ENG INDO SUB Weekly Idol 466 AB6IX Full Episode

Hello, everyone. I'm the host of Weekly Idol, Eunhyuk. Hi, I'm the other host, Kwang Hee. Yes. - What's wrong? - It's so hot. (Passionate acting) - What is it? - It's so hot. - What's the matter with you? - Too hot. You're doing too much since the opening. He's really something. First of all, if you're too hot... Are you going to keep acting? I want to go to the Cannes Film Festival. - Too hot. - We'll hurry up... - and meet the guests. - That's right. Kwang Hee is steaming right now, and they're here to cool him down. It's such a refreshing idol group. That's right. This group is like a paradise in this hot weather. - They're so pretty. - You're right. These completed work of artists... have colored the world with their unique color. AB6IX, come on out! - Hello. - It's been so long, Woo Jin. (AB6IX has visited Weekly Idol.) Dae Hwi. - Hello. - Hello. - Hi. - Hello. Bam. First of all, please introduce yourself to the viewers. It's been a year. In 2, 3. - Salute! Hello, we're AB6IX. - Salute! Hello, we're AB6IX. (Hello, we're AB6IX.) (Woong) (Dong Hyun) (Woo Jin) (Dae Hwi) (No other option than AB6IX) I'm so glad to see you after a year. But I'm especially glad to see this person. It's Woong. (It's especially great to see Woong.) - I'm so jealous. - When he came here last time, he was very nervous and quiet... for that was his first time on a variety show. - That's right. - It was your first-ever, right? The very first variety show I appeared after my debut was... Weekly Idol. Do you think you'll do well here today? I'm going to let go of my embarrassment today. I've decided to show people everything I've got. - But to me, - Yes. I think he's still... - a bit shy. - You're right. A little bit. To be a good entertainer on a variety show, you must get rid of your sense of shame. - That's right. - So... - Kwang Hee, - Yes. why don't you give him some tips on variety shows? I'll tell you the most important thing of all. However embarrassing the question is, you must be shameless. (Remember to be shameless.) - Be shameless. - Ask me a question. - Kwang Hee. - Yes? ("Reply, Hwang Shameless") The point is to look back. "Yes?" - Keep that in mind. - You have to. - Keep that in mind. - All right. How would you look back, Woong? - Woong. - Yes? (Did you call me?) (Kwang Hee loves it.) That's a good start. - Kwang Hee. - Yes? How do you think... you'll do on variety shows this summer? I'm at a peak right now. I'm with SSAK3. I'm the best! (Airhorn blowing) You should be brazen and confident like him. All right. As one of the five most handsome students of Hanlim Arts School, you were quite popular, right? Did the words spread that far? - You were a bit shy. - That was weak. You have to look back. - He hesitates before he says. - And when he spoke, his front hair shivered. You need to be confident. "Did the words spread that far?" Since we're at it, we have to mention the four most handsome members of AB6IX. - They're standing right here. - Right. We want to see all of them be shameless enough... to walk like models... - before we begin. - Okay. - Cue music. - Cue music. He's ready. He's good. (Dae Hwi's all grown up, isn't he?) He looks great. (Are you watching, ABNEW?) - Looking great! - He's doing great out there. I like him. He has good body proportions. - I like that model. - Yes. Here he is! I like the face of this model. (Walking like an artwork of the Louvre) - That's amazing. - He's like the sculpture, "David." (Welcome to Dong Hyun's world.) (The two are feeling shy.) - It's Woo Jin. - Woo Jin! - He looks chic. - He's really handsome. - He's very sexy. - Hey, Woo Jin! (Human energy drink, Woo Jin) (No other option than Woo Jin) Who's the last one? Who's the last member? - Who is it? - It's Woong. It's expensive. What? - What did he say? - That was good! I like that. (Expensive) - In the end, he said: - He's taken aback. - "It's expensive." - That was quick-witted. Yes. Dae Hwi, what did you think about Woong's last part? It seems that he has finally learned something from you. - He's relaxed now. - He's not nervous anymore. He's relaxed. Woo Jin is complimenting him. - It's getting exciting in here. - Yes, they're loosening up. But we haven't even introduced their new song yet. AB6IX has returned eight months after its first regular album... with a new song! (The emergency bell rings with their new song, "THE ANSWER.") I can't wait to listen to their latest album. Please introduce it. The title song of our new album is... "THE ANSWER." It's very refreshing. This is a song where we can show... every side of us, so look forward to listening to the song. They are a refreshing idol group that will cool the heat down. "THE ANSWER" by AB6IX is revealed now. ("THE ANSWER" by AB6IX will play now.) ("THE ANSWER" by AB6IX) (Weekly Idol) - First, let's give AB6IX... - Yes. a round of applause! - Happy birthday to you - To AB6IX. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear AB6IX Congratulations on your first anniversary! (It's been one year since they went to Hollywood.) Do you see the fireworks? Look at the fireworks. It's beautiful. How beautiful. We prepared it for you. Weekly Idol was with them... on the day of AB6IX's historic birth. They grew up and came back to us after a year. Thank you so much, AB6IX. Congratulations again. As a team, you're just getting started. - It's just getting started. - Right. You might think you know each other well, but there must be something that has upset them... - at this point. - Right. That's why we prepared this segment. It's time to learn more about each other. It's "Hug Me." "Hug Me." Since AB6IX is now one-year-old, we recreated the tradition we do on a baby's first birthday. Host Hwang, - are you ready? - Yes. Hello, everyone! - Hello. - Hello. - Nice to meet you, sir. - "Sir." I can't stop touching Hello, I'm a special host, Kwang Hee. Peekaboo! (Peekaboo!) Look here, AB6IX. How cute! AB6IX will grab... an item they want. We hope you to be an idol group... that makes everyone's heart flutter, so we prepared a stethoscope here. Also, to wish you the best luck on the way, we prepared a crown. (A pretty crown) Also, young and rich. - We hope you make a lot of money, - Money! so we prepared a cushion of money. Lastly, for you to continue... as a successful songwriter and lyricist, we prepared... glasses and a pencil. Go grab what you want. - AB6IX. - Do we get our own items? It's time to grab an item. AB6IX. - Don't cry. - Hi, Woo Jin. Don't cry, Woo Jin. Woo Jin, you came. - Woo Jin. - Come on, Woo Jin. Grab the item you want. Take this, Woong. But I prefer money. What about you, Dae Hwi? - I like money. - I got a crown. A crown. Then I'll take this. I'll take this because I get good grades. How old are you, Woong? I'm one year old. - What did you grab? - I grabbed the stethoscope. What kind of doctor do you want to be? I want to be a doctor... - that cures people's hearts. - How nice. - I see. - Yes. (Woong will prescribe a smile.) - How old are you, Dae Hwi? - I'm two years old. - Two years old? - How cute. What did you grab? I picked up flowers, which are myself. "I picked up flowers, which are myself." (Money, stethoscope, crown, and pencil and glasses) Do you hold a grudge? No. - We never do that. - We never do that. - Never? - Yes. We're very cool. - We're very cool. - I do a little. Not a little. He tends to hold a grudge. - Really? - He'll write it all down with that. I know. - It's going to be fun. - Yes. The first person to go is the one who bravely overcame... embarrassment. Doctor Jeon Woong will come out... - and pick a question. - What a handsome doctor. - The doctor's uniform suits him. - I know. It suits him. (What question did Woong choose?) (Who's like a respirator to you?) I can't wait to watch the show. - They never tell us until the end. - Why do you keep looking at me? Woong, do you have anyone in mind? Can I hug everyone? (The three of them) It must be about something bad. - The three of us? - Why do you think so, Dae Hwi? Maybe he likes everyone. - Do I just pick one? - Yes. Pick one and give him a hug. He's close to Dae Hwi. Dong Hyun? He picked Dong Hyun. Congratulations, Dong Hyun. I don't know what the question is, - but I don't feel that good... - A little uncomfortable? and I'm a little uncomfortable. Why did you pick Dong Hyun? He's... the most easygoing one. - The most easygoing one? - Is that the question? - No, it's not. - The most easygoing one? That's not that question. Woo Jin is deep in thought now. Dong Hyun and the most easygoing? The one he can easily pull a prank on. - That's sharp. - The one who plays along with him? Woong, give us a hint. - Everyone would've picked him. - Really? Yes. What do you think of Dong Hyun? Be honest. What do you think of him? You're passing it to me because you don't want to answer it. He always passes things on to me. - What do you think? - You answer first. - Answer it now. - They know each other well. He's really nice... - and he's a good mediator. - Right. He stays in the middle... and settle things for everyone. - He's cool. - Idol groups need someone like him. The one who takes good care of him? Then that would be me. (Woo Jin's monologue is cute.) - Woo Jin, - Yes. get out of your thought. - I'm too into it. - Leave that thought. It was like a monologue you see on TV shows. It was like a mono-drama. He was like: "Then that would be me." Lastly, Dong Hyun, tell us why you think he picked you. Maybe because I give him... a word of support... and a piece of advice. I give Woong words of support... - and some advice. - What did you tell him lately? He told me to think twice before I speak. Hey! When did I say that? - "Think twice before you speak." - That's so harsh. - That's heartbreaking. - No. - Time out. - Dong Hyun. (Giggling) - Wait. - Dong Hyun, I thought... - you had a warm heart. - You look so red. He told me that in a sweet way. He said: "I told you. Think twice before you speak." - In a sweet tone. - Correction. I object. I'll say it exactly how I said it. - Okay. - This is how I told him. - What did you say exactly? - I told Woong... to speak in a certain way... - and not to say certain words. - But I heard it like Woong too. - Right? Me too. - Wait. - Look at him. - He just said so, right? - It happened in the waiting room. - That's not true. - Just now? - Yes. Just 30 minutes ago. - Just 30 minutes ago? - Yes. It's hot in here. Watch the show to see why Woong picked Dong Hyun. - Dong Hyun, pick a question. - Right away. Dong Hyun grabbed the money, so pick one that looks like money. I want to pick an interesting question. - Think twice before you speak. - Let's see... how many times he thinks before he speaks. I know. (Who would you send on a trip with Rhymer alone?) Why? (Who would you send on a trip with Rhymer alone?) The question is associated with this in a way. Who would likely to lend you money. - Isn't that it? - Will he pick you for it? I don't lend people money. That's the spirit. Woo Jin, don't change. - What's with that? - He doesn't lend us money, but he treats us a lot. (Woo Jin doesn't lend them money, but he's a big spender.) - He's such a man. - I'll get his number. (Thinking) It's hard. No. He'd pick Dae Hwi. - I think so. - No way. - I don't want that. - Dae Hwi and Dong Hyun seem... to share a lot of things. Why am I nervous? I'm so nervous. Hurry up, Dong Hyun. - Okay. - How frustrating. Fine. - I'll hurry up. - What's the question? - Okay. - I knew it would be Dae Hwi. - Really? - It gets me so curious. Dae Hwi needs some love. He wins people's favors... and he deserves it. He's a lovely person, so I want to give him some love. - A lot of it. - Who he wants to give money to? A lot of love. This much. - Dong Hyun has a way with words. - What is it? Dae Hwi, what do you think the question is? Who is the most stingy. - I'm a big spender. - He's a big spender. - I'm such a big spender. - He spends a lot of money. - Dae Hwi. - I meant, on others. I spend a lot of money on others. - I'm a big spender. - What did you buy lately? - I'm just taking a guess. - What? I know. Don't judge me. Don't yell at me. - Are you guys fighting? - Don't attack each other. Don't offend each other today. Switch seats with me. - Don't fight. - What's the question? Who's likely to lend him money. Well... Who has a lot of money in his bank account. It's a burst of answers. - Woong started talking a lot. - I know. What's the question? Give us a hint. It'd be hard to think of a hint for this question. - By the way, - I have no idea. you got it wrong. - Right. - The question is not about money. I got it. I don't think so. Who will raise trainees. - Sit down. - Who will take over... - Brand New Music later. - Exactly. Who will take over Brand New Music! Who will take over Brand New Music? - Have you considered that? - Absolutely. - Really? - Who will become the president. When he retires, - When he retires? - How old would he be? A company president doesn't retire. When I'm in my 40s, I want to start training juniors. And Rhymer retires? - His retirement. - He can be the chairman. - He becomes the chairman? - The chairman? It's in line with what Dae Hwi said. - Maybe. - If he wants to run the company, he should do something like this. - Right. - I mean it. I'll check the question on TV. Why are you wrapping it up? Why are you in a rush, Dae Hwi? Because I don't think I can get it right. Okay. - Woo Jin, pick a question. - What would he pick? - It's finally my turn. - He grabbed a pencil. Considering my question, I'm sure there are many interesting questions. - Now you see it. - Yes. - You didn't have to be nervous. - Yes. (Who would you shun for a day?) What's the question? I'm so curious. I want to know the previous question. How can I wait until it airs? - Are you that curious? - Yes. He's so innocent. Woo Jin is deciding who to pick now. - My question is too hard. - Really? Because you want to pick more than one? I don't want to pick any of them for the question. Don't they fit the question? No, they don't. - But if I have to pick one, - If you have to. and I see it in a different view... It's Dae Hwi. Dae Hwi is... It's my big day. - It's your big day. - I know. I'll guide you a little. It's not something good. - Thank you for that hint. - I knew it. It's not about something good? - Thank you. - It's not... - like the previous questions. - Do you think so? - I see. - Why did he pick me? What's the question? - Can you give us more hints? - Yes, give us more hints. When he's... in the waiting room... Yes? Or hanging out with us, he enjoys singing. He keeps doing the same dance moves and repeating the same thing. - When we're hanging out, - Yes. he makes us tired. Does he make you tired? - Dae Hwi made Dong Hyun tired. - Me? I sometimes tell him he does. What does Dae Hwi do? When he's happy, he gets very excited. Like how? When something good happens to him, - he can't control himself. - What does he do then? I can't mimic that. - Show us. - Show them how I am. Show us what he's like. I don't even know myself. - Show us. - In your perspective. - When it comes to laughing, - Yes. this is how we laugh. But when he laughs... (Happy Dae Hwi) Exactly. (He'd become the best singer.) Are you a crow? - This is how he laughs. - You're funny, Woo Jin. - I can imagine it. - He did it well. - That was cute. - That was a good impression. - Also, - Yes. he keeps hitting the person next to him as he laughs. - That's true. - I also got hit today... - in the waiting room. - Does he keep hitting? I think... he laughs to hit us. Do you think he laughs to hit you? So what's the question? I'll give you the best hint. So what would you do about him? - I got it. - What do you think? Who he wants to mute. Who he wants to mute? They do tell me to keep it down... and I listen to them. In fact, their guesses were... - on the right track. - Right. Let's wrap up Woo Jin's question. - Okay. - Let's move on to Dae Hwi. - Let's go. - Dae Hwi is the most curious... about the questions. - I hope he picks the hardest one. - I know. - It's so fun to take a guess. - It's fun when they don't know. - But if they get it right... - This is perfect. - It must be about something bad. - This is perfect. (The one you wouldn't have been friends with...) (even if you were the same age) Dae Hwi's energy is rising. It's getting heated.in here. If we pass this particular moment, his energy will explode. Can I hug the three of them? (Let's pick them all while we're at it.) You're mean. You're good. Come on, try to impress me. Dae Hwi, you're so cute. I don't think you're noisy. - That's right. - I'm just worried about your voice. - That's impressive. - You passed. You're too good at lying. I've never felt that you were noisy. What about you, Woo Jin? You can choose me if you want. Then I'll choose you. (Sure! I choose Woo Jin without hesitation.) You're great, Dae Hwi. - He knows how to play with people. - I agree. Where can you find a member like this? Woo Jin. - Woo Jin. - Take a guess, everyone. - Where's the hint? - You should give us a clue. You're right. - Please explain why. - That's right. (What is this kid doing?) - It feels like... - What? Why, you! - You want him as a younger brother. - A younger brother. Don't you want me as your younger brother? You're already younger than me. (You're already younger than me.) Show us your ID. Woo Jin, think before you speak. - What's going on? - You're all younger than me. I forgot for a second. How could you forget you were younger than him? Woo Jin may look... very manly and tough. However, he doesn't give hugs to Woong nor me that often, but he gives Dae Hwi a lot of hugs. - Is that so? - When we're on standby... or on our way to our next schedule... He is quite touchy. He often hugs and takes care of Dae Hwi. He used to feel uncomfortable... about it a long time ago, but he likes it now. - Do you like that? - That's cute. - Do you feel good now? - Look at you. Did I do well? (Blocking him instantly) Shall we open just one question? They're so curious. They look down. - Just for one person. - I'm not down. - You should talk among yourselves. - We'll talk about it. - What are you most curious about? - Just choose one question. - I'm curious about the money. - What is it? You should check that on the show. - I'm always curious about money. - I'm very curious about this. Actually, - I want to know about this. - we had many clues about those... and we almost got it. You did? - How did you get it? - We didn't? - What do you want to know? - Okay, let's pick one each. - Okay, one by one. - What about you, Dae Hwi? I choose Dae Hwi. - What about you, Woong? - I pick Dae Hwi too. - We have two for Dae Hwi. - What about you, Dae Hwi? I want to know the question in which Woo Jin picked me. - I pick Dae Hwi too. - But wait. I'd feel embarrassed if you only showed mine. - Why is that embarrassing? - Why would you? - We need to go on without knowing. - No, that's not it. Dae Hwi was having so much fun earlier. You're right. He's going back and forth. Go take it, Dae Hwi. - Don't show it to Woo Jin yet. - Okay. - Really? - Here it is. (We wouldn't have been friends even if we were the same age.) - Should we keep this a secret? - But wait. - I have a question. - Go on. Did you pick me... because I didn't try to impress you? Or did you really think of me? - I did it for fun. - Woo Jin takes this seriously. - But wait. - He's the most naive. You'll understand if you see this. You'll agree with why I picked you. The Woo Jin I know will get hurt. - He won't talk for 30 minutes. - He'll get hurt. He'll be hurt for sure. But Woo Jin is charismatic and cool when he raps. He'll be like this in the waiting room. (The otter is imitating the sparrow.) I don't do that anymore. Wait a minute. I'm nervous. He might get hurt if he sees this, but he'll understand once I explain. Okay. - Can I read it? - Okay. Go ahead. (Extremely nervous) - What is the question? - The question is long. - It'll take a while to read it. - I only read the last line... and it says "wouldn't be." (We don't know what it is.) - All right. - I'm not going to listen. - Why didn't you try to impress me? - Go read it. Please read it, Woo Jin. He's disappointed. - Oh, no. - He's in shock. Should I be on my knees? - Read it, Woo Jin. - What are you doing? - Go ahead and kneel down. - I agree. - Woo Jin is going to cry. - Woo Jin? He's going to cry. Earlier, I didn't really... - Oh, no. - This isn't right. That's not it. No. That's not it, Woo Jin. Come out, writers! Why did you give us questions like these? Why did you make this question to hurt Woo Jin? - This is on you. - Why did you do that? We have so many good questions. - Don't you think so, Dae Hwi? - I agree. I was embarrassed by the question. In my opinion, Dae Hwi just wanted... - to make Woo Jin his older brother. - That's right. First of all, you and I are different. You like games. I thought of it simply. You like games and I don't. - It's just a preference. - I couldn't play games with you. I couldn't be a good friend to you. That must've been heartbreaking. So if I can't be a good friend, it's better... I leave your side. (If I can't be a good friend, let me leave you.) Those sounded like lyrics. - Who knew Dae Hwi thought that? - I knew it. He was being thoughtful. I'm going to be with you forever. - I think he's still upset. - Can I pick mine? Where is it? Give Woo Jin some jelly. Have some. Here you go, Woo Jin. This is for you. Have some jelly. My nephew stops pouting when he eats this. Is it good, Woo Jin? This is so funny. He really isn't upset anymore. He looks happy. - He's happy now. - Look at him. - He became happy with some jelly. - He's giving us... a bright smile. That was "Hug Me" where we could find out more... - about the members of AB6IX. - "Hug Me." You can all check the remaining questions... - through the show. - Yes. Let's move on to the next segment. - I heard... - Yes. Dong Hyun gave a big assignment... to the staff of Weekly Idols. I asked them for a favor. No, that's not it. - It was an assignment. - Really? - What did he say? - He wrote on his profile... that he wanted to play a new game... on Weekly Idol which he had never done... - with his members. - That's right. (I want to play a new game with my members.) What kind of game do we have... thanks to Dong Hyun's idea? After late-night research... - in our Game Research Center, - Yes. we have a new game only for AB6IX. It's "Brand New Three Games." (Brand New Three Games) It's a completely new game. All games will be done in teams. Every time you win a game, we'll give you prizes on each stage. That sounds good. Our first game was prepared for Dong Hyun, who wanted a completely new game. It's "Fresh Game." - "Fresh Game"? - It's literally a fresh game. It's because you wanted a new and refreshing game. Is that the title? Yes, the name of the game is "Fresh Game." That's very new. We are certain this is a new game... - which you've never played before. - Yes. The members of AB6IX will... look for the latest yogurt... from these four bowls of yogurt. How do we find that? What do you think, Dong Hyun? Is it new enough? I'm speechless. I'll give you a little of the first yogurt. I think this will be too difficult to guess. I don't normally enjoy eating it. I like this. - I enjoy eating yogurt often. - That's right. (Eating it carefully) There's one thing you should know... that smelly yogurt is not... necessarily the older yogurt. - The more it smells, - Is that a good thing? the more recently it was made. - Is that so? - Is it a fresh yogurt? No, this is Greek yogurt. Greek yogurts smell if it's old. I think I'm really smart. You're not guessing the kind of yogurt. You're looking for the freshest yogurt. - Did you all taste the first one? - Yes. The first yogurt tasted neat. This is the second yogurt. How is it? I tasted it, and I think the first one was a bit sourer. I think the first one is an older one. That's what I think. That sounds reasonable. What about you, Dae Hwi? - You need to look at the form. - That's right. This is a bit waterier. Watery? The first one is waterier, and the second one is more solid. - Solid. - Solid is the name of a singer. - Let's hold the end of this night - Hold the end of this night (Calling on Solid) (The anchovy and the lovable Dae Hwi) Is it a bit hard? So I think this is older. - It's solid. - Solid. Isn't it fresh? This is really new. - We'll give you the third yogurt. - It's the third one. All right. This is delicious. This is very watery. It's very watery. What do you think, Dong Hyun? I think this tastes the best. He has his own opinions. You're not looking for the most delicious one. - Okay. - You're looking for the fresh one. This was quite sour. - This was greasy. - Yes. This tasted like it was just freshly made. For me, the first one was the sourest. I think the first one is the oldest. Even if this tasted sour, why does that mean it's the oldest? What are you two talking about? Are you having a chat over there? I'm sorry. Are you in a cafe? - In my opinion, if a yogurt... - Yes. Why are you taking my idea? In my opinion, first of all, - Go ahead. - I agree with Dong Hyun. Dong Hyun said the third one felt... like it was licked right after it was opened. - I didn't say it was licked. - You didn't? But I said it tasted like it was freshly opened. Dong Hyun's words are becoming twisted in this group. Don't you think so? Your words are misinterpreted. When I received this from Kwang Hee, - I said it was very watery. - Yes. The waterier it is, the fresher it is. - That's unexpected. - We agree with it. - This is the last one. - It's the fourth yogurt. It's watery. Is it too watery? It's too watery. - Is it like water? - Yes. I think I know the answer. It'll be no fun if I guess it right. We need to answer it right. - This is a guessing game. - Yes, it is. I think I can do it. All right, the four of you should discuss it among yourselves. Find the freshest yogurt. - You can hold it. - Look at this. This is the wateriest. I think this is it. This is the most recent one. (He's losing interest rapidly.) This is the most solid. Solid. - Why are you here? He's a host. - Woo Jin. Woo Jin? - I don't think I belong there. - Why not? - You don't know, do you? - It doesn't suit you? That's possible. - It's meaningless to look for it. - That's right. You must be wondering what you're doing here. It's meaningless to be doing that. I don't know why we're doing that. Why are they playing that game? This is different. This is the first and second. We need to look for the older one of these two. Is there a member who's especially sensitive to taste? Dong Hyun likes... - looking for food to eat. - He must be a foodie. Dae Hwi might look slim, but he really likes eating. Woo Jin is good at being a host. Yes, I'm quite good. (What are you doing there?) - Are you quite good? - Yes, I am. We finally have someone who's quite good at this. - Please host the program. - He's finally found his place. All right, go ahead. Dae Hwi, you've been fumbling with that plate. Do you think that's the most recent one? Yes. Are you sure? Others could think differently. What do you think, Woong? I think so too. We have a common answer. You do? Then tell us your answer. Tell them to make their decision. - Tell us your answer. - He's on the field. I think we can even rank them. - You know the exact order? - Yes. Look at Woong's confidence. It's about to reach the sky. He must be broadcasting a soccer match. We've chosen number three the moment it touched our tongue. - Yes. - It's number three. (AB6IX chose number 3.) All right. Shall we open number three? This is number three, which AB6IX chose unanimously. Is it the freshest yogurt? Let's see. - Let's open it. - We have a date. - It's on June 26. - That's quite recent. You can eat it until June 26. (That feels uneasy.) Next, let's open this. - Yes. - Do whatever you want. It can't be later than June 26. - That's right. - That would be a failure for you. - Let's see. - Why is this making me nervous? Wait. (What is it?) Look. We failed. Oh, no. Wait a minute. It's on July 3. (It's not even June.) We're in a different month. (The freshest yogurt is number 1.) - That was the answer. - That was close. This was a bit watery. - Was it watery? - You're bringing that up now. - You keep mentioning that. - Stop lying. Look at this. It's watery. Everything is watery. Dong Hyun also said... the first one was sour. Now that I think of it, I think it was sour... because it was made most recently. Unfortunately, the first "Fresh Game" was... - a failure for AB6IX. - Yes. (AB6IX failed the first "Fresh Game.") We'll show the prize for the first stage. - Really? Wait a minute. - This is... Are you serious? - Is it Korean beef? - You lost this. That's... The prize for the first stage was... prepared for AB6IX who liked fresh items. Is it fresh Korean beef? It's the coolest item among our three prizes. It's a cooler bag. - It's the bag. - Yes, it's this bag. - It's a cooler bag. - It didn't have anything inside. No wonder it looked very light. It's one of the three fresh prizes. - We'll take this. - Yes. - What a waste. - Let's continue... to the second game. Let's go. The second game is from actively considering... Dae Hwi's opinion... that he wanted to scream in silence. It's "The Answer in Silence." - Give me your answer. - "The Answer in Silence." - It's like "Scream in Silence." - Yes. Because this game was made thanks to Dae Hwi, - Dae Hwi will play this game... - I see. - with these headphones on. - Yes. Dae Hwi will look at the instructions of other members... and fill the fruit basket. - It's quite new. - Yes. Can you hear me? - Dae Hwi. - Can you hear us, Dae Hwi? - Dae Hwi. - Did we start? - Dae Hwi is stupid. - Shall I start? Lee Dae Hwi is stupid. - Dae Hwi is a fool. - Yes? I'm fine They keep talking I keep walking - Start if you're ready. - Yes. Dae Hwi. Get ready for the game. Ready? I don't think he can do it. Woo Jin will go first. Ready. Set, go! - Okay. - Banana. This is too easy. Wait a minute. Wait. Wait? Eat... one banana. I got it. - Did he get it? - Did you understand that? Look at me! - Am I right? - Eat one banana. Hey, wait a second. - Eat one banana. - Eat half of a banana. Eat all of it. Hey? - All. - Hey. Eat the whole. Look at me. Eat the whole banana. Also, - Also? - the rest of it. The rest of it. Pickled radish? It's not here. - Of course, it's not here. - There's nothing there. There's no pickled radish. Put the rest of it in. The rest of it. The rest of it! Put them all in. - Put them all in? - Yes. No, not those. - Put them all in? - Yes. No, not those! You're doing great. Woo Jin, you're done! (Woo Jin's turn is over.) Woong, you're up. Apple. Apple. Take a bite of it. I can hear your voice clearly. - You're so loud. - Yes. Take a bite from the apple. Apple. (He finds it without looking.) Apple! Dae Hwi, it has to be an apple. - Apple. - Can I not see these? - You can. - You can look at them. Dae Hwi! Pick up the apple. (What's this Korean melon doing in my hand?) (They see him every day, but are still amazed.) Dae Hwi. Apple! Take a bite from it. Take a bite from it. (It's fun to watch.) Put it in the bowl like that. I put a new one in? No, put it in as it is. As it is. I put it in vertically? Vertically? Vertically. Which way is vertical? Put it in. - I'm sure the apple is vertical. - Is it like this? - Find the vertical line. - Yes. - That's good. - Okay. Cherry tomatoes! Cherry tomatoes. - Why? - Why me? Why? Why am I a cherry tomato? Not him, cherry tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes. It's not here. Look closely. What color is it? It's here! It's right here! I found it! Eat three... cherry tomatoes. Three? Three. Two. (Eating) Then put three in the bowl. From my mouth? (Do I have to spit it out?) What are you talking about? One more time. Eat three... cherry tomatoes... and put three in the bowl. In the bowl! Okay. He's taking out the fruits from the bowl. - I have them in the bowl! - Okay! No, that's not it. - Okay. - Is he done? What are you doing? Did I get a perfect score? - Who went first? - Me. Woo Jin, what did you tell him? Eat one banana. - I ate one banana. - He did. Put the rest in the basket You should have put the rest back in. - I see. - He made a mistake. That's where all the mistakes started happening. You put everything in. You seemed so happy. - I'm greedy. - Put everything in! They're all mine. Second instruction. Take a bite of an apple. He took a bite. Take a bite from an apple. Where is it? It's here. - Why is it there? - Put it in as it is. - When they told him to put it in, - Put it in as it is. he put it in the wrong bowl. That was another mistake. Next. I told him to eat three cherry tomatoes. He did well here. Then you told me to put three in. Yes, but where did you put them? Think about it. They were here to begin with. - You see, - Where did you put them? when we tell you to put something in, it should go in the basket. But you took them out and put them here. (Dae Hwi's fruit basket versus the correct fruit basket.) That concludes... "The Answer in Silence." - Fail! - We failed again? I feel bad. The second prize was... this fresh... watermelon. You can't have a summer vacation... - without a watermelon. - It's the best. - What a great day for us. - Totally. Everyone. Don't be too sad. Everything depends on the final game. Will you give us everything if we win the last round? We'll put the watermelon and the cooler bag together... and give them to you with the final prize. - I'm excited now. - Thank you. Let's see if the final round will be easy. The last game is... something we came up with... after Woo Jin said he wanted to have so much fun that time feels short. Wow. It's "Candy Relay Unboxing." How do we play this? - Unboxing? - Yes. - It's very new. - Yes. You have to unwrap the lollipops... continuously within the time limit. You must only use... - your hands to unwrap them. - I see. You need to unwrap it and put it... in the next person's mouth to move on. - We understand. - We understand. We'll tell you... the time limit after the game is over. How could you tell us that afterward? We won't tell you beforehand. Isn't this interesting? I guess... - this is new. - Just play freely. (The order of "Candy Relay Unboxing") Are you ready? If you win this round, you'll take all three prizes. I really want to win. Ready. Please. Don't rush yourself. - I don't think that's right. - No! - You can't do it like that. - That's not right. Okay, I got it. - I thought you were good at this. - Really? I can open them really well. I had a lot of them in the past. Grab them at the bottom... and whip them. You make it sound so easy. It's not that easy. I got it. (He can't live up to his words.) - Ten seconds have passed. - Please! Dae Hwi, hurry up. - You don't have time. - Ten seconds? - Yes. - Dae Hwi. - Come on. - What is this? Someone glued mine together. Is that why you look tired? Is this why you have bags under your eyes? It has been... - It's really hard. - about 30 seconds. - Dae Hwi, it's fine. - You can do this. - I'm sure they'll give us time. - Wait. - We'll give you lots of time. - How do you do this? I can't help you. - We gave you plenty of time. - It's been about a minute. I got it. It's done! I did it! That's a lie! Stop lying! Dae Hwi. - You're there. - You've got it. Whip it! - Whip it! - Open it! - Open it! - Dong Hyun, you're next. Next. He's good. We won't tell you how much time you spent anymore. Open it. He's done. ("Candy Relay Unboxing" is done.) - Wait. - How long do you think you took? - Around 45 to 50 seconds. - Do you think so? About 20 seconds. Am I wrong? We'll put the three prizes on the table. Okay, let's see what the last prize was. - What is it? - Really? - The prizes in that wrapping are... - Are you serious? usually very expensive. (The last prize is Korean pork.) The time limit for the last round was... one minute! - That sounds fine. - I think we did it. We didn't go over a minute. - Let's see. - How long did AB6IX take... to unwrap all the candies? Let's check their time. I'll reveal the last digit. Let it be four. - The last digit is... - I haven't seen the time yet. six seconds. Why are you happy? It's 56 seconds! - I think we took 46 seconds. - Could it be 1 minute 6 seconds? I think you can do it. Hold this. That's great. Take this too. This watermelon looks really good. I'll reveal the first digit! - Come on! - The first digit! (Please.) It's 1 minute and 6 seconds! Fail! Put them all down. Give me that. You failed! You took 1 minute and 6 seconds. - Dae Hwi. - Yes. How could you say 30 seconds? They told me... I need to be brave on variety shows. Don't you like his bravery? Let's give them another chance. Woo Jin will do another "Oh My Song." (Woo Jin was blindsided.) - That's great. - We'll take that. - Woo Jin, come here. - What? (What did you say?) - Park Woo Jin! - Park Woo Jin! - The cutie of AB6IX! - Park Woo Jin! You can take all these if you sing us the song. We're giving them another chance, not the prize. You get another chance. What? Should we not do it? Dae Hwi doesn't joke around. We need to make a deal. We are making a deal. You get another chance. We don't need chances. Then give us more time too. - We'll give you... - Okay. a minute and six seconds. - We'll watch Woo Jin's song first. - Yes. What if I don't want to do it? - No. - You want to do this. - I don't need meat. - You want to eat meat. - Woo Jin. - Your eyes tell me you want this. - I... - Let's do this. These guys. They're saying this because it's not them. - This is so good to see. - Okay. Compromise with yourself. - He's here. - Okay. (He brings out the cutie inside him.) Please give me another chance. Please give me another chance. (We'll give you a thousand chances if you want.) They have to give it to us. - That's great. - Isn't he cute? Do you want to keep this order? The order is fine, but those that stall... will meet with me later. - They will? - At your house? - He's done everything. - I'm scared. We'll start now. Ready. (They start counting down 1 minute and 6 seconds.) Dae Hwi! You got it! - I will feed you meat! - Yes! (I will feed you meat!) Come on. - No. - He's weak. Dae Hwi, you need to feed them meat. You're almost there. - Dae Hwi. - I got it. No, we have 1 minute and 6 seconds. - He's got it. - Okay, Dong Hyun. (He slowed down since the last round.) - You can do this. - You've got this. - It's been 30 seconds. - Okay. - I think we can do this. - All right. (I'm doing my best.) - It's been 35 seconds. - It's been 35 seconds! - Woong. - It's been 35 seconds. It's been 35 seconds. - No! - Woo Jin! Five seconds have passed. - We had a spy among us. - What did you do? - Woo Jin, hurry. - Why is my hand so slippery? - You can do it. - Go, Woo Jin. You can do this. Just crush it. - Crush it. - Woo Jin, let's eat meat. (How long will it have passed?) Kwang Hee, why are you like that? - Was is 1 minute and 7 seconds? - Oh, my gosh. I can get the second right this time. The last digit? Because... Wait. (He calculates the time seriously.) I think we did it around 52 seconds. It's definitely between 50 to 55 seconds. The last digit is... nine. - It's 59 seconds. - It's 59 seconds. - I think it's a minute and nine. - It's definitely not that. - Let's see. - AB6IX! - Not a minute and 9 seconds. - Please be 59 seconds. Will they be able to take all the prizes? The last round's result is... Please! It's definitely 59 seconds. It's 49 seconds! (49 seconds) - Yes! - Yes! (Make some noise!) With that, AB6IX has... won all three... prizes! That was really fast. I hope... you can share that at home tonight. - We can take it like this. - That's right. Take them all. - Congratulations. - Enjoy your prizes. - Thank you. - Thank you. While we were having fun with AB6IX, it's already time for us to say goodbye. That's right. I don't want to say goodbye. How did you feel... visiting us after a year? It's been so long since we were on the show, but this was very fun. Thanks to you two, we could have so much fun. The very fresh games... Of course. They were the best as well. We had such a great time today. What about you, Woong? I think my shyness went away, so thank you for that. - Thank you. - Last but not least, the cutie of the day. I think we have proof of how much fun we had today. Dae Hwi is usually tired by now, - That's right. - but he seems still lively. That's right. I can do this for another hour. What about you? Should we do another hour? - That's how fun today was. - Yes. I hope we can come back next time. We had lots of fun too. Dae Hwi, say a few words... to your fans. We came back with a new song after a long time, so please show your love for our new song "THE ANSWER." If you show us lots of love, we'll come back on Weekly Idol again. Thank you. - Today was very fun. - It really was. This past year was brilliant thanks to... AB6IX. AB6IX's happiness... - is our happiness. - You're right. The more you see them, the more you want to see AB6IX. We'll continue to... cheer you on! - This was... - AB6IX! - Good luck with your new song! - Thank you!