ENG SUB【传闻中的陈芊芊 The Romance of Tiger and Rose】EP04 陈芊芊为韩烁准备生日惊喜

♪A leaf fluttered down before us.♪ ♪Love is spreading in the warm wind.♪ ♪Our eye contact♪ ♪express more than words.♪ ♪Happiness is no longer far away.♪ ♪Above us is the bright moon.♪ ♪Beneath it is a pair of lovers.♪ ♪I want to fly to the celestial palace♪ ♪to join my beloved in passionate moments.♪ ♪The night is long.♪ ♪But you're at my side.♪ ♪We cuddled up together.♪ ♪And it means forever.♪ ♪Sweetness hovers among the yellow leaves,♪ ♪and falls between you and I.♪ ♪Flowers bloom and wither.♪ ♪But the moon can still be full.♪ ♪Things changed over time.♪ ♪Only you are the same.♪ ♪Let's write an immortal poem♪ ♪that records our own beautiful lives.♪ =The Romance of Tiger and Rose= (Episode 4) She wasn't hitting you but me. Your Highness, don't mind it. It didn't hurt when she whipped me. But if you're angered, my heart will ache. Don't! Don't! Please don't be like this! I know you are reluctant to stay at the Music and Dance Academy. And you are tired of putting on a fake smile every day. From now on, you don't have to play up to me. Just see me as your friend. I can't take your flirting anymore. How could I dare do that? I'm just a musician with low status. I dare not befriend Your Highness. But you didn't choose to be a musician. If possible, who wouldn't want to be born in a noble family and enjoy a wealthy life like Pei Heng? After all, it's my fault. Your Highness, please don't blame yourself. The small wounds are no big deal. But as for these rewards, I no longer dare receive. Zi Rui, if you go back, Lin Qi may give you a hard time again. But I belong to the Music and Dance Academy. I've decided to give you the gifts, how can I take them back? No. I have to talk to Lin Qi! Your Highness! The Crown Princess Election will take place soon. It's better to avoid unnecessary trouble. If Her Majesty blames you for... I don't care about the Crown Princess Election at all! Your Highness! Well... Chen Qianqian will like that? After all, you two were brought together because of a horse. Makes sense. (Yueli Mansion) Since she likes me, she'll be happy with whatever I give to her. Young Master Han. Is the Third Princess inside? Young Master. Su Mu was just here. Then Her Highness and he rushed to the Music and Dance Academy together. The Music and Dance Academy? Young Master. You just said that she was in love with you. Then why would she go to the Music and Dance Academy? When women misbehave, you need to correct them. Right! That's right! You want to buy Su Mu? Yes. Tell me, why? For him, you not only come to the Academy frequently, but also wanna buy him so that you can see him every day. You already have Han Shuo in your mansion, don't you? He's not good enough? I want to buy Su Mu, not because I want him to entertain me, but because he doesn't want to stay at the Academy. I redeem him so that he can get his freedom back. As for Han Shuo, would you stop working against him because of me? He's not a pushover as you think. He's good at Kung Fu and tactical skills. He's just suffering from heart disease right now. Don't always look down upon him. Who do you think would want to be a musician here? Don't pretend to be nice. With Su Mu's reputation, where else can he go? Without you by his side, anybody can bully him. Where can he go? I've had a place for him. Anyway, it's none of your business. Thanks! Young Master. Su Mu is just a musician. Why is the Third Princess willing to offend the Lins for him? This rumored the Third Princess is getting more and more interesting. More and more interesting? What do you mean? She could apologize to me that night, it shows she isn't as arrogant and bossy as the rumor says. In fact, she's quite cute. And today, she was able to come up with a line for the poem, which means she's not as illiterate as people think. She is now trying to save Su Mu, so she's not a heartless person as we heard. She's actually nice and kind. When you think about it, it's really true. The Third Princess only asked for a musician. Yet Lin Qi refused her. Then I'll make all the musicians around Lin Qi disappear. So, should we kill the musicians or set the Academy on fire? Your Majesty. the Third Princess is young and in good health. But I have heart problems, and I won't live long. I feel so sorry. Your Majesty, I hope you can give an order to send all musicians of the Academy to the Third Princess's mansion to play music and sing for her, so that she won't be lonely. Young Master Han, you should talk to the Third Princess. How can we send all musicians to Yueli Mansion? I know I don't have many days left. I can't accompany Her Highness all the time. As long as Her Highness is happy, even if I die someday, I won't have any regrets! Since you've made your mind, I'll grant your request. From this day on, the musicians of the Academy will move to Yueli Mansion. Thank you, Your Majesty! Your Highness, about this matter... Your Highness! I thought you only had Su Mu in your heart. But, I was brought here, too. Stop! I... I... Your Highness! What's going on? I heard it was an order from Her Majesty. We'll belong to Yueli Mansion from now on. Greetings to Your Highness! Miss Lin Qi! Miss Lin Qi, you are so generous! You didn't want the money, and now, your business is banned! You... She'll hit me! I... I hit you? Miss Lin. What? Came to Yueli Mansion to make trouble? She's Her Majesty's daughter. I'm fine if she strong-arms me. But who do you think you are? How dare you to challenge me? I remember that you used to use whip, too. Never mind! That was ancient history already. Having you is good enough for me now. Catch! Fine! Yueli Mansion! I'll remember what you did to me today! Lin Qi! You can take the other musicians back. I only want Su Mu. Your Highness. Young Master Han even lowered himself for these musicians. And now, people all say that you two, as a couple, one dares to ask, and the other dares to take. He sacrificed so much for you. So, just keep these musicians to yourself. You asked my mother to send these musicians here? And you also lowered yourself? As a woman, why did you ask that? You didn't feel embarrassed to tell, why would I feel embarrassed to hear? I... Your Highness! Where should I accommodate so many people? (Accumulate achievements to influence the descendants) Young Master, greetings to you! Rise. Young Master is indeed clever! You came up with this idea, so that I could see you with no trouble. But... Sorry that I'm incompetent. I've spied in Huayuan City for years, but still haven't found the Dragon Bone. However, my clients are all high-ranking officials and noblemen. About how much money in the treasury, how many troops and provisions the City Guards own, even the health condition of the City Owner, I know them all! Young Master, what do you want to ask? Just go ahead and ask me! What did Chen Qianqian do when she visited the Academy before? Young Master! I heard that the Second Princess took all the musicians away. What? I just heard that. (If anything untoward should happen to me, the Second Princess Chuchu would be the City Owner.) Forget about the writing. Chuchu has become so lazy recently. She hangs out with the people of the Music and Dance Academy every day. That'll only diminish her. It's such a waste that I've done so much for her. Your Majesty, don't be angry. I heard that the Third Princess has been very well behaved. Even the only musician in her mansion will be sent away soon. Is that so? It appears that she's doing it for Young Master Han. Young Master, why did you give all the musicians to the Second Princess, except for Su Mu? So that our spies can continue to do their job. Young Master is indeed clever! I thought you wanted to make the Third Princess look good, so you sent the musicians to the Second Princess to ruin her reputation. But no matter what, you got Su Mu for the Third Princess, she must be thankful for you. I heard that she spent a lot of money on a Guqin. I think it's a gift for you. She rarely does things particularly for me. When she comes later to drop off the gift, we need to act surprised to make her feel good. And don't tell her that I don't play Qin. You are so thoughtful, Young Master! Young Master! Your Highness! Young Master is over here! Morning! And? And? I heard you cough. Take good care and drink more warm water. Do you think Pei Heng will like this Qin? Of course not. He hates playing the Qin. Don't you remember that when you were little, in order to show the power of the women in Huayuan, he was asked to play the Qin on site at the feast of every festival? So, he... So, it has left a scar on his heart? That's right. No wonder he hates me so much. Then I should really give him this Qin. Bai Ji. Whom did you say this Qin was for? Please give me another chance to fix my mistake! You... You know that I never liked Qin. Really? You can fool others, but not me. Playing the Qin can help you express your feelings. It's your favorite hobby. The Qin I brought to you was made by a great master. The best Qin should be played by the best player. Listen to me. You need to stick to what you like. I'm happy if you are happy. I know people all think that only musicians like to play the Qin to please women. You don't want people to think of you that way, so you'd rather not play. And you pretend that you don't like it at all, because you don't want to be a pleasing tool. A knowledgeable, righteous, smart and talented person like you, shouldn't care too much about what people think. Actually, Su Mu is just like you. He doesn't want to stay at the Academy... It's okay! Just think about it. No matter you'll keep Su Mu or not, I hope you can stick to your heart and do what you want to do. How was it? Has he made a decision? Has Minister Pei said yes? Your Highness. I'm already very thankful for your thoughtfulness. If you can go to the Academy to visit me every now and then in the future, that'll be good enough for me. Pei Heng will let you stay! Chen Qianqian! Did you force him to play again? Don't you feel ashamed? Stay away from Minister Pei! Qianqian! I thought you went to meet your bosom friend. What? You hurt your arm from playing the Qin? Can't believe you are mocking me while I'm in pain. Your arm is dislocated. I need to reset your arm. When I pop it in place, it'll hurt a little. Hang in there. Hurt? Hurt? Your Highness, don't you remember? The Third Princess began to practice Kung Fu from an early age. She fell from a horse when she was seven, fell from a roof when she was ten. She even broke her legs more than once, and she never complained. So, there's no way that this little arm problem will hurt her! I remember. Your Highness, don't worry! Just go ahead and reset her arm, no matter how hurt it'll be. Zi Rui, you know me so well! Good for you! Of course! Then I'll start now. Hold on! Will you please say something to distract me? Though I'm fat, I'm still afraid of pain! What... What are you doing? I've sent them out. Are you sure you can do this? I'm your husband. You don't trust me? How's that relevant to this? When we first met, you were in red dress and looked so gorgeous. Even though your horse was out of control and you almost fell, you stayed calm and came through. Your bravery in crisis made me fall in love with you right away. I vowed that I'd marry nobody but you. I know that you love me deeply. I feel the same to you. Isn't that "Humph" a little too careless? Who said I was careless? Done! It's done? So, you only said those things to distract me. That's why you talked nonsense. Since you are so afraid of pain, why have you been pretending that you were not? I am not! It's not quite done yet. I need to readjust a bit. No! Stop it! I am afraid. I am. I had to pretend because of the tough situation. I'm the Third Princess, after all. Since Zi Rui believes that I'm not afraid, I'll go with it. You are so nosy! You can all come in now! Why did Lin Qi strike a surprise attack on me? Because she knew she couldn't defeat me! We've had so many fights since we were little. I've never been defeated. After I'm recovered, I'll go teach her a lesson! Yuanyuan, how long will it take for me to recover? Young Master did a good job. With your health condition, you are fine already. Already! Al... Your Highness, I'll go invite Miss Lin Qi right now. Wait! Forget it! I'm the daughter of Her Majesty. I'll be a bigger person. I won't make a big deal out of it. Zi Rui, do you remember that my mother taught us to work hard. The Crown Princess Election is right around the corner. I'd rather spend time on study than waste time on her! Don't you think? I'm letting her off. Young Master, the new spies are in place already. We are investigating around the city into who made the bamboo tube. I'm sure we'll find out who was behind it soon. One more thing. The spy we once put in the Academy found out something after he was sent to the Second Princess's mansion. He wants to talk to you in person. Do you have time to meet him now? I'll hit you! Chen Qianqian, how come you are so cute? Young Master? Sure, bring him here. Yes. So cute! Thank you for your compliment, Young Master! (Accumulate achievements to influence the descendants) Young Master, greetings to you! What's the emergency? I suddenly remembered a secret rumor. Maybe it'll help you to get the Dragon Bone. Tell me. The Second Princess Chen Chuchu isn't Her Majesty's real daughter. What? Chen Chuchu isn't her real daughter? And Chen Yuanyuan is disabled. So, Chen Qianqian will be the only successor of Huayuan City! Young Master, if we poison Chen Qianqian, Her Majesty will certainly save her with the Dragon Bone. That'll be our chance to take it, and your heart disease will be cured finally! Then... What about Chen Qianqian? Chen... The Dragon Bone can only save one person. Chen Qianqian will die for sure. Based on what I heard, Her Majesty already had a sign of stroke. If she knows that her favorite daughter died a violent death, she'll be destroyed, and Huayuan City will become leaderless. By then, you'll be recovered, and we'll have no worries at all. We can swing south and conquer Huayuan. And the black stone mine in Huayuan... Young Master! Smelting is the foundation of our Xuanhu City. Black stone mine is extremely important to us! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! You have to make a decision! I need more time to think about it. We can't rush it. We can't rush it. We can't rush it. Here you go. Naughty! -Again! -Do it again! How's your arm? My arm? It's fine now! Han Shuo cured me. Good to know! The fruits were just delivered from Xuanhu City. I brought some for you. Then I have to eat now. In case Han Shuo sees them. I can ask the servant to give him some, too. You don't understand. I'm worried that he'll be homesick if he sees the fruits from his hometown. I'm being inconsiderate. Young Master Han lives in Huayuan alone. He must be very sad. Not necessarily. He only has the Dragon Bone in his mind. Have a good night's sleep. I'll visit you again in a few days. Okay! Young Master. Your Highness. I saw that Young Master Han just left, and he seemed unhappy. Oh, no! Maybe he heard me! He must have been jealous. Before, when you broke your arm or leg, Minister Pei never visited you. And now it was just a shoulder dislocation. That's because of the friendship between teacher and student. The friendship between teacher and student. If we poison Chen Qianqian, Her Majesty will certainly save her with the Dragon Bone. Hey, Han Shuo stays in our mansion, so he's one of us. We should have him feel like home. Your Highness, you mean... How about we hold a birthday party for him? Young Master's birthday date is a top secret. How can we find out? You know what? About Han Shuo's birthday date, five elements and eight characters, horoscope and blood type, I know them even better than his mom! Look at you! You useless jerk! I'll teach you a lesson when we are home! Hurry! Listen, eating one onion every day will guarantee you a daughter. So your mother-in-law won't abuse you anymore. Really? Of course! Take it. Five coins. The vegetables are here. Just these two. Look! Look! He's exposing his legs in public! How shameless! How shameless! He should make a living in the Music and Dance Academy! So embarrassing! If he is taken advantage of, he should only blame himself! -He deserves it! -That's right! -He deserves it! -Let's go! What do you think we should give to Han Shuo? Why don't you ask your advisers? They are only interested in talented scholars and pretty ladies. Their ideas will only be limited to handkerchief, fan, sachet or jade pendant. Too old-fashioned! I heard that women in Xuanhu City would make shoes and socks for their husbands. Shoes? Men always love shoes! Then I'll buy shoes for him. Is there a custom shop? Yes. Please come again. Okay! Introduce some clients to me! Take care! Warning! Be careful! Pack up the stall! Quick! Well... What are they hiding from? The city patrol is here? You never paid when you bought things. We owe money to the entire street. They are hiding from me? Because they don't have manners. I will give you money, alright? We'll pay cash! Open your doors! Come to my shop! Come on! Your Highness, take a look! I have some new calligraphy and paintings. Your Highness, we have new cloth! Come on! Take a look! Your Highness! Come and take a look at our lanterns. We have multiple colors. You only have cages, but no birds, right? Your Highness, what do you want to buy? Come in and take a look! If there's anything you like, we'll deliver it to your mansion. We have a lot of stuff. Take a look inside. Please, come in! You are back! Are you worried that I collude with Xuanhu and exchange letters? Would you believe me if I told you that the bamboo tube started it? You must be kidding. Now, forget it. I'm here for a reason. Close your eyes. Did I do anything that made you mad, so that you want to get rid of me? No! It's not like what you thought. I kinda wish that you were here to kill me. What did you say? I'm not in the mood to joke. I see that you've been upset these couple of days. Is it because of me? No. How do I measure his chest and waist? I want to kill her, but she is so innocent that she's even hugging me? Okay! I'm good now! Bye! The Third Princess really liked the cloth that your shop delivered. We'll buy from your shop again. I also brought something else this time. A few days ago, you asked us to make a custom-made sealing wax bamboo tube. My boss said the Third Princess never ordered anything in small amount, so we made 500. The extra 499 will be given to the Third Princess for free. Alright. Then I'll take them on behalf of the Third Princess. Okay. Now, you guys, take them to the kitchen in the back yard. See you! Okay. Careful! (Accumulate achievements to influence the descendants) If we poison Chen Qianqian, Her Majesty will certainly save her with the Dragon Bone. (Open it) ♪A leaf fluttered down before us.♪ I don't care for it at all! ♪Love is spreading in the warm wind.♪ ♪Our eye contact express more than words.♪ (Open it) ♪Happiness is no longer far away.♪ (Wear it) ♪Above us is the bright moon.♪ ♪Beneath it is a pair of lovers.♪ ♪I want to fly to the celestial palace♪ ♪to join my beloved in passionate moments.♪ ♪The night is long.♪ ♪But you're at my side.♪ ♪We cuddled up together.♪ ♪And it means forever.♪ ♪Sweetness hovers among the yellow leaves,♪ ♪and falls between you and I.♪ ♪Flowers bloom and then fade...♪ You finally smiled! Happy birthday to Young Master Han! Happy birthday! Today is my birthday? How did you know that? Not only do I know your birthday date, I also know you are 186cm in height, you weigh 75 kg, your blood type is O. You like black, don't like rainy days, your favorite food is noodle soup cooked by your mom, you don't like ginger. What else do you know? I also know that when you were born, everyone in Xuanhu City said that you'd be a rarely-seen prodigy. But unfortunately, when you were 16, you were diagnosed with heart disease. The doctors said that you would die before 20. Ever since then, your character has changed. What would the life be like for a man who knows when he'll die? It's like countdown every day. You blame God for his unfairness. You hate that you can't change your fate. You want to live. So you'd rather do anything as long as you can cure your disease. Han Shuo, trust me, there's one person who can cure you, and she'll be the one who loves you the most. So, don't give up! You have to stick it out to the end! When people learned that I would die before 20, they all tried to comfort me, as if I were already dead. But you actually believe that I can be saved. Because you didn't meet me before. Why do you give me that look again? You've been upset for days. You looked much better when you smiled just now. Does it matter whether I smile or not? Of course, it does. If a beauty doesn't smile under the moon, then the staggering night view will be a waste. Sounds like Your Highness wants to spend the night with me. I am spending the night with you right now, aren't I? It's hotpot. Young Master, please. No matter what is bothering you, nothing cannot be solved by one hotpot meal. If there is, then have two hotpot meals! What kind of theory is that? This is the law of hotpot! The second rule of this law is that if you want to test a person's real heart, then you can see if she'll give you the first thing she cooked. This is the first thing I cooked. I'll give it to you. I have heart disease. I can't eat spicy things. It's okay. I like spicy food. I can eat it. Luckily, I prepared double-flavor hotpot. Look the spicy soup and the non-spicy soup. They have completely different flavors, yet they are put in the same pot. Since you like spicy food, wouldn't it be better if you got a spicy hotpot? In that case, you can't eat any. Plus, the fun part about having hotpot is eating it together. As the so-called "Seek agreement while shelving differences," people with different opinions can certainly get along. Double-flavor hotpot must include two flavors. Neither of the two can be missing. Neither of the two can be missing. Come on, start eating. If you don't eat, I'll have them all. Oh, I see! You want wine, right? I've prepared fruit wine. I know with your heart condition, you can't drink wine. But the fruit wine contains very little alcohol, it won't make you drunk. It's a special day today, I'll drink a little, too. Toast to you! Okay! Cheers, Your Highness! Can't believe that we can sit here and drink together. Here. Banana, let me toast to you again! Thank you for sparing the orange's life! Cheers! Don't worry. You have me. I won't watch you die. There must be a miracle! If there's not, I'll create one! In fact, I've found a way to cure my disease. But I don't want to use that. The Third Princess is not guarded against me at all. ♪A cool breeze drifts away.♪ ♪The rain leaves with the wind and never returns.♪ ♪Whose dream am I in?♪ ♪Feel the changes in life.♪ ♪I thought a smile could conceal the crease between my brows.♪ ♪No time has been lost.♪ ♪Things would develop against wishes.♪ ♪It's hard to keep up with time.♪ ♪I'll follow you to the farthest corner.♪ ♪I can't read your mind. It's all for nothing.♪ ♪Fame is a burden.♪ ♪The longing eventually fades away,♪ ♪leaving people withered♪ ♪and unrepentant.♪ ♪The sounds hitting my ears are dreamy but real.♪ ♪Rumors spread behind my beck.♪ ♪Spur the horse and gallop.♪ ♪Fail to escape from the design of fate.♪ ♪To what extent can the characters♪ ♪in a story control themselves?♪ ♪Far away from each other,♪ ♪we will end up together.♪ ♪The sounds hitting my ears are dreamy but real.♪ ♪Rumors spread behind my beck.♪ ♪Spur the horse and gallop.♪ ♪Fail to escape from the design of fate.♪ ♪To what extent can the characters♪ ♪in a story control themselves?♪ ♪Far away from each other,♪ ♪we will end up together.♪