ONEUS! goes to school. [Class is over] It's a shortened class. We're having a shortened class today! Shortened classes are always right. We can all go home now. But before that Now that we've completed 4th period [Finally, it is time] Time to decide which team will receive the penalty. Let's reveal the total score! [Friends wrote down each other's penalties during the morning individual study class!] [Final Score 1st period Bon Appétit : Team Keonhee 30 Team Hwanwoong10, 3rd period game : Team Keonhee 30 Team Hwanwoong 0, 4th period quiz : Team Keonhee 120 Team Hwanwoong 70] [Team Keonhee180 Team Hwanwoong 80, Team Keonhee wins!] [Penalty for Team Hwanwoong] Act cute to each other, If they say I love you, give them a kiss. (Someone forgot to write the word 'suh') Who wrote that? / It's you, right? Why did you do that.. Time for excuses / I forgot to write 'suh' That's too bad, but there's nothing I can do about it. Because you need to read Korean to the very end. It's good~ Korean is tough. [Finally, the time of the punishment that we've all been waiting for] [A meerkat] There's a grandpa in this class room.. Hold each other's hands Act cute and hug each other tightly Or you can also do this. No thank you. Leedo finally loses it. Suggestion / penalty by Team Hwanwoong. Rejected. (I can't die alone) Yeah, it's not happening. Just do it and go home!!! Just go. At your own pace. (Hwanwoong makes up his mind) / No.. - Give him a kiss - That's nothing. Do whatever you want. Everyone is happy except for the person who is doing it. (Enlightened) You can do it like this way. [This can't be real] [I got goosebumps] [Ah! Welcome, you're at the right place! This is the place for acting cute] [Chaos] [Yeo Hwanwoong attempts to escape] I asked you to act cute I didn't ask you to whisper I love you It's like they wanted to do this. This is harder than just acting cute. So is the penalty over? (in tatters) [Team Hwanwoong´s penalty is over!] [Let's go home~] ONEUS! goes to school. I'm so sad that it's over Grand release of the behind scenes for TwoMoons who are thinking the same thing EP.1 We filmed the ending twice. Everyone wrote it in their native language, right? Who wants to go first? Leedo, please go ahead. - Whether if I sit over there or here, why am I always the first one? - It's a proper Leedo. I love you Moons~ Why is everyone being so serious? It's because Leedo was the first one. Like I said, why would you pick me first. (feeling unfair) I'm just doing my thing. it escalated quickly Anyways, in order to transform into Earth-idol, Today, ONEUS learned about the culture throughout the globe with Earth School. What are your thoughts? How was Earth School? I learned so much. There were lots of things I didn't know about. I never knew corn cheese was a Korean food It made me feel uneasy It's like when the food which had a Korean name in the U.S. Was actually American food. Something like that? There are many countries that we can't go. I think it was nice because I could experience countries that I can't go to. And if I can make one wish, There might be TwoMoons who live there May ONEUS take a visit To everyone living in each country To everyone living each country Good good. Now then ONEUS (x) Earth School Shall we say goodbye to TwoMoons and wrap this up? EP. 2 The end part was cut out because of limited teaser time. Leedo goes first, as usual. [The part that was included in the teaser] [The part that was cut out] [Arrival of puberty] [Shy greeting of an engineering student] [Out of focus because of being too beautiful] [Out of focus because of being too beautiful 2] [Nice popular kid's greeting] [Adorable class president hi] Lee Keonhee! Can't you see we're in line? EP 3. Seoho, who loved school lunch. 4th period is finally over And we can all go home, finally. No. We gotta eat lunch. They don't give you lunch when we're doing only 4th period Isn't that right? - I thought we could leave right after? - I never did that.. We get off work(?) after the 4th period. So we're not having lunch? ]The members plays along with Seoho] But Leedo is not having it. [That one person in class who remembers everything what's on the lunch menu] They have KEONHEE's favorite cucumber salad today. NO! EP 4. Snack, I won't miss anything. (Subtitle: we didn't miss the snack but we missed the audio!) [Leedo, do you remember. We shared a churro together at school but I was the only one who gained weight...] [Who got the churro?] [You guys] [You said you wanted to play pepero game] [Did not!] [STAY AWAY!!!] [Approximate situation - he's showing off the class motto to the boss who is watching the video. The motto: boss, buy us meat (feat. endless refill X)] [People were curious / we don't know who made the lunch menu but it was definitely not Seoho] [Approximate situation - Manipulating homework. The target : XION] (I'm gonna go do my homework) [XION, let's do our homework~] [This has been global idol school Earth School. Good bye~~] ONEUS! goes to school