I am known for getting myself into really absurd situations but the way I pull out of situations sometimes is nothing short of miraculous welcome back now this story that I'm about to tell you I have no idea how they pulled this off I think I deserve a medal like its honestly incredible I also feel like this story has a lot of bad messages in it okay so basically this is what happened and you may have already seen this story in my blog so if you did this is just like the fuller fleshed out extended version of it if you didn't if you would like to see me tell the story while crying at the airport then click the links in the description below so I just got back from a trip to home which is Pittsburgh ish and I rented a car now there is no uber or lyft or taxis in New Castle Pennsylvania so if you don't have a car you're either taking buses or you're riding a bike the bus is terrifying I don't own a bike so I rented a car prepaid for everything online cars good to go and they keep telling you like the one thing just make sure you have your driver's license make sure you have your driver's license I'm sure you already know where this story is going my flight is at 7:00 a.m. I hang out with my friends the night before they don't leave until like 3:00 we were just hanging out and then I had to pack and everything so I really didn't sleep because I had to leave by 4:30 a.m. to get to my flight for 7:00 a.m. now when I go to airport I think I said this in another video I consider myself an expert flyer I'm so good at packing I wear very easily slip on and slip hobble shoes so that I don't hold everybody up in the security line I have all my charters and cords perfectly wrapped up and ready to go I always have a healthy snack on hand so that I don't eat all the airport junk I am an amazing traveler over-prepared however somehow of course this is the one time the one time I rent a car and I need an ID I get to the airport my ID isn't there and my credit card isn't there credit card not a big deal I have other credit cards I have debit cards I have cash it's fine but I don't have a driver's license now I'm freaking out about it like they're not allowed me through security so I get to the security line and I'm just like okay here we go I tell the girls hey my license but have this credit card and this student ID and they both have my name on it that matches the ticket she looks at my student ID which I promise to show my blog Channel and I forgot so now I'm going to show you yes daddy tragic and she says how old are you and I said 25 ma'am cuz she said all right I'm just gonna have to call my supervisor mind you it's an airport everybody's rushing everybody's like in a hurry and trying to get to their gate that nobody wants to be standing in security this guy walked over at this pace so slow like I can't say anything because he's the man who's gonna let me on the plane so he comes over to me he says do you have anything else with your name on it I said yeah and I gave him my credit card and a student ID and he said how old are you when I spend 25 and then he said yeah buddy the house with your name on it and I said yes so then I gave him a debit card and he said you have anything else with your name on it gave him another credit card he said you have anything else with your name on it I gave him a checkbook he said you have anything else with your name on it I gave him an insurance card so finally he just goes yeah she's alright let her go so I go through I'm so happy I'm like yes I nailed it we're fine we're everything's good turns out you can fly domestically without an ID they were supposed to extra pat-down you which I didn't get one until on the way back but at this point I'm like this is great all my worries are gone until I land in Pittsburgh and I say Oh Gabby you need to get your car and you need a valid driver's license oh so what are we gonna do so I go down there and I'm being so friendly and it's this amazing adorable old guy and he's just like how you doing sweetheart you coming and going you here to see your family that's so great how long has it been since you were home where he lived he's so friendly I love him now he says alright looks like your prepaid all I need is your driver that here's the thing and I didn't want to tell them that I never had it because that's just so sketchy so I'm like okay pretend like you had it so I was like I had it at LAX obviously I needed it to get through security and I must have lost it in security because I don't have it anymore and he said honey I'm sorry but there's absolutely nothing I can do without a valid driver's license so I said oh yeah like I know that they said that so many times on the website and stuff but hey I have a picture of my driver's license on my phone I have all this backup stuff is there any way you can use this as my driver's license and he said no I'm so sorry it has to be the physical copy I was like are you sure this is the picture it has the date it has my birthday it has my picture and he said I'm so sorry it has to be a valid driver's license so I'm like is there anybody else I can talk to cuz normally if you talk to somebody higher up then you get a little bit of help so then he brings out somebody else and I give him your spiel and he says I'm so sorry there's literally nothing I can do that about driver's license we legally cannot rent you a car without a license you can take an uber or a lift or a taxi back home and I said no that's not really the problem I don't mind taking an uber but once I get there we don't have ovaries or lifts or taxis and Newcastle's so once I get there I won't see it what a travel and I said I'm so sorry there's nothing we can do so I said is there anybody else I can talk to then they bring out this other guy I'm talking to this guy he's the manager so they visit I tell him the story and he said I'm so sorry there is no way we can write you a car normally in this case they would contact the DMV and the DMV would either fax you over something or verify your identity but the DMV is closed it isn't a 6:00 p.m. it is a Friday night so the DMV will not be open until Monday morning there's no way to verify my identity at all this whole time I was gradually getting upset but at this point I'm just like breakdown full panic attack hyperventilating cannot breathe sobbing cuz here's me okay I generally tend to overreact as it is surprise but I also have really bad anxiety which causes me to catastrophize in my mind I'm imagining going home without a car and it's gonna be a disaster I absolutely cannot go home and I might as well just go back to LAX and it's just so frustrating like I have I have a problem when I can't control things I don't control freak hi hello nice to meet you I'm Gabi the fact that I couldn't fix this no matter what and it was my mistake that's what with killing me it was I couldn't even be mad at anybody this was my mistake I was irresponsible I was careless I was thoughtless I left my ID and now I'm stranded at a Pittsburgh Airport so I'm sobbing panicking can't breathe overreacting can't feel my limbs I'm freaking out I'm like I'm gonna go home and I'm gonna be stranded I mean I would panic attack if my therapist lives in LA it's getting ugly there's a spectacle everybody's looking but I am freaking out I don't know to do I'm really bad at dealing with high-stress situations I am NOT a problem solver I'm more of a reactor I'm very emotionally driven I'm talking this poor guy can you call somebody is there a corporate number I can call can we do something is there anybody I let or just kept repeating the same thing I literally can't help you and I'm so sorry but without a valid driver's license we cannot give you a car that I was like but you don't have to scan it or anything do you so this is essentially the same thing and he said no I'm so sorry I bore you for six years I've never given anybody a car without a license I'm sorry we just can't so I said is there anybody else I could talk to and he said there's one more person she's another manager I can go get her for you but I promise you she's going to tell you the same thing there is absolutely nothing we can do without a valid driver's license so I said please go get her I went and I sat in a chair and I sobbed my little heart out indian-style snapchatted me crying and I'm sitting there fully 10-15 minutes and I'm getting ready to give up and go and take an uber home when I see him walking over with a lady and I'm like okay let's do this so this woman comes over me and she's the sweetest woman in the entire world and she goes honey I heard what happened why don't you tell me a little more about it order the ho spiel I can't go home without a car I lost my license at LAX and basically I don't know what to do and she said that is really a pickle it's just so hard because we really need that license she said I know honey what if you go on the DMV website and pull up your information and then she was like you know what you probably don't know your license number do you and I was like I have a picture of it and she said you have a picture of your license I said yeah it's just that great and she took my phone from me and she like searched and then she had me put in my information and I put it in all my information and lo and behold my name came up and now all my informations here she looked at this guy when she goes you know what honey we never ever ever have done this it will never do this again but take this information out to the cop have her run this information if her license comes up as valid and go ahead and give her the car based on the picture of her he literally said you serious yeah just got done telling me for 45 minutes minimum there is absolutely not a snow-flakes chance in hell any possibility of me giving you a car without a valid driver's license nobody here can help you go home little girl I talked to this woman for five minutes and she gave me a heart felt so bad for the guy cuz honestly I would hate me if he was such a great guy he was just doing his job I feel so bad he had to like take me out to the cop and stand with me with the cop and then hand me keys after this debacle I felt like I honestly felt bad about it really I really needed a car I don't know what to do and I'm like dude I'm so sorry even I drove that little rental car for a week and it was great if you're wondering the moral of this story is never give up keep trying try to find a way persevere just kidding the moral of the story is if you crying up in public people will do anything they can to shut you the Scott so while getting home was very chaotic and stressful and hard I really did have an amazing amazing time with my family and my little siblings I don't get to see them about twice a year so it's always great to see them they're just like hang out with them and go to the pool or go to the mall or something there's not much to do in my own town so one thing that I really like to do with them when I go home is go to the movies but what's really cool right now is actually teamed up with AMC and coca-cola for an exclusive teen offer for a $5 coke and popcorn at AMC Theaters that's right five dollars for a Coke and a popcorn all you need is your middle school or your high school school ID school school school school school school and also if you purchase the cup grade as they call it you will be able to unlock a super secret exclusive snapchat filter with a code on the cop so this is good through August 14 so if you're moving over and you're a teen I Donna's Coke and popcorn haha anyways give this video a thumbs up make sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven't make sure to check out that vlog channel and my other social media and it's time for show number this week showstopper is Gray's first of all let me mention the fact that I'm so thrilled at the fact that so many of you put the word underdog in your name I just think that's so cute I don't know who started that but it's adorable but this girl is just so so super supportive and amazing her name's Gabby's princess for crying out loud and her entire page is just supporting me she likes and retweets like everything I post immediately she's just amazing so thank you baby girl for all of your support you are so incredible everybody go show her some love as always I love you very much thank you for being a part of my family and I'll see you next time