ENG SUB【传闻中的陈芊芊 The Romance of Tiger and Rose】EP03 芊芊与韩烁解开心结

♪A leaf fluttered down before us.♪ ♪Love is spreading in the warm wind.♪ ♪Our eye contact♪ ♪express more than words.♪ ♪Happiness is no longer far away.♪ ♪Above us is the bright moon.♪ ♪Beneath it is a pair of lovers.♪ ♪I want to fly to the celestial palace♪ ♪to join my beloved in passionate moments.♪ ♪The night is long.♪ ♪But you're at my side.♪ ♪We cuddled up together.♪ ♪And it means forever.♪ ♪Sweetness hovers among the yellow leaves,♪ ♪and falls between you and I.♪ ♪Flowers bloom and wither.♪ ♪But the moon can still be full.♪ ♪Things changed over time.♪ ♪Only you are the same.♪ ♪Let's write an immortal poem♪ ♪that records our own beautiful lives.♪ =The Romance of Tiger and Rose= (Episode 3) What... what did you say? I mean that I didn't intend to humiliate Han Shuo today. You compared him with a musician at the Music and Dance Academy. You don't think that's humiliation? I'm sorry. You're... sorry? I know. I made a mistake. You... You are really apologizing? I understand how Han Shuo feels. You had a sleep and found that everything had changed. You looked around and there wasn't a single person you know. You have to exhaust yourself handling people around you every day. You can't have a proper meal and you're afraid other people will harm you. You also fear that you'll mess it up and then you can't go home. Perhaps you'll even be beheaded or shot to death. I've got it. I'll go and apologize to Han Shuo now. Pei Heng, I know you hated me before. But I'm different now. Don't be disappointed in me, will you? Okay. Mr. Pei, you said you'd break off your engagement and Her Highness was so nervous and sad. It's really new to me. When has she ever yielded over the years? She's willing to apologize to Young Master Han for you. It seems she cares very much about you. Don't request Her Majesty to cancel your engagement. (Accumulate achievements to influence the descendants) Ready. To its full extent. Come on, Xiaoqian. Han Shuo is not the same as another one. I can get along with him. You can do it. Wait. What is it you came for at this late hour? Do you think you haven't humiliated me enough? Han Shuo. Young Master Han, I did the wrong thing today. I was reckless and inconsiderate. You're a forgiving person. Don't take it to heart. Are you apologizing? Do you think I'll believe you? If you don't believe me, there's only one thing I can do. You were almost stripped in public today. I'll make amends to you. You... Even if people in Huayuan City always do what they want, few are as brazen as you. After I did this, we're even, aren't we? How... how can they be the same? Oh, yes. You were also watched by a crowd today. Okay, I'll go and walk around the street. Stop. Ready. Nominally you're my wife. You can't dress like this in the street. Don't look at me. What do you think I should do, then? I... I'll take one more piece of clothes off? What are you doing? Does Young Master Han want to do it himself? You rascal! -I... -You rascal. I didn't do anything. What were you yelling for? You yourself is the rascal. What shall we do? You crazy woman, you picked me up when we first met in the street. You wanted to see beauties and took me to a brothel. When you saw Pei Heng, you were giddy with happiness and got entangled with him. The baby you're carrying is his, isn't it? You've violated the Seven Regulations and ethics for women. You're dissipated by nature and... and... and... How come you still have your gecko cinnabar? So you're a complicated man, aren't you? Cold, unfeeling, shy and bewildered can all be used to describe you, right? I have my gecko cinnabar. What's wrong with that? Don't be fussy. But... You... you are not pregnant? I had to tell mother I was pregnant to save you. You disregarded your honor to save me? Compared with someone's life, my honor is not important. I really wanted to save you. Besides, how much is my honor worth? That's right. If the rumors are true, you can certainly discard your reputation. Han Shuo, let's make an agreement. In public, we'll obey rules of Huayuan City and you'll listen to me. In private, we'll obey rules of Xuanhu City and I'll listen to you. You show me some respect and I'll show you more. This is our way to be a nominal couple. That's settled. Don't go back on it. Stop. What now? Put on your clothes first. It's no big deal. She's outside. What do we do? Ready. To its full extent. Oh, no. It's late and cold. Okay. Thank you. Zi Zhu! Zi Zhu! Zi Zhu. Zi Zhu. Your Highness, I've done my best. Zi Zhu! Chuchu, I've waited for this day since the moment I entered Huayuan City. You and I were destined to fight. Accept defeat. Han Shuo, I had never suspected you, yet you treated me so cruelly. Today is the Double Seventh Festival. You injured my mother seriously when she was strolling in the street, lit the beacon and attacked our city. And Lin Qi. How many people around me have you killed? That's not all. I've also killed your sister, Chen Qianqian who you always love, with a cup of poisoned wine on the wedding night. Qianqian was also killed by you? Han Shuo is really ruthless. Though I've survived from his poisoned wine and arrows, I have to hang on till the ending so that I can go home. I can't die. I mustn't die. Do you get me? Now I don't want to know how the apple and the banana can be together. I just want to know how the orange can save herself when the banana is bent on killing her. You're all outstanding members of the storytellers. Help me think of a way to make up the story so that the orange will be saved. Does the orange have a bad reputation? She has done many evil deeds and she's notorious. Did the orange offend the banana? She first took him for marriage, then put him in prison and humiliated him in public. The banana is merciless and vengeful. He's a deep man and never hesitates to kill. Now he's licking his wounds and waiting for a window of opportunity. When he recovers and builds up his strength, he... he'll be like a tiger dashing down the mountain and a king fighting a war. He'll simply do everything he wants. No one can stop him except the apple. In that case, why don't you just... You can't write anything without killing someone, can you? The banana will live. He'll be useful in the future. Change his mind with love, then. Talk some sense into him so that he'll repent and find a way out. I don't know how to do that. You need some events to change people's opinion of a character, don't you? The lines alone aren't enough. There's nothing I can suggest, then. The orange's death is inevitable and everyone expects it. Yes. Your Highness, why are you so bent on saving the orange? Because Party A demands it. She invests in the drama and wants to live a few more days, okay? What... what's Party A? Me. I'm Party A. I order you to think of a way to save this orange now. Understood? Party A is quite willful. She's rich. Your Highness, the orange has to have some advantage, hasn't she? She's rich, powerful and maybe a little pretty. Those intrinsic ones. Smart, resourceful and quick-witted. What about her skills? She knows what will happen. Does it count? The orange knows the whole story like the back of her hand. She knows how the banana will kill her, lure the apple, scheme and order his men to stir up trouble in secret and get the thing to continue to live from the apple. She knows all these things. Your Highness, why didn't you say that earlier? Think about it. Now that the orange is good at divination, she definitely knows how she can avoid danger and change it into her advantage. Be more specific. Use anything that betrays the banana, save him, help him, protect him, earn his trust, change his impression of you and lower his guard. Won't I be currying favor with him? You have to do that when you should. Right. How about this, gentlemen? Suppose when the banana is seeing a spy, the apple comes to encircle them and the orange turns up in front of the banana and rescues him, do you think the orange can earn the banana's trust? Guys, was there such a story before? There was if I want it. Young Master. Our spy has got the defense map of Huayuan City and wants to meet us at half past eleven on the moat tonight. Defense map? (Defense Map of Huayuan City) Your Highness, I've received a tip-off. Someone will meet a spy of Xuanhu City at half past eleven tonight on the moat. Who sent it? I have no idea. Your Highness, Her Majesty is wary of Xuanhu City. If you can catch its spy, she'll definitely regard you with favor. As for the tip-off, it's better to believe it. Qianqian has just married Han Shuo. If the spy of Xuanhu City is exposed now... You can't always think of the Third Princess. Your Highness, Her Majesty let you take charge of the army without thinking about it. She has great expectations of you. He's here. He's here. The fish has bitten. Listen, we'll do it when Chuchu is going to catch Han Shuo. I'll say I'm the person who's meeting Han Shuo here and there isn't a spy of Xuanhu City. And then I'll get Han Shuo out of trouble and he'll think I'm on his side. What a brilliant idea. You're framing Young Master Han again. If Her Majesty knows, she'll punish you. My mother is fond of me. She won't do that. Han Shuo is sick. He suffers from paranoia. I've got to cure him. The time has come. Let's go. Why is no one here? Did they know we'd come? Your Highness, someone's here. On alert. I'm here! Qianqian, why is it you? Ouch, ouch, ouch. You're going to meet someone here? Yes. Where's he? He... he... he... he didn't... he didn't come. Where's Han Shuo? Did you arrange to meet him? Your Highness, think it over before you tell us who you're going to meet here. I'm going to meet... No. Chuchu, did you get something wrong? So you are the person who's going to meet a spy of Xuanhu City. Colluding with the enemy is a capital offense. Collude with the enemy? Me? Is that possible? Don't talk nonsense. Han Shuo wasn't tricked but tricked me instead. This is an important matter and I can't decide. But I'll intercede with mother for you. Yes. Her Majesty loves you. Even if you collude with the enemy, you'll be demoted to a commoner at worst. Oh, come to think of it, I came because I received a tip-off and it said someone was going to meet a spy of Xuanhu City here. I came to catch them. With Zi Rui? You are really eloquent, Your Highness. You said I colluded with the enemy. Do you have any evidence? Chuchu, let me tell you the truth. Actually I'm here to admire the moon. Tonight the moon is full, so I came. And I happened to meet you here. I'm sleepy. Zi Rui, let's go back. Yes. Your Highness, you just let her go? Her Majesty dotes on her and neglects you. It was such a good chance. Qianqian seems to be afraid of nothing but actually she's the most cowardly. She doesn't dare to collude with the enemy. I guess if there's really such a spy of Xuanhu City, it must be related to Han Shuo. Perhaps Qianqian was used by him. I'll have something on Han Shuo sooner or later. This way. Quick. This is suspicious. What shall we do? We'll make use of this trap and find the person behind it. I told you he suffered from paranoia. It's okay. Watch how I turn the tables. Have you heard of this, Han Shuo? Without faith, a man can't establish himself, a business can't prosper and a country will wane. Shouldn't we keep faith with other people? You were invited to go there. Why did you incriminate other people? Are you talking about the moat? You could just ignore it but you went there and tricked me into going on the boat. I was almost wronged. It isn't right. You're quite honest. Let me ask you. I was almost tricked tonight. Was it your doing? I tricked you? Do you know how much I worried about you? I heard Chuchu was going to catch a spy of Xuanhu City and I specially went to help you out. I had no idea you'd put me in that situation. How could you be so sure I was the person the Second Princess was going to catch? How come I was sure? I was afraid. I should go there in case it was you, shouldn't I? That's to say, you weren't trying to frame me but to save me? Han Shuo, I've really taken pains to help you. Is that so? Don't move. You're hurt. Yes, I am hurt. I am hurt in order to save you. Why on earth did you try to save me? Because I'm on your side. Can you be on my side, too? Tell me if you have any problems. I will go all out to solve them for you and be of service to you. Why are you willing to do so many things for me? Because... because I want you to be happy. You want me to be happy? It's useless talking so much. I'll prove it with my actions that I'm good and I'm not clingy. You'll be satisfied. It'll be a shame if I die. Well, it's a good thing you didn't go there. Chuchu was so horrible. I've got to have a late-night snack and ginseng soup to steady my nerves. Have a good rest. Young Master, do you think we can believe the Third Princess? Yes. But how come I always feel it was her trickery? Think about this. She's always moody, unpredictable and dishonest. That's because she's an innocent girl. This matter is related to the defense map and a sealing wax bamboo tube that we use to communicate. The person who could get these two things would never be Chen Qianqian, an idiot. The Second Princess, Chen Chuchu, is a prudent person. It was most likely her doing. The Second Princess harmed us because the two cities detest each other and she wanted to distinguish herself. But why did the Third Princess save us? Does she want something in return? That should be true. Does she know our city is powerful and we can take Huayuan City any time? Does she know our city is populous and awash with money? She doesn't want our forces or money. What does she want? Me. This woman adores me. She fell in love with you? That day her horse was panicked. I lent her a hand and she was attracted to me and took me for marriage. But she put you in prison on your wedding night. She was trying to save me. She even professed that she was pregnant. She also humiliated you in public. She regretted it right away and apologized to me. She even... made amends to me. Young Master, even if the Third Princess has feelings for you, she's useless. She has no abilities or morals and she's infamous. Will she be of help to us? I can use her to get the Dragon Bone. How about the Second Princess? Weren't you going to use her? You said she was the most excellent princess of Huayuan City and she'd hopefully be the City Owner. Also, if you married her, you'd get the Dragon Bone and the black stone mine, right? I was wrong. Now the Third Princess, Chen Qianqian, should be the one who the owner of Huayuan City favors. She's also kind of clever. If I give advice behind her, she can definitely do great things. Young Master. You've seen it. The Second Princess cold-shouldered me and even plotted against me. The Third Princess, Chen Qianqian, has protected me a hundred times. Why should we ignore Chen Qianqian and take the trouble to approach the Second Princess? That's reasonable. Young Master, brilliant. So all along no one showed up and you didn't find anything, right? I'm incompetent. Of course you are. You've alerted the enemy. Now it's even harder for us to have something on them. I was being negligent. I'm sorry. Does this matter really have nothing to do with Han Shuo? It indeed has nothing to do with him. I don't know who gave us the information. You were too eager for honors to lack the judgment. Xuanhu City married a patient to Huayuan City. There must be a follow-up to it. Yes. Don't be angry, mother. She's so careless. How can I let her be the City Owner? Your Majesty, the Second Princess has been doing well. Give her more time and chances. I believe the Second Princess won't let you down. And Qianqian. She's disobedient and capable of nothing. I've really given up on her. The Second and the Third Princesses are on good terms and they're like real sisters. When the Second Princess succeeds you, I believe she will take care of the Third Princess and let her be free and well off all her life. I hope so. My youngest daughter is incompetent and the eldest one is always sick. My successor shall be Chuchu. (An aura of orchid's elegance) Your Highness. Tomorrow Qianqian will go back to clan school after her leave. I hear Young Master Han will enter the school, too. Help me ask Minister Pei for leave. Don't, Your Highness. You can't be absent from school to avoid the Third Princess. In my opinion, you should see and talk to people and relax a bit. You'll get worse if you're always alone. How worse can it be? My mother has forgotten about me and my sisters never think of me as their elder sister. Perhaps The Third Princess will be mature after she got married and stop causing you trouble. Can marriage change a person? Han Shuo has done a good job, then. When you meet someone you fancy, you'll also be different. I'm afraid I'll die before that. (The Tenth Draft of Will) Put my new will away. (The Tenth Draft of Will) Why am I losing hair? Zi Nian, close the door. Quickly. Don't let the wind in. And fetch me the barley, black sesame seeds, black beans, Euryale seeds, lotus stamen and walnuts that I prepared. Yes, Your Highness. What kind of fate I'm suffering? I have to study and take exams even in my dream. I gotta wake up quickly. Luckily Han Shuo won't think about killing me now. Does that mean I can pair him off with Chuchu? What are you doing? I'm a little deaf. I need to sit closer. Don't think I don't know. You just want to be close to Minister Pei. You've married Han Shuo. Mind what you say and see. You're married. You'd better stay away from other men. No, no, no. I just want to have a class. Forget it. This stupid man can't see the light. There's nothing I can do. According to rules of Huayuan City, in the future, the princesses will all need to take the Crown Princess Election which consists of a literacy test and discourse on politics. The one who does best in it will be invested as the Crown Princess by Her Majesty. Daughters of officials will hold different positions according to your performances. You're all assets to our city and have a heavy schedule. Today we'll play a game. I will come first in archery. The game is not about the Five Arts. The Six Arts are rites, music, archery, chariot racing, calligraphy and mathematics. What are the Five Arts? Performing music is just a method of pleasing women. How can it be bracketed with the others? We won't talk about classics or history today. We'll compose verses. The titles are "Wind", "Flowers", "Snow" and "Moon". Choose one of them and say two lines. They don't have to be of seven or five characters, or form a metrical poem or a quatrain. What matters is the rhyme. Let's start from the Second Princess. I'll choose wind. Wind. The water is blown and rippled. Trees on the mountains are steady. Your Highness, you've mastered it and you can think big. Princess Royal, it's your turn. Flowers. Can not be red forever. Always vanish like a flash. Princess Royal, you win some and you lose some. Don't be too pessimistic. Miss Lin Qi, please. Snow. Snow. I don't know what to say about snow. Chen Qianqian, what are you laughing for? Can you do it? I'm no better than you. Of course I can't do it either. Why did you laugh, then? I hear the Third Princess has made progress recently. Why don't you give it a try? Minister Pei, don't stump her. Everyone knows she can read few words. How about this? We'll take a bet. If you can do it, I'll clean the toilet. If you can't, you will clean the toilet. Are you so sure that I can't do it? Just say if you dare or not. I dare not. I'm too lazy. I bet the Third Princess will win. If you lose, I'll clean the toilet for you. Must you do this? You involved yourself to see me lose face. It's just composing a verse. I wrote all your lines. It's a piece of cake for me. But Chen Qianqian is an illiterate person who can't compose verses. That's hard. If Han Shuo cleans the toilet for me, that will be hell. Why? Are you afraid? That's nonsense. I got it. Wind. Ham, salted fish, sausage. Suckling pigs, baked pancakes, whole lamb. Good. Why is it good? Ham, salted fish and sausage are all air-dried. Roast suckling pigs, baked pancakes and roast whole lamb all need to be made with bellows. I... I'll have to clean the toilet, then? I don't accept it. What? Okay, I'll make you accept it today. Flowers. Cakes, desserts, red ginger. Scented tea, good and mellow wine. Good. Are they still about flowers? Cakes, desserts and red ginger cakes are usually made in the shape of flowers. I don't need to explain flower teas and wines, do I? There's food and drink. It's more interesting than the former one about wind. These verses are wretched. Compose ones on snow and the moon if you can. Snow. Blancmange, cold platter and cool cake can be made when it snows. Jujube paste, five nuts and egg yolks can be eaten when the moon is full. Lin Qi, clean the toilet, please. Thank you. Minister Pei. Looks like you've really made progress in your studies. What are you doing? (Music and Dance Academy) You're back, my lady. You... What's the smell? What's so smelly? It's too smelly. Get lost! Who asked you to come over? How dare you say that I'm smelly? Why do you always get mad at the Third Princess? She's the daughter of Her Majesty. I just can't accept it. Chuchu is better than her in every respect but Her Majesty always likes Chen Qianqian and picks on Chuchu. I know you and the Second Princess are good friends. Don't worry. The Second Princess is sure to be the Crown Princess to the City Owner. The Third Princess has such a bad reputation. She's not worthy. That's true. Chen Qianqian is lacking in virtue. How can she be the City Owner? Wait. Are these all given by Chen Qianqian? Yes. Her things are not allowed to be here. You always flirt with each other. She embarrassed me today. I'll vent my anger on her man! My lady, he's also your man. What if you beat him to death? Lin Qi beat you? I infuriated Miss Lin and she ordered me to return these things to you. Lin Qi has obviously sent you to piss me off. She's too unruly. I displeased her and she took it all out on you. She wasn't hitting you but me. Your Highness, don't mind it. It didn't hurt when she whipped me. But if you're angered, my heart will ache. ♪A cool breeze drifts away.♪ ♪The rain leaves with the wind and never returns.♪ ♪Whose dream am I in?♪ ♪Feel the changes in life.♪ ♪I thought a smile could conceal the crease between my brows.♪ ♪No time has been lost.♪ ♪Things would develop against wishes.♪ ♪It's hard to keep up with time.♪ ♪I'll follow you to the farthest corner.♪ ♪I can't read your mind. It's all for nothing.♪ ♪Fame is a burden.♪ ♪The longing eventually fades away,♪ ♪leaving people withered♪ ♪and unrepentant.♪ ♪The sounds hitting my ears are dreamy but real.♪ ♪Rumors spread behind my beck.♪ ♪Spur the horse and gallop.♪ ♪Fail to escape from the design of fate.♪ ♪To what extent can the characters♪ ♪in a story control themselves?♪ ♪Far away from each other,♪ ♪we will end up together.♪ ♪The sounds hitting my ears are dreamy but real.♪ ♪Rumors spread behind my beck.♪ ♪Spur the horse and gallop.♪ ♪Fail to escape from the design of fate.♪ ♪To what extent can the characters♪ ♪in a story control themselves?♪ ♪Far away from each other,♪ ♪we will end up together.♪