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CHANGMO: Deokso Highschool! It's me, Changmo! Well whatever, I want to skip everything Right now I want to skip my whole life. My mind is gone right now. F*ck, wow... Can we please not do those kinds of things, god Episode 3: Going Home CM: Okay guys, today do you know where we're going? We are going to the place I was created, Deokso. Last night I couldn't sleep, I was so nervous and excited. HASHSWAN: Didn't you just say you slept well? CM: Yeah, like a newborn baby. I was like 30 minutes late, but that...thanks to Jinyoung, it wasn't such a big deal. [JINYOUNG, ALSO KNOWN AS ASH] [ARTIST CALL TIME 1:00] [LEELLAMARZ ARRIVED AT 1:04] [HASH SWAN ARRIVED AT 1:09] [CHANGMO ARRIVED AT 1:48] CM: Let's just leave without him, Ash is too late. [ASH ISLAND ARRIVED AT 2:28] [SONG LYRICS "WE NEED AN ALARM MORE THAN A CALCULATOR" (BEER)] LM: Ambition, get your ass over here! Come here! What time is it right now, student ?! CM: You're really not scary... He won't be sorry if you do it like that. CM: Because your lateness can't be forgiven, you have to pay for our food and beer. AI: That's not hard (swollen eyes) HS: We can see that now. [electrocution...?] CM: Shall we go to Deokso~? I'm so excited. Guys, do you know how to buy the ticket? Guys, I - wait, I'll buy you the tickets. (showing off) I'll buy it for all of the camera crew too. HS: Deokso! CM: Ah this is so exciting. HS: Hyung! Aren't you having too much fun? HS: Today I'm going to the place Changmo comes from, so this morning I went so far as to shave my face. CM: Wow, really? Today, I put on sunscreen. My t-shirt was also only $200. And next, my... Socks! [censored by Dingo Freestyle] [hehehe] CM: When I left Deokso and went to Seoul, I was kind of nervous that it was so developed. Even the grandmas there are so refined. HS: How are they refined? CM: Their flower-patterned clothes are so trendy. You know what I'm saying, right? "Oh, I've finally reached my goal." I've come from Deokso to Seoul. Now my goal is the Blue House(official residence of the South Korean President) AI: If someone like him becomes the president, our country is doomed. [little dumpling] HS: It would be good for us. CM: I'll make special laws for rappers. Rappers can say whatever they want, and cursing people (haters) get taken away. HS: They need to somehow prove that they're rappers. CM: They'll have to get a rapping license. The judging committee will be The Quiett and Dok2. HS: And you? CM: I'm already the president. [LEELLAMARZ, sleepy] AI: How much longer? CM: Oh, like an hour and fifteen minutes. LM: Wow, Deokso is really a country village~ HS: That's not right to say. You, you... have to be careful about what you say... LM: I really didn't know! [lame excuse] HS: We've come to Deoksu. [HOLY PILGRIMAGE VIBE] [you're not coming?] CM: This is called "The Road of Tears." I got a phone call from The Quiett hyung. I got this feeling: Label contract vibe. So I call it "The Road of Tears." LM: Ah~ CM: This is called the "First Machine," LM: The First? Because I got my documents photocopied here the first time I signed up for copyright (??). Ah~x3 CM: Okay, this street is called "Love Street!" Every couple in Deokso comes here for their YOLO date. Ah~x3 Every time I come here, I see people waiting to meet each other. Let's take a picture with that. Proving that we came here. Let's shoot it in front of the bog Deokso sign, since we're all here. Okay! Guys! Let's just take a full-body shot here... One, two three! [Tour Guide] Alright, already we see a piece of heritage Our Yamaha store. With the keyboard that I bought there, I produced the song "Maestro." Oh~! x3 AlleyPub! See it? HS: That famous one? CM: The 'hood' way is like this. [A functioning path] Gang gang. CM: Welcome, thank you so much for coming here. LM: yeeeeee CM: All together, Beer..~ (Ai/HS at loss for words) Ai: You drank the whole thing again? HS: Why are you doing this? [Alchohol capacity = minkyeom's (leella's) height] LM: I also... want to become a 'hood' guy [CHANGMO, HOOD GUY] CM: Dude, look. Being 'hood' here is just... being an alcoholic. [BEER BEFORE FOOD] CM: Everyone, for your information, I am now starting my political canvasing in this area so I have to eat the local foods with appreciation. [CANDIDATE #11, KU CHANGMO] (fidgeting) (nervous) CM: Can we wrap up the shoot? HS: That's it for today~ LM: Good work, everyone. CM: Let's shoot in the streets of Deokso! Thank you for the food! [DEOKSO'S KIDS FILMING IN THE DEOKSO STREET] CM: Staff members, please choose something. (waiting for coffee...) CM: Ah, here! Juniors from my school! Deokso high school!! It's me, Changmo! Say hi, kids~ Your senior came, kids. Say your greetings! (little bow) Okay~ CM: Yah, don't study. STUDENT: Can we take a selfie? CM: If you don't study you'll become a rap star~! (Hood-style life) CM: Work hard! Ah~! This is popularity! (Can we take a picture?) CM: Yeah, come here! LM: Wow, let's just get out of the frame! We're just.... I'm going to work hard. I'm a long way from success~ PD: Don't you want to wait for them and walk together? LM: Hell no. HS: Why are you so upset? Look! They recognize us. LM: They recognize you, I'm just the camera man. HS: That's what I mean, they recognize me. LM: This assh*le- (underground rockstar) CM: Oh! You know "underground rockstar?" (Deokso's Eminem! Deokso pride!) LM: Hyung! Are you crying? CM: I'm about to cry. HS: He's happy now~ [CHANGMO THE PIED PIPER] [BEHIND CHANGMO/ASH IS LEELLA/HASH] [REPRESENTING DEOKSO!] CM: Ok, let's go this way. This is the place where I shot the cover for my masterpiece, "Motown." HS: It was here?! CM: Right here, I stood like this and took it. Will you guys try it? Get the "Motown" energy? HS: Let's try it. Bam~! CM: Huh? Dad?! What? My dad... Hahahaha my dad.. [CHANGMO PAPA] [A SUDDEN FAMILY MEETING] CM: Oh, my dad is suddenly wearing gang fashion~? Bye, dad! (please be healthy LM: Now to your old school?! CM: Yeah, let's go. HS: I think you said might've that too loudly CM: Ok let's go to LA Pub! Kids, go home~! LM: If we came here again when school was in session.. Did you sleep in on purpose? It seems like you did~! You set it up with the school's time..!!! I caught you~! HS: I can't do this right now, it's too hard. CM: Please observe where we've arrived! Deokso high school! ~Learning, and~~ (.......) Ok, shall we go inside? HS/Ai: Can we? LM: Let's try. HS: If we get kicked out, whatever. LM: It will probably be ok if we say we're alumni. CM: Ah I'm kind of scared.. talking to that old dude... Ah I can't do it? Ai: Hyung, are we not 'gang?' CM: Well, we're gang... but he's really the OG. Kids! Do you know any teachers? Ok, come back quickly! CM: (SMTM producer) Ok, we'll see how famous I am. Did a lot of people like you in high school? Ai: It was an all-boys school, anyways. CM: Huh? CM: Hey kids, this is Dingo! Please cheer for them. Anyone a fan of Hash Swan? Shit.... CM: Anyone a fan of ASHISLAND? Leellamarz fans? Changmo fans?! HS: How much did you pay them? LM: How much~! CM: I gave them each $5. Hey guys! Do you know "Maestro?" ~~Since I was 5~~ CM: They don't know... HS: They don't hahaha (they are let in) CM/HS: Thank you~ CM: Our school has three buildings. The main building, the lecture halls, and administration. (long legs) (1-2-1-2-) Here are the classrooms, There was "brilliant" Is it okay if we go inside a classroom? HS: Isn't it locked? It must be locked~ CM: Let's go to the main building! There's the band practice room! Assembly hall! Guys, did any of you join the band? STUDENT: I failed~! CM: Ahem!! Nothings going right. (~room of memories~) CM: Guys, let's go back to school. [PROOF PHOTO] CM: Let's do a "student" vibe... Ai: This is a student? HS: That's not it... [BEFORE GOING TO DEOKSO HIGH..] CM: Wait a minute, I think I lost my wallet? PD: Where you remember seeing it last? CM: I had it like this in the cafe, And then we went to the "Motown" spot, I put it down to do this, [later he only picked up the coffee :'( ] CM: Um... where were we going? [FIRST WE HAVE TO RESUME FILMING] CM: Okay, now we're going to my birthplace. HS: Oh, we're not skipping the birthplace? CM: Fine, I want to skip everything. Right now I want to skip my entire life. My mind is gone right now. CM: (passionless) That's where I was born. HS: Woo... woo chang? CM: No, by Riverville over there. (done) CM: Right now I have no desire to go to my birthplace. I picked up this thing, and there's no way I dropped it? (you didn't drop it... you just left it...) CM: Thank you all so much for coming to my hometown I'm really thankful. So, to give you healthy boiled... chicken... we're going to the supermarket, guys. And at the store! Ah fuck it I don't know! You know I lost my wallet, HS: Yeah, ha ha how are you going to pay? CM: DINGO is going to pay. Ah, I just keep thinking about how I lost my wallet (to the supermarket) CM: Okay guys, here... Boiled chicken! ........ someone else talk now, my soul is gone... CM: Wow, that's a real raw chicken HS: Look at it! CM: I can't touch that thing. Oh!!! Ewww Look for sticky rice. (still working hard) We need ginger? Chestnuts, pumpkin.... There are way too many fucking ingredients?! This is too confusing. Ai: I'll find them for you. Let's use tomatoes instead of red dates (jujube) What is "soosam?" Water! Water, water. Wait, what.. that stuff under there, most of that isn't on the list?? CM: We're making food beyond imagination (Grabbing ramen) CM: Bring it to the front, I'm buying! Even though I don't have a wallet... (please give Changmo back his wallet) (piles of food) CM: When I saw this I thought it was preparation for war refuge. (instant noodles) (happy refugees) Gang gang gang. Gang. (arrived at Changmo's friend's house) CM: Ok, why the hell did you buy Chapagetti (ramen)? Ai: I put it in. That one too. HS: It was Jinyoung (Ai). Ai: I got these too... (different ramen) Oh, I got that too. CM: Jinyoung, did you grow up starving? Ai: You need to put beef in chicken soup Doesn't this go in chicken soup? Oh we really need this too. CM: In my entire life, I've never cooked.. How old am I, 26? I've tried less than 26 times. I remember trying to cook for my mom once. LM: Was your mom happy? CM: No, she didn't like it. She said "You want me to eat this?". Local chicken... is an extreme job. I really don't think I could touch this. Okay, first let's try this. Ai: Can we eat these? LM: Sure, let's eat a Toping (yoghurt) Wait, we don't have any spoons? Ai: No spoons~?! LM: yeah. Ai: If there are no spoons, .... LM: When you can't shit, Topping~ CM: Ugh, who's good at touching chicken? (I'm very busy) CM: None of them are listening to me, bastards... Okay, for the sake of our family... HS: Really.. good work there. Splash! CM: Ah! What is that? A head? (no head) Ai: That's nasty. (LM sympathetic gang) (watching the chicken from across the street) (tact gang) (LM rinsing) (PD chicken touch) (CM filling water???) CM: I'm gonna be a vegetarian now. Humans are too barbaric. (Deokso Cooking Show Audience) Sorry! (bang bang) (sawing) LM: You're like a chef! CM: Gang! I'm not scared anymore. (Same scene...) (Or not...) "I'm not scared anymore" (step by step... filling it up...) (dwindling audience...) (expensive Korean beef) LM: How long are we gonna wait around for Changmo? (invisible barricade) CM: I still feel uncomfortable. Thank you, chicken Be reborn as me in your next life I'll be the chicken for you Drop it in! CM: It actually looks really good. (beautiful visual / half-baked) (Everyone ate the beef) (Now the hangover show begins) CM: Oh, we're serving it with two hands (politely) LM: You're Ambition's keg. CM: Yeah, he is. CM: Oh, I have an idea, should we do some new game? We rap one bar, and... then, with the letters... LM: Ok! CM: But we have to make it rhyme Everyone does one bar. Ai: How are we supposed to do the rhyme? CM: Deokso! You know, that's my origin! Ai: ... HS: He's stumped. CM: Ah, "Deokso" is kind of hard! Should we do "Maekgoli" (rice wine)? Wet with rice wine! Ai: I can't do this. Cm: Ahh.. You can't call yourself a rapper then. Okay, this way. (to the left) I'm wet with rice wine-! HS: I feel like this is my hometown-! Cm: Ooooo LM: ...I just play the violin. CM: We're going to try a Korean-style poem HS: Yeah, we can keep going. CM: You're pale like banana milk. HS: Let's use the slang words, Fuck. CM: I bought Gucci, bought Louis Vuitton, HS: When you pass it like that what can I do... LM: Wearing the two together, this idiot. CM: Should we play "I Am Grounded?" LM: Okay! CM: But we have to do it with rapper names. HS: Calling rapper names? CM: It's limited to Korean rappers. But you can't use someone unpopular name like "Lil' K." (Leellamarz previously known as Lil' K) LM: I don't know who Lil' K is. ROUND 1 ~~I am grounded, say a rapper name~~ CM: MC Sungchun! ROUND 2 HS: Hash Swan CM: CHANGMO Ai: ASH ISLAND LM: Leellamarz HS: F*ck... CM: Ah please, let's not do these kinds of things, god ROUND 3 CM: Say a rapper name~ CM: Ok-Bon Ai: Sean-i-Slow LM: JUSTHIS HS: DJ Shine CM: E-Sens Ai: F*ck.. CM: Ah... Ah!!!! LM: This really isn't gonna come out well CM: Any rapper that you can think of is fine. You go first. Ai: Ah wait a sec, wait.. CM: There are so many! Lil' Tachi! HS: Yeah there are a lot~ LM: Ah, there's an unfair grouping here. (changing seats) LM: This is gonna be really hard.. CM: LM: Should we try something else? Ai: Please. CM: Then let's get the chicken first. Hey, you sit still, I'll bring it. (flapping wings) LM: Ouch that's fucking hot! CM: This is what you call "Lit" It's LIT! CM: Seriously, I am so grateful to you guys I hope you can feel my sincerity by eating this. LM: Let us begin the dismantling! CM: I'll try this first. HS: It actually tastes good? LM: I like it Ai: I have to eat more to decide. (We can't decide if it's good or not) CM: That's because you only eat shitty food. LM: How can you say something like that? CM: Sorry... CM: It's good! Really good~ HS: We have to hear what Ash thinks. Ai: It doesn't taste like any chicken soup I've had. Is this really chicken soup? This taste? CM: Well, it doesn't taste bad, right? LM: No it's fine, it's not that. I can feel you put your heart into this for us. In any case, I can feel the intention... CM: My heart... smells a little fishy, doesn't it? (sequel spoiler) CM: Vroom-vroom! HS: Please decide who will help him later when he's throwing up. CM: I've been under so much pressure from you. Hyung, it's me, Changmo.. I met you when I was 19 and you were 28 or 27 (???) But you're falling behind Leella. That's really not right.... (thank you for watching!)