ENG SUB【穿书自救指南 Scumbag System】EP05 天锤长老用身上的毒刺刺中了沈清秋的手

♪ A youngster born with ♪ ♪ A character of arrogance ♪ ♪ Clearing obstacles without complaining ♪ ♪ Journeying through the lands ♪ ♪ Fighting with his fists ♪ ♪ Only hoping to break the opponents defences ♪ ♪ I am tiny in the vast galaxies ♪ ♪ Listening to the waves by the sea ♪ ♪ The world of vanity is confusing ♪ ♪ The sword cannot compared to brothers in arms ♪ ♪ The normal person might break the law ♪ ♪ The ability comes from the belief to reach the top ♪ ♪ The world allows me to journey the lands however I want ♪ ♪ I can be arrogant while I am still young ♪ ♪ Being chivalrous will usually bring the storm ♪ ♪ No one is scared of loneliness when they're at the top ♪ ♪ But I want to live a peaceful life with you ♪ ♪ And look at everyone from the top of the world ♪ [Scumbag System] [Episode 5] What did you say? I only get 50 points for my handwork but you're going to deduct 1,000 points if I violate the rules? [This is a battle] [which is an important plot where two female protagonists] [battle each other while the male protagonist stands out.] [You cannot change it as you like.] What? The original Shen Qing Qiu sends Luo Bing He there to get him killed. But I need to flatter him. Master. [Please follow the story line.] This is illogical. Why does the responsibility of the main character's satisfaction fall on someone else? The second battle, I will be the contestant of our clan. All hail the Saintess! Master Shen. The knowledge exchange will be meaningless if you participate in all three battles. Why don't you pick my opponent for me? You are worried about a clean sweep, aren't you? Fine. I don't feel like fighting anyway. You heard her. Does anyone want to take this round? Well... You must be joking. Is he serious? I... I do. She's here. The top female main character of "Arrogant Gods and Demons' Journey" has finally appeared. [The most beautiful woman of Heaven's Sky Clan.] [Lead disciple of Xianshu Peak.] [Sister of Liu Qing Ge.] [One of Luo Bing He's future harem.] [Liu Ming Yan] True to her reputation indeed. Protecting the clan is the responsibility of the disciples of Xianshu Peak. Uncle Shen, please allow me. It's Junior Liu from Xianshu Peak. Don't look at her. Look at me only. Good. Uncle Shen. You may go. Liu Ming Yan from Xianshu Peak. I look forward to your kind advice. Since you have your face covered, I won't have to worry about accidentally ruining your face later. It's finally here. The fated battle between Sha Hua Ling and Liu Ming Yan. I can't help but feel excited. The wild Demon Lady from the Demon Clan against the pure and holy saintess. What will happen in this battle between... They... What are they doing? Is this a dance battle? No. All of you have been deceived by their moves. To amateurs, it seems that they are just dancing. In truth, they are evaluating each other's abilities. How do you know that? Look carefully. Although they have no direct body contact, according to my observation, they have fought to the 45th round in their minds. This... is a battle with no bloodshed. What are you talking about? They're just dancing. Dancing is a way to hide the aura flow and, meanwhile, mess up the opponent's breath and rhythm. This results in the unpredictability of their battle. Although they look agile and graceful, actually everything is happening in a flash. The deciding factor will be their mental strength. Senior, you are so knowledgeable. Ming Fan, what a speech. I almost believed in your farce. Master Plane in the Sky is so good at making the ups and downs. Watching the two of them battle makes me more envious of him. Master. Why does he keep looking at me? Luo Bing He. I envy you. It ended? It ended when I turned around? I missed the key moment! All hail the Saintess! This... How did this happen? I lost. I disgraced you. Please punish me, Uncle Shen. It's not easy to take this responsibility. Losing is common. Don't take it to heart. You can win other battles in the future. A master indeed. Senior Shen is so forgiving. I admire you for considering failure as something common. There's still one more to go. Ms. Sha. You can admire me later. The last battle. Elder Hammer, we look forward to your performance. Yes, madam. He's so tall. Ten feet? Probably more than that. The one with one arm is called Elder One Arm. The one using a hammer is called Elder Hammer. Plane in the Sky. Your work is too simple. Can't you think of better names for villains? A kind reminder for all of you. The thorns on Elder Hammer's armor is poisonous. There's no antidote for anyone who gets pricked accidentally. Demon Lady! How shameless of you to use poison in a fair and square battle! That's right. Yes. You're so shameless! I've told you, haven't I? If you think it's unfair or you're afraid to be poisoned, you can just surrender and give up the last battle. It's normal for humans to cherish their lives anyway. Why would I like her previously? It's completely different in the novel than in real life. Senior Shen. You have to choose carefully for this decisive round. Oh, you don't have to worry about that. I've made my decision already. I can also guarantee that, no matter what the outcome is, this person will be your nemesis. You're just being alarmist. I've always been the nemesis of others, not the other way around. Sorry for putting you through this. Luo Bing He! Come out! Luo Bing He? Well... I've never heard of this name. Is he a new genius from Qingjing Peak? He is designated to fight this demon clan elder. He must be your master's top disciple. Well... No! Luo will die. Master. Sending this lad... He's not even qualified. You have heard me. Are you doubting my decision? Ying Er. Let go of him. Junior! Alright. Every nuisance has been removed. Master. I'm going. Go. Why can't I feel his aura? Don't tell me he has mastered how to control it. Let's see him crush the Demon Clan. I'm Luo Bing He from Qingjing Peak... I don't think you deserve the time to introduce yourself to me. Where is he? Only Elder Hammer is there. Did the kid manage to dodge the attack? No. Look at that! He didn't dodge it! He was blown away by Elder Hammer's shockwaves. He's useless. Why did Uncle Shen send him to his death? If you doubt me, just hit him on his skull. Look out! Go to hell! He's up! It makes no difference. He is no match for him. He will die if this goes on. You're tough, brat. You can't stand it already? You've only been hung for 4 hours. It's time for you to overcome your weakness. Is your body tougher than my hammer? Still standing? Why does he keep standing up? I pity him. Master. He's... I, your disciple Luo Bing He, bow to Master. Do I need to remember your name? Brat, not bad. Tell me your name. Heaven's Sky Clan. Luo Bing He. Great. I will carve your name on my hammer as a memento. You can take a beating, but your attacks are weak! Go to hell! Brat. Blame your destiny. Is this the end for me? Forget it. Let's surrender! Luo Bing He. What are you doing? You're just a few hundred years behind his ability. Are you giving up now? Master. Stand up if your bones are still intact! I have put my reputation and the dignity of Heaven's Sky Clan on the line for you! Master. Does he really believe I can defeat this demon elder despite the few-hundred-year gap? Hold on. Demon Clan? Yes. This should work against you. Tiangang Exorcist Spell! When did he learn that? This is on the secret manual that Master gave me. I'm sorry. Time for you to give this back to me. This brat... What's going on with that glare? He seems to have changed into another person suddenly. Sand attack! What makes you think that you can defeat me? Just a few words from your Master? You are trying to tell me that my Master lied to me, right? Thank you, Master. But how could I keep ignoring something so obvious until now? I'm giving you a new one so you can keep practicing when I meditate behind the closed doors. Why haven't I realized it all along? The one who raised me up every time when I was in despair... It's been a while but you haven't improved much. Don't lose it again. It's all because of someone like him... Nothing will happen to you even if I'm going to die. He has put everything on the line because he believes in me! Master. What... I will defeat you even if I have to lose everything today. Luo Bing He! Good job! Luo Bing He! Good job! Great! Luo Bing He! Good job! Heaven's Sky Clan! [Getting famous after the invasion of the Demon Clan at Heaven's Sky Clan.] [Got the attention of Liu Ming Yan and Sha Hua Ling.] [Main character's satisfaction increased by 500.] Deducting 1,000 but only increasing 500? I am useless. Please punish me, Saintess. You disgraced the Demon Clan. Ms. Sha. Please go somewhere else to punish your underlings. Qiongding Peak is not a place for you to do that. You're right. I was too disappointed after seeing your talented disciple and the useless trash under me so I lost control of myself. Please don't laugh at me. Elder One Arm's loss to you is understandable. I have nothing to say about that. You, on the other hand, fought against a kid yet got defeated like that. I think I don't have to tell you what to do. Master. Master! Master! Your hand! You're pricked! Stop being alarmist. I was scammed again! He is invincible. Why did I try to save him? Surprisingly, the great Shen Qing Qiu will die with me. It's all worth it! Give me the antidote, or I will kill you first. Young man. Elder Hammer didn't lie. This poison cannot be cured for humans. This is the unique poison of the Demon Clan, "No Cure" "No Cure"? Plane in the Sky, can't you put more effort into naming? Ms. Sha, have you forgotten? I've been training for years. Can anyone with a mid-level Golden Essence be considered as a mortal? I'm not sure if you're a mortal. But I have a way to find out whether you have been poisoned. You can tell by giving out the Aura Blast with your right hand. I don't mind giving it a try. But, Ms Sha. You've caused chaos at Qiongding Peak. I've been putting up with you till now. Why don't we have a palm-strike with our lives on the line? Otherwise, people might think that Heaven's Sky Clan is a place where people are allowed to come and go as they please. ♪ Who is practicing his sword in the forest ♪ ♪ The green bamboos cover the mountain peaks ♪ ♪ Hoping to live a peaceful life at ease ♪ ♪ I remember the gentle chats the most for all my life ♪ ♪ The youngster who used to wear a white shirt ♪ ♪ Has already lost his happiness ♪ ♪ The past is dead ♪ ♪ What happens tonight is unrelated ♪ ♪ All worries die to the sword and the cold ♪ ♪ Holding a cup and toast to the sky to drown the sorrows alone ♪ ♪ The sorrows kept ringing in my ears ♪ ♪ I want to forget about it but I can't ♪ ♪ The hatred and love are all imaginary ♪ ♪ I just hope to live my life without regrets ♪ ♪ I just hope ♪ ♪ To live my life without regrets ♪