ENG SUB《超星星学园 Super Star Academy》EP20——主演:肖战,王玉雯,白澍

= Super Star Academy = = Super Star Academy = Episode 20 = Final Round!!! Fang Tianze VS Wan Shicun = Fang Tianze. You can hurt me without superpower. Actually, I admire you very much. Hitting you doesn't need the superpower. So in order to show respect, let me make a big move. Fang Tianze. Are you still holding on at this time? Just use your superpower, I will let you win. I'm Leo. Will you really keep your secret with your own life? I would rather die for the Leo. Ah! Oh my god! This is the first time that the player Fang Tianze has used his superpower since the tournament. There must be very exhilarating lines. Come on. Give a mic. Wan Shicun, born as a commoner, Fang Tianze, born with a title What exactly would they talk about? Do they talk about canteen food? Do they talk about tight course schedules? You have the Roaring Skill? I'm Leo. It's just a family thing. Do you have to take your life? Do you think it is very easy to be in a family like mine? Wan Shicun, don't hit him again. You'll kill him. Fang Tianze. Fang Tianze. If there is a chance, I really want to be your brother. I give up. This... A big reversal! The player Wan Shicun seems to have energy left, but actually he takes the initiative to give up. Ambulance! The winner of this year's New Super Star is Fang Tianze. Tianze. Don't die. Tianze. Oh. Wan Shicun. Good fight today. Where are you going? I can give you a ride. How can you be so mysterious? Let's go. Teacher. Sorry. Ma'am. We lost him. I'll stay with him. You can go back. No. But not all of us can stay here. And Bai Bai, Zhou Dong. What are you doing here? Oh... You are his lover. You are his friend. So for what's worth, we're nothing to him. That's right. At least give me a song time. How dare you mention the song. You stay here. Without my permission, no one is allowed to come in. Aunt Fang. Tianze's condition is stable now. Okay. Maybe's classmates, please go back. I'll take care of him here. Cheng Zhi'er. Yes. Come with me. Hey, mom. If you want to talk, I am here. You're not married yet. You're a girl. Don't be so frivolous. What is the relationship between you and Maybe? We're good friends. So what's the relationship between you and Wan Shicun? Also good friends. You're really somebody. You have relationships with two finalists of the New Super Star Competition. Little girl. That's very good of you. Do you have a crush on Maybe? Yes. I like him. I don't blame you. But I need to remind you to stay away from my son. Why? Why? You should ask yourself. Do you really think you can fit in our family? What does this have to do with the family? Huh! The Fangs is a family with rules. And people can't just married in here whatever they like. What do you mean a family with rules? So this is how people from a family with rules talk to other people? How dare you? Hey. Do you have a moment? Aunt, President. I will leave you guys here. How nasty. What's wrong? This feels intense here. I remember that Tianze's grandmother is not that into you as well. I mean don't keep this generations after generations. What do you want? Yes. I'm here to ask about Tianze. In the school tournament, he used the Roaring Skill. The future patriarch of the Fangs used the Roaring Skill once. What do you make a fuss about? But he never used the Roaring Skill before. That's because no one deserves it. Mrs. Fang. I know what the Roaring Skill is like. Although everyone's physique and heritage might be different, basic traits don't change. In the tournament, Tianze used the Roaring Skill. Oh, it's just a beginner's level. The greatest truths are the simplest. We can win the tournament by just using simple ways. This is what my son can do. There has been a lot of gossip about Tianze's life. Alas, I have never believed. But I want to ask you today. What's wrong with Tianze's Roaring Skill? President. You're too suspicious. I have to take care of my son. No time to be with you. Hey. Watch out! Hey. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Let me help you. It doesn't matter. Go and wash up. These are medical wastes. Do you want to see Cheng Zhi'er? Firstly, she has silvery hair. One of her eyes is actually purple. Her house is a mansion in the Alps. To take delivery, she has to ride that white Arabian thoroughbred horse. She grew up with all kinds of princes and nobles. and became the most excellent lover. Who beats me? So ambitious commoner Wan Shicun and nobleman Fang Tianze flung themselves at her feet. Who beats me again? Boss, Bro Jian asks you to go to the playground for special training. Alas! Come on. A test for your elite class. Two paintings. One is true. The other is fake. Do you know where the difference is? This paper is whiter. Ah! The thick black line in the top right corner of the true painting seems to be one line. Actually it's made up of different thin lines. And a brown blob like a coffee stain on the bottom with a pencil in it for the manuscript. So it doesn't work very well. Nice. Nice. Do you want to go to the toilet with me? Yes. Are you coming? Boss. Are we really going to do this? Cut the crap. Come on. Boss. How can we do this? If I don't be hard on myself, how can I win Fang Tianze? Now there's another Wan Shicun. Can we win without special training? Ah? Boss. You really did a lot for Bo Ang Gang. Men are meant to be hard on themselves. Come on. Ah! Boss. You're such a tough guy Ah! Alas. Idiots. How is Tianze recently? Don't worry. The medical care he received is absolutely the best. I don't even know where he lives. I've been trying to reach him out. Why bother? He was hurt so badly. Probably there was some misunderstanding? What misunderstanding can he kill a person? Ah. Where is Baby Huo? You don't want to know. Tianze, take some soup. This is the soup I cooked for you. Ah. Open your mouth. Madam. Is this cooked by you? Of course. Don't put so many red dates next time, okay? Red dates nourish blood. There are no red dates in it at all. You didn't even have a look at it. Haven't you found him yet? We've found all the places we need to find. The reward is also released. No news at all. But we found Liang Ma. How is he? He... Take care of his family. Yes. Go to the place where you shouldn't find. Dig everything out. You must find Wan Shicun. Sure. Do you still want more people to carry bricks? No. No? Can you carry all bricks by your own? There is only one brick here, If you carry it, what can I carry? The champion of the New Super Star Competition carries bricks here. It's a little wasteful. You flatter me. You acted. Wear so thick necklace. So let's have a party here tonight. I want to kill someone. I just take that flash and spin it around. You two spin and jump together. And then the two of us just... Look at your shoes. Shut up and jump. It should be delicious. Again. What are you shooting? I am talking to you. Do this again. Don't jump again. -Ah. -You should take medicine. Take medicine, you should... = Attack increases. = Hey, Li Yadang. What game are you playing? This is the coolest era of QQ Dance. Ah? You don't know. The game recently launched a special copy of Super Star Academy. There are eight teenagers in X Fire. Oh. I know. I know. Hey, which teenager do you like best? Hey, don't you like Wu Jiacheng best? Of course Peng Chuyue. So what. He is handsome, cool and cute. Du du du da. Perfect!