E3 2018 Hurk’s Hope County Discovery Tour Ubisoft NA


Ubisoft North America


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[Music] hey there amigos yep that's right it's me your boy hurt I just want to take a minute to speak directly to you you piece offers fixed to you mr. uh es quill amat a pretty sharp pronounce that right listen I've been hearin nonstop about this dang old discovered to earth and it got me thinking man hope county needs to get in on this action you hear me come on man let me show you around I've been doing all kinds of corporate research yeah hope Tony is the place we got historical figures we got them Sports is culture we got five athletes at Hoke County no one's made some big league though we got fun for the whole family come to our annual testicle festival neat a bunch of balls with your kids come down to one of our beautiful Sabine River oh my god we got organic farm Nature Trail gentrification family cookout animals doing iconic architecture immersive experiences cycling 2.0 motherfuckin freedom like I told you yes Oh County is a real Neapolitan Center man check this out of yes we've got a mound with your name on it so there you have it man hope county discovery 2 or boom cashing the bank baby what do you say oh dang my wheels not my wheels oh so you have your people call my people and we'll figure oh she's coming back in come back come back