I don't know anything no no I don't know any they knew like josh pack knew none at all it'll be fun it's the fun part of the video is us talking welcome back I'm in a hotel in New York right now and I had to god geez this actually was not intentional but I really appreciate the serendipity of it last time I did one of these emo carpool karaoke videos it was to announce my first single out loud and I didn't have anything to post this week so I edited all of the extra footage together for a second video because I'm also announcing my second single so my second single is coming out hopefully November 21st if everything goes according to plan November 22nd at the latest so I'm actually trying to get it on the Tuesday of that week instead of Wednesday so this video will be a day earlier I'm not sure which time yet so make sure to turn up those notifications and subscribe so you know as soon as it is out I'm so excited I love this song so so much and I will say I'm very very nervous first one did exceptionally well thanks to all you guys it was number three on iTunes it was on the global fifty whatever there's on the Billboard Hot 100 like you guys absolutely smashed it you guys were calling in to your radio stations I still get videos and snapchats of people listening to it on the radio which is so crazy I also don't know if it was a good idea to post it so close to the holidays because this is one of like the huge artists and celebrities post their music that might drown it out in the charts but I don't care I don't get I don't really really care that much about the charts it's really cool and I'd rather put out the music now because I've been dying to share this with you so the song should be out November 21st you want to support the cause just you know feel free to download feel free to stream it on Spotify like on repeat for four days straight feel free to call your radio station and tell them to play it if you love it and I really do hope you love it I have an emotional connection to this one that I just oh god I can't wait for you to hear it I will be revealing the cover art and the title of the song on Instagram on I believe Thursday so make sure you turn my post notifications on on Instagram so that you know as soon as I reveal I'm sorry yeah I asked you guys on Instagram story if you guys wanted to see this part too and most of you guys did so I hope you enjoy this and I actually have a part three if you want it I have enough footage and enough songs to do a third part I don't know if that's overkill so please let me know in the comments if you want the third part give this video a thumbs up if you want the third part genuinely I don't know if I should post it so please let me know sorry for always talking way too much I hope you enjoy this episode of emo carpool karaoke with the sparkle time to time enter a red light dad that's from a poem for my best friend's job you know really you know what I think you're the first person I've ever talked to it was very successful in traditional it is now very successful in digital what do you prefer um I guess I like I don't know this is way better but I mean listen if my acting career was like going full guns blazing or probably wouldn't be into the digital as much so let's keep it real I'm glad I have it who do you listen to American Rejects no but we're about to listen to my Chemical Romance Oh get in again [Music] that was my B that was my bunny hey you should probably crash following us Oh [Music] yeah kind of there's the skate park though should we go great fit right in we're posers though I'm wearing fan pics online it was who did skateboards describe soft built for being on wheels no body like an hour ago ticking like a clock in a matter of time before we all run now but the thought boobers man just just job by the mouth that's a job I almost as if you do what I turn right at some point oh yeah so good - put my car in park what was still rolling okay I'm gonna be the suckiest person I mean I don't know if he's so no Josh Peck was pretty bad and I would know some Fall Out Boy I've heard their names alive I played to fall boy songs of Union either okay all right well you didn't know any songs but I appreciate you coming thanks for having me are you gonna keep this as your look yeah I can't wait to walk the one and a half blocks back to my house this is me now world I hope you had fun these videos are so fun thank you guys so much for all the support obviously again November 21st turn my post notifications on here and Instagram so that you are alerted when all this stuff is happening and I really really hope you love the song as much as I do anyhoo thank you guys for everything hope you love what I'm gonna be giving you soon sorry for the poor quality of this intro and outro thank you so much for this week's showstopper of the week I love you very much as always I love you very much thanks for being a part of my family and I'll see you next time never