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Should I raise my hand When I talk? Nope! Hello! We're The Koxx! We took two years To make our comeback! Su Ryun and I were doing the military service And today's our very first comeback performance! 2013... Was when we had our last performance So it's been about 2 years now! We, The ICONtv, recognize some faces! Hello I'm Sun Bin Park from Life & Time You said you saw us At 87MM collection The Koxx is having a comeback in 2015! Please stay tuned! You shouldn't be telling them! I shouldn't??! Please edit it out! What kind of music does The Koxx play? We mainly play garage rock! Electro garage? It's a mix of rock and electronic We're one and only! Please introduce today's performance! The name of the show is so lame... 'The Preview of Ansan M Valley' 'Honey Jam Night' It'll be like a celebration of holidays! Since the main show is going to take in Ansan This is just a rehearsal It's a warm up! What other artists are performing in Ansan? There are a few... It would have been the best If only The Koxx were performing... Shall we go to now? One, two, three Shoot! We heard you've been wanting to do an interview with us Yup! A friend of mine back in the military He was sort of lit And he was always watching The ICONtv clips on his phone! I bet he's listening to Band Hyukoh's songs by now... Not our's.... I promised him when I was leaving the military To do an interview with The ICONtv! Now that you're here, please say hi to him! Hey Jin Young! Who is that? Remember my military friend who used to work in PX? I heard you all met back in college? Yup! We were all in the same class, except for Sean We were the class of 2011 And he came in a year later Why were you in a different class year? I was too special... No... Then what about Sun Bin... He older than us But he was in the same class year... Special enough to be older! Life and Time named their interview 'The Tiger TV' You should name your TV as well We don't want 'The Koxx' What should it be? 'Silky Fowl TV'? 'Difficulty of Choosing TV'? I think this is what I'll be thinking of the entire time performing... Why did you have to ask that question now! You have 12 minutes to be on stage I don't think many people showed up... I'm not so sure... I'm nervous... One, two, three Let's go! He's sweating so much You just had your first performance in two years! Even though it was a warm up! We tried to keep in some energy Since it felt like a rehearsal And it wasn't like a really big concert.... But once we were actually on stage We were just going at it! Went crazy! Was it really your first performance in 2 years? It was... Thank you so much for today! For having so much fun! I really want to thank you all! Good job today! Thank you for filming! Are you all going for dinner now? We already had dinner We have to start working on our album... Well, I'm eating again! Yeah... He's eating... I guess we can say bye now haha On July 24th! We'll see you all in Ansan! Stay tuned! So have you decided on the TV name yet? 'Amazing Chili Pepper TV' That's too long! Then just 'Chili Pepper TV'! We will be playing Some feisty songs!