ENG밴드 칵스 한 달에 한 번 찾아오는 수상한 오빠들

It’s two of our members’ birthday So I bought a cake For a surprise party! I told them To come 30 minutes late We are seeing at 5:30… They are always at least 30 minutes late… Today is SHAUN's and Jeon Yeol’s birthday We had thought of doing A hidden camera But it felt like we were Going to mess up everything So… You didn’t prepare Any events then? No… And presents? No presents… Last November on my birthday They got me nothing Not even a cake I had to buy it on my own With my mom… Hello? Where are you? I’m on my way The ICONtv is here! Oh, wow! I’m sorry for being late When are you coming? I’m leaving now So maybe in 10 minutes? He’s here! Huh? Why is he here so early? He’s the birthday guy! Say hello! I’m the drummer Jeon Yeol Ryu I need to hide this Bloody hell! You are here! Great! It’s 6’o clock You are only 30 minutes late What are we filming today? Practicing? A birthday party? Hello Hello! We are The KOXX! It’s the first practice since our concert Last December There were more People than we expected We said to ourselves It was legendary… But you have another concert ahead We’ll release a pictorial of a member every month The certain member gets to Do everything he wants in his month He organizes The set list And performs in the middle of the stage That’s what we’re doing! First in line is Soo Ryun! Why are you here today? I’m here to practice for the concert Why did you turn the lights off? Don’t do this to me… There’s one more! One more! We were supposed to meet at 5:30 But you came at 6 Is that why you Told me the practice is at 6? I’ve never had a surprise party like this I usually don’t celebrate Other people’s birthdays But you seemed to Like celebrating on your birthday... I saw your Instagram Saint Laurent and stuff… It’s a long-term project For the next four months The KOXX Magazine! You’ll feel like You might die of laughing so much during the concert Wow… I feel so pressured The ICONtv! “All Men(Gochoo)” TV, episode 2! January 24th The KOXX Magazine, January issue We welcome… Invite… Damn!