ENG SUB《超星星学园 Super Star Academy》EP17——主演:肖战,王玉雯,白澍

= Super Star Academy = = Super Star Academy = Episode 17 = Good Noodles Base = Here I am. Thanks for today. Thank you, too. It is the happiest moment in my eighteen years. Go in hurriedly. Okay. Master, we've been waiting for you. Wan, let me tell you, It's normal for a couple to argue with each other, right? As an old saying goes, it rains and flows, no hard feelings even couple argues, right? Wan, don't worry, I'll talk with Cheng Zhi'er for you, when she is back. Come on, cheers. Come on. Uncle, I can't drink anymore. Look at you. If I drink more... Come on, I drink for you. Cheng Zhi'er! It's so late, where were you going? Do you know Wan has been waiting for you a whole night? I'll bring some beer. Sit here. It's okay. I've been sitting for a whole night. It's time of the final tomorrow. Go to bed early. I gonna go. Why does Wan leave? Cheng Zhi'er, let me tell you, Wan is a good man. Don't go around if you don't have anything important later. Don't drink too much. I gonna sleep now. Hey. This girl. Did you see? I told you before, the Virgo girl is not naive. What did I see? It's so late, shouldn't the boy have noodles here? If you insist with this girl, then don't blame me that I'd make the shop disappear. Let's go. You picked up money? Money is not something good. Then why are you swaggering like this? What have you done tonight? Just wandered around. You and Wan has been to this point. Don't hang out with other boys if you have nothing to do. hang out with other boys? Hey, no. I mean, your clothes is so tacky, why do you look in the mirror long? If someone is beautiful, then it's no problem even clothes is tacky. You really don't know the taste of a straight man. Let me give you some advice. Here. Put this on. I can assure that you'll impress all tomorrow. Are you sure? Yes, I am. Well, Wan sent a gift for you, he said it's useful for your competition tomorrow. Have a look later. huh? Gift? = Secret Weapon = = A Brave Heart = - Good morning. - Miss Cheng. Oh my gosh. Who is this one? I know, who will put on so ugly clothes? You do, Cheng Zhi'er. Tut. Humph! Hey. This is out of fashion last year. You bumpkin. Beibei, Baby Huo. - Baby Huo. - Get out of the way. Baby Huo. = Xiao Yang Cup of New Super Star Competition = Everyone, please take your place, fasten your seatbell. Bai Bai, I wanna go to the washing-room right now. Why do you always drop away at critical moment? Go and hurry up. Let me show you the safety devices, When you suffered from the superpower, please put on the life vest and inflate it. If your life vest needs further inflation, you can blow into it. The oxygen mask will drop automatically under the intense attack. Please mask it like this. Okay, our match is about to start now. All participators compete one on one chosen by lot. The one who falls down the arena is out. Last two winners in the end, will be into the final round. Look, everyone, the hands almost points to 12 o'clock. Race start! Wait a moment. Where is Cheng Zhi'er? If you still can't be a strong superpower, when you use out all the methods in the books. Why don't you read it silently, not every dog have its day. = Successful Technology for Superpower = Hurry up, it's your turn. They are all waiting for you. Hi. Hi. Cheng Zhi'er. Do you get the secret weapon? Do you mean the brave heart? I think I have. No more nonsense. Hurry up. Isn't there a strategy against Scorpio in that brave heart? = How to Win Scorpio = Where is she? Didn't she go to the washing-room? Why does it take so long? She must be scared. then chicken out. Sir. Someone gives up here. Huh? Who wants to give up? = Round One Cheng Zhi'er VS Baby Huo = What a simple question. Cheng Zhi'er, you must be very happy to fight against me. Everyone knows Scorpio's superpower is rebound. Humph, how could I bear to beat you. It's a little case to fight against you. Humph. What a pity, there is one Scorpio is slow on the draw. Wow, Cheng Zhi'er strikes when the opponent is unpreprared. Scorpio even doesn't have time to speak out "rebound". so she can't use superpower. Foul! Sir, it's a foul play. Obviously it's a foul play. Is it a foul play? Hazard is not allowed in the match, right? Alas, Mrs. Yan, adhesive is not hazardous. Baby Huo counterattacks. Rebound. Rebound. Rebound. Baby Huo, fighting! You think you can win by using this little tricks? Let me tell you, I can win without superpower. I won't allow that. With my year's experience, this never happens in the competition of this level. Hit her, Yes. Beat her. Huh. Rebound. Fighting! Rebound. Rebound. Hold on, Cheng Zhi'er. Baby Huo, fighting. Yeah. Excellent, Baby Huo. Cheng Zhi'er. The winner is Scopio Baby Huo. It's okay, Cheng Zhi'er. You did well enough. Ah, What's wrong? Baby Huo. Nothing. I didn't expect it costed me so much energy to fight with her. Here you are, Baby Huo. Drink Xiao Yang. The second race is about to start, everyone prepare. Are you alright? It's okay. When a girl says she is okay, it means wrong. It's really okay. I'll treat you something delicious, Okay? Hey, You don't care about me? Fighting. Hey, fuck. Hoes before bros. = Round One Wan Shicun VS Shen Hao = Wait a minute, What's wrong with your hand? Nothing. Show me. Don't move. What happened? You're old enough, is that hurt? It's okay. Whoops, Miss Cheng, Miss Cheng, have the dumplings. Miss Cheng? She is the daughter-in-law of Fang family. Here you are, madam. Have it. Do you wanna eat or not? Hey, how about your match? I lost to Wan Shicun. Huh, you lost? Why do you speak it so loudly? Alas, well, Audience, we already have the result of the morning match. then, the groupings in afternoons' semi-final as follows, = Li Yaguang VS Wan Shicun = Fang Tianze VS Baby Huo = The two winners will take part in the final competition. Thank you. Eyes excises, start. Eyes excises, start. The first part, massage Tian Ying Point. Increase security during the match, no mistake is allowed. Don't worry, president. I have arranged. Okay,well. How about the investigation of the man in black? Is there a black sheep in our school. You're brilliant. I think several persons' alibis in our school are very suspicious. Oh? Compus doctor, Mr. Zhang, he said he was playing mah-jong that day, and cleaner Miss Li, and Chef Mr. Chen, they were also playing mah-jong. I think there is one more people is suspicious. Who is it? You. You were playing mah-jong that day. How could four people have same testimonies, right? I think we need have a surveillence, really. Their motivations, and their courses of action... Stop, stop it. Watch the match! Sit! I do think you should... Match, watch the match. Sit. = Round Two Li Yaguang VS Wan Shicun =