ENG SUB《奈何BOSS要娶我S2 Well Intended Love S2》END EP16 凌異洲和夏林浪漫成婚 另兩對有情人幸福相依

[Well-Intended Love Season 2] Is Ms. Huang sent by Ling Yi Zhou to spy on me? Ling Yi Zhou, where is our marriage certificate? [Episode 16] Does it ring a bell, Mu Mu? Yes. Kind of familiar. Anything happened here? Look. It's lovely. Why is he wearing so formal? Is there a ceremony? Yeah. What kind of ceremony? Did I attend it too? The ceremony was all about you. Isn't this the picture of me when I was shooting? How come we were together? Poor editing, Did you do that? Mu Mu. That's how you reacted that day. Right here. This is where I proposed to you. Propose? I told you that day I was sorry I couldn't get involved in your past, so I wanted to make it up for you with these pictures. I told you I would like to watch the sunset and stars with you. I'd love to grow old with you. I only hope you may allow me to be in your world officially. You agreed. You said you would love to. I'm sorry. I... I really don't remember. It doesn't matter. There's another place. You were right here. Jia Fei was here. I was behind you. Wen Li was here. This is the last place you mentioned. This place is very important to us. Do you have any impression? Do you remember why we came here? I was in the office, Wen Li showed me that you and Jia Fei were in the gym with the trainers. We were jealous and drove to find you. Why were you jealous of the trainers? Anyway, we were. Because you told me you liked to see those muscular guys with full hormone. So we came here. I asked Wen Li to arrange a football game for you. We were sitting here. You were watching the game. Everything went well. We cheered and applauded. But what I didn't expect was you and Jia Fei were watching football match for the first time. You didn't even know which side to support. We were wearing red, so we should support the red team. But when the blue team scored, you and Jia Fei went crazy. You stood up and hugged, saying you were happy to see them score. Then there was a big man here. I don't know where he got so much strength. He picked up the stool and threw it at you. You were down there. I was afraid he would hurt you, so I dragged him up. And then we were fighting here. Right here. He hit me like this. And I was like this. Are you OK, Mu Mu? He kicked me in the stomach. You were here. I said if you were fighting here, don't hit Mu Mu. And then I pushed him away with power, and dragged him up. But he was too strong. Stop it! He hit me again. All right, stop! I hit him again. It's okay. I can do it. All right, all right. Do you remember anything? I remember some. Do you remember where we went afterwards? Afterwards? Yes. We went to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Civil Affairs Bureau? Any impression? You took me there. Did I? On the way there, you said if our marriage was a conspiracy of mine, you didn't mind helping me to succeed. It's okay. You don't remember. Let's go. I'll take you to the Civil Affairs Bureau. I'll act for you again. Maybe you can remember. No, I believe you. What did you say? You said even if you forgot all your past, you would never forget me. How can I give up on you when you lose your memory? Even now, your memories are blank. But after that blank, I will be there for you in your future. Okay? Before I agreed on your condition, I thought about leaving you no matter what. But everyone says we love each other. But I have no memory. This love is untrue to me. Since I moved to your house, I fell into your trap. I'm getting more and more attached to you. And just now when you stood in front of me, the fuzzy memories in my mind became clear. And this. This is the ring you gave me. In my subconscious, I still remember it. Ling Yi Zhou. Thank you for not giving up on me. For not giving up the feelings we had. If these are all your conspiracies, I don't mind helping you to succeed again. All right. Now it's the vlog of Xia Lin and Ling Yi Zhou's wedding preparation of wedding photos. Mu Mu. Do we have to record all these? Of course, it's once in a lifetime. I'm going to record all of them. When we get old, we can watch. OK, just start your show. OK. So on the second day of next month, we should be able to get get the wedding dresses we ordered before. On the third day, I'll take you to try them on. And on the sixth and seventh days, it is for wedding photos shooting. By the eighth day, we can choose the photos. And ninth... Stop. Ling Yi Zhou, I just found out today that you are such an old-fashioned person. You planned all these? Yes, of course. This is our wedding. Of course, I have to plan them in person. You are so busy with your work, you still have time for this? Mu Mu, didn't you say wedding photos are an important step for you. Of course, I would love to spend more time in planning with you. Wedding photos are very important, but I don't want to shoot like that. I want our wedding photos to be more meaningful. It should record our real life. Right. So when we get them, we will remember the good times. The most important thing is I want Alex Wang's wedding dress. Although I think my plan is perfect, if Mu Mu have other ideas, I'll surely respect. But I really don't have much time on this. Why? Are you feeling bad these days? Guess again. No way. Is it what I'm thinking? Is it true? I'm going to be a dad? Well. You have to tell me. Tell me clearly. You have to tell me. You cannot. You cannot. Seriously? I'm going to be a dad? I'm sorry. I'm... I don't know what I'm... Mu Mu. Really. Thank you for waiting for me. When I forgot you, you gave me time and respect. Actually, I fell in love with you again before I remembered the past. I knew we're meant to be. But we need to hurry up, otherwise, I won't be able to wear Alex Wang's wedding dress. What about this. When our baby comes out, we'll hold it... No, no, no. The wedding shouldn't be postponed. Sit down. Sit. Sit. The wedding will be held on time. According to my plan, On the sixth and seventh days, we will shoot the photos. Then and we choose wedding photos. Boss. Now, Bojue photo-shooting tour has a good reputation in the market. And we get many more orders. If it goes on like this, it will be too busy to handle. Even so, we need to guarantee the quality and services. Because we should focus on brand image, and make it the best possible. Yes. By the way, boss. Here is a special file that you should take a look at. The customer said she's your super fan. She's been following you since your debut. But it's a pity that she didn't accompany you till the end. She said she wanted to get blessed by idols in her happiest moment. OK, I'll go to the scene to supervise in person. Smile. very good. Be closer. Yeah, smile. You've been working hard. Is that true? Hello, I'm Chu Yan. Hello, hello. I'm sorry. I'm too excited. Chu Yan, though you don't act anymore, you do well in other areas which inspired me a lot. You will always be my idol. Come on! My husband and I will always support you and your career. Thank you. Thank you for supporting me. And your support for Bojue photo-shooting tour. Thank you. We will take pictures now. I'll put them on my moments to promote. Thank you. Thank you. Go ahead. Let's go. Come on, come on. Let's go on. Yeah, now your smile is much better. Yes, yes. Hello, Chu Yan. Do you want to rest at home tomorrow or go out for fun? It's OK. I can pick you up tomorrow. Group admin, is there any good news today? The boss looks so happy. We don't have to work overtime, right? What do you mean? Just wait and see. You are so mean. Just tell us about it. Curiosity Kills the cat! I have a hunch. It should be a super happy thing. Is it? Wen Li, go and buy some instructional books for pregnant women. And books on the diet of pregnant women. By the way, there are classes for new Dads, right? Get me enrolled. OK. OK. The most important thing is how the wedding preparation goes? That's what I'm about to say. Look. Here are some plans from the wedding planning company. Do you think madam will like it? I'm sure madam will like it. That's good. Boss, I want to tell you something. Shot. Here is the thing. I want to go to... Hello, Producer Liu. It's been a long time. Yeah, yeah. I just finished a project a while ago. Revise? OK, sure. Please send me the outline first. All right. OK, bye. Let me see. [Outline of Well-Intended Love] Well-Intended Love. Bossy chairman type. I asked you about it for Lin Lin last time. Don't be so serious. Fei Fei, I'm serious about you. I'm thinking about our future. I think... I'm too sleepy now. I'm going to bed. Fei Fei. Fei Fei. Fei Fei. Fei Fei. Fei Fei, I'm leaving. Fei Fei. I've made some side dishes and put them in the fridge. Don't buy takeaway all the time. Does she think I'm too wordy? Isn't it the story of Lin Lin and Boss Ling? And this cold assistant and her bestie. Is someone spying on us? Lin Lin wrote this article? Impossible. She would never do it. Boss Ling wrote it? Hello, Producer Liu, Jia Fei, have you finished reading the outline? Yes, I just finished. Did you? Yes, yes, I was about to call you. I would like to ask who wrote it? Author. I don't know his real name. Pseudonym is Love Fei. I met him when we bought novels. He's a gentle and decent man. I didn't expect he could write such types. And he asked you to revise it. Oh. OK. Thank you, producer Liu. I see. No worries. I'll call you back later. OK. Fei Fei, I have something to do. When I'm not around, please take good care of yourself. Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is power off. Power off? Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is power off. Why? Hello, Lin Lin. Do you know where Wen Li is? Wen Li? Wait. Let me ask Ling Yi Zhou. Fei Fei asked where Wen Li is. Wen Li resigned. Resigned? He said he's going to Iceland. Iceland. Iceland. Iceland. Iceland. And assistant Wen wants to give Fei Fei a unique gift. So he goes to Iceland. Iceland. Go to Iceland. Wen Li, even if you run to the ends of the earth, I will get you back. Ones, tens, hundreds, thousands. [Ticket from Pudong to Iceland] 64,572 yuan. Buy it! Hello, I need a ticket to Iceland today. Ten o'clock, right? OK. First class. OK. I'll send you my personal information right away. OK. OK. Who are you sending WeChat to? Smiling like that? You... When did you come? A while ago. Sit down. Menu. The menu is here. Ling Yi Zhou, I heard Chu Yan has a girlfriend now. A super cute girl. Is that right, a cute girl? Chu Yan. I remember the type you used to like was... Okay, that's enough. Why are we here? You're getting married, I'll give you a wedding present. Present? This meal? No. You? I'll take your wedding photos. You're doing it well. Giving us present and promoting yourself at the same time. Promotion is nothing. This is about your wedding photos. Three days and two nights. Where do you want to go? I guarantee it is absolutely the full set of service. And you will get the photos next day. How does it sound? Really? Three days? Of course, this is our unique service. To provide a perfect holy gift for customers. I can wear Alex Wang's wedding dress that I ordered. You need to shoot me very beautifully. Do you hear, Chu Yan? We will leave it all to you. Of course. Just tell me the time and place. Thank you, Chu Yan. You help us a lot. Ling. You have to learn to control your facial expression. Or else you won't be about to laugh in front of the camera. Ling Yi Zhou, you need to prepare for it. I'm very picky. Smile for me. Is that OK? Yes, yes. I've always had a question that I'm curious about. Why didn't you like each other before? You can ask him. Because of a cake two years ago. On his birthday two years ago, he bought a cake. I was hungry when I got off work, I ate a little of his cake. And this guy got angry. Isn't he mean? I was also a grumpy guy. The angrier I was, the bigger my appetite was. So I just finished the whole cake. So? Chu Yan, I'm telling you. You were really lucky that time. Fortunately, the knife for cutting the cake was plastic, if it was made of other materials... So? So? Fried shrimp tempura sounds good, is it better if it's deep-fried? Because of the birthday cake two years ago. Geoduck looks good, too. Shall we order the slice? You can call me Yun Sir. I'm your wedding photographer today. I'll leave it to you then. Rest assured. Look down. In a shy way. Yes. Good. We just got off the plane. We're on our way. You've been running after Wen Li too long this time. We travelled in Europe. Do you have fun? Of course. I'm telling you. You must travel and visit Iceland. Right. Ling Yi Zhou told me the other day that he felt Wen Li's leave is too long. He's thinking about dismissing him. Boss, we are on our way! Please forgive us. Help us. It depends on my mood. What's your mood now? Fei Fei. You are back! I miss you so much. I miss you. Let me have a look. It's so beautiful. I mean the wedding dress. Is it because you are pregnant? No. Marriage before pregnancy. I see. I see you like this. I don't want you to be with Boss Ling. It's like a pig that I been raised for ten years and I had to give it to someone else. I hate you to leave me. You say I'm your pig? Annoying. Hate to leave you. Sis Fei Fei. It's been a long time. Meng Meng. Come and tell us. How did you get Chu Yan? Actually I... Fei Fei, it's late. Go get changed. Or it's too late. Go fast. I can change quickly. It's too late. Just go. Go and change! Thank you. Piece of cake. So pretty. Shall I wear anything inside the dress? No. No. Chu Yan, can you stop looking at the sky? Can you take a look at me? Look if the flowers look good. And here. Help me. Sorry. What day did you choose? Don't you even watch the weather report? Are you sincere? Why not! Even if it rains or hails, I have to get married no matter what. Boss, I'm sorry I'm late. Where did you go? Why are you late? I just came back from Iceland. Yeah, it's a long vocation. What is it? What are you wearing? Look at your button. How could you come to my wedding like this. Why did he choose this kind of day? Didn't he watch the weather report? It's going to rain soon. Is he sincere at all? Even if it rains or hails, I have to get married no matter what. OK. I'm not used to it. Ling. What? Mu Mu. First of all, I have to show you my attitude. Although today's weather is like this, Stop! I... I'll show you my attitude, too. Whether it rains or hails today, or whatever it is, I'm going to marry you anyway. Look forward to our cooperation! Mu Mu, thank you for coming into my life. You make me feel the happiness that I never felt before. My world is complete because of you. So now do you want to come to my world and be my wife forever? I do. OK. It's your turn. Ling Yi Zhou, I had only one dream before. But suddenly you came into my world. I never thought what kind of person would be my Mr. Right. Do you want to be with me forever? I do. Ring. Ring! Hurry up! Where? Here it is. Pi Dan! So cute. So cute. Fei Fei. Get ready! One, two, three! When will you marry Wen Li, Fei Fei? You... Are you drunk? Shall we go back first? No, I didn't drink. I just want to ask you something. Did you lie to me about your androphobia? No, it's true. I swear. Why didn't you respond when a boy touched you? What? You really lied to me? No. Do you know, Chu Yan? Since I got in touch with you, My androphobia is getting better. And I seem to be able to contact with men. The doctor also said I don't need to go to psychological guidance anymore. That's good. Aren't you happy? I'm happy. You can communicate with others like a normal person. I feel so happy, really. But you are always be the most special one. Of course. So beautiful. Looks great. Isn't it good? It's made especially for you. Chu Yan, thank you. I like it so much. I want to shoot another set next year. We can shoot with our child next year. Great. I want it, too. I want it, too! Let's shoot in a few days. Don't interrupt. I'm going to shoot with Lin Lin and Ruan Meng. How about we girls shoot a set? Okay. Of course. You can shoot with whomever you want. Shoot wherever you want. Good. Good. That's great. I'm going to plan a trip without men. What do you think, sisters? -Good. -Good. Chu Yan. You're doing so well now, are you going to go to heaven next? If Boss Ling would take me to the heaven, I'll shoot one for you in the heaven. Next, we have the best director award. Please look at the big screen. [20th Oriental Film Night] [Best Director: Wu Qiang] Next, we have the best actress award. Please look at the big screen. [20th Oriental Film Night] [Best Actress: Xia Lin] Butterfly, it's Xia Lin's first suspense film. She acts complex emotions of a woman's uneasiness about the future, disappointment with her husband and the inability to discipline his son to the fullest. Thank you. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. It's my great honor to get this award. I want to thank a lot of people. But the one I want to thank the most is the most special person in my life. When I was the most helpless, the most hesitating and in the darkest time, he helped me and gave me enough space and freedom. He made me his exclusive and the most dazzling star. Thank you! Next is the best photography award. Please look at the big screen. [20th Oriental Film Night] [Best Photography: Lin Jun Bin & Liu Shi Da] Ling Yi Zhou. Mu Mu. You're really great. I heard what you said just now. But you were wrong with one thing. I'm the one who was saved. We saved each other. Dad, Mom. Nai Nai! Ling Yi Zhou, I'm going to sleep with Nai Nai today. No, you only care about the child. and leave me alone. I'm tired of taking care of the baby. You can wait for another two days. Nai Nai is not a baby anymore. He can sleep by himself. Don't worry. He's a man. Dad, dad. May I sleep with mom and dad tonight? Okay. No. Nai Nai. You're a man. Man sleeps alone. But…but you sleep with mom. Aren't you a man? Dad. Dad. Your dad is a man with a wife. What are you saying? Mom, may I sleep with you if you are my wife? Nai Nai. You need to find your own wife. Dad is so mean. What did you say? What did you say? Nai Nai. Don't run. What did you say? Dad is mean. What's the matter, Mu Mu? Ling Yi Zhou. We are meant to be. We will meet each other no matter where we are. I know that. Where's our son? I do not know! Ling Yi Zhou, it must be you who kicked him down while sleeping. It can't be me! Look for him! Nai Nai! Nai Nai. Where are you, Nai Nai? Nai Nai. Ling Yi Zhou. It's all your fault! I go downstairs. You go there. If you can't find him, I'll make you pay. Nai Nai. Nai Nai! Where are you, Nai Nai? Is he there? No. Not here, either! Nai Nai. Nai Nai, where are you? Come out. Nai Nai. Nai Nai. Boss Ling, How important do you think you are in Xia Lin's heart? The most important. Is that so? Yes. The third. The first is Nai Nai. Who's the second? Pi Dan. The next question is also for Boss Ling. What do you think about kissing scenes that Xia Lin takes? For this one, I think I've always been open about it. I will respect all her choices. And that's what I've been doing. You didn't allow me to accept one with kissing scenes. What's the next question? The next question. Right. The last question. Please say a word to your fans. OK. Thank you so much for supporting Mu Mu all the time. Thank you for supporting us. And I believe, everyone will find your own perfect love. ♪ Is she the happiest in the world ♪ ♪ I don't want to compare her smiley face with someone else♪ ♪ Just give me some more courage ♪ ♪ It's all affordable ♪ ♪ It's not smart to say that ♪ ♪ Take a deep breath ♪ ♪ Take a look at yourself♪ ♪ There's no problem ♪ ♪ I take a deep breath ♪ ♪ I don't need you to remind me ♪ ♪ I didn't believe it or listen to it♪ ♪ So I didn't see it and fell into a game♪ ♪ I'll do anything for you ♪ ♪ Do not indulge yourself ♪ ♪ Very sincere ♪ ♪ I don't tear you down to convince them♪ ♪ I'm the one not being careful ♪ ♪ I become unreasonable for you♪ ♪ Don't believe in love ♪ ♪ I can't bear the pain, even if I breathe deeply♪ ♪ I'm still crazy, I still mind ♪