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- I don't suit being sexy (ridiculous.... don't say that~) - You look cool there! - I think the lighting looks cool (Lighting just supports....) (Lighting just supports.... But JY's visual did all the work!) DG: Let's do well today! JS: Yeah!! (GOT7 starts off with strong-spirited greetings) (Checking out the position before the shooting starts ) DINGO - Jackson you're so cool today~ - No I'm not~ x2 *Attention to Jackson's voice* (Surprisingly...! this is the same person) DINGO - Jackson you're so cool today~ - No, I am not [CUTE] - DINGO is the best! DINGO: Really? DINGO - DINGO loves JS and we love GOT7 as well! - Raise DINGO staff's pay by 3 times.... - Actually, by 4 times..! [ He meant that DINGO staff should get paid more..! ] (Jackson challenged to do an acrostic poem for 'Dingo') DING! - Pay double amount for all DINGO staff..!! GO! - Go go go~! (Applause..!!!!!!) (Such witty guy!!) Q: It's been a while since GOT7 gets back to DINGO! How do you feel now? - It's so like.... - selflessly...! - What I do want to say is... - If we talk about the contents, - I think DINGO is leading in Asia (Jackson complimenting Dingo) - In Asia, DINGO is like the best!! (DINGO feel so energetic by your words..!) - That is how I see! - I think DINGO is the platform for making fresh content! - So.. - I'd like to want to be in more.. (Conclusion = You're saying you want to come to Dingo again, right? (Noticing DINGO Cam!) ( It has been so long since they were on DINGO! They have so much to talk..!! lol) - When Dingo first started, Yugyeom and I appeared (GOT7 was with Dingo since the beginning) BB: Gyeom-ah do you remember? When we first appeared on Dingo BB: We went to have soup (?) BB: Wow, this really has the taste of Thailand. (It was in May 2017) (Thai food mukbang) BB: Top 3 Thai restaurants! BB: At that time it was a newly formed channel. (They have good memories) (Up until now, GOT7 is the best for visiting Dingo so often) First filming (Wang Gae Park Gae bickering in their cool stage outfits) (Wanted to start filming properly but ended up laughing) (Team full of jokesters = GOT7) JY: We've come to perform our song 'Aura' JY: Our member Youngjae made this song YJ: Everyone, my song is going to come out on Dingo. YJ: Woo~ (Laughing happily) (Jinyoung is going to show 'Aura' through his facial expression) JY: You'll be so surprised (Is there anyone how could figure it out?) That Jinyoung can do this as well (surprising us?) (Very satisfied with himself ㅎ) (The one with the good voice- main vocal Youngjae) (For the performance of Aura Jinyoung is wearing a blindfold) (covered but you can still see his handsomeness) (Showed up wearing the blindfold) YJ: Can you still see if its like this? Dingo: No you can't see well, we cant see anything (pointing at the camera) (trying to get something off of him- what? what is this?) (scared Youngjae) (calm down) DINGO: Its just a string, I'm so sorry ㅠ (How are you going to dance with the blindfold, if you're like this now...ㅎ) WE ASKED YOUNGJAE(Ars) WHAT KIND OF SONG IS AURA? YJ: I fell for the aura that feel from you I love it so much that I end up continuously following you WHAT AURA DOES YOUNGJAE THINKS HE HAS? YJ: Warmness? I think people feel better when they hear me laugh. (He laughs a lot- Youngjae who radiates bright energy) YJ: They said i was a person who delivers warmth with my laughter and smile and I wish to be that type of a person who makes someone smile and a person who delivers warmth with music. I wish to have that kind of an Aura. for our Ahgase (All standing in a line to dance for the silhouette shooting) (the hand that cannot follow...ㅎ) (Wearing the blindfold, we will proceed to the first verse of the choreography) (The world's most quietest GOT7) (Dingo watching the blindfold performance is more nervous) (Getting the timing for taking the blindfolds off right) (Members practicing with the blindfolds on) [Even with his eyes covered, you can still see his handsomness] (Lets watch Jinyoung practice for a while) (Boom? Leader also practicing the choreography alone) (Members monitoring the rehearsal video) (Is monitoring such a friendly job...) [The phone case has LOVE written on it] (Found Dingo Cam) (Jackson looks handsome while focusing on his main job) (Bright Mark, who even shines in the darkness) CHREOGRAPHER: Is it very uncomfortable when you dance? JY: I'm not uncomfortable. (Because they can't see properly, it's a difficult situation to dance in) (Members getting together in the middle to get ready for their stage) (Yugyeom working hard at practicing is so handsome) (A blindfold wearing Seunie appears) JS: It's harder than i thought, but its okay :) (To show a special stage the members are working very hard) YJ: My eyes are half closed right now when I open them the blindfold goes in my eyes (Because of the blindfold its uncomfortable to open their eyes) it's difficult to focus while dancing JS: I'm so sorry, but Yugyeom-ssi where are you looking? YG: I'm looking over there (The worlds deadliest GOT7 played like this with their blindfoldsㅎ) (Just like this, safely laughing Gyeomie ... in a while becomes this.) (shot my heart with their deadly dancing) [Wearing their blindfolds and calmly waiting] (The most quietest time today) Dingo: Okay, lets begin~ [Because they're wearing blindfolds, lets be careful] (SA.FE.LY) JY: There's nothing dangerousㅎ Dingo: GOT7's fatality is the thing that dangerous..ㅎ (Touched Seunie) (SHY) [NEVER LOSES THEIR TOUCH-DINGO] [AURA's DANCE BREAK] [CENTER BAMBAM, PARTICUALARLY GREAT DANCE BREAK] (What does Bambam do, after such a cool dance break?) (After finishing such a cool dance break, Bambam does...) [WAVE~] [WAVE~] (What?) (So suddenly?) (Power) (Confidence) (Whats wrong with you?) (flustered Youngjae) (Bambam blocking the way) (A Bambam type situation) (Because Jackson was facing the back, he was the only one who didn't see) (What are you doing?)-Mark (Jackson didn't see) (This is so funny)-JY (JB realizing the situation) (Bam-ah is there something wrong?) (Tired Gyeom-ie) [Bambams flustered back] Dingo: (flustered laughingㅎㅎ) Dingo: Bambam..what ㅎ.. Dingo: Bambam what did you? (The NG is like Bambamㅋㅋㅋ) (Flustered Bambam is cute) Double B: But hyung you in front- Choreographer: Why did you do it? ㅎ (What did he do?) (I did this after the dance break ended) (Every time you think about it, it gets funnier) Bambam: I'm so sorry everybody. (Because of Bambam's mistake there's a a laughter virus in the room) (Because he made a mistake they're giving him a penalty) JS: Do aegyo. JB: He did it so naturally..ㅎ (PENALTY- Asking him to act cute) JB: You were surprised, right? I saw you from the back getting flustered ㅎㅎ BB: I'll buy something ㅎㅎ (Jackson must see the aegyo) (What is this situation...?ㅋㅋㅋ) (Still a very flustered back) (Even he himself thinks its hilarious) BB: Are you going to use what we just shot? (Even the choreographer joining in ㅎ) Choreographer: What? This? BB: Stop it JS: What did he do? (he didn't see earlier) JS: What did he do after he finished? (Now there's not a single person that doesn't know ㅋㅋㅋ) BB: I'm sorry~ I'm really sorryㅎ JY: It's okay~ the making camera caught everything ㅎㅎ (Addictive powerful Bambam dance) (Late Seunie also joins in) (even mark ㅋㅋㅋ) (Even after some time, the laughter did not stop..ㅎ) (Even after that, it continued...ㅋㅋㅋ JS: I think it'll become a trend? ㅎ (Jinyoung also addicted to Bambam's addictive powerful dance) (continuously dancing Jackson and Jinyoung) Dingo: There's apparently 2 more Bambam's in this studio (still funny) Dingo: Let's smile a little less~ (Hiding their laughter, it's time to be chic again) (The members mistakes have skyrocketed..ㅎ) (Paused Jinyoung) (Jinyoung is confused with his postion, NG) (Jackson who cant let go of this chance) (Going faster ㅎㅎ) Dingo: Lets start again~ (Resumed filming) (Center is Jinyoung's position) (what?) (Jinyoung's 2nd NG) (Today Jackson is very busy ㅋㅋㅋ) JY: Sorry~ (Seunie is watching you) Dingo: Okay~ lets go~~ JY: If I make a mistake again, I'll buy everyone coffee. Dingo: If you get it wrong this time, there'll be a penalty. YJ: He said he'll buy coffee~~~ JY: I'll buy chicken~ chicken. YJ: Person who loses buys chicken~ (suddenly making a bet with chicken) YG: okay~ Dingo: Everybody standby~ (They say that the person who speaks first is the one that loses) (Yugyeom confused with his position- NG) (Jinyoung is excited that it wasn't him) Dingo: You got it wrong, was it Youngjae? was it Yugyeom? (Without fail, Jackson's dispatch ㅋㅋㅋ) (Jinyoung likes it very much ㅎㅎㅎ) (Jackson is excited because he gets chicken~) YG: I'm sorry. I'm sorry~ JS: Does it Horse to make a mistake? {?????JACKSON WOT???} BB: Ah, it doesnt make sense? ㅎㅎ JS: Does it horse to make sense? TRANSLATION: Does it make sense to make a mistake? YJ: We wont make a mistake now TRANSLATION: DOES IT MAKE SENSE TO GET THE DANCE WRONG? (A very headstrong Wang Jackson, still talking about his horse that left the talk earlier ㅋㅋㅋ) JS: Horse, its a Horse. (Chicken confirmed with Yugyeom's mistake) Dingo: Let's do it again~ JY: Thank you Yugyeom, we'll enjoy that chicken~ㅎ Dingo: we'll enjoy~ YG: Please eat well~ (feat. CHEESEBALL) (He actually bought chicken for the people in the studio) (Jackson is still looking for his Horse ㅋㅋㅋ) Dingo: Why did you make so many mistakes? (The person who got it wrong has no words) BB: His mental state isn't okay, that's why. That's the problem, he is not okay in the head. (Bambam who doesn't miss a chanceㅋㅋㅋ) YG: Bambam also made a mistake~! BB: I didn't get it wrong? (like you) YG: Hey! A mistake is a mistake, dude. (Making a VERY noticeable mistake) [WAVE~] [WAVE~] (AND) (The video Dingo puts right at the end of their videos, this scene) (But truthfully, Dingo had prepared something for the members) (There's something suspicious) (We prepared a small(?) welcome greeting!) (What is it you ask?) (THE BIRTH OF DINGO'S FIRST STAR WHO GOT A MIILLION VIEWS FOR OVER 2 VIDEOS!!!!!!) (He is reading what's on the banner) Dingo: Congratulations! to Dingo's star, GOT7! YJ: What is twin millions? (The video where GOT7 made a cake for white day Cooking live- 11 012 805 views (Singing with the best vocals) Van live- 10 361 131 views Dingo: Those two videos of Got7 Have each around 10 million views, therefore having twin millions. YJ: AH~ 10 miilion twice~ BB: Thank you~ YG: Thank you very much~ YJ: Thank you very much! Dingo: Say a few words, its been a while since GOT7 came to dingo~ BB: Well, firstly, we caught Dingo (While filming Aura earlier...) (The congratulatory sound came out instead) (What? What just happened?) Dingo: Let's continue, we're so sorry~! JY: There's something, right? (It's not anything great but got caught in vain) Dingo: Everybody standby~ JB: Thank you so much for liking us~ Instead of just 20 million plus views, I wish we could film contents that bring more views. that we can do together JS: Should we make a pledge over here? Dingo: What pledge? YJ: If we get 30 million views with this video then.. making contents just for GOT7 Dingo: Anything that GOT7 wants? YJ&YG: OKAY! DEAL! YG: We came to Dingo after a very long time, I believe that Dingo will make this fun , because I think that the fans will like this a lot JB: Truthfully speaking it's really not us that made this happen, but rather it was you guys that made this happen. I feel very thankful to you guys even filming this performance video is for you guys so we can show you our good sides so we can become your days energy, can you do that once? seunie in tiny*im yr energie* (Dingo will buy Got7 beef if they get 30 million views) (Firstly, doubt) (I wish it was serious) (Youngjae is very excited) Dingo: For the members health (Trying to figure out what they're getting themselves into) YG: thank you~ (this person is not excited for beef) JB: You're not going to give us something else with just the words BEEF written on it right? Dingo: We're not that bad people~ JS: (looking after Dingo) They're not that terrible~ Dingo: You reacted very sensitively towards beef..ㅎ JB: Ah, that's because I like seafood more than meat I like things like Rockfish and flatfish (JAEBUMS WHO LIKES FRESH FISH) Dingo: Spicy fish soup? JB: Ah~ yes spicy fish soup is nice~ (Just thinking about it makes him happy) Dingo: This is the brightest he's been today ㅎㅎㅎ [YOU WORKED VERY HARD, NEXT TIME YOU HAVE A COMEBACK DO A MUKBANG WITH US~] (Last take) (everyone invisible on the screen, thanks to the staff for working so hard) (Thanks for working so hard for 3-minute long videos) Dingo: Home time~ (Please give and your love~) JB:1 ,2, 3 ,thank you for your hard work~ (Let's meet again for your next Comeback with better content~) (TWAE YOUNGJAE') Dingo: Have you ever made Dalgona Coffee? YJ: Isn't it when you you put 2 mixed coffees, with hot water and you just...!!! isn't it that? Dingo: Yes~ YJ: I did try it, because my mother said she wanted to try it my mum told me to try it once, recently. what did she say? she just , put this, and put that I might as well just go outside to buy and drink it, because she is from Jeolla-do. Dingo: Did you succeed? YJ: I did succeed, the taste was there but do I have to wait this long for this..? I was a little flustered (Jackson escaping because he saw Dingo Cam) (Found you) (Wang jackson) (Seunie is so cute... what do I do?) (Deadly for Ahgase's heart , like 'poison.'..)