ENG SUB《奈何BOSS要娶我S2 Well Intended Love S2》EP15 夏林失憶想解除訂婚契約 凌異洲讓她陪他做三件事

[Well-Intended Love Season 2] I'm telling you. You can't be irresponsible! -Dad. -Dad. No, uncle. Chu Yan, I like you. Come out! Come out! [Episode 15] I didn't think I would have an apartment one day. It doesn't feel real. It seems that I would wake up from this dream at any time. Just take it at ease. You worked hard all these years to get it. [Finance] Stop struggling and face the reality. Even if you lose your memory, but you still have a perfect husband like Boss Ling. You should be happy. Do you want him? No. He's not my type. This man is a stranger to me. It isn't me who have feelings and memories with him for the past two years. And I really can't accept a stranger becomes my husband. It's fine. Didn't the doctor say you'll remember everything? By the way, tell me what I have done for the past two years. Well. We can use the powerful network. Watch it and I'll tell you at the same time. Boss. I've bought the things for madam. Send them to her. OK. Wait. If... Forget it. It's nothing. You go first. Don't worry, boss. Madam won't let you wait too long. Go. OK. What's wrong with you? Mr. Ling. Congratulations. I bought you ties for two years. We've got married now. And you're already mine. So I need to tie you tightly. I just want to tell you I'm very happy now. Thank you, Ling Yi Zhou. What a good performance! I didn't expect my acting improved so fast. It seems that I was really working hard in my acting these two years. Moreover, you were working too hard. When you were playing a supporting role, as a madwoman. The director didn't say action, yet you started to eat the dog food. People at the scene thought you were crazy. It really sounds like me. Fei Fei. I really feel it's amazing. I woke up and I have a house. My dream came true. I don't need to worry about my shooting. I feel like my life is amazing. And you have a perfect loving husband. You always say how much he loves me and spoils me. But I don't feel anything at all. Why don't you tell me how we met? Hello. What? All right. I'll send it to you again. OK. OK. Lin Lin. The production company called me. I have to go back and send them the script. I need to go. OK. By the way, Boss Ling and you took part in a reality show before. Check it on the Internet. maybe you will remember something. OK. I got it! If you can't remember anything, just call me. It was very good, why wasn't chosen? This is a little secret between Mr. Ling and me. That's what I do when I lie. How come? My friend is your friend. Baby. It's my fake smile. When did I get this sweet smile? I was very polite, OK? Looks strange. Why on earth did I marry him? Leave it. Leave it. It was really a good acting. Madam. You are? Sir asks me to take care of you. Sir? Hello, Mu Mu. Did Ms. Huang arrive? Why did you ask her to come to my house? You don't remember a lot of things now, it's inconvenient. I asked Ms. Huang to take care of you. No need. Either Ms. Huang or I, choose one. Maybe Ms. Huang could be my way out. Then I choose Ms. Huang. Good. Come in, please. This is the master bedroom, this is the guest room, and this is the kitchen. Ms. Huang, thank you then. Not at all. This is my job, madam. You're welcome. Ms. Huang, you come here. Isn't it inconvenient for Ling Yi Zhou? No. Someone else would help him tidy up. Did we live together all the time? Yes, he used to live here with madam. Later, you moved to his villa. Isn't it too empty as there are only two people in the villa? No. Madam has a little dog called Pi Dan. Sir didn't like pets before. But he accepted it because of you. Since he was with you, he is happy every day. You two are loving each other. OK. Ms. Huang, I see. Then I'll go to work. OK. Go ahead. Loving? [Search] [Xia Lin and Ling Yi Zhou got married] [Boss of Ling's Group and Actress Xia Lin] [declared their engagement] Didn't he say we were married? Why I can't find any news? [Xia Lin announced to break up.] [Their relationship might change] [Xia Lin announced to break up.] [Their relationship might change] I asked to break up? [Ling's Group cover up the murderer.] [Ling Yi Zhou was the culprit of the accident] It seems that I did have a relationship with him. But why did I break up with him? Ling Yi Zhou seemed to be in some trouble. What about the marriage certificate? Mu Mu, what they said is true. We're really married. Look, this is our marriage certificate. Does it ring a bell? Maybe the marriage certificate is fake. Maybe Ling Yi Zhou has some secret? Don't worry. Everything is fine. I remember everything you said. I didn't say anything that I shouldn't say. Daughter. Since you are pregnant, you should take good rest. Is Ms. Huang sent by Ling Yi Zhou to spy on me? There are such stories in novels. After his wife lost her memory, someone claimed to be her husband to control her life. Maybe I know Ling Yi Zhou's secrets. So he made me lose my memory and faked the marriage, so he can control me. Ling Yi Zhou. You can't escape from me! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! So sick! No, No. I have to get out and work now. Yu Yuan? Right. Fei Fei said that my manager is Yu Yuan now. Hello, Yu Yuan. Sis. I want to ask you. Do I have any work recently? Sis. Don't worry. The company has arranged a leave for you. Don't worry about your work. But I really want to work now. I'm too free at home. Sis. I'll let you know as soon as your work is arranged. Take a good rest for now. Don't worry. OK then. Thank you. No work. Then I'll find out the truth about our marriage. Miss Xia. Mr. Ling is having a meeting. I'll wait for him here. What would you like to drink? No, thanks. You go ahead with your work. Let me know if you need anything. OK, thank you. Where is the marriage certificate? Where? Mu Mu. You are here. Waited for so long? No. I just arrived. Do you have another meeting later? I did. But since you're here, I'll be with you. No, no. I'm just walking around. Don't worry about me. Go ahead. Sit. Sit down. I just look around. Don't worry about me. Sit down. Mu Mu. Are you sure you don't want to walk around in Ling's and the industrial park nearby? I can accompany you myself. No, no. I just came to see you. Really? Go ahead with your work. Don't worry about me. Don't. Go ahead. I don't think I can't get him out and look for the certificate. I'll just ask him straightly. Ling Yi Zhou, where's the marriage certificate? Mu Mu. What's wrong with you? Ling Yi Zhou. I want to ask you something. Are there two copies of marriage certificate? Yes. May I have a look? Of course. But why do you suddenly want to see it? Important documents like this will be kept in a special place. I'm just asking. What if you lose it? No way. How can I get the marriage certificate? Alright. I'll go now. So soon? I'll ask the driver to take you home. Home? It should be at home. Right. Go home. It's like this. When I was with you, There is always something in my head. So I think you were right. We should spend more time together. I'll remember the past easier that way. So I'd better move to the villa and live with you. Okay? Sure. You can live anywhere you want. You call the car. I'll go downstairs. Madam. You're back. I'm not familiar with this place, I'll take a look around. This is our bedroom. Our bedroom? Isn't my room downstairs? Mu Mu, you're Mrs. Ling. Of course, we live in the same room. You can look around. See if you can think of anything. Right. I need to look around carefully. Maybe I really can think of something. Mu Mu. Look. This is Pi Dan. He's having a good time with grandma now. Does it ring a bell? When did I take this photo? This is when we were in the reality show. We took a picture with Pi Dan as a family. Any impression? Ling Yi Zhou. Why do you have so many ties? Mu Mu. You bought these ties for me. No wonder there were flashbacks in my head that I was buying ties. Right. This information is very important. Do you know what they are for? Ties are for decorations. This is what they are used for that you told me. I want to use the bathroom. Why my heart was beating like that? Are those true memories? No. No. It must be my own imagination. Now I need to fine the marriage certificate. And verify if it's true. Yeah, that's it. Do you have time this weekend? Is it too polite? Let's go to the cinema this weekend. Is it too straightforward? A friend of mine gave me two film tickets. Are you busy this weekend? Do you want to go with me? OK. I'll pick you up. Have a good rest. You, too. It's ten o'clock. Good timing. What's the password? Wrong. Birthday? June 8th. It's the same day as mine? Still wrong. Xia? Contract? Does it have something to do with me? Hello, Ms. Huang. How is Mu Mu today? Madam has a good appetite today. But she seems to like puzzles. She has been doing puzzles in the study. Really? OK. Let me know if there's something new. OK. Like to do puzzles? Mu Mu. What are you doing? So messy. Nothing. Nothing. Ms. Huang. Come and help me clean the table. No, no. Ms. Huang will do it. Mu Mu. This is summer park's acquisition contract denied by me. What are you doing with it? If you like to do puzzles, I'll buy for you. What's the matter, Mu Mu? It's nothing. It must be in the safe. But what's the password? How is it? Do you remember anything? I feel much better. I remember something about you. But I have some questions for you. OK. You can ask anything you want. What's your favorite color? Black. What color do you dislike the most? Green. What sports are you most good at? Swimming. Your habit before going to bed? Wash hands. The most meaningful day for you? The day we got married. August 1st. How is that possible? Do you have any other questions? Well. Fei Fei is looking for me. I have to go now. You go ahead with your work. When you get home, we will continue doing it. OK. I'll go now. Bye. See you, madam. Bye. Boss. You know her intentions, why do you keep her guessing? It's fun between husband and wife. You have no wife, you don't understand. [Marriage Certificate] Ling Yi Zhou's acting is really good. even the code is to show love. [Marriage registration office] [Engagement contract] Engagement contract? [Party A: Ling Yi Zhou] [Party B: Xia Lin] Ling Yi Zhou, explain this. I was right. We are acting. You lied to me using the marriage certificate. Mu Mu. Did you verify it? Engagement was fake. How could marriage be real? Though I don't know why I married you, now I want a divorce. Disagreed. Ling Yi Zhou, you are too bossy. Fine. You don't want a divorce. Fine. We care about our own businesses start from today. Without any connection. Impossible. You want to control everything, even my things? Anyway, our relationship started with an agreement, why are you so serious about fake stuff? Mu Mu. You were the one who took me to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get married. I lost my memory. You can say whatever you want. OK. Let's say in your way. You think our relationship is a contract. But it will be valid for another ten months. So before that, we have to be a couple in front of everyone. You have to follow the contract. Then I will terminate the contract. But you need to pay the default fine. No problem. I have enough money. Take a look at it carefully. I'll go to use the bathroom first. Boss. Why do you agree to terminate the agreement? What if she really gets enough money? The contract can be eliminated, but not our marriage. I'll be waiting for her. She can't get away with it. Is this also fun between husband and wife? I don't have so much money even I sell everything. I need to take it step by step. I'll terminate the contract first. Then find a way to divorce him. Fei Fei. Do you have money? I need it urgently. No problem. I have. Really? I knew you cared about me. I know you must need it urgently. That's why you ask me. How much do you need? Thirty. Thirty only? Thirty million. So much! You... You are kidnapped, or acting? That's all right. It's okay. It's okay. I'll hang up. Bye. What should I do? Hello, Yu Yuan. Do I have any work recently? Sis Xia Lin. Take your time. Have a good rest for now. I'm trying to get you jobs. But I need money urgently. I can't wait any longer. Sis. With your current physical condition, it is irresponsible for you to work now. Even if you get a job, they will not pay immediately. If you need money urgently, I can lend you some. Forget it. It's OK. Bye. Bye. What do you think? What? Nothing. I just came to see you. By the way, it's tea time. I have an appointment. I'll see you later. Bye. Everybody. I decided. Our spokesperson is her. Am I late? Look what she's wearing. It's so strange. Yes. Have you been waiting for long? No. How could it be? Our company came here to do promotion. I'm here to check how it is. The movie will start at eight. Why don't we go shopping first? There are many people. Are you afraid? I didn't dare to come to such places before. But now you're here, I'm not afraid. I will try to avoid the crowd. Let's go. What do you want to eat? Ice cream. Good. We are coming soon. How are you? Are you OK? I'm OK. That's good. Let's go. Sit down first. Wait for me here. I'll go to buy it. OK. Sir. You forgot your movie tickets. Thank you, thank you! Dressing like this, she thinks she's the princess? Is she cos playing? Although it's pretty, is it too much to wear in daily life? Why are you here? The ice cream is about to melt. My God! That's Chu Yan. He chose to leave the entertainment field when he was super famous. It's Boss Chu now. The famous shooting wherever you want is founded by him. But they look strange together. I got it. You're talking about Bojue photo-shooting tour. But I think the two of them look strangely cute together. He agreed to terminate the contract. The condition is that I pay the default fine. This is all I've got. See if it's enough. No. Fei Fei. Really. You know it. I never save money. And some remunerations are still in arrears. I will ask Wen Li. Fei Fei. Don't. I really don't need it. I'll figure it out. Just listen to me. What do you think now? What else can I do? I'll just take another ten months. I mean why do you want to leave Boss Ling? He just wants you to stay with him. And you can see he's been patient all the time, waiting for you to remember. Maybe tomorrow, you will remember everything for these two years. You all say we are husband and wife, but I don't have any memory about him now. And I'm suspicious about how I got together with him. Most importantly, I don't want to be with a stranger who I have no feeling at all. The bad thing is, what if I'm going to be like this for the rest of my life? There is a high possibility. I don't think it's unfair for both of us if it happens. I know you can't accept your marriage in such a short time. But you and Boss Ling loved each other so much. There were so many vigorous things happened between you two. I know how much you love Boss Ling. Lin Lin. If you break up at this time, you will regret it when you remember all. I don't want you to be sad. Fei Fei. You're back. I have something to tell you. This is my bank card. This is the family book. This is the real estate certificate. I also have some funds and stocks. I'll give them to you if you need. Wait. What do you mean? I think you may have misunderstood. I don't mean it. I was trying to help Lin Lin. You don't need to be so serious. Fei Fei. I'm serious about you. I'm thinking about our future. I think... I'm too sleepy now. I'm going to bed. Fei Fei. Fei Fei. Fei Fei. Fei Fei. Fei Fei. Fei Fei. Am I being too rash? Why is he so serious? The contract doesn't mention that we should act while sleeping. Aren't you sleeping? How can you talk? I'm sleeping. My eyes are closed. You want to eliminate the contract with me, right? OK. But you need to do three things with me. What? The first thing is to ride the Ferris wheel with you? No. Do you like it? Yeah, I like it. I'm glad you like it. Of course, I like it. Ling Yi Zhou. Do you know the Ferris wheel looks beautiful, but there is a sad story behind it? Any couple that has been in the Ferris wheel will break up. So it's a bad choice. I know it. So when we came here, we never went up. We just watched. Look. How beautiful! Is it pretty? Yes. If it's pretty, then come closer. Boss. Have a look, please. OK. Wen Li. Go to buy a set of puzzles for madam. Madam wants to play the puzzles? But I heard playing puzzles can make the brain work better and improve the abilities to memorize and think. It seems that madam wants to get better sooner. Then you can buy her the best one, the most suitable for girls, the most expensive, with the best quality. OK. Wait. Just buy a set of more pieces. That would be enough. OK. Your parcel. OK, thank you. OK. Puzzles of Disney Frozen. One thousand pieces! Ling Yi Zhou. You are really good. ♪ Is she the happiest in the world ♪ ♪ I don't want to compare her smiley face with someone else♪ ♪ Just give me some more courage ♪ ♪ It's all affordable ♪ ♪ It's not smart to say that ♪ ♪ Take a deep breath ♪ ♪ Take a look at yourself♪ ♪ There's no problem ♪ ♪ I take a deep breath ♪ ♪ I don't need you to remind me ♪ ♪ I didn't believe it or listen to it♪ ♪ So I didn't see it and fell into a game♪ ♪ I'll do anything for you ♪ ♪ Do not indulge yourself ♪ ♪ Very sincere ♪ ♪ I don't tear you down to convince them♪ ♪ I'm the one not being careful ♪ ♪ I become unreasonable for you♪ ♪ Don't believe in love ♪ ♪ I can't bear the pain, even if I breathe deeply♪ ♪ I'm still crazy, I still mind ♪ I'm sorry. I... I really don't remember. Fei Fei, I'm leaving. Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is power off. Power off? Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is power off. Why?