ENG SUB【少女大人 Maiden Holmes】EP26 凶手竟然是管家婆婆(陈瑶、张凌赫)




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♪ I walk across the mountains with elegant footsteps ♪ ♪ How much time has passed unknowingly ♪ ♪ There's loneliness hidden behind your smile ♪ ♪ I'm unable to guess the fire in the water ♪ ♪ I'm afraid my youth fades with the wind ♪ ♪ Searching the cause and ignoring the results ♪ ♪ Asked where I'm from and where I'll be going ♪ ♪ I can't say nor can I escape from myself that I don't know about ♪ ♪ Who am I in the past ♪ ♪ Who will recognise my face ♪ ♪ The person that you know ♪ ♪ Is it even me and who am I living for ♪ =Maiden Holmes= (Episode 26) I heard that Bai Liang brocade weaving skill has never been passed to external party. The entire clan has been destroyed now. If it's true... It... It will be really bad. Yes. But I wonder where did your late wife learn this excellent brocade skill of Xu family? This... I don't really know about this. My late wife was in seclusion for half a month. She knew the technique after she came out from seclusion. Was your late wife in touch with anyone new before or after her seclusion? I wonder why you asked about all these. My wife is a curious person. Master Xu, please forgive her. According to hearsay, the brocade weaving skill of Xu family is excellent, and the business should be good. But, how come I heard that, the business of Xu family is not as good anymore? Don't listen to rumours out there. It's because of the celebration a few days back. Some... Some problems occurred. No big deal. No big deal. How come I'm so unlucky? I just arrived in the town, and my jade was crushed by someone. The fortune teller said that I need jade in my life. That's why I simply bought a piece of jade in this town. The colour of this jade is incomparable to those at home. This... Mr. Xu, let's be straightforward. As long as your goods are good, and your workmanship is good, money is not a problem. Good then. Good. Master Xu, you mentioned just now that you are good in sericulture and silk reeling. I wonder if it is convenient for us to visit your silkworm house. Sure. Sure. This way please. Master Xu, please guide us. Come, over here. Be careful. Have a look. Look around. Come, hubby. This is our unique sericulture technique. Strict control on the temperature and humidity. Please have a look. The silks that spit by our silkworms are harder and stronger. So, if I purchase your property, this skill will be mine too? Of course. (Sericulture Diary) Master Xu. This is... This is the sericulture diary recorded by the workers. Can I read it? Sure. Sure. (September of Lunar Calendar, the growing process of silkworms by He Da) Master Xu, is He Da your most skilful worker here? Yes. Will He Da follow the new owner? He Da died. (Sericulture Diary) Hubby, I'm so scared. What happened? He was fine. How did he die? I don't know. So, it's a big lose if I buy this silkworm house. The skills of the old workers are the most precious. It's not like that. The skills of other workers here were taught by my late wife. All of them can produce a silk that can carry eight copper coins. You don't have to worry. Your late wife knew about sericulture and brocade weaving skills, but passed away at young age. It's really a pity. Master Xu, Xu family is so huge, besides your late wife, there's no other skillful worker? There is someone better. Then, I won't bother Master Xu anymore. We'll walk around the town and discuss with you later. Let's go, hubby. How about this? When you return to my silkworm house, we can negotiate about the price again. -Is the medicine ready? -Yes. Although we haven't develop the medicine to treat the plague successfully, this is good for prevention. Quickly drink it. This medicine smells bitter. Bitter medicine is good for health. Moreover, you're a swordsman with many experiences, yet, you're afraid of bitterness? Drink it quickly. This is too bitter! Take a candy. Is it still bitter? No. Look at your mouth. I'll take a bowl for Little Fei Yuan too. How come he's so weird lately? Could it be that his feeling has changed? Looks like Master Xu really doesn't know the brocade that they produce is the Bai Liang brocade. His reactions don't look fake. Thank you sir. Let's go. Sadly Mrs. Xu passed away. We're clueless now. Maybe not. At least we can confirm that the brocades from Xu family is the Bai Liang Brocade which made with a special skill. Since Bai Liang Clan was destroyed, the only person who knows about this special skill, and appeared in this town seven years ago by coincidence, is the palace maid from the Laundry Bureau who played dead years ago. We can investigate by following this clue. Maybe we can find something. This rich family of Nanxun and Sun family... These two families must be at odds. The information that we can't get from Xu family, maybe we can find out from their opponent, the Sun family. Let's go. Let's have a look at Sun family. Let's go. This is not bad. Mister, what is the price of your silk? Sir and miss, what do you need? We have the best silk in Nanxun. Sir, have a look. Look at the quality of this silk, it must be made of good raw materials. The quality of this silk is not as good as Xu family. Miss, looks like you don't know well about this. Xu family was still doing well a few years ago. But, they have become really bad these few years. What is the uniqueness of you silk? Mister, how many copper coins can your silk carry? Looks like you're an expert. Our silk can carry five copper coins without breaking. Our silks are of best quality. Five copper coins? Yes. Hubby, I heard that the silk from Xu family can carry eight copper coins. Eight copper coins? Yes. Are you dreaming? A silk can carry eight copper coins? Since Lady Xu from Xu family passed away, who else can do that? He Da? He Da can only produce a silk that can carry six copper coins. Our master used a lot of money to hire him. Sadly, he passed away. Sir and Miss, don't listen to them. Sun family is the best now. Let's not talk about the unlucky Xu family now. Look at this. This is the silk cloth with turquoise gemstone dye. Look at the bright colour. The colour doesn't fade in water. You can only find this in Sun family. Oh yes, where is your master? Our master has been in the dyeing workshop lately. Sun Bo, come out! Where did you hide our lady? How come this crazy woman come again? Let's go. (Feng Yu Weaving) Crazy woman, why are you here again? Sun Bo kidnapped our lady. If something happened to her, (Feng Yu Weaving) I'll not let him go! Sun Bo! Enough. Sun Bo, come out! Don't disturb my business. Go away! Sun Bo! Don't disturb my business. Sun Bo! Hurry! Okay, stop looking. There's nothing to see here. Do your work. Sir and miss. The woman is old, why did you chase her away? Sir, you don't know about this. She was here yesterday too. My business was affected. Really unlucky. Sir and miss, let's continue to look inside. Hey, Sir and Miss... Madam. Madam. Are you calling me? Yes. Are you looking for someone? Yes. Our lady was lost during the celebration of the Silkworm Empress. Come with us. Ms. Xu is with us. Who are both of you? Is Qingmei all right? Don't worry. Ms. Xu is fine. Xie Beiming. Rushuang, are you all right? You followed me for the whole morning and now you finally came out. Rushuang, I... You're a man! Yet, you always like to hide. You must be brave in facing something that you don't want to face. Xie Beiming, just tell me if you don't like me anymore. You don't have to hide. You don't look like a man! I didn't, Rushuang. I... Rushuang, let me carry it for you. We can be at ease now that the madam is taking care of Ms. Xu. Yes. Let's go. Let's go to the dyeing workshop of Sun family again. My master is at the backyard. I'll inform him now. Someone come quickly! Something has happened! Quick! Let's have a look. What happened? Master is dead. It's the Silkworm Empress. It's the Silkworm Empress. The curse of the Silkworm Empress. Quickly report to the authority now. Report to the authority. Yes. Report to the authority. Don't destroy anything here. There's water stain on the table. Eight copper coins? A silk that can carry eight copper coins? The worker in the store mentioned just now. Only the late Lady Xu can produce silk that can carry eight copper coins. Could it be someone wants to deliver some messages? Quickly look for someone to carry your master out from there. Yes. There're traces of dragging. What did you find? He was suffocated to death. He died an hour ago. But... But what? Sun Bo died from drowning. But, the location that he was laying down in the beginning, should be on that table. Is there anyone suspicious appeared in the dye house lately? No. No. Only some normal customers came to see the clothes. If there's a suspicious person... A crazy woman always scolding outside, but she has never been inside. Does your master have any enemy? Master was rude and arrogant sometimes. But, if we are talking about enemy here, I can only think of the Xu family. Xu family? Sorry that I didn't know both of you were here. It's okay, Master Xu. Have a seat. Sit. Have a seat too, my wife. I wonder how is the consideration of both of you. Today, we had an appointment with Master Sun to discuss about buying his silkworm house too. We didn't expect that he had passed away. Sun Bo passed away? When Sun Bo passed away, his head were wrapped like a silkworm cocoon. It was quite terrible. When did that happen? In the afternoon. It is even more strange that when Sun Bo died, there were eight copper coins next to him. Eight... Eight copper coins? Why did your face look pale? This... This... Could it be we wanted Qingmei to marry Sun Bo and made sister angry? Shut up. Master Xu, it looks like the incidents that happened in the town lately are not so simple. What do you mean? Sun Bo wanted your daughter and workers. He also wanted to buy your property with a low price. You're afraid that He Da will choose to follow Sun Bo. Therefore, you use the name of the Silkworm Empress to kill both of them. Am I right? You... You're talking nonsense! Nonsense! Master didn't kill them. It's the ghost. The ghost killed them. My wife, let me send you to your room. It's the ghost. -Guards! -It's the ghost. Someone come over and chase them out! Guards! Do you think my prediction is right? It's Master Xu who killed Sun Bo. I don't think so. Then, why did Master Xu become so angry? He even chased us out. This means that he did something wrong. I think that compared to Master Xu, the words from Mrs. Xu are worth thinking over. Everyone in this town think that the Silkworm Empress killed the two people. But, only Mrs. Xu thinks that they were killed by the ghost. Where are you going? I want to go back and ask the madam. Madam, were you by the side of Lady Xu since she was young? No. Lady Xu took me in because she pitied a lonely and helpless person like me. That was more than 10 years ago. Then, do you know how did Miss Xu's mother died? She died because of the two people. Do you mean Master Xu and Mrs. Xu now? She's not Mrs. Xu! She was just a maid who was rescued by Lady Xu years ago. Nobody expects that she became the concubine of our master in less than half a year time. Not only was she riding roughshod over other people, in order to be the master's wife, she killed Lady Xu with poison. So many incidents had happened in Xu family in the past. I think Xu family was hiding something from us. These two cases, the copper coins that were left on the crime scene, are definitely related to Ms. Xu's mother from the Liu family. Master Xu and Mrs. Xu are feeling guilty and think they the ghost came to take people's lives. Let's turn the trick into our own use. I agree with you. But... It may be too risky. What are both of you talking about? Tell me now. I saw the late Lady Xu's portrait before at Ms. Xu's place. Both of us... Do we need to tell this to Ms. Xu? Don't tell her first. I'm afraid that she'll be confused. I have another question. Who is going to act? I'll act. No. The murderer left nothing after killing two people. I think the murderer must be a dab hand. I think let the person who has the best kungfu among us to act. It's safer like this. Yes. Me? (Nanxun Inn) Rushuang, do you really think that Brother Xie can act as Lady Xu? Can we trust both of them? Both of you didn't realise that I was teasing him? He has been so weird lately. Rushuang, do you think my attire like this works? I think it works. Young master, we can eat fish today. Ghost! Ghost! Fei Yuan, -it's me. -Ghost! I... I... How do I look? You look good. I don't mean this. Do I look like her? I think something it's lacking. What it is? It would be good if you can add a little bit more lipstick. Okay, let me do it. Let me do it. You? How is it? If there's such a beautiful lady ghost in this world, I'm willing to be bothered by it my whole life. You're good at talking. Flirtatious. Sister Xiaoying... Sister Xiaoying... Sister... Sister Xiaoying... Sister... -Sister Xiaoying... -Master. Master, she's coming. Sister, don't kill me. Master, she's here. Everyone comes in. Quick. Eight copper coins. Don't kill me. Ghost! Ghost! Quick! Hurry and take me out of here. She's here. She's here. Hurry and take me out of here. Who is she? Who wants to kill you? Sister, it's all my fault. I bit the hand that feeds me. I knew that I'm wrong, sister. Mother. -Madam! -I knew that I'm wrong, sister. All of you stay here! How come you're here? Mother, what's wrong with you? Mother. The person that you mentioned, is she the mother of Xu Qingmei? It's her. Her spirit came back to take revenge on me. There's nothing like the curse of Silkworm Empress. You knew since the beginning that it's the spirit of Lady Xu came back to take revenge. She killed He Da and Sun Bo. Then... Then, it'll be our turn. Sister, when I see the copper coins and white cloth, I knew that you've come back. -Mother... -I knew that I'm wrong. Mother... Please forgive me. I beg you. What did you do back then? Master, everything in the house belongs to Lady Xu. Everyone listens to her commands only. She always controls me because of her strong family background. Everyone in the town thinks that I depend on her. They said that I'm able to have achievement today because of her Liu family. I... No way! Master, how about we poison her to death secretly? You... Master gave me the poison. You're so ungrateful! Mother, how can you murder someone? Are you crazy? So, the copper coins in He Da's hands were taken away by you. I don't want others to relate it to sister. The 10th of September in lunar calendar. The three moulters of silkworm. You've been thinking since we walked out from the silkworm house. What is it? There's something that I still don't understand about sericulture. Every family in Nanxun has their own silkworms. If you don't understand, just ask someone. Food has arrived. Enjoy the food. Excuse me, do you have silkworms? Yes. They're all in the backyard. They're hibernating now. Is there any silkworm that are not hibernating now? It's impossible. Our silkworms are all four moulters' silkworms. They all have the same hibernation period. Then, how about five moulters' silkworm? No one has five moulters' silkworm yet. I want to know, can the silk spit by the five moulters' silkworm, carry eight copper coins? Of course. Please enjoy. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. We've been busy for the whole day. Eat some noodles first. Ms. Xu, what is your plan in the future? I don't know. But, luckily madam is taking care of me. Madam has been taking care of me very well in these seven years. I'll treat her very well and take care of her until she dies. Seven years? Are you sure you remember correctly? Yes, I'm sure. Madam came to our house seven years ago. And in the same year, my mother has got the blessing from the Silkworm Empress. Her brocade weaving skills improved tremendously. And the business of Xu family became good since then. Qingmei. Qingmei, I've tidy up the backyard. Let's go home. Sister Xu is so pitiful. How will she live on in the future? She's so weak. How if she is bullied by someone in the future? It would be good if someone can take care of her. Among so many people, only madam has been opposing Xu Mengchang and his wife. She has been trying to protect Ms. Xu. And... She came to Xu family suddenly seven years ago. Your father said that he'll pass all his properties to your sister. Look, his fingerprint is here. This... Is this really the fingerprint of my father? Why? The properties of Xu family shouldn't be given to the daughter of that despicable woman! Qingmei, give me the letter. Madam. Madam, it's useless that you tear that letter. Another copy has been sent to the government office. Since Master Xu's fingerprint is on the document, when the government office make decision, the properties will still be given to the second young lady. These... These properties should be given to Qingmei! I'm useless. That's why they got all the properties. Madam, wealth is mere worldly possessions. I don't care about those. I'm good as long as you're by my side. Qingmei, I don't care about wealth too. I'm just angry. If you're chased out by them... I'll feel very shameful to face Lady Xu when I die later. Madam, if my mother is around, she won't care about the wealth too. It's more important that you take good care of yourself, than giving me any amount of money. Stop it! Madam. Qingmei. Madam. Qingmei, good that you're all right. Good that you're all right. I can be at ease now. Madam, they are the one who saved me. I have nothing to repay your kindness. I can only kowtow to you. -Madam. -Madam. Stand up please. Don't mentioned it. Have a seat. ♪ A one-sided love is frustrating ♪ ♪ The drizzle is mixed with my tears ♪ Let me have a look. Madam, why did you look for Ms. Xu at Sun family? Sun Bo has been wanting to marry our lady. I thought Qingmei was kidnapped by him. Therefore, I had a look at their place. I bumped into you by coincidence. Ms. Xu, don't do anything stupid anymore. I won't do anything stupid anymore. I won't leave madam alone anymore. Silly girl, I won't let anyone bully you. Besides mother, madam treats me the best in this world. Madam is the only family member that I have now. Good then. Let's have a look at Sun family tomorrow morning. Okay, don't cry anymore. ♪ Feeling lonely and left out ♪ ♪ The whimpering of the flute and the faraway star ♪ ♪ I don't know when I'll return as long as my travel goes on ♪ ♪ I dream of coming back every night ♪ ♪ Through the rain and dust ♪ ♪ A deep love I feel for you ♪ ♪ Looking at the vast lands and sighing out of loneliness ♪ ♪ Where can I go to find you ♪ ♪ A promise for life from both of us ♪ ♪ After many separations and gatherings ♪ ♪ I will never disappoint you when we meet again ♪ ♪ For life ♪