ENG 좋은 소리로 크게 연주하는 4가지 팁 4 tips to play with a big beautiful sound

Has this ever happened to you? You want to play with a big, solid sound, but you only manage to make loud, ugly noises. Today we can share a few ideas about how you can make a big, beautiful sound! Let´s get started. Before we begin, we are flying to Korea. Florin will be playing chamber music at a house concert, and I also have a seminar. For information, look below. Levering into the string with the elbow For extra power in the upper half of the bow, raise the right elbow slightly above the level of the hand. Feel the elbow levering its weight directly into the hand, and then onto the string. Try to find the right elbow angle, allowing you to put your weight into your hand, so you can feel it go from there right into the string. Pulling in with the third finger When you push into the bow too much with your first finger, it can lead to your producing a squeezed, scratchy sound that is ugly. Global conductor and violinist from Hungary, Sandor vegh referred to the third finger as the 'tone finger of the bow' In many strokes, particularly when a deep or firm tone is required, . pull the third in against the side of the bow This helps maintain a feeling of balance in the hand and avoids over-pressing with the first finger, allowing you to produce a beautiful tone with your bow. Spreading the fingers for leverage The principles of leverage dictate that the further the first finger is placed from the thumb the less downward pressure is required. The louder the playing, the further the first finger is from the thumb, and the most leverage can be utilized. playing with the first finger too close to the thumb can cause the entire bow arm to lose power and gain effort Try moving the fingers both slightly further away and slightly closer to the thumb, until you find the position that gives you the greatest power with the least effort. Flat or tilted hair Playing forte with only half of the hair on the string (the bow stick tilted too far towards the fingerboard) takes twice the effort for half the result. Playing with full hair, or nearly full hair, produces a richer tone, as well as a feeling of effortless power. Play a phrase or passage several times, each time experimenting with a different angle of the bow. Find the angle which gives the most power for the least effort. Today we gave you 4 new ideas, to help you play with a loud, stable, and beautiful sound. It will be helpful to try and find out how many of these ideas you can use, depending on the nature of the piece you play and . the individual shape and size of your hands If you liked the video, don´t forget to click the like and subscribe buttons.