ENG SUB 우석이의 언박싱 Ep5 WOOSEOK’s Unboxing

[First present] [Second present] [Third present] [Fourth present] [Lift stuck at home] [Only for you] [WOOSEOK's Unboxing] [Going inside the hole] [Tranquility] [WOOSEOK is in a deep sleep] [Dad, a guest is here!] [In a deep sleep] [Should we not shoot this today?] [Crew 1 / Somebody wake him up] [Crew 2 / I think he's exhausted] [Crew 3 / Should we just let him sleep?] [Crew 4 / Let's wait until he gets up] [Should I wake him up?] [The terrifying sound of the phone vibrating] [He woke up!] [Is it over here?] [Turning the alarm off] [Exhausted] [Falls asleep again] No. I won't wake up. [This must be a dream] No, this can't be. [Is he finally getting up?] [Come here for a second] [You're KIM WOOSEOK from now on] [WOOSEOK is not here] [Surprised] [But I turned the alarm off just now] [Oh, it's a call from my manager] Hello? I don't want to. [You have to get up / Hangs up] He's too mean. [We want to let you sleep for a bit too] Get out. [The first thing he does when he wakes up / Looks for his son] Dda Dda. [Are you up, Dad?] Goodness, what did you do while I was asleep? I slept too much, haven't I? Do you want to come up and play a little? Come here. [Let's play outside] I'm hungry. [Half asleep] [Open your eyes, Dad!] I sidle up to... Failed. [Whining] [He's aiming for the perfect time] Dda Dda. I move in quickly. It's a success. Nice. [Light] [A cute dog in the arms of a cute man] Are you that happy? [Unlike Dad, Dda Dda is energetic] [Come on, Dad. Get up!] [Pecking] Why do you look so tired? [WOOSEOK and Dda Dda are both up] [Replenishing moisture] [I'm quenching my thirst with water too] [Look how gorgeous he looks] [I better wake up] [Dda Dda, come over here] [Snatching him in his arms] My goodness. Dda Dda, did you get a good night's sleep? [He's been busy with his album and drama] [WOOSEOK is really busy these days] I got up too early, right? How pretty you are. Let's go. [He's finally out of bed] [It grew up dramatically, so it can't hold itself up] This is growing well. It's going to fall. I have a way to fix this. [He's reviving it while he's half asleep] I can't leave it like this. If I tie it too tight, it will die, right? [Rubber band and supporting fixture] [He successfully saves the green onion!] [Thank you, WOOSEOK] [Acupressure is the best when you're sleepy] [Pressing hard] [This isn't enough] [Come on, let me wake up] Right. Today's [You look exhausted] plan. -These days, -Hello, my friends. [WOOSEOK is losing sleep over his album] I'm not getting much sleep. [Concentrating] You can start the day refreshed. Okay. It's very simple to do. [A simple stretching exercise] It's a stretching exercise you can do before going to bed [to relieve your weary body] and as soon as you wake up. Okay. Lie on your side, close your eyes, and go back to sleep. [Get up already, Mr. KIM SLEEP AGAIN] [Rustle] Okay. So hold your leg with your right hand. [Do you work out a lot at home?] [It's his first time] This is my first time ever. If I like it after I try it today, I'll do it frequently. [Refreshing] Hey, this is quite refreshing. Hold on. This is awesome. Pull it. I think it hurts if I overdo it. [Because it's hard if you overdo it] I'll move on to the next movement. [He's still sleepy] Will it open my eyes fully? I'm supposed to do it longer. What do I do if I fall asleep like this, sir? -Five, four. -Four, three, two. Okay. -Stop. Okay. -Okay. [This time, you hold the other leg then stretch] Okay. For 30 seconds. Well, [Seeing how he's becoming chatty again] doing the other side is a tacit rule. [he must be waking up] You know this too, right, Dda Dda? [I guess not] Okay. [He still answers haha] You'll be stretching the muscles in your buttocks. [This time, it's an action to loosen the muscles in your buttocks] I can't feel anything, sir. [Stretching] Do I have to stretch it further? [You're not sleeping again, are you?] Okay. Again. [As if nothing had happened, he does the opposite side] Following the rule, I'll do the opposite side. [Are you quite fit?] [I think it's enough to sleep] I think I'm fit enough. -Two, one. -Stop. Okay. [Lifting his head] Lie down facing up. [The exercise is getting more difficult] Cross your legs. Dda Dda. I'm exercising hard. Why don't you do some stretching, Dda Dda? [I don't need to do this] - Your shoulders. One, two, three. - Four, three, two, one. Stop. -Okay. -Now, do the opposite side. How pretty. How cute. [Is he giving up after five minutes of exercise?] I'm not going to do it. It takes too long. [Complaining] It's an exercise routine that you do as soon as you wake up, but the music is making me sleepy. [Fine, it's the music's fault] Okay, a 20-minute-long video. [He changed the exercise video / Aerobic exercise to relieve knee pain] It's an aerobic exercise to relieve the knee pain. - That's right. - Okay. [Working out] [Finger pointe] Move it away from your shoulders. [Well] I think I should eat. [He gives up in the end] Dda Dda. I don't think I can work out at home. It's too hard. What do I do? [Are you done working out already?] Then I'll do this. You know this. [Everyone has done it / He announces he'll do the butterfly ten times] It's the national workout. I'll do jumping jacks ten times. One. Two. Three. [It looks fun] Four. [I'll try it too!] Five. [WOOSEOK works out in his own way] Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. [He finishes it off by sleeping again] Let's go back to sleep. [Get up!] I think my knees hurt. Hold on a second. [If he works out again, he'll end up in hospital] [You are watching WOOSEOK sleeping with his eyes open] [He wakes up] What are you doing? [I'm flexible, aren't I?] How is that possible? [Extraordinary question] How do you do that? [I'm not going to tell you] [Do I do it like this?] Wow, gosh. [Struggling] [He finishes his fitness training with slapstick instead of exercise] [How can you perform as a singer when you're that stiff?] All you think about is fighting with me, right? [Bring it on] Okay. [Dance time with his son in broad daylight] Okay. Shall we dance together? Dda Dda, show them your dance moves. [Let go of me before I get mad!] Bruce Lee. Okay, I won't do it. [It's been a while since he exercised like today so he's excited] You got too excited because it's morning. Waking up after a good sleep makes you feel good, right? I think I'm finally waking up. [Then you should play with me] Okay, bring it on. You're in trouble now. [Provoking him] Punch! [This happens when you leave your child in the care of your father] I'll pretend to swing to your right then swerve to the left. I'll swing to your right again. It hurts. [WOOSEOK loses to Dda Dda] I don't lose to Dda Dda. That hurt, Dda Dda. [Parents always lose to their child] Well, I don't [They're reconciling already] Let's wipe your tears. Goodness. You wake me up better [Dda Dda is WOOSEOK's pick-me-up] than home fitness stuff. I won't work out at home ever again. [What are you going to do today?] I'm going to take a shower and go back to sleep. [Thank you for watching "WOOSEOK's Unboxing"] [Laughing] Actually, I have something to show you, [WOOSEOK prepared something special for NIA] so I prepared something. Following the lying down show that fans liked so much, [Lying down show and sleeping show] it's a sleeping show. You should look forward to it. [After the lying down and sleeping shows] [It's time to have brunch] Let me see. [What will Mr. KIM EAT ALONE will cook today?] What dish am I going to cook today? The most difficult one. [He chose the most difficult dish to verify his cooking skill] I'm going to cook something very difficult to verify my cooking skills. It's this. [Ginseng chicken soup] It's ginseng chicken soup. I found it on the internet. [On the fifth episode of Unboxing, he started to play his own sound effect] Today, I already bought the right amount, so I have to use this. [Energetic cooking show to wake himself up] For me to get through this sleepy day, I need to do something active. [He's motivated] So that I can make the most of my day. Now, we're going to start making ginseng chicken soup. [I feel like I know who he'll mention] I have a special guest. He's been here a lot. [Did you bring me here again?] [KIM WOOSEOK and BAEK JONG WON's second collaboration] Today, I'm collaborating with Mr. BAEK for the second time. [He's taking out the ingredients for the soup from the refrigerator] We're going to prepare the ingredients. You need a lot more than you think. [WOOSEOK?] [Ingredients / Chicken, green onion, garlic, ginger, onion, salt, pepper] You need herbs to put in the ginseng chicken soup. [Korean herb juice, and leek] Also, you need leek. [He starts cooking] I'll take a look at what I have to do first. First, chili powder. [He loves spicy food / He picks the spicy chili powder] I'll use a spicy one. [Making the sauce for ginseng chicken soup] He tells you to put a spoonful of hot water. [WOOSEOK, the kettle is up there] I'll just boil a small amount. You have to put a spoonful of hot water. I'll just use my senses to measure it. Cooking is about using your senses. [Boiling] I won't wait. I'll see what I have to do next. Water became hot already. [He boldly pours the water in the pot] I pour this in here. [Ingredients for the sauce / Chili powder, hot water, and crushed garlic] Half a tablespoon. Some mild mustard. [Ingredients for the sauce / Mild mustard and finely cut green onion] Thick soy sauce. [I have to add thick soy sauce here / Where did I put it?] [I don't have thick soy sauce at home] Pure soy sauce. [He substitutes it to a pure soy sauce naturally] Two tablespoons of pure soy sauce. [Ingredients for the sauce / Thick soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, and mix well] Is this one tablespoon? Since I made the sauce, I have to leave it like this for a week. So I'll get to eat the ginseng chicken soup a week later. [It's time to trim the chicken] Now, I need to trim the chicken. It's very simple. Do you usually wash the chicken? [He just washes it] Cut the middle. Cut off the tip of the wings. Slice open the stomach. Use your fingers to remove the intestines. [It seems like it's going quite well] I think I've trimmed the chicken when I was making spicy braised chicken on a show. [Relaxed] I remember it was tastier than I'd thought. Now, the fats underneath this. One moment, Mr. BAEK. Remove it. [You don't look like a beginner when we see you trimming the chicken] Also, he said to remove the tail. This is a piece of cake. And who says I'm a beginner? [KIM WOOSEOK / 25 / Master of Korean food] I'm a master at Korean food. [It's Master's first time cooking ginseng chicken soup] I have to boil this for 30 to 45 minutes? Green onion, onion, garlic, and ginger. Put two slices of ginger. Don't cut it too neatly. Just cut it roughly. [It's not because he's lazy] Cut it in half. Put all the onions. [Mr. KIM's tip] The more garlic you put in, the tastier it gets. I think it'd be good for you to cook something to rejuvenate you at a time like this. [You need to look after yourself] It's a time where you need to look after yourself. No one is going to look after you except yourself. I'd like to make this for all of you but I can't do that. [Always eat something healthy] So please eat something like this. Don't forget that your health comes first. [The chicken is getting cooked] The color is changing. He said to move the chicken to another pot when it's cooked, but how do I know if it's cooked? [If you can roughly rip off the breast, then take it out] Okay, roughly. [We root for the KIM WOOSEOK and BAEK JONG WON partnership] Of course, he'd tell me before I'd said it. I was thoughtless. What? Throw away all the vegetables? So it was for the broth. We use a lot of ingredients to make ginseng chicken soup, but we throw away so many. I guess it's because it's to replenish your body... What am I saying? [Check how the chicken is doing from time to time] I'll turn it upside down to see if it's cooked. The color is slightly changing. [Left out] You want to know what this is? [It's for showing off] It's to show off. It's sticky rice. [He even shows his sticky rice off?] Amazing. It says it's tasty. I'll use it later. Oh, that's right. Wando abalones. [He hastily cleans the abalone] Brush it clean with a toothbrush. I'll remove the intestine of the abalone. Put all of it. [He prepares the leek while the ginseng chicken soup is being cooked] I'll get the leek while it's cooking. To be honest, I think it's easier than kimchi stew as long as you have the ingredients. [How many points would you give your ginseng chicken soup?] It's 99.8 points. I might have to use something [He might need to use MSG, so he left 0.2 points out] to fill that 0.2 points. So I'll leave it like that. [Who do you want to give a hearty meal to?] I want to cook it for my parents the most. [A good son, WOOSEOK] I want to cook it for them, so they can get replenished. [The ginseng chicken soup is almost done already] [A joke for WOOSEOK who's exhausted by his killer schedule] Is the chicken saying that it's hot? How can a chicken speak? I'll check if the chicken is cooked through. Mr. BAEK JONG WON [A model student, KIM WOOSEOK] doesn't like uncooked food. I think it's cooked. [He strains the soup separately] [Blanching leek and green onions] [He's using two pots] [He places emphasis on plating] [Lastly, if you top it with abalones [and organize the leek] [Complete] It's done. [Mr. KIM Mr. KIM EAT ALONE's] [Ginseng chicken soup with abalone and leek] Here we go. [He put pure soy sauce instead of thick one for his sauce] Because I didn't have thick soy sauce... [Sniffing] It smells all right though. First of all, [He first tastes the natural flavor of the soup] I taste the soup without any seasoning. You need to taste the bland soup first. [One more sip] [Is it bad?] This is it. This is all you need. [Another sip] [It tastes the same as the ones you eat at a restaurant] It's no different from the ones sold at a restaurant. It's amazing. [This time, he takes a bite of the leek after dunking it in the sauce] Let me try the leek dunked in the sauce. It's a bit spicy because I only had a spicy chili powder. It tastes amazing. Hold on. [It's crazy] Wow, it tastes fantastic. I should dig into the legs. Rip it off like this. [It looks succulent] [Eat it up after dipping it in the sauce] I'll dip it in the sauce. [Is it that good?] Do you want some? [Can I try some too?] Dunk it in. [Which one would you pick out of kimchi stew and ginseng chicken soup?] But both of them turned out great. [It's like asking him to choose between his mom and dad] Now, I'll eat it with salt. [He knows how to eat it / Enjoying the natural taste of chicken with salt] I brought out the flavor quite well, [Explosion of savor] so it doesn't taste bland. [Crunchy] [What would you rate the taste of ginseng chicken soup out of 100?] If I can only give it 100 points, then I'll rate it 101. But the kimchi stew tasted really good too. It's cooked in moderation. I think it's perfect. The vinegar tastes slightly strong. [Charming taste of vinegar] Even though I don't like the taste of vinegar, it's quite charming. [Since it's the second collaboration, he upgraded the recipe] I changed the recipe slightly this time since it's collaboration. [Mr. KIM added some Korean herbs and abalones] I added some Korean herbs and stuff. [The ultimate invigorating food, abalone] You can't leave out abalones when you're talking about replenishing food. Dunk it in the sauce. [Having a mouthful] [How does the abalone cooked in ginseng chicken soup tastes like?] It's good, but chicken tastes better. [Tough meat versus juicy meat] I like juicy meat a lot more. When you're eating dry part of the meat, [Eat the dry meat with toppings] as you all know, it tastes good if you eat it together. Some leek, green onions, a little bit of salt, and dunk it in the sauce. Eat it like this. [Eating it in a bite] This is what I'm talking about. If I had put the sticky rice in, [He could've had the dish from a famous restaurant here] it would've tasted like the one sold at a famous restaurant. It's unfortunate that it doesn't have sticky rice in it. [Do you think it relieves your fatigue?] I showed you how exhausted I was just before. It might be because I was running around to cook this, [Food is the best remedy] but I feel energized by eating it. Because I was so tired from my schedule, the crew prepared a fatigue recovery drink for me. [We are so touched] It might be because of that. [Fatigue recovery drink versus ginseng chicken soup] I'm not sure. [A genius at playing hard to get] I had both of them at a similar time, so they'd be effective now. I think it created a synergy together. [As long as WOOSEOK is happy, we can prepare thousands of them] [Let me see] I should wrap this up by today. [Are you going to play a game now?] No. Today, the photos of Dda Dda [The family portrait he took at the studio with Dda Dda arrived] and I arrived, so I'm going to look at it one by one. [He's planning to print the photos he like himself] With the printer over here, I'm going to print the photos. [It's not an advertisement] The times have improved. It's a state-of-the-art machine. [Looking for something] Also... I'll open this up, [What is it?] print the photos, and put them in here [He prepared frames to keep the memories with him and Dda Dda] to keep the memories of me and Dda Dda. [You remember, right?] Dda Dda, you remember how much fun you had with me, right? Tell me. [I looked really cool back then] Then I'll take a look at it one by one [He'll be reviewing the family photos] and review it. [He's impressed from the start] It's an amazing photo. You can see two guys... [The great work of smart and melancholic models] that look so intelligent... [Rating / Four and a half star] and impressed. There was something I wanted [Photo he ordered with a special request] as a serious and cool looking photo. Take a look. [Ta-da] [We're dumbfounded by his elegance] Look how elegant he looks. [Rating / Four and a half stars / 9 points] Look at his body line. I better take a close look at this one. [Full name looks extravagant] It's Dda Dda's full name. Maison Dda Dda. If feels like I'm looking at a swan. Dda Dda, come over here. Why is a different dog showing up? I think he photoshopped it a lot. A different dog showed up. [Just kidding] Actually, Dda Dda looks very alluring. Shall I zoom in his face? [He needs to print out a draft copy] I need to check if it prints well. [He's enlarging a good photo for no apparent reason] Like this. [Haha] Okay! When you're saving this, you need to name it too. [The name of the file will be "Cute"] The name is "Cute." I'll click on the "Cute" file and print it. With the printer I set up earlier, which is very smart like me, [He brags about himself / I can even use a photo printer] I'll print the photo out. Then amazingly, you'll be able to see it getting printed. It's amazing. Dda Dda. I'll print your friend out. [Usually, the photo prints out vague at first then becomes darker] What? This is awesome. [Is this your first time using a photo printer?] I think it's your first time using this. Well... [Shameless gauge is filling up] It's been a while since I used it. That's the reason. So it's not what you think. [So cute] So I printed the "Cute" photo. [Where did I put it?] The marker... [Rolling] Where is it? [Impressed] This is an amazing place. [He's a good actor] Is there a snail lady in my house? I wonder how many photos it'd print. "Cute." "Cute." [A draft photo printed out well] That was the first photo. [He's really going to print the photos now] It's the real deal now since we checked the colors. I thought it might not work because it's been a while since I last used it. Out of Dda Dda's photos, I was drawn to these two. [Which one will WOOSEOK choose?] I will [WOOSEOK picks the photo where Dda Dda is looking straight] choose the one where he's looking straight. [Did you send Dda Dda's photos to your parents too?] [Dda Dda is getting all the attention from his parents] My mom loves Dda Dda. When they come to Seoul, I think they come here to see Dda Dda, not me. Do they ask for your photo from time to time? [Feeling bitter] I think it's been 10 years since they asked me for my photo. It prints out if you press okay. Why is it printing a weird photo, not the one I selected? [What's wrong with this?] But this one is pretty too. Maison Dda Dda with KIM WOOSEOK. Gosh! Did I select all 14 photos? [Worried] I didn't, did I? I didn't select all of them. [Flustered] No way. [The printer is endlessly printing] Why is it printing all of them? How do I cancel it? [He gave up] This one is good too. [It didn't print out Dda Dda's solo picture after all] [It's still cute] Two unexpected photos were printed out, [Even if you print out random photos, they all look fantastic] but it's better than I expected. It's an old printer. [WOOSEOK's Habit Unboxing] I bought this 20 years ago. [Blame the machine, not thyself] So it won't listen to me. Geez. [Dad, take this and calm down] Where did you get it? [I just found it on my way here] Does it suit me? [You look good whatever you do] What? It turned off. Am I machine illiterate? [It's working fine] [A crew is dispatched to help him out] -Go over there and print him two photos. -All right. It will hurt my pride. You can't. [Rejecting strongly] Don't come near me because you'll hurt my pride. I'm going to do it myself. I can't lose to a mere machine. [He somehow managed to print out the photos he wanted] [Let's put the first photo inside the frame] I'll put the first photo in the frame now. [The first photo is Dda Dda's solo picture] Dda Dda. It's your friend. What do you think? [What a handsome fellow] Okay. After doing this, place this on the back. [He misplaced the glass] Would that work? Stop laughing at me. [He's quite quick-witted] By the look on your face, it's this way. I put this on here. Nice. Okay. [After many ups and downs, the first frame is done] Done. It's a good photo. [I hope you will never forget this moment] [WOOSEOK writes a short message] May... I love you. [Since he's writing what he wants to say] [the glass became filled in no time] I don't know if you'll understand me. To be honest, you're the prettiest out of all dogs. It's really going to be a memory. [We'll be back with more memories tomorrow]