ENG NFlying Lets Roll 1

Can you see us? One, two, three, let`s roll. Hi! This is N.Flying. Can you see us? My heart is pounding. Hi. Hi! Following the show yesterday, we're back! We're not in such a good condition. - We don't. - Put on any makeup. This is 100% natural. - Without. - Make up. - Zero. - Makeup. Zero makeup? - Zero makeup. - Zero makeup. - Zero makeup. - Zero makeup. - We're here. - Have you been well? Reflecting plate. - It's shiny. - Shiny. - What? - We should do this. At the beginning, we shouted 'Let`s roll.' Our slogan. Before we perform or go on a show, Before we start anything, We chant this slogan to cheer up. Why did we do this? - Why? - Why did we do this? - Why? - Why did we do this? - Why? - Why did we do this? Hold on. We made up this slogan. We use it since we were an indie band. We will say 'Let`s roll' to start the V app show. We said "Let`s roll, N.Flying." We did it before. We've set the title of this show. To run and play with you. - Feeling like playing. - Run and play? - Sure. - Let`s roll. So we've picked 'Let`s roll.' Title of this show is, one, two, three. Let`s roll. With the show 'Let`s roll,' We will communicate more and understand better each other. - Communication? - Yes. To communicate. To be with you, we may make surprise visits. But we'll visit you every Thursday. Every Thursday, every week. - Every week. - Every week. You have to see Jae-hyun every Thursday, - Every Thursday. What time? - Every Thursday. What time? - Every Thursday. What time? - Every Thursday. What time? Hun is hurried. Every Thursday. Every Thursday. At 9 PM. - 9 PM. - Every Thursday. - 9 PM. - 9 PM, not AM. - When? Evening. - 9 PM. Besides the show on Thursday, We may visit you any time. Sounds like a commercial. Now we're on the V app show. We're receiving a lot of calls. This much. Can't handle it, huh? Besides the show on Thursday, We may visit you on other days. - To surprise you. - Why? Please watch us on your phone. Find us on the V app. - Stay alert. - Okay. - Okay. Today. - Hold on. - Today. - Hold on, Hold on. Yesterday, 1,000 viewers were watching when we ended the show. Now it's over 2,000. - Already 2,000. - Our target was 2,000. Original target was 2,000. It's already over. - Okay. - New goal, 10,000. Let's have a heart time. - Heart time. - Hold on. Heart time. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. What's today's event? The reason why we gathered. - For the event that Kwang-Jin said. - Must be tired. For that event. With members of our fan club, We'll have phone calls in the event 'Let`s call.' - Phone calls. - Phone calls. - With you. - Together. - Phone calls. - Sounds strange. - So. - Hello, where are you? Here, on the spot. We'll borrow a phone and call a fan. A member of our fan club. - We'll call you. - Right here. - What do we do? - We call a fan. We have a phone call. Jae-hyun, a comment says Give her a wink. Wow. Amazing. Crazy. Oppa, is it real? - Real. - It's real. Real. Oh, haha. Oha oha oha. I will work out after shooting the V app show. I am wearing a track suit. These are our own clothes. This is how we look like usually. - It's real. - Seriously. See this? I had my hair done. - Ugly. - I'm a high school senior. - Study hard. - Crews are. - Waiving their hands. - Acting cute? First of all, we're here today to call fans for better communication. What's the name of this event? Let's shout together? - One, two, three. - Let`s call! - What's the number? - We've got more than 90,000 hearts. Really? The number of viewers are 3,000. So happy. To return your love. Let's act cute as fans asked. Let's go. I've prepared in four languages. When did you prepare this? I am good at this. Yesterday, I prepared. - Show us. - We prepared many things. You prepared things, huh? You're a leader. Leader, go ahead. - Leader. - After you. - In four languages? - Four languages. Acting cute in four languages. Go ahead. In mother tongue, Korean. Cute, cute, Hi? I am. - You made up now. - No. Second, in English. I'm a cutie. Hell, no. - In Chinese. - Chinese. - Mao Mao Ta. - In Sri Lankan? Japanese, Kawai. Acting cute in four languages. We've received 100,000 hearts. It's over 100,000. More than 3,000 viewers are watching. Shall we move on to the next? As it's over 100,000, J.DON has prepared an event for 100,000 hearts. - Act cute. - Act cute. I'm not ready for acting cute. - Three, two, one, action. - I am not ready at all. Please do something else. Everyday you do "Please, gimme that." Everyone can do. Even Hun can. Even Hun can. Hold on. Even Hun can. I can do this. Sounds easy? It's difficult. One, two, three. We'll have the event 'Let`s call.' For the event 'Let`s call,' We brought this one. - What's this? - This is our official. - Don't look. - Smells bad. - Smells like a lemon. - This. - Smells like Jae-hyun's feet. - When did you smell it? - You smelled my feet? - Sure. J.DON smells my feet everyday. Jae-hyun isn't wearing socks. I smell something like cheese. We didn't see Kwang-Jin acting cute. - Dude, what? - We didn't see Kwang-Jin acting cute. Wanna see? Leave comments. If you want to see Kwang-Jin acting cute, leave messages. Comments are up a bit later. My feet don't smell bad. You keep mentioning the smell, but my feet don't smell bad. - I had a nightmare. - I want to see it. - Oh, here it comes. - I wanna see. - Many want to see it. - Many fans. They're waiting for Kwang-Jin to act cute. - But I am not good at it. - I had a dream of ghost. I hate it. Seriously. Kwang-Jin, Kwang-Jin. Did you have any dream? Kwang-Jin. Any dream last night? - Kwang-Jin, Kwang-Jin. - I caught a ghost. You caught it? You caught a ghost? Good. So we.. In this box. We've got nicknames of our official fan cafe members. - Nicknames. - Nicknames? Our official fan club members. - Official fan club members. - Nicknames. - Hold on. - Sorry? We've got 130,000 hearts. Again, heart time? Let's make a pledge if it's over 200,000. - Over 200,000? - What pledge? Let's decide it. We'll show Hun's nostril. Why do we show this? I'd say no to protect N.Flying. - Anything else. - Then. - That was close. - J.DON, do something. - What do you want to see? - Leave comments. Leave comments. We'll read your messages. We're not picking the nickname yet - Not yet. - Hun's confused. We'll not draw. We have to pick a nickname. The only one. Only one member of our official fan club. - Only one. - Only one. Any familiar name? - A lot. - I can recognize most of them. Familiar one. Kwang-jina Chingching Nane. The most hilarious nickname. Kwang-jina Chingching Nane. We're off the point. We're so much off the track. Wow, the track looks nice here. Great. Then, let's pick. - We should call. - Do it now? - Yes. - Let's pick one. - Let's do rock, paper, scissors. - To pick who will draw. Rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper, scissors. Jae-hyun wins. I won. Second one will pick. - Oh, crap. - Leader should pick. - Leader should. - Why are you breaking the rule? If you sing a song, we'll let you do. Sing a song, sing a song. - Do I have to do? - Without instrument. - Without playing. - Nothing. - One beat, two beat. - Hold on. Whose side are you on? - Side of N.Flying. - N.Flying's side. - One beat, two beat. - Hold on, I don't think at all. - Then you should sing. - Five seconds. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. N.Flying's songs. - Okay. - One beat, two beat. Three beat. One, two, three, four. [Can¡¯t believe it your red lips that call to me] [Oh lalalalala oh lalalalala] [Can¡¯t believe it] Fans' responses are amazing. I knew he would sing this. He did a good job. - How do you feel? - It's been a while. Right? We'll sing songs soon. Anyways, J.DON sang a song. - He deserves to draw. - I wanted to do. - My sexy legs. - Right! This one. - I forgot it. - Should've not told you. - Can I pick? - Go ahead. Hurry. A drum roll. Hold on. Got it. - This. - Not good. - Not good. - Why? Very strong nickname. - Can we show it? - Sure. - Jini's slave. - My slave, what? - My slave? - Sounds a bit. Who is it? Jini will call. We will call you. For Jini's slave, later. - Jini, Jini. - We'll call you later. - Jini, Jini. - Later means now. - What, really? - We've got a phone. - Seriously? - Do we have a call now? Wow, the V app is amazing. But will she receive this? If she doesn't, we'll pick another one. We will pick one more. Now 4,000 viewers are watching. [It's not connected.] - Sorry, Jini's slave. - Amazing. Connection is amazing. Jini's slave, this. Kwang-Jin will keep this. Let me show your nickname one more time. - Sorry. - Jini's slave. Thanks for supporting us. - Thank you.. - Thanks. You will have another chance. This 'Let's call' event is not only for today. - Sure. - It's not only for today. Every Thursday, we'll have 'Let`s call.' The show title at 9 PM is 'Let`s call.' 'Let`s roll N.Flying' is 'Let`s call?' - Right. - So, now. - Go ahead. - Thank you. We'll have 'Let`s call' every Thursday. Like this, we'll pick a fan. And call the fan. - Just in case. - Sweating. If you don't receive, we're sorry. - But we cannot reach you. - Don't cry. Please answer your phone next time. Then, let's pick another one. Jini, Jini's scholar. Jae-hyun who won Rock, paper, scissors. - Will pick. - No way. - I should pick. - No. Rock, paper, scissors. - Rock, paper, scissors. - Bad luck. Then give me. - You should sing. - Sing. One beat, two beat. Three beat. One, two, three, four. I will pick. Go ahead. Oh, I remember. We used this box for a popularity vote. Isn't it the old box? - Okay, I got it. - He got it. Let's pick another one. Oh, this one. I know her real name, even. It's Seung JJang Coming. Coming. Seung JJang Coming. - Seung JJang Coming. - Seung JJang Coming. - Seung JJang Coming. - Seung JJang Coming. - Shall we call now? - Shall we do now? J.DON, make a phone call. We can do many things at 9 PM. - You like it? - If it's at 1 AM, We should do an eating show. Like eating Jjambong. - Let's do this again. - Hold on, Let's do it one more time. So pity, if we give up. This sound means she rejected. - Right. - The sound means turning off. I am rejected. Shall we go for an eating show? - Eating show? - Sounds amazing. I saw somethings. Who's Haechang? Fan of the Afreeca TV? I love that. - I watch it. - We love that. We like it. Done. Connected. Hello. - Jin-young. - Hi? Hi! This is N.Flying. What's this? - Hey. - Yes? Are you watching the V app? Right, but it's breaking up. Oh, really? - Yes. - But your voice is coming. This is Jae-hyun. - Hi? - Seung JJang Coming. - Seung JJang Coming, Seung JJang. - Seung JJang Coming. Who do you like the most among N.Flying? - J.DON Oppa. - Hang up. - Don't tease. - Hang up. What are you doing? Me? Watching the V app. Thanks for your letters. Introduce yourself. Jin-young, please. This is Jin-young, a fan of N.Flying. - Where do you live? - In Mokpo, South Jeolla Province. - Mokpo? - South Jeolla Province. Wow, it's far away. - Right. - Long-legged octopus is famous. - Long-legged octopus. - Long-legged octopus. I was born in Youngkwang. - Really? - Yes. - This is Kwang-Jin. - Hi! You know me? Had dinner? - Yes. - He always talks alone. Ask questions to J.DON. If you have any questions. I was wondering how he's doing. - Fine. - Yes. - How are you? - Yes. When did you start to like N.Flying? When J.DON starred on the first stage. J.DON? Please show. Cute. Hey, hey, hey. 5,000 viewers, 200,000 hearts. We're talking on the phone. Oh, sorry. - Hold on. - Can you call me Jin-young? Jin-young. It's our first call to a fan. We should talk about something. What shall we talk? Any reason you like N.Flying? How can I explain.. I just like you. - Because of Jae-hyun. - Because of Hun. - Didn't she like Kwang-Jin? - No, she said reluctantly 'yes.' No. Have you heard of our songs? - Of course. - Sing for us. Sing a song, sing a song. Can you sing along with me? - Sure. - Awesome. One beat, two beat. Three beat. One, two, three, four. [Can¡¯t believe it your red lips that call to me] [Oh lalalalala oh lalalalala] [Can¡¯t believe it] - She's our fan. - She knows our songs. Thank you. Is there any song you like besides 'Awesome?' - Yes. - Crazy. Crazy. I misheard it as praise. - Or great at. - Praise. Great at, praise. You're using the nickname Seung JJang Coming. - Yes. - What does it mean? J.DON Oppa keeps saying coming. Oh, because of it. Show the original version! Seung JJang Coming. J.DON brother. I have no idea. This is a question out of curiosity. - Really. - What's the charm of J.DON? His face is. Ugly? - Cute. - Huh? - What? - Cute. But he looks cool. He looks cool? I understand that. No, you're wrong. - I don't think so. - You've mistaken Kwang-Jin for him? And his voice is really good. - Voice? - I admit it. Okay, admit the voice. This is Jae-hyun. I personally believe J.DON's charm is from his toes. You like only my toes? - Long toes. - I think his charm comes from the joint between fingers. I like this part. This bone standing out. Handsome guys have this. I see. Then, I have a question. - Okay. - Jin-young. - Yes. - Anything you want from N.Flying. Things that we can do now. Like J.DON's fun facial expression. Oh, I like it. - Making ugly faces. - Oh, no. - Making ugly face. - Except for one. Who's the exception? - J.DON. - J.DON oppa? Hold on, hold on. If I am an exception, It means we make ugly faces. Jini's slave, Why didn't you answer the phone? Got it. Let's do it. Are you watching it now? No, I can't. It's okay. - See it on the web. - Check it out. - Yes. - How ugly should we make? Level? - Proper? - Crews are saying saying a hell no. - The crews are. - Saying no. - Try to stop us. - I think. We should calm down. - Calm down a bit. - No. We don't have any rule here. - But our managers are on alert. - In front of us, 80 crews and managers are concerned. Then we do for 3 seconds. Ask to viewers. How ugly do you want us to be? - No. - Why? - How ugly do you want? - The level you like. Jin-young. - Yes? - You like seriously ugly faces? It's up to you. - Then. - Okay, just do it once. Just once. Seriously. One, two, three, ta-da, done. - That short. - Great. But seriously ugly, right? - Let's do it. - One, two, three, ta-da, done. Got it? Here we go. One, two, three. Did you count on three? I checked Hun's face. Not good enough. Like this. - We should not let them see. - Here we go. One, two, three. - Too weak. - I saw Hun's face. - Hun did this. - Hun. - Jin-young. - Yes? - Seen us? - Last words to N.Flying. Even in the future, I hope you to make songs that you like. We are making good songs now. We will do our best to meet your expectations. - Thank you. - Thanks. - We thank you. - Nice meeting you. - Thank you. - I've received your emails. - Yes. - I'll reply again. - Thank you.. - Bye. Thank you. Bye. - Oh, it's hot. - She's so nice. My heart warms up. Thanks to the V app, We had a pleasant time with fans. - Thank you. - So long time to touch a phone. This would be good for us. Think about this. In addition to phone calls, Now 6,700 viewers are watching us. We'll make a pledge if it's over 200,000. I like 'Let`s call' so much. How do you feel about it? The fan was your fan, Seung JJang Coming. We talked with her over the phone. - How was it? - How do you feel? When I actually heard a fan's voice, I felt they are here. This show is so great. We don't have such chances. We're not allowed to have phones. So we hardly have chances to communicate. The only communication channel is our official fan club. - Fan club. - We read all messages. When we picked a nickname for 'Let`s call' event, As we pick nicknames that we know, We are so glad. Please watch us every Thursday. This is so amazing. N.Flying opened another channel for communication with fans. - Every Thursday. - At 9 PM. Let`s call. Our goal is to receive 300,000 hearts. - Done. - Done? - At this moment. - We've received 300,000 hearts. Any special event for that? Viewership is soon to reach 7,000. Anyways, every Thursday at 9 PM. - Let`s call. - Timing game, one. - Two. - Three. Kiss him. Kiss him. I kissed for punishment. Hun made this face. We're sorry to leave. Many fans say 'Don't go.' Oppas, send us your kisses. Kiss. Oh, it's now 7,000. Today. We've finished the 'Let`s call' show. Next week, on Thursday at 9 PM. We'll be back on 'Let`s call.' Back on the V app. Sometimes, we may be back to surprise you guys. Keep your hands on the phone. - Hams? - Hands on. - Hams on? - Hams? Hams on the phone? - It's in-between seasons. - Hands on your clothes. Don't catch a cold. We love you. We may surprise you. Maybe tomorrow. - Guys. - Bye Now, hurry. Let`s bye? Let`s bye? Let`s roll. You've been with us, N.Flying. - Thank you.. - Good night. Bye.