Dropkick The Person Off The EDGE


Team Edge


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Bryan: Whose idea was this? Bobby: Hey guys welcome to tackle a person off the ledge we're team edge and this is kevin Bobby: I'm Bobby Joey, and Bryan are in those boxes. Bobby: My goal is to dropkick the box that they're in and try and get them out. Kevin: Make sure you stay till the end because the loser is gonna get blindfolded, tied up, and pushed off the edge. Bryan: Oh, that sounds terrible. Bobby: That's so werid dropkicking with nothing in them. Kevin: I smell fear bobby. Oh, I smell Bryan fear more than anything, I'm saying right there. Bryan: Dang it, I think they saw my feet. Kevin: Give me the slingshot Bobby: You get'em? Bryan: Who's idea was this? Kevin: I told you I smelt his fear! Bryan: That didn't feel good :( Bryan: I'm a dropkick some people today for sure Bobby: Let's go Kevin: Look, Bobby, The crowd is goin WILD *Quiet cheers* Bobby: I'm gonna go for the one all the way on the left. Bryan: Oh wow awesome good choice, Bobby Bobby: Here we go! Bryan: Bobby! you're gonna take his head off! Kevin: Bryan's trying to reverse psychology right now to make me want to put in front of that box Kevin:But I'm not gonna fall for his reverse..Bobby: reverse reverse reverse you just reversed Bryan: You're lucky Bobby didn't get you do because this is what I see did you like straight like right here Bobby: You're saying that a million people are inside that camera..? J-Fred: Hey guys like down below if you want to see a team edge TV show on MTV J- Fred: Not gonna happen ever, but you know Bobby: I can feel my helmet so on top of my hair Bobby: And then it goes like a pinch - hey, Kevin, but what if we get in the same box? Kevin: We can get this one yeah, and you put your back towards here, and I'll be over there Kevin: But if they kick the right box and we're both out, and then they win Bobby: that's the downside though Kevin: yes Kevin: It is Kevin: Do I face you or do I put my back..? Bobby:Or kiss at very high velocity? J-Fred: As you stand on this line study the boxes for movement Bryan: Alright come back come back. I know it's not this one. Kevin: Yeah, no we get to move now Kevin: We might have to stay in the same one cuz Bobby can't get out.. J-Fred: We about to turn Bobby into some Kobe beef Bobby: Moving on Bobby: To the next round!J-Fred: what's going on here is we are on top of a platform J-Fred: And we're gonna be inside boxes the wheels on top of them, and we're gonna get knocked off onto this cement J-Fred: Kevin is on Bobby's team and he's gonna be in one of the boxes and a Bobby hits Kevin they loose J-Fred: Hi, my name is Joey and for $9.99 you can buy me at Toys R Us in one month J- Fred: It'll be $2.99 because Toys R Us is going out of business ~I'm a Toys R Us kid~(Just Audio~) Bobby: Leonidas is deaf for this round. What what does he usually say? Leonidas: My queen! Bobby: Hey, Kevin wiggle your fingers up and down if that's you Bryan: Don't cheat. Bobby: Alright. I'm not looking in the crack all that sounds terrible. I'm gonna go with one on the right. THIS IS SPARTA! Bobby: Joey! I got Joey! J-Fred: This. Is. A. Shame. J-Fred: Kevin cheated! Kevin cheated for sure! Kevin: How'd I cheat for sure? *mumbling* J-Fred: It brings it back for when I was two I feel like I'm 2! Help, I can't get out! Yo Yo, yo yo I J-Fred: I'm gonna go for the shaky eggs and Bakey make a little earthquake. He make a big mistake II you know I'm sayin J-Fred: Are you entertained I'm so needy I need to entertain people Kevin: Am I talking loud no. I'm good okay. Hey Kevin Stenson Yaaa! Kevin: Love you guys. I love you guys very much. Love you! Bryan: that dude talks a lot tell him to hurry up. Bryan: That was frightening Bobby: Camera inception what what what I'm watching myself Kevin: Okay well what's going on? Oh? What's good? What's good? Kevin: It went up all the way to my lungs bro, give me a beat Brian give me a beat Kevin: You're lame J-fred: (Singing) I've been in this box for quite a while J-Fred:(Singing) Feeling like I need to birth a child. no feeling like I'm a child! Bryan: Joey which one are you in? Hauns, trans, J-Fred: All right so for the punishment they have to trust fall, but there's nothing behind them, so I don't know what their putting their trust into. J-Fred: Aw, you guys have it so badd, you have to fall on pillows! Bryan: You guys go check out rocket League in real life right over here Bryan: We were riding on electric quads, and we were playing rocket League in real life and go watch the soda bottle clip challenge Bryan: We're flipping soda bottles it was a big old mess everywhere fizz fizz combination combination overload Everyone: Peace!