Drum Compression with Vance Powell the UAD EL8 Distressor


Universal Audio


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hi this is vance powell i'm here in nashville tennessee at sputting sound today i want to talk to you a little bit about one of my favorite plug-ins ever made and that is the uad distressor plug-in all right so let me show you how i'm using these so i like to do a very slow attack which basically allows the transient past then the compression happens in the body of the kick drum and then with the snare i like the attack a little bit fast so that the snare initial transient is pushed down in the mix a bit now i'm going to slide the dirt the wet which is the compressed signal into this a little bit at a time now you can tell it's just subtle so let me play it with it off and with it on [Music] it's a really great way to use the uad distressor to add power to drums check them out