ENG SUB《超星星学园 Super Star Academy》EP13——主演:肖战,王玉雯,白澍

= Super Star Academy = = Super Star Academy = Episode 13 Today wilderness survival competition will be having four sections which are wind, fire, earth, and water. These are different tests for four star signs. You need to manage certain tests in given time. Those who can gather all the gems will be the winner. I hope you can... Excellent! Extraordinary! Thank you president! Ah. Time is limited. Let's watch the video. = Fire = = Water = = Wind = = Earth = Oh. Oh my god! Alright! Everyone, go. Go! Come on! Go! Fighting! Go! The competition begins. Get ready. Copy that. Students have left. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. You... Where are you going? Secretary! Slow down, Shen Hao. It's so beautiful. I'm too tired to catch on with you. No problem. You can take a rest. No need. It tastes well. I take this every day. Cheng Zhi'er. I have a bad foreboding that this time you have to take care of yourself. What should I do? Don't worry. I'll stay with her. Em. Can't stand you lovey-dovey. Let's go away from them. Go. Xiaoming. Are you Xiaoming? You come along with us again without a word. Here I come. Get ready. They'll be there soon. Be prepared! Do you hear Bai Bai's message? Cheng Zhi'er might meet trouble. It's none of my business. Stop showing your fake mask! You are worried about her, so obviously! Hey. Look! = Wind = = Earth = It's the guiding sign of testing zone. = Wind = = Earth = = Wind = = Earth = So humble. Where should we go? This way. Wait! Shen Hao won't go with you. Do you dare go with me? This way. I have no interest. = Green Grass = I have no interest. = Green Grass = Don't be so boring. I know you are fearful. Fearful? Go! Tianze, you go first. Hey, you! Calm, let's go. Tianze, you need to protect me. Welcome to the Earth signs checkpoint. You can get the Earth Gem if you can let me leave this stone. It's so easy. Easy. Beat the mysterious masters with superpowers first! Hello, secretary! Hello, teachers! Hey, and also doorkeeper Mr. Zhang! Thanks for your hardworking. How did you spot us? Don't beat Tianze. Hit me anyway! = Green Grass = What does it mean? = Green Grass = = Wind = = Earth = What does it mean? = Wind = = Earth = This should be the sign of the toilet. = Wind = = Earth = Let's go. OUT! Xiaoming stepped on grass. Xiaoming is out. Ah! What a pity for Xiaoming. Don't be outrage out of teachers' monitory. And, Can't you read the words? Boys, this way. Girls, that way. It's also the rule. Sir. I didn't see you in campus, why? Teachers who take charge of the competition don't go to school. But no one says boys and girls should go separately. The checkpoints for boys and girls have differences. Em. The barriers for girls are easy. Just some handwork. Or sing a song. Ah. It's so hard. Em. Bai Bai and Zhou Dong had gone separately. You should go your own way. Then I have to catch up with Bai Bai as soon as possible. Bye. Alright. There is no time! Don't you want to continue the competition? Go fast! They believed me. Bai Bai. Bai Bai. Ah. Ahhh. It seems that Cheng Zhi'er is calling me. Is she? Wan Shicun and Ming are with her. Don't worry. OK. Em. Em? Datou. Hello, teacher. Hi, kids. Hello, madam. Water, fire, earth and wind compose the 12 constellations. Fire is the light, which represents passion and hope. Welcome to the checkpoint of Fire. Fire. I can manage it. You? A Regular Class boy? What? I'll test your ability of = Make hotpot = makeing hotpot. = Make hotpot = Making hotpot... Yes. You need to start with looking for food! Looking for food? Start! Don't hit Tianze! Hit me anyway! Rebound! Rebound! Em. Don't waste time with that girl! Hit that Leo one! Go! Go! Why you hit my face! How dare you! Go, go! Go! = Cabbage = = The ingredient-searching team is moving. = = Cabbage = = Cabbage = What are these stuff? It's impossible to find them in the forest! Hey! Here it is! = Chicken = What? This can work? = Dislike = Should it be that easy for me to pass = Dislike = Should it be that easy for me to pass only because I'm a supporting role? Look. Datou found the food. But we found nothing. Don't worry. Take your time. The Field Competition is so hard! Rebound! Go, go, go! Oh, Well. You passed this checkpoint. Ah. Where is Cheng Zhi'er. We don't have to go separately? Gosh! Hey! Hey! Hey! Where are they going? Woo. The younger generation is promising. We just let them run away? Alright! Take off the masks. Well. Eh? Eh? Are these people with you? No. Ah. I have to report this to president. Being hit on face hurts. Eh. Tang gathered them? Eh. Ask you a question. Do you know how people call those who lives on the field? The survivor. Wrong. Wild men! Woo. It's embarrassing to say that today I'm walking with you, a wild man. Shut up if you have nothing useful to say. Eh. Sir? Sir? Em. We are looking for the Gem of Wind signs. Walk through this pine forest, then you can get it. Good luck. Eh. Let me show you what is a strong man like. Let me show you what is a wise man like. Eh. Woo. Oh. It's so easy. Take easy. Ahh. Here! Faster! Ahh. Eh. Dazhang, Dachuan! You are also trying this test? Yes. Join us. Okay. It doesn't work! It's too hard. Smells well. Dazhang. Dachuan. Datou. So it is because our roles are not important that we can only use these ordinary names? Sounds reasonable. Aye. Put the vegetables in. The competition's so hard. I'm done. Oh my orange juice. It spilled. Are you foolish? Give us your bag. Are you foolish, too? Don't you forget our task today? Eh... Cheng Zhi'er. Welcome to this checkpoint. This barrier is very easy. You just need to get into this bag and stay for 3 hours. That's all. It's so hard. The bag looks dirty. Let alone 3 hours, I can't tolerate it even for 3 minutes. It's the biggest test for a Virgo. Well, don't waste words. This backpack is suitable for my son. It helps me save the money. Master Fang. Come with us. Ok. - Go! - It's you? I still have competition to pass. Ahh. How heavy you are! If I didn't save you, we would have died there. You are blaming me? Here. I carry you. Woo. I'm not foolish. You are not willing? Hug. How about a princess hug? Shen Hao! Yes? Which color of Xiao Yang do you like? Blue. Li Yadang. Yes? The pink Xiao Yang or the blue Xiao Yang, which one do you like? Blue!