ENG SUB【穿书自救指南 Scumbag System】EP04 沈清秋和独臂长老进行比试

♪ A youngster born with ♪ ♪ A character of arrogance ♪ ♪ Clearing obstacles without complaining ♪ ♪ Journeying through the lands ♪ ♪ Fighting with his fists ♪ ♪ Only hoping to break the opponents defences ♪ ♪ I am tiny in the vast galaxies ♪ ♪ Listening to the waves by the sea ♪ ♪ The world of vanity is confusing ♪ ♪ The sword cannot compared to brothers in arms ♪ ♪ The normal person might break the law ♪ ♪ The ability comes from the belief to reach the top ♪ ♪ The world allows me to journey the lands however I want ♪ ♪ I can be arrogant while I am still young ♪ ♪ Being chivalrous will usually bring the storm ♪ ♪ No one is scared of loneliness when they're at the top ♪ ♪ But I want to live a peaceful life with you ♪ ♪ And look at everyone from the top of the world ♪ [Scumbag System] [Episode 4] I... Why do I have to meet this guy? This is bad. What? Am I so powerful? It feels that I don't need -any meditation... -Rubbish! If it wasn't for my unstable aura, the palm strike we had just now, I would surely... My guess was right. He is the strongest in the 12 Peaks of Cangqiong, Baizhan Peak's Peak Master, [Liu Qing Ge] Liu Qing Ge. According to the original novel, Shen Qing Qiu took advantage and murdered him when he was practising. [Liu Qing Ge] Is this the place where it happened? Junior. How are you? I'll make myself clear. This is a first for me as well. Don't blame me if I kill you accidentally. Oh no. Why hasn't he woken up yet? Did I kill him? Have I committed another crime as Shen Qing Qiu? Killing him is the direct reason for Shen Qing Qiu to lose his reputation. He is awake. [Congratulations on changing the story line.] [Liu Qing Ge's Death.] [The villain Shen Qing Qiu's] [Grudge Rating has reduced.] [200 B-points obtained.] It's done. Shen Qing Qiu. You... How come you also have a young and cute face? What did you say? No. I thought you were a strong and rough man. Are you nuts? Don't get agitated. We are from the same clan after all. Here. Wipe it off. Shen... What are you trying to do? Junior Liu. Actually, I've been meditating and is much enlightened. I'm embarrassed by what I have done in the past. People from the same clan shouldn't hold grudges against each other. Why don't we let bygones be bygones? Let's work together from now on and set a good example for others. Junior. What do you think about that? You... Are you serious? Yes. I can't be more serious. Look at my eyes. Are you touched? [I'm going to vomit from being cringing.] [But if I can repair my relationship with Liu Qing Ge,] [perhaps I can have another live-saver to protect me later.] You... Stay away from me. I understand. We've been at each other's throat for so many years. It's understandable for you not to trust me. It's fine. There's no rush. We can take our time. If you have any problem when you're practising, don't be shy to ask for my help. We need to take care of each other since we are so close. Get lost! Did I get mad from practicing just now? Did he just save me? I accidentally saved Liu Qing Ge who was supposed to die here. If I can repair my relationship with him, I won't have to afraid when Shen Qing Qiu's enemies come to seek revenge. If Luo Bing He' turning evil is inevitable, the Heaven's Sky Clan can stand a fight with him as long as Liu Qing Ge is here. By the way, why doesn't the system give me a wisdom or tactics rating? I can increase those ratings for sure. I feel so much lighter. Is it an illusion? I've been meditating for so long. This would just be a 10-second scene if it's presented in a TV series. Junior. How are you doing over there? I'll be leaving now. By the way, the important plot should be coming up soon. Let's go. Let's go find the Master. Junior, run! Senior, wait for me! Demon Clan. They've come to provoke us as expected, which means the two female protagonists will show up soon. I must use this opportunity to flatter Luo Qing He. Master! Help! You can't escape! Still trying to run? Stop right there! Master. Congratulations on completing your meditation. You've meditated for three years and finally managed to acquire the great skill today. We're all filled with joy. It's indeed a bless for the human realm -and the apocalypse for the demon realm. -Master! Please save Luo now. We were blocked by the Demon Clan. Luo volunteered to be our rear defence. He hasn't caught up yet. Hurry up! Catch him! Don't let the kid escape! Kid from the Heaven's Sky Clan. A brat like you harmed so many of our brothers. Let me send you to your death! My disciple is a so talented. Being ghosts is only a choice for you, not him. Master. It's been a while but you haven't improved much. Master. I was wrong. Don't lose it again. Yes. I'll bear it in mind. Luo! Luo. Are you alright? I'm fine. Thankfully, Master got here on time. Master! Master! It's bad! Is the Demon Clan here at the Qiongding Peak? Yes. They... They've hurt many of our disciples. Master, you're wise. The Demon Clan is despicable. They are also shameless! Besides... Besides attacking us when we're off guard, they also destroyed the Rainbow Bridge that connects the 12 Peaks. You're right, Master. So now... So now the Qiongding Peak can not receive any backup from other peaks for now. Exactly. Master, you know it all. [I'm just putting up an act.] [I've known everything from the start.] Calm down. Where is the Clan Master? Clan Master descended the peak due to an emergency. He hasn't returned yet. If he hadn't left, how would the Demon Clan dare to attack us? Don't panic. Gather together the disciples who got lost and assemble at the Main Hall. Yes. What should we do? This bunch of Demon Clan has gone too far. Don't play tough. Surrender! Kids of the Heaven's Sky Clan. You've already been surrounded. I'll let you live if you hand over your plaque. Hand over your plaque! Demon Clan scum! Surrender now! Surrender now! Brothers, let's go! The Heaven's Sky is such a big clan with so many elites from the 12 Peaks. Do you think we'd be afraid of a few scums from the Demon Realm? My disciples, is there anyone who is not afraid of the demons and dare to fight the Demon Clan alongside me? We will fight alongside you, Master! Make way. The sound of bells. She's finally here. All hail the Saintess! This is one of the most popular female main characters in "Arrogant Gods and Demons' Journey" who is madly in love with Luo Qing He to the point where she is willing to betray the Demon Clan. Sha Hua Ling. She is finally making an appearance. Even though she is a villain. [Sha Hua Ling.] [Sha Hua Ling] [The new saintess of the Demon Clan.] [Sha Hua Ling] [One of Luo Bing He's future harem.] [What an ill-fated relationship.] I'm sure you are the famous "Xiuya Sword", Shen Qing Qiu, Senior Shen. You look divine indeed. I finally get to meet you. You're finally here. I've waited for you for so long. [Not as long as I have waited for you.] Demon Lady! How dare you act arrogantly in front of our Master? What are you talking about? We are not looking for a fight this time coming here. We've heard so much about the Heaven's Sky Clan and gotten curious about you so we're here to learn from you through a duel. This may work. However, if you're here to learn from us through a duel, why do you hurt so many of my disciples? The fight was just a misunderstanding. It's my fault for being inexperienced in controlling my underlings well. Please forgive me if I offend you in any way. How quick-witted. Do you think I don't know? A newly-crowned Saintess of the Demon Clan coming to make a scene at the Heaven's Sky Clan. You're just trying to gain some easy fame here. You get a great timing, coming here when the Clan Master is away. Clan Master Yue is away? Forgive me for not knowing that. However, I heard people of the Heaven's Sky Clan are all talented. I'm sure you don't have to send your Clan Master to confront us. Get Senior Liu here. Of course. Clan Master Yue is very busy. But we've never treated our guests with less respect for that. Why did you destroy our Rainbow Bridges for a simple skill exchange duel? I'm sorry. My underlings are clumsy. When they were crossing the bridges, they unintentionally hopped a few times. We didn't expect the Rainbow Bridges to be so fragile, so we accidentally destroyed it. I hope you can forgive me. Nonsense! Demon Lady, don't try to deny it! You did it on purpose! We came here for a skill exchange duel. It's true! But we were attacked as soon as we arrived. You started it! Do you expect us not to fight back? Since you've had your duel, what do you think of the ability of the Heaven's Sky Clan? Although we are at a disadvantage situation, we are only losing in terms of number. I don't dare to make a judgment on your clan's ability. How can you get your judgment then? Why don't we each pick three representatives and have three battles as a friendly competition? Sounds good to you? Fine. As you wish. What? Three battles? Why do we give them what they want now that Senior Liu is coming? That's right. We are being too nice to them. I'll just follow the original plot for now. Do you think you will get an advantage? This is good exercise for me after a long time meditation. Let me play in the first battle. All hail Master! Master is the greatest! Elder One Arm. You always want a duel with Master Shen, don't you? You only have one arm. It wouldn't be a glorious victory even if I manage to defeat you. You are right. I have an idea. Tell me. Why don't you cut off your arm as well? Then, it'll be fair. Demon Lady. Mind your manners! I won't use any of my arms. Fine. A righteous clan indeed. You know your manners. Although she is the main character, I really can't stand her personality. It's alright. Since she is young and pretty, I'll just think of it as a lolicon-style charm. Master Shen. I've heard a lot about you. I've been waiting to fight you with my Ghost Knife. Please forgive my poor skill. I will. Sorry if I hurt you later. Victory for the Master! Annihilate the Heaven's Sky Clan! Why is he just dodging? Yeah, right? It's been a few moves. Why hasn't he fought back yet? You're ignorant. Master-hands are good at destroying their opponents mentally. Elder One Arm will get more anxious as our Master keep dodging. His weakness will show once he gets anxious. I see. Great! Our Master is so smart! He's using his sword! After three years, we finally get to see him using the Xiuya Sword. Elder One Arm's attack has been disrupted by our Master. I think we will have the result in the next three rounds. I'm going all out! All hail Master! Thanks you for letting me win. All hail Master! Our Master won! Master is so powerful! All hail Master! I finally know why Shen Qing Qiu used to be so arrogant. It feels so good! [First battle.] [Victory for Shen Qing Qiu.] [Fame increased by 50. 50 B-points obtained.] [A victory gained by a villain like me can obtain B-points as well?] [If so, I'll participate in all three battles] [to pump up my experience.] [Perhaps I can get a piece of equipment as well.] [If Luo Bing He doesn't join in any battle,] [you'll die immediately as his satisfaction rate reaches 0.] [What did you say?] ♪ Who is practicing his sword in the forest ♪ ♪ The green bamboos cover the mountain peaks ♪ ♪ Hoping to live a peaceful life ♪ ♪ I remember the gentle chats the most for all my life ♪ ♪ The youngster who used to wear a white shirt ♪ ♪ Has already lost his happiness ♪ ♪ The past is dead ♪ ♪ What happens tonight is unrelated ♪ ♪ All worries die to the sword and the cold ♪ ♪ Holding a cup and toast to the sky to drown the sorrows alone ♪ ♪ The sorrows kept ringing in my ears ♪ ♪ I want to forget about it but I can't ♪ ♪ The hatred and love is all imaginary ♪ ♪ I just hope to live my life without regrets ♪ ♪ I just hope ♪ ♪ To live my life without regrets ♪