ENG SUB รีแอคชั่น เพราะเราเล่นกัน Play2gether EP4

Hello everyone welcome back to Justpaan Channel Today we will do the reaction as requested Is react The last episode of Play2gether In fact, he asked to do a React Play2gether and 50 fact about brightWin, but we've seen it before so it's not done We will react The last episode Let's get started Regret that only 4EP And the final EP is very short Yes I like this very much rabbit He is a rabbit who Have to go to buy Like in the 2gether the series In series is Sarawat Tine but this is Bright Win GunSmile is the best i like win~ bright Sitting hugging a teddy bear So cute Proud, Win he developed himself a lot Yes He sings better Fighting!! I like everything Would like a light stick so cute When playing music, they feel even more charming Like~ so cute Don't tease Win He looks fun Don't smile Win He looks fun GunSmile He is serious about playing music The costume is very good. yes yes Don't tease Win Look win I like his clothes today. So ctue Win is very like in the novel. Finished It's finished for React. Regret that only 4EP I like this very much They come to play their bachelor together, it is very happy knowledge. Allowing us to see him from other perspectives It's so cute yes so cute If anyone wants to see Bright Win sing again, don't forget to buy a ticket on VLive +. In Vlive Application If anyone can't buy, I can teach you. Or according to the tag Or if anyone wants to watch for free We have activities to give away. Can go to play at the link above Can participate in activities up to 18 June 2020 And today I'm very excited I just bought a 2gether special novel. It was very good, very fun. This ia all for today Don"t forget to like, share and subscribe to JustPaan thank you bye~