterlife we don't rely on allah's creation who do we rely on only allah only allah so and upon him we realize so the order was changed immediately because the lesson you have to learn about believing in allah is once you believe in allah then other beliefs come with it yeah so it's not limited to allah but once you rely on allah all the other reliances go away right and so to teach us that all the other reliances go away alaihi was placed earlier only upon him do we rely um this is this is this is yeah so this is about why words are ordered the way they are right now we're learning the order of the mudaf and but then later on we're going to learn the order of sentences and why are we doing all this technical stuff so that we can have one wow moment in the quran then another wow moment in the quran then another wow whoa yeah oh my god that's too much let me take a break you know that's the point of all of this and i want that to be a personal thing for you not just that you hear me talk about it in a lecture you'll learn it to the point where you can share it with somebody else you can share with your family members you can share with somebody who wants to learn that's that's your goal inshallah the best of us will be the ones who learn it and then go on to teach it i pray that allah makes your journey easy for you allah protects you from laziness allah protects you from becoming hopeless and giving up on yourself that allah gives you opens up your time and makes the the sacrifice of time you're making easy for you and he rewards you for spending that time by making other things in your life easier i pray your your food becomes easier to cook and your job becomes easier to do and there's less traffic on the road because you're doing this and there's all the other things get easier because you're giving time to allah's book you know we we ask allah for things we make dua to allah for things hoping he will give them to us but let me tell you when you do when you spend time with allah's book you won't even be asking and allah will be giving you i'm telling you you won't even have to ask allah will give you because you're giving his book time you're you're doing that so become those people and i pray i am counted among them and i pray all of you are counted among them