ENG NFlying Lets Roll 2

Awesome V app! V app! N.Flying is back! What are we doing today? What day is it today? Thursday! And what are we doing? Let's call! Hello, we are N.Flying! Let's start energetically! Is this how the fingers go? We will start the Heart Time when it reaches 50,000. I'm not gonna do that anymore. - I won't. - That's overplayed. I'm not doing it. You do it alone. Soon we will reach 1,000! Baskin Robbin's ice cream if you do it. 200 people per second! Jae Hyun will buy ice cream if you do it. I will buy ice cream. I will kiss you if you do it. I won't! Now we have 1,000 viewers! 1,000 fans! Welcome. Welcome. First time with N.Flying? Show me some reaction. - Yes! - Yes! Again, welcome. First time with N.Flying? Hello? Hello! Hi, can you hear us? Can you hear us? This week, J.DON and I had a chance to meet you all. Was it yesterday? Yes, it was. How was it? But J.DON has more hearts than Jae Hyun, right? No, no. But... Yeah. When Hun and I are on the show, please send us lots of hearts! They say your hat is cute. Whose hat? - Of course mine. - It has to be mine. - This part adds emphasis. - Mine is the best. But it casts shadow on my face. I will flip it over. Can you see me? Can you see? Show your eyes for a second, and back again. 60,000 hearts and 1,500 viewers. 60,000 hearts already? What was our record last time? A million? Wait, 'J.DON is the best looking!' Didn't see that comment. Didn't see it. 'The red one' Yup, that's right. - Sing for us. - Today... - I love playing! - Sing for us, Jae Hyun. Sing for us. Sing for us. What? Sing for us. Drop, drop, drop. Hello, hello, hello. Let's introduce ourselves one more time. Didn't get a chance to do that yet. Mr. Leader? Hello. We are N.Flying! I bet the viewers might think we are weird. Like, 'who are these kids?' Again, we are N.Flying, the rookie band. We debuted on May 20th, with our song 'Awesome'. - On May 20th with Awesome. - Awesome your red lips... Debuted with Awesome! We are N.Flying, the rookie band. Raise your hand if you know us. Wow, this many? Wow. 'You guys are good looking.' Not saying that to you. - Thanks for the comment... - Again, not you. Thank you so much. - Hello! - Love you! Hello. You look like Rain... Who looks like Rain? Anyone with single eyelids... Oops, someone got mad. I am sorry. Sorry. - Can't talk about Rain like that... - Yup, the big brother Rain. Sorry, Rain. They are showing hands now. Love rain? Love rain. Alright. Today is Thursday and it is time for us to start 'Let's Call.' Yes, as we promised. We promised that at 9 PM, on Thursdays, we will do Let's Call. Can you briefly explain, Kwang Jin? So, if you make a request through our fan cafe, we pick a couple of you and give you a phone call. That's what Let's Call is about. I also made a request. You did? We talked to J.DON's fan last week. We talked to Seungjjangcoming. Who will be next? - Let's start. - Should we get started? Rock, scissors, paper! Why did we just do that? Hold on. - Rock, scissors, paper! - Then today, You lost! Let's decide who will pick the person for today. That's right. Then today... Rock, scissors, paper! Rock, scissors, paper! Rock, scissors, paper! - It's these two again! - Seriously! This show is for Jae Hyun and me. Rock, scissors, paper! You didn't play! I think I did. Rock, scissors, paper! - Wait! - Why? - Stop cheating! - Rock, scissors, paper! Just like last time. You can't do that. You want another chance? Act cute. No, not like that. I am the cutest! Jae Hyun will act cute, and pick the one. 재현아 한번. One plus one is cutie pie. - No, disqualified. - Why? Why? - Go ahead now. - Why? - Fans are waiting. - One plus one is cutie pie. - With impersonation! - One plus one is cutie pie. - Act cute with impersonation. - Hello, Kwang Jin? Stop it now. - I've done enough. - Okay, okay. The drawing box! FNC drawing box! - Drawing box. - Whose hair is this? Whose hair is it? Why is it in here? Explain this to me, Jae Hyun. Wow, more than 500 fans have requested Let's Call through our fan cafe. Wow, you counted fast. We had many requests last week. But we have even more this week. The scale got bigger now. Magic hand. Hold on. Let me try. I wanted to touch it once. Let's see who I pick. You wanted to 'touch' it? - Then... - Wait for the next chance. How should we name this box? - Drawing box? - Drawing box? Let's go with a cute name. A boxie. - Drawing box. - Boxie. - Boxie? - Boxie sounds a little... Is Boxie okay? Now this is called Boxie! Our Boxie. But it sounds weird. - Boxie. - Boxie? Voxie. But... Voxie, voxie. Boxie. Let's just go with Drawing box. - Drawing box. - Drawing box. - Drawing box. Mabbogi! - Mabbogi! Rock, scissors, paper! - Drawing box. - Mabbogi. Let me draw one from this Drawing box. Any performance for the Drawing box? - Seriously? - Drawing box! One beat, two beats, three beats! - This is a routine now. - One, two, three, four! - I will pick one now. - What was that? - Man! - Drawing box! Let's just go with Drawing box. Drawing box! Let us call on the Drawing box! Drawing box! Drawing box! I will draw one now. I don't see any comments! I want to read some comments! LOL! Man... - Drawing box. - We named it Drawing box. Drawing box it is. I will pick one. Wait, my heart is pounding too hard. - Drawing box is down. - I picked one. - Put it down gently. - Let's say hi to Drawing box. Hello, Drawing box! Drawing box! Drawing box! That was... - Wait. - Let me see. I will give you a clue. One, two, three! The one we will call today is... One with the username 'Ieungi'! - If you read it backwards? - Ieungi. - Read it normally? - Ieungi. - It is... - Ieungi! We will borrow a cell phone and give Ieungi a call. I like the music. Dance like this. Good music, huh? - If she doesn't pick up? - Draw another one. We have to pick another one. I am curious. How will this person sound? Hello? I don't think he or she is picking up. It never works on the first try. By the way, I like this natural eye make-up. Not picking up. Let's enjoy the music for a second. I thought t was a Christmas carol. Nope, not picking up. I am so sad. Let's listen to the music little longer. What are you doing, fans? They say you look dumb! 'Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?' Did you come from heaven? No, I came in an elevator. 'The person you are trying to reach is not available at the moment...' - It didn't work. - So sad. Let's get the Drawing box one more time. Drawing box! Rock, scissors, paper! - Hold on... - Rock, scissors, paper! My goodness! - What are you going to do? - I will do Rock. Rock, scissors, paper! Nice! My chance will come some day. It's Jae Hyun again. I will pick now. Picked one right away. - And now... - These oppas are ecstatic tonight. Drawing box! The username is quite long. 'Kangmukyulovedream'. What? Read it more naturally. Kangmukyulovedream. This... Wait. - Hold on. - Show it to our fans. I want to try it. Show it to the fans. Kangmukyulovedream. Hun, try reading it eloquently. Read it with your feel. Okay. Kangmukyulovedream. Kangmukyulovedream. You wanted me to read according to my feel! Thought you would do a good job. - Again. - They want it in English. Kang? River? Kangmukyulovedream. Yu? Milk? Love? I like this sound. You can elaborate on this melody. While we are having so much fun like this... 'Jae Hyun sucks at reading!' Heart. Jae Hyun sucks at... We have so many hearts. We have 145,000 hearts now. Although we are playing like this? Shall we have a Heart time? Heart time. I don't think it is working. No way... Do you want to take a look at my hourglass? My hourglass? Like that? No way! 'You have reached the voice mail box..' Yes, ma'am. 'You will be charged for...' Long time no see, ma'am. - They charge you! - Why didn't you pick up? Rock, scissors, paper! Call the Drawing box! - Call its name alone! - Drawing box! Do the ceremony alone. - That's embarrassing. - What, this dance? Doing it little too late! One, two, three, four! Drawing box! Hun. You have a hairy hand, Hun. Why would you say that? - Hun has hairy hands. - So what? - Hairy people are good looking. - I don't have much hair. Can I pick again? Why? That's against the rule. The username belongs to the one we just made fun of. Kimjaehyunwings. Show us your wings. Let me see your wings. Those are wings? But didn't Jae Hyun sell his wings? Right. You sold it on your way from heaven. - Yes. - Why did you sell it? Kimjaehyunwings. No, I still have a cold. My ideal woman? Someone like my mom! Someone like that. - Don't pick up the phone tonight. - Baby. I think they are avoiding our calls. To see us little longer. Did it go through? - Hello. - Hello? Hello! Hello, we are N.Flying! The Drawing box event! You are the winner! We are N.Flying. - Yes, hello? - Hello. You must be Kimjaehyunwings. - Right. - Hello. We picked a name from the Drawing box and are giving a call to the one we picked. Do you know about it? Wow, crazy! Awesome! We are on a live show on V app. I see. You are also on the show. - Introduce yourself! - Please. Your name? Where do you live? I am from Seoul, and my name is Yoo Dasom. - Yoo Dasom? - Yoo Dasom. Where in Seoul? - That's too much. - Such a personal question. - I am also from Seoul... - How old are you? - Eighteen. - So, junior in high school. Must be at school for late night session. No, I am home. You are playing too much! Born in 1998, right? When did you become a fan of N.Flying? - Huh? - When did you become N.Flying's fan? Hmm... Before your debut. Then what is the name of the reality show before our debut? Can you tell us? I don't know. What? Excuse me, you don't know? No, that's not what I mean. I actually know it. That... one night... - One night?! - Yes. You have to say the whole name! - She's so dangerous. - Hurry up! A dangerous girl. - What was it? - Learning... - I know this! - Learning in other word? English? She doesn't speak English. Say 'learning' in another English word! I can't hear you. What's learning in another English word? - Study? - Yes! Now, combine them together... Put them together. - Study One Night? - No! The other way! Study One Night! - Yes, yes! - Study One Night! Even the comments are saying One Night Study! You were not watching the V app show, huh? - She can't. - Right... Anyways, One Night Study is the right answer. Now, we will have some time to see how much you love N.Flying. A short questionnaire. Not yet. Who is your favorite from N.Flying? Her nickname tells you the answer. Well, just in case. Who is your favorite from N.Flying? - Kwang Jin. - J.DON. Jae Hyun? - I got my hopes up. - Thank you. Let me test how much you like N.Flying. Okay. Alright. Now... The first question. Number one. When is Jae Hyun's birthday? Hmm... July? July? She got July right! And the date? - Tell me the answer. - 14th? 15th! 15th! When is Jae Hyun's birthday? So many people know the answer. - 15th, 15th. - Correct answer! - How about Kwang Jin's? - You got it right. July 15th. You really like N.Flying! And now... When did N.Flying debut? May 20th! May 20th. Not the 21st! - Hello? - N.Flying's first debut date? - Huh? - N.Flying's debut date? Let's change the question. What is N.Flying's charm? N.Flying's charm is that... Jae Hyun is good looking, Jae Hyun is cool. What is the color of Jae Hyun's underwear? Wait, but you might be able to guess the answer. Try it. - Huh? - I will freak out if she knows. We talked about it once. What color underwear is Jay Hyun wearing today? How can I know? Stop it! - Red? - Wrong! It's white. Good for you, Jae Hyun. - The most ordinary color. - We will ask you again later. It's black. Why do you say it out loud? - Then...N.Flying... - Mine is blue. Why did you become a fan of N.Flying? Well, actually... Umm... I was a fan of AOA. I was following them and found out about you. Thank you very much. Seriously. We will try our best to be cooler. Anything you want from N.Flying? Not really. Just stay bright and jolly as you are now! - Thank you. - Thanks. - Thank you so much. - Thanks a lot. Thank you. We will always strive to be a better band. Don't worry. You guys are cool enough. Sweet! - Sweet! - Kwang Kwang! - Huh? - You said Hun Hun, so Kwang Kwang... - Hyub Hyub... - Ah, Kwang Kwang... We are all over the place. And lastly, Can you say something for N.Flying? We are here to listen. I am embarrassed! - That's okay. - That's alright. - That's alright. - That's fine! I love you guys! One, two, three. We love you, too! Thank you for talking to us on the phone. We will be on the V app a lot. Please stay tuned! You can also watch this show later on V app. Please watch it later. We had such a great time. Good night! - Okay. - Please love my wings, too. My turn now. Good night! Okay. I love you, Jae Hyun! - Peace! - Peace! I was the last one to say bye, but why Jae Hyun?! She is cute. - She loves you. - What was her name? Yoo Dasom. An 18-year-old from Seoul. - Where in Seoul? - She is living in Seoul? - She is. - Or she bought Seoul? My goodness! How did you like Let's Call? Are we already done? We have to wrap it up soon. Can we make another call? Can we? There is no money for another call. There is no money for another call. Maybe they have to charge the phone. No way. Let's share how we feel after today's show. First, I am sad that she didn't know Jae Hyun's underwear color. - What the! - Everyone is wearing the same kind. I am excited about the Let's Call on V app. So sad that time went by really quickly. - Are you sad, too? - Yes! Sooner or later, I will do another show. Please watch the show. - How about you, Jae Hyun? - Me? Pizza? I will continue to be the happy boy so that you will love us even more. Please stay tuned. You are not a happy virus but just a regular virus. What did you do? Kwang Jin? I am so happy that we communicated with the fans through Let's Call. I had so much fun during the show today. And thank you, as always. Bye! This thing is heavy! I am holding it for the first time. Hello. Let's Call will be back at 9 PM every Thursday. We will be here to see you. Please be ready on Thursdays. Who knows? We might be on V app on any other day of the week. Hello?! Excuse me? Okay. So please be ready for our show. And... How can they be 'ready'? Well, because it will be winter soon. I hope you love N.Flying. Thank you! We were so... all over the place today. We are normally not this crazy. - This is how we are. - I am going to read the comments. - Hello? - I am so sad to leave. - Stop hitting me. - My shoulder gets stuck. Whatever. Do whatever you want! I love you, too! Jae Hyun is out. We don't want to leave. So, three of us will talk to those who sent comments and finish the show later. - You like the voice? - My voice? - Nope. - I like when Jae Hyun plays drums! - 'Kiss me.' - 'Good bye!' - They are saying farewell. - Good bye. - Make a heart, J.DON. - Me? - J.DON and I look alike today. - I hate Kwang Jin! - Seriously? - Yup, I saw that. - Why? - I hate Kwang Jin, T_T. - Why do you hate me? - Too handsome? - Don't know. - Because I am covering Jae Hyun? Hwa Chang Elementary school? Na Hyun.... 'Tell me. Hello?' They want us to act cute... - Okay, for the last time. - Any questions for us? Let's do this. - We will act cute in a row. - Do a relay? You know I can't act cute. - Start from the left. - Why? Why do you give me such pressure? - We will do a wave. - A wave. The beat should go like, bam, bam, bam, bam! - Okay. - Okay? - Just move along like that? - Bam, bam, bam, bam! - I am embarrassed. - Let's go in the other direction. Go in the other direction. - I am okay. - I feel confident. - One, action. - I love you, everyone! - Good job! - Good job, everyone. Thanks everyone for watching V app show. Thanks for acting cute. - I love you, everyone! - Love you! Anyways, - It's time to go. - Aww... I am so sad. I don't want to go! Can you speak in dialect? No, I don't know how. Okay. That's it for today. And we might surprise you with a random show at a random time. So please... Be prepared? Just wait for us. We just made weird sound, right? And a comment says, 'what's wrong with J.DON and Kwang Jin?' It's because we are so happy! Please wait for the next show with your smartphone. When it says N.Flying is on V app, please check it out. Let's finish it when it reaches 30 minutes. 30 minutes? I don't want to leave. We have almost 250,000 hearts! Our manager is sending infinite number of hearts now! Everyone, move your hands now. Send us hearts now. - Too slow! - Until we have 300,000 hearts! Too slow. - From 299,000... - Wish we get to 300,000 right away. - Hurry up. - Just go. Hurry up and go. That's right. - Go, everyone! - 'Love you, Hun.' Fans! 'Love you, dummy oppas!' Should we pick names and shout them out one by one? Each of us draw a name from the box? - For the last time? - Or not? We've been saying 'for the last time'. So hurry up. - What should we do? - Wanna see my feet? No! That was dirty. It was in my face! Socks were too dirty. Were they? They are clean. Play Djembe for us, Jae Hyun. I did yesterday. Do it one more time. They can't even see the djembe. Play it one more time. Awesome, the red lips are calling me. Awesome. Again, we are N.Flying. We will be back with more fun stories and fun stuff! Stop acting like an emcee. - We are... - N.Flying! Thank you! See you later. Kwang Jin, Heart! Thank you!