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new year new seats 2021 baby let's roll let's head into the intro let's go back this isn't right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the first ot of 2021 i do an intro tall guy wow middle seat comes with pressure for about 10 seconds she laughed in the middle i was excited with my new seat i thought i was left seating the whole time i'm not bringing the show intro i was gonna make it up you know what we're just gonna wing it first episode of the new year cool now cool sweet and then a new segment oh how about yeah why not and let's bring back judge duty and we'll finish it with everybody's favorite wheel why'd you do that if you were making it up had to cool first cool not cool item of 2021 a lot of pressure here i would like to nominate a man cody me yes all right what if i told you that there's a product out there that would keep me from ever blowing my nose again i would sign up i would i would green you so fast i would pay full price say no more it's sniff relief reduces sinus pressure and congestion with soothing heat it's actually warming my nasal cavity right now and the mucus is evaporating uh how long's battery pack last it's plugged in so you got to be buying an outlet dude hold on try it before you hate it guys i'm breathing through my nose yeah i haven't done that in years i'm winging it i'm congested i'd like to try it will you all remind me if we're doing the whole honesty thing this year yes we are yeah okay it feels pretty good can you breathe hasn't affected my breathing at all yeah i just wanted to say if they had just marketed this as a heating blanket for your face that's a huge win cody will harken back to peace in a box this is no piece in a box new vocab board and you know what every episode of overtime this year we're gonna bring you a new vocab word harkin kobe uh spell it and give us a quick definition parkin taking you back into the past h-a-r-k-e-n harkin that's right this thing is no bueno consider this an educational series this year folks i like it i just thought you could have sold it better i don't know i don't know what to say nothing against the product it's just against you all right who's next can i follow that no i can't it's this guy's turn for real yeah ladies and gentlemen i'd like to ask you a few simple questions what is one of the best activities you can possibly do fishing i'll answer that question for you go to the aquarium oh i was close what if you could bring the best part of every aquarium into your own home you mind turning off the lights for me i proudly present to you jellyfish at home oh that looks sick some would say this is the lava lamp of the 21st century i like it i'm in i love it cory i've gotten to the point where i like to sleep in complete darkness but as a child i needed a night light right sick nightlight oh that's a good point yeah i can only say one hold on let me pull a little closer yeah you don't need to i got stung by one of these things as a kid and then i got peed on after because of that i'm out no lights back on please chad where are you okay who's next garrett 100 i'm gonna make it easy make it quick we live in a new world 2021 and that is you know masks that's totally fine but you got to wash them all the time you know dude you look like a bad guy dude wow it's loud in here wait oh gosh it was upside down oh no no i'm not gonna lie it's hard to hear you right now i feel like i'm yelling how do you eat okay okay it might be easier to stick a burger in there and then just kind of go for it when you want it what would you say are the benefits well you know i just don't really like the face shields i feel like you know people don't really realize that it can come in from the side people don't realize that you know that can get underneath this is fully protected the air purifier is just nice it feels cool hey best part durable durable baby hey throw your button at me preferably green actually all right you ready yeah this could be bad here's what i'll say to me this is speaking to american ingenuity finding an idea and making it a reality i like it a lot nice i liked the way you sounded a lot are you gonna spin your old mic you just want to choose me no i'll spin yeah of course ladies and gentlemen this is an incredible product especially if you're a bad singer here we have an auto tuning karaoke machine no way sing prove it no that's pretty good high note hold on you can sing you know what you sound like t-pan and i like it give me the overtime theme song tall guy beard twins sick do you want to do it i think i'm going to take it up a few octaves yeah yeah please do give me a random object jellyfish what's a jellyfish's name pancakes and where does he live garrett's fish tank and facemask what's his favorite thing to do sell baseball cards pancake was a jellyfish who lived in a penguin garrett's house his favorite thing to do was play with baseball cards and he sold them and made tons of cash tons of cash i'm in let's go that'll just make you wish everything you said was auto-tuned yeah there's only one person left i'm gonna need everybody go downstairs are you kidding me no way where everybody's got come on it's a group trip gentlemen who has wanted to show up and be the life of the party but the problem is you're just not that funny i'm right there okay you show up to the party with this that looks expensive the laser cube in your pocket definitely expensive you are the coolest man there as you can see here this is just phase one you're mesmerized okay you might be thinking okay that's cool you can do designs on the wall but did you also know that you could play i don't know games you need to bring your mac and an hdmi cable check me out laser oh that's sick you want to know what else you can do check it out whoa that's cool when you catch the funky beat i call this party going up party going up party party going up the party going up you know what i'm saying you guys are just at the party and then somebody turns this sick beat on and then you're just like oh yeah i feel like how matches would be that's that's all sorry i saw a red button down there and i hit it it turned it off oh care i agree i'm red red had a lot of potential ty it's a red for me dog oh well i guess that's cool i was never really a big social guy anyway a little loser guys we got a cube in the corner come back down to the party back to the desk i hate to tell you guys this that party really picked up after you guys thought you guys missed that no that's unlikely hey stop talking about the party let's just move on next segment go to the next one don't even care what it is it's new go to it this is an exciting one have you guys ever been so inspired by something that you decided to create your own series around it is that what happened here that's exactly what happened here oh it's from stereotypes it got out of hand it got crazy and it got real fun and we decided you know what let's just make an entire series around fighting each other for absolutely no reason ladies and gentlemen we present our first ever fights do the empire race taxes again really i'm gonna have to cancel my galactic golf membership discretionary income's at an all-time low right now hey did you eat they're so good i know the empty box oh i should throw it away yeah you should talk about that sorry put your blaster down fight me like a real man first day in the academy yeah i've been having issues with this one give me one sec sorry let me just grab it it'll be way easier sorry about that that's stuck in the cute lightsaber good thing i have the high ground what you doing there weirdo oh yeah oh no one class you learned that uh mrs bink's seventh grade science class i think it's just static oh yeah i don't even know why we work out shooting practice would be way smarter oh hey sorry but he didn't mean that you got to be careful where you're forced sorry buddy yeah you're all right true oh sorry i'm in training i forgot i'm bad dude that was even me that was the green guy oh come on ah just so you know i finished the syrup huh vader's waffles these were from darth oh wow he is not going to be happy can we please inform darth we've got a food violation code 611. it was i tried to stop him sir i tried to stop him you know what i could see us doing very soon what snowball fight harry potter won battle indiana jones whipmasters the options are open they're endless there's a lot of directions we could go and i think we will go fight team's going to be a stable for a long time that's half time thank you to lords mobile for sponsoring this episode of overtime lords mobile is free to play and combine strategies from mmo rpg city building and strategy games upgrade your heroes castles and set sail to conquer your enemies choose the right strategy and lineup to smash thousands of enemies with one single push of a button you can expand your kingdom by attacking and capturing other kingdoms and with 340 million players online it's easy to make friends that's perfect for you brother you're always looking for a couple more bucks i have none when you download the game using the link in the description below lord's mobile will be giving away up to one thousand dollars to the top ten might rank players also the top five will be getting a signed dude perfect basketball and you know what if you're not a top five guy like me don't worry about it because lord's mobile will be giving away up to forty thousand dollars in cash prizes to uh some lucky winners so click the link in the description to download lords mobile today and get your 350 dollar in-game lords mobile gift pack it's third quarter time you know what that means what time to head to judge duty do we have a doozy for you today before we show you what is about to take place in this courtroom i think it's important to note a few things this is a real-life case that happened back in the day this is a real family with real issues two twins were living under the same roof things got nasty things got heated most of the people in this world would not be able to solve the issue but luckily we have one of the most wise ambiguous judges ben fit there one of the most succulent judges getting worse bonanza bipartisan one of the most bipartisan judges i have ever seen in the history of the judge books let's head to the courtroom you are about to enter the courtroom of judge duty tensions are high dudes may cry but the rulings are final this is judge duty kobe cotton is claiming that his twin brother cory cotton never paid rent when they lived together all right ultra floss case number 526 cotton versus cotton it's a beautiful day to sue somebody isn't it gentlemen case 526 cotton versus cotton who is suing who i am suing this gentleman only one person can be the same and he is the suey i mean he's got papers we have determined that mr cotton is suing mr cotton thank you to make this simpler what is your middle name kobe it is mr cotton what is your first name john mr john that is what we will call you that is your legal binding name mr cotton what is your legal first name william mr john and mr william what do we settle in colonies over here gentlemen that's funny sir let's get to the bottom of this it is my understanding that mr john is suing mr william for unpaid rent is that the case that's correct sir that is incorrect sir william shut your mouth mr john please give me a summary of the fence that you're suing for so as you'll see your honor everything on this document rent the time warner bill and utilities were all unpaid from august of 2013 to july of 2014. all totaling approximately 13 500 dollars your honor oh is your honor oh mr william been riding on the gravy train a little too long am i right mr william that is incorrect put him in cuffs i will have one in this court mr john is that his half or is that the total amount i know it's hard to believe your honor but that's his half mr william i hope your trick shots are going real well right now mr william what excuse would you give because i'm sure you've got one mr william i've already paid him for every piece of that in what form of payment mr william i wrote him a check i received no such check your honor mr william please provide me proof i'll have to take a recess we will take a quick recess while mr william gathers his his evidence that we will rejoin the court i currently feel that justice is being served it's going downhill very quickly definitely thought i paid him definitely didn't pay him it's sad honestly to think that your own flesh and blood could go years without paying for basic living expenses so i'm gonna try and talk my way out of it and we'll see what happens court is back in session your honor i had planned to let it go just out of friendship but the opportunity to be on judge duty was too much to pass up thank you mr john mr william would you agree that you have missed some payments when you say missed payments you're saying he requested payment and i did not william if you're two people living in a house he doesn't have to send you a request every month to pay him if it's understood that you're sharing utilities how would i know how much i'm supposed to pay him because you ask him mr william it's called not being a millennial are you a millennial sir i think i am i can tell use the computer and find me a check your honor i do have one more piece of evidence i'd like to submit to yesterday corey is currently on my family plan for the phone that he had yet to pay for your honor mr john how long has this been going on it's around two years mr william you have refused to pay i did not refuse to pay sir this is the way if you do not pay him you are refusing to pay do you understand that mr william i'll pay him for that oh all of a sudden now you're going to pay so you admit that you were wrong in this instance show me a check do you pay for the house you're living in now mr william i do are you sure you seem pretty sure about those checks mr william i need to see one check that you wrote in the year of 2015. one your honor it appears i never wrote a check but i think i'm about to judge duty has a ruling mr william owes mr john fifteen thousand seven hundred and forty dollars i will not account for inflation mr william you should be ashamed of yourself mr john congratulations thank you have a wonderful day core oh 15 smackers when you're wrong you're wrong i was wrong judge thanks for bringing to the light guys this is kind of like when you put on an old pair of jeans you find a dollar in the pocket except this time you found 15 000 in your pocket i think we just go to the last segment anyone remember what it is wheel unfortunately it's wheel it's wheel unfortunately let's head to the wheel we're not using hats anymore okay this year we pick out whatever we want and i'm taking suggestions because i'm tired of finding new hats it's it's harder than you think jerry's ski boot wow okay i picked my name i'm scared good he's naked that was the greatest single movie in the history of the good show everybody it's jerry sanderson welcome to the great escape show and all the land here's why today is going to be fantastic this morning started off a little yoga we've got a great show for you you you you and me the rumor is ty's in town what an experience this is about to be folks i don't know whether he's getting pod whether he's licking a frog but we will find out the tyler tony come on down this guy right here is my hero and it is exactly why i brought the dadgum selfie stick i say cheese a huge man his name his name his name is gary hey pete please the stash real name kyle simpson good to meet you big fan this is just a facade i got a real job i'm in finance i'm a professor at the institute of national sciences man i'll tell you right now the stuff where study's gonna blow your mind and change the world what is wrong with the tape i just need to tape the mustache to my current mustache cut all of this oh we're live you gave me one piece of tape i want this guy gone when i want tape he doesn't bring the tape alright we got a great wheel for you let's go take a lookie i'm really taking a disliking to this game all right i i just need tape all right spin the wheel brother here we go it's gonna be it's gonna be it's gonna be nearly naked and afraid oh my goodness gracious time you won't believe it i need to go you need to head out to the woods and be naked and nearly afraid good luck guys puppies well in a weird turn of events for texas it is 10 degrees for the next week 24 hours the guys are leaving me overnight i do get to have the companionship of chad and a surprise box of clothes thank goodness because we don't want you to die otherwise i wouldn't make it through the night and a sleeping bag and you get a pocket knife and a fire starter i want to let you know real quick our plans i don't know i don't want to go tell them we're going to the omni we got xbox games we told them we need room service around the clock this is the worst have fun enjoy it we're going to head to the hotel tt thank you for the clothes headed to the five-star hotel enjoy all right guys are gone it's just me and chad we're gonna go take a little walk down by the lakes get a fire started and get a shelter going boys oh man five-star restaurant down the street got you some grub ty checking in guys have been gone for a couple hours now been walking around attempting to throw rocks at birds i think we're gonna go ahead and roll birds off the menu for tonight we're about to start a fifa tournament sweet potato chicken and pancakes have you ever eaten a roly poly i have not you want to nope in the name of survival i'm afraid to touch my tongue i'm just going to do a little sampling sucking my teeth like a milk dud can't say it was good we just got ourselves dinner oh dude look at the biscuits with the blueberry and whipped butter almost got the fire going good well you know just a good reason to have a fire going first in a survival situation in case you happen to fall in the lake in 10 degree weather it's good to uh be able to dry things out go go go go go i guess we're cooking fish dinner is served miss you careful plate's hot not a lot of meat i'll tell ya taking a quick little fifa break and go get some ice cream getting some drinking water obviously going to have to uh be boiled before we can enjoy it cheers to you brother no cheers to ty here cheers to you got a pretty sweet set up here i'm not gonna lie got a roof over our head barely the bed's not the comfiest uh it's just rock this is a little firm for my liking but overall i'll give it an eight out of ten so i'm not gonna lie this is terrible i hate this this is literally such a fun night temps dropping blowing through firewood at an alarming rate right now still got no pants on pants what a commodity huge development when you get a survival backpack you check every pocket yes it's not just fish for dinner we're having dude perfect beans night is falling the beans are hot it's freezing my boots are wet my clothes are damp but my spirit's not time to try and get some sleep wrapped up in the sleeping bag still freezing literally well we're alive very wet fellas brought donuts and coffee i'm cold oh what a spread okay oh this is horrible oh i got to get out i say spa day then we go grab a punch still not on they froze overnight you know on a positive note i bet me and the guys had about the same amount of fun ty we love you we're sorry we'll see you back at the office team mark my words lesser man would have been dead all i could think of was you guys playing some call of duty and eating pizza and i was disappointed you didn't have to eat bugs how many did you eat like two and then i was like i can't do that anymore i'll just go without food if you want to see me eat more bugs check out the dp plus channel down there there's all kinds of great stuff you to watch there if you want to see uh perhaps a hot wheels track go all the way through gear's brand new house click right here our last video and if you want some dp merch click over here sign it off for now where large amounts of money were exchanged mics are still fake see you next time oh oh hail the judge oh he's good forgot the glass door