ENG SUB《超星星学园 Super Star Academy》EP19——主演:肖战,王玉雯,白澍

= Super Star Academy = = Super Star Academy = Episode 19 = Shi Fang Group -- Fu Liye = Who are you? Are you OK? Who the hell are you? I am from Shi Fang Group, director of Drug Research Department, Fu Liye. You are from the Fangs. Well. Now, I'm not. Young master. Hey. How it's going? Brilliant. They still don't know the other effect of Tan. Hm. Maybe. How do you feel now? Maybe. You've suffered a lot for the family. Hold on. After the competition. All is over. Will it? After today, there won't be anyone coming to us? Master, perhaps you should to eat something. You probably won't feel so sick after eating. Oh? What do you have? There are durian cakes, quick-Fried Pork Intestines, fermented bean drinks, stinky tofu, and river snails rice noodles. Oh. Here's my car. I gotta go. What's wrong? Why are you following me? I thought you were some bad guy. There's no so many baddies. Do you know how dangerous the world is? Does the battle with Fang Tianze, make you nervous? Nervous? Do you think I am afraid of him? No. Both of you are my good friends. I don't wish your friendship ruined because of the competition. Is he so important to you? What's good in him? I don't understand why you are with him. Because of his background? No. He is quite good. He's not that unpleasant as he looks. It seems familiar. 18 years ago, we were here, quarreling together. I didn't expect that, we've to deal with the issue when all are so old. We cannot blame for others. It has been eighteen years, no one witnessed Fang Tianze using the Roaring Skill. It's very normal to doubt. But Mr. Wu, it was you who strongly supported him at that time. Now, why are you... Mr. Wei. It's been eighteen years. He had never used the Roaring Skill. How can others not be suspicious of him? This is quite strange indeed. Oh. Mr. Wei. Perhaps, you were right. Now it's horrible if I was right. Over the past eighteen years, all of the Fangs, the whole group, recognize Fang Tianze as their next master. If there was any problem. Do you think, the Fangs can go through the big curve or not? Good. All of you are so loyal. Brother! At this time, how can you be in mood of Tinder? Ah. I'm so old. Tinder is no use to me. I'm using the Eight Trigrams to tell the fortune of the Fangs. What did you get? Strange. Sometimes the trigrams is north, sometimes south. There must be some accidents happening today. All of them refused to add friends. Ah. It means though there is an accident, the power won't be took by others. This trigrams of the Tinder, I can't understand. I hope so. Wan Shicun. Wan Shicun. How is your preparation? I knocked you out. But you care about me? It's a competition. We're not enemies at all. Why do you come to me? Just care about you. Wan Shicun. Do you have confidence in winning Fang Tianze? Nonsense. Since Wan Shicun has won me, can't he win Fang Tianze? Ah. Wan Shicun. A wuss like Fang Tianze, to beat him, won't take long, right? Ridiculous. Competition, there can be accidents in it. Even if he take more time to defeat Fang Tianze, what does it matter? You want me to take him down quickly? I didn't say that. But. If you can beat him in a short time. There will be a reward to the powerful student. If, kick him on the face cruelly. = Kick on the face. = Kick him on the face cruelly. = Price 20,000,000元 = Or, drag him all the way. = Price 15,000,000元 = Get out! Wan Shicun. Invincible. Fighting. Fighting. Fighting. Why hasn't he arrived yet? Cheng Zhi'er. You even don't know? Why would I know? The boss is coming. Wan Shicun. Both of you are my good friends. Please have some mercy for each other. Perhaps. It's just a competition. You boys are so serious. I go to take a look at him. I tell him too. Have some mercy please. The things between him and me are not as simple as you think. I'm sure that he didn't use all his power on Li Yadang. If you are in danger, I would do anything to stop the battle. If you do that, I'd never forgive you. Needless to say. Today we are watching the great event of our Super Power World. = Final Round!!! Fang Tianze VS Wan Shicun = The competitors we have today, One is from the top family in the Super Power World. Leo Fangs Fang Tianze. The other one, whose name is not so well-known, is Wan Shicun. In the last round, he surprisingly defeated the other master of a big family. Of course. we can't tell you the his name for now. Look. He is the tall guy sitting in the first row. Shut up! Why do you focus on me after I lost? Start the battle! The most important is, both are Leos. The elites of Leo are so commonly found. As an example, me! There is no doubts about the elite blood of the top family. But there is a precedent that civilian child awarded the Super Star. And, he's sitting on the judge place. Why is he so shy? Is he so ashamed for being our president? The race... starts! Tianze is so cool! Fang Tianze. Fang Tianze. I've been waiting for you. I arrived here in time, didn't I? So long, really. The tricks of this high level, are they really freshmen? Even graduates can't know that. Are you afraid? Ah? Are you afraid? Ah. So cool! Tianze. Boss. He's much more fiercer than last time. You don't understand. The skills looks simple has much more power. Fancy tricks are for the beginners. Amazing. The weakest point of a Leo is his throat. Stop. How can he do this? Let him fight. Get up! Tianze. Everyone cares about you. Fang Tianze. You've hurt me without super power. Actually, I respect you. For you, I don't need superpower. To express my respect, I show you something intense. Is it...? What? What? What is... What is it? Hand Instrument of Leo. He is playing... Sunny Day by Jay Chou. No. It's the Split by Jay Chou. Sunny Day. Split. Sunny Day. Split. Sunny Day. Oh my god. Everyone, the preludes of the two songs are so similar. Does Jay Chou really run out of his inspiration? It's not the point! Cold Rain by Andy Lau. Soft Heart by Richie Jen. The power of Wan Shicun is so unfathomable. A young man knows so many classic songs. It's not a power at all. God, he knows newly released songs as well. He's really a omnipotent competitor. What leads to this conclusion? Fang Tianze. Are you still holding on at this time? Just use your superpower, I will let you win. I am Leo. Will you really keep your secret with your own life? I'd rather die for the Leo. Ah!